Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 6

Victoria's pov

Remember when I said that I loved a challenge? Well I take it back. This challenge has been harder
than I originally thought, and I was starting to lose hope.

It has been two weeks since my first encounter with Luka, and I haven't seen him since. I was starting
to think that he was simply avoiding me.

We exchanged text messages now and then, but it was mostly a 'Hi. How are you? Goodnight' text.

I tried calling him a couple times, but either it goes to voicemail, or he would answer, talk for two
minutes then give me an excuse to hang up.

I hate coming off as that pushy, annoying female, so I decided to give it a test. I asked him to meet me
at Winter's Park today at 4 in the afternoon. He didn't answer my message, but I knew he received it.

If he comes, I'll have a little chat with him and see if we should continue this 'friendship', because it
honestly felt one sided. If he doesn't come, I'll just forget anything ever happened and move on with my
life with the little dignity I have left.

I bobbed my head to the song on the radio as I drove to Charlette's diner to get a cup of coffee before I
headed to the park. The familiar sound of the bell rang as I stepped through the door, with a beaming
Kera behind the counter as she spotted me.

"Well hello stranger, what can I get for you?" I laughed at her comment as I took out my purse.

"I'll have a coffee and two donuts ma'am" I said in a playful professional tone.

"Okay I'll go get that for you and you know you don't have to pay Vic. You're family".

I sighed knowing I wouldn't win that one.

On many occasions when I tried to purchase something, they would refuse the money, or add it back to
my paycheck. I have to say, I enjoyed the luxury but I don't take advantage of it.

"Here you go" She handed me my food and I smiled gratefully at her. "So where are you heading on
this fine Sunday afternoon?" She asked as she leaned against the counter.

"Going to the park. Gonna meet someone" If he bothers to show up.

"Ooouu a guy??" She swooned, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. I rolled my eyes at her.

She was always trying to play matchmaker. She set her brother on me once to make us 'sisters
officially', but I never saw Nick as more than a brother.

"Relax Kera. He's just a friend and I don't even know if he'll show up" I told her truthfully.

"Well if he doesn't show up then he's an idiot" I smiled at that. She always made me feel better.

Saying my goodbyes, I headed to the park with a little hope that he'd show up.


It was now 5:30 and there was still no sign of Luka. I gave up waiting on him when I noticed an hour
had passed, but why waste a perfect park day? It was peaceful, cool and the kids playing brought me a
little joy inside.

I already ate my donut and the one I brought for Luka, so I was left foodless, bored and lonely. I got
tired of the book I was reading, and my Instagram stories were also starting to get boring also. I spotted
a cotton candy vendor on the other side of the park so I decided to go get one.

"Look out!!" I heard someone shout as I spun around to see what the problem was.

I was wondering why the frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me.

I stumbled backwards from the shock and landed at someone's feet on my butt. The little girl retrieved
her frisbee, uttering a quick 'sorry' before running off again.

The stranger helped me up while I brushed the dirt from my pants, and oddly I noticed that being hit to
the ground with a six year old's frisbee wasn't my worst moment.

"I see you're still falling head over heels for me Vic" My helper said as I stumbled over my feet. I froze.
That voice...

Spinning around fast, my suspicions were confirmed as I stared at the man that I haven't seen in ages.



"So you actually have to go?" I asked on the bridge of crying, and that said a lot since I don't cry.

He sighed. "Yes Vic. I know it's hard but I'll be back before you know it" He whispered, holding my
hands tightly in his large ones. I simply nodded in understanding as I went in for a hug one last time.

I watched as he made his way towards the gate of the airport. We were both going off to college,
except he had to leave for a year for some special training.

He was the closest person to me at the moment and all I could think about was how lonely I was going
to be.

I just got that job at the diner, and the people there seemed promising, but I know they'll never love me
like Jonah does. I'll just go through this year, focusing on my studies and work. A year will be done in
no time, and Jonah will be back to me again.

Except he didn't come back.

*End of flashback*

"Earth to Victoria" he called, waving his hands in front of my face.

"You're back" I muttered stiffly as I took a step away from him.

" Yea I got back two weeks ago" He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, but my temper was
boiling each passing second.

"Five years too late don't you think?" I snapped unintentionally. He sighed.

"Look Vic I know I messed up but-"

"Messed up!" I scoffed. "Messing up is forgetting a birthday. Messing up is accidentally kissing a girl at
a party! But Being gone for FIVE YEARS with no calls, messages NOTHING AT ALL! That's not f**king
messing up! That's a damn break up declaration!" I was fuming.

How dare he come here and act like everything was peachy? After the first month when he left, he
stopped calling, texting and skyping.

Whenever I called, he never answered. Of course at first I was confused and hurt, but having literally
everyone in my life leaving, I knew that it was happening again. It hurt like hell but I survived. I always

"Look Vic I know I should've called" I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Is he really doing this? "But after I
arrived on the campus, I got an opportunity to stay there permanently. It was a once in a lifetime
opportunity Vic. I couldn't let it slip away"

"And I would've understood!" I shouted once again. Parents were starting to pull their kids away. "If you
told me I wouldn't have asked you to refuse that opportunity Jonah. I'm not selfish and you know it" He
had no excuse.

He simply just didn't care. And after months of hurting, I eventually came to terms with it.

"Victoria I didn't want to hurt you because you were...well you were-"

"I was what Jonah? Lonely? And you think ghosting me for five years wouldn't hurt me? You're dumber
than I thought" I snarled as his face fell with offence. Good.

"You know my past Jonah! You knew how hard it was! And what did you do? You did the same damn
thing! But guess what? I don't need you" I spat. "I'm not that frail, desperate needy little girl anymore.
You want her? Well she's dead" It's true. I killed her myself too.

"I learnt not to depend on anyone else anymore. I picked myself up and made myself the person I am
today! I finished school on my own. I pay my bills on my own. I made myself happy...On. My. Own" I
gritted out. "I did that! ME!!!! Not mom! Not dad! Not Sophie! But me!"

I felt tears stinging my eyes but I wouldn't dare let them spill. It felt good to get it all off my chest.

"So actually, thank you Jonah" I laughed bitterly. "Thank you for forcing me to learn to depend on
myself. At the end of the day, that's all I'll have anyways" I ended with a bat of my lashes as I spun on
my heels, feeling satisfied.

I still want my cotton candy.

I couldn't believe he was back. And he has the audacity to act like we're buddies. If it wasn't for
Charlette and her kids, I wouldn't have had anyone. But I'm prepared for anything. I won't go down that
road again. Ever.

"Victoria..." I heard someone call me. I thought it was probably that dick following me again. Didn't he
have enough?

"What!" I shouted, looking behind me.

He looked taken aback by my outburst. Except, it wasn't the dick...

"Luka? "