Novel Name : Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 9

Victoria's pov

I was sitting in the kitchen sink, contemplating whether I wanted to go to work today or just stay home.

It was now Friday, exactly five days after I saw Luka and he ended our little 'friendship'. And to make
my week worse, I've been pmsing since. Just peachy.

I didn't feel like going at all, so I called Kera to ask her if I could take the day off. However, she wouldn't
have it.

"No. No. No Vic," she wailed on the other line. "Mom and Nick are not here and I can't hold up by
myself. Pleeease come."

I just groaned in response, reluctantly giving in. She knew what each of my groans meant so I didn't
have to elaborate. I knew she couldn't run the diner by herself, so that was the only reason I decided to
go in.

I'm such a great friend.

I made my way upstairs to go get ready, already feeling a headache coming on. There isn't anything
worse than a Victoria headache. Those things are detrimental. I could feel it in my bones that it was
going to be a long day.

Making my way out, I noticed my stairs were a little extra creaky. I took a while to really give it some
thought, and I noticed it had been doing that for quite a while.

Come to think of it, a lot of places in my house have been rotting, it seemed. My hand went through the
wall in the kitchen the other day, which I completely ignored. But sooner or later I knew I had to
consider the strange things and give my whole house a renovation.

I decided to get someone to check it out, but I didn't focus on it that much. I simply focused on how I
was not looking forward to leaving my house, yet I had to.

Well, duty calls.


The day went by quite quickly, and surprisingly it wasn't that bad. I could credit it as one the perks of
being friends with Kera. She was really a cheerful soul--it was hard to be gloomy around her.

She decided to close up early today, and I couldn't be more grateful. After gathering my things, I got
myself a donut as I sat in one of the booths to wait a while.

I had to take the bus today since my car was at the garage. That was yet another reason my week was
just 'peachy'. Given that I live a little out of town, my bus took longer to come.

I noticed that a black BMW had been sitting in the parking lot all alone. When I really thought about it, I
noticed that it had been there a while. ’That's odd’, I thought as I narrowed my eyes in its direction. I
couldn't see who was inside since the glass was tinted, but I knew it was a man.

I concluded that the person could be a potential threat, so I decided to go get rid of him before the night
falls and Kera is left all alone. Besides, if either of us should take this person and probably be
victorious, it's me.

So I did what I do best, I put my nose in it.

Just as I made my way outside, the person started the car and began to back out of the parking space.
Annoyance welled up in me when I noticed that he was merely a coward, yet I decided that I wasn't
going to let him leave just yet.

I ran and stood behind the car, secretly hoping he had mercy and wouldn't run me over due to my
stupid bravery. But to my luck, he stopped.

I tapped on the window, signaling him to wind it down so I could mess up his face and give him a piece
of my mind. The person was reluctant but eventually brought it down slowly. When their face was in full
view, I felt myself stumble back due to shock.

You've got to be kidding me.

"Luka?" I asked, confused. What was he doing here?

"Hi" He mumbled with a sheepish look on his face, his cheeks tinting red for a quick second.

"What are you doing here stalking my workplace? It's obviously not for food since you've been here a
while and the diner is closed now" I was actually curious.

"I was watching you" He held his head down, avoiding eye contact and leaving me completely
confused and flustered. Watching me?

"Why?" I asked. "You made it pretty clear that you didn't want to be friends so why are you here?"

He sighed. " I don't know, okay? Seeing you calms my wo-.. calms me"

"Calm your what?" I asked. If he thought I was going to let that go then he really didn't know me. Well
he doesn't, but that's beyond the point.

"Never mind that. Do you want a ride? I don't see your car so I figured you would appreciate it" He
offered kindly, but I figured it was mostly to change the topic. I simply nodded as I made my way to the
other door. Getting in, I sent Kera a quick text before we pulled out.

*Oh yes I saw that cutie. I would've ditched me too ;)* She replied. She's so.. ugh! I rolled my eyes and
decided not to answer.

"So how have you been?" He asked as I stared outside the window.

"Well if I'm being completely honest, I've had a rough week"

I saw him nod but didn't say anything else. So I guessed that it was my turn to ask. "How about you?
How have you been?"

"Well my week hasn't been the best either" He sighed as he bit his bottom lip.

"How so?" I questioned in curiosity. He was reluctant in answering, as if contemplating. Ultimately, his
face fell in defeat, as if he decided to answer.

"Do you ever feel like you have another voice? Or like a whole other person that is a part of you but
have the ability to voice its own concerns?" He quickly glanced at me for a second while he asked.

I nibbled on my lip, trying to understand his logic whilst trying not to believe that he was crazy.

"Well I guess everybody's subconscious does that" I voiced, avoiding my former concerns.

He sighed. "Well I've been having a constant argument with myself all week. It only stopped today
when I came by and saw you"

He peered at me through the corner of his eyes as if waiting for me to say something. When I didn't, he

"I was just gonna stop by and then leave. But as I got ready to leave, it started again and I swear he's
driving me CRAZY" He shouted. Well no need to take it out on me.

"I'm glad you stayed" I whispered after a long silence.

It wasn't a lie though. As much as I was very much concerned about his mental health, it felt good
knowing that he sorta missed me.

He smiled but remained silent for the rest of the drive. Maybe this could be his way of actually giving
this friendship a chance. A little hope sparked in me and my mood lifted a whole lot. I had to admit to
myself that I actually missed him too, and having the feelings reciprocated was somewhat blissful.

I didn't even notice when he pulled into the familiar drive way that I owned. I smiled at him but made no
moves to leave just yet.

"So does this mean we can attempt being friends again? You know since..." I suggested, breaking the
silence. He looked deep in thought, and slightly conflicted like he did on Sunday.

Oh no.


"No!" I cut him off before he could continue. "I understand that you have some biiig secret that you
have to keep and what-not but you're the one that came to me acting like you missed me and shit and
then you wanna just drop it like that. Again" I pointed out, getting really irritated.

"It's not like that Victoria. You don't understand."

"So make me understand Luka!" I shouted, the pms increasing my anger 10 folds.

"I cant ", was all he whispered, not looking at me once.

"So you're just gonna stalk me whenever you and your subconscious have a fight?" I raised a
questioning eyebrow at him in anticipation.

No answer.

"Well have fun doing that Luka" I spat as I got out of the car, making my way towards the door.

"Victoria" He called, but I ignored him.

I heard him getting out of his car, but I kept walking and stormed inside, slamming the door shut.
Except, the door didn't stay shut.

I watched as it fell from its hinges right in front of me. I was completely stunned into silence and
shocked at my own strength. Even with my anger and the strength I had from self defense classes and
sports, I knew I couldn't have done that.

I glanced at Luka who was already peering at me. He looked taken aback and his mouth was wide
open, mirroring my expression.

"Well remind me never to get on your bad side" He mumbled but I ignored him. My freaking door!

I looked closer at where it fell off and something caught my eyes. A little ant looking creature walked
through a hole, then quickly ducked back inside, giving me the perfect idea of what could've really
happened. Those house eating bitches!

I groaned and hit my head in the wall in frustration. Just as I thought the week couldn't get any worse.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Luka reluctantly moving closer, as if unsure whether to
approach me or not. That's right, proceed with caution, my angry subconscious taunted, causing me to
roll my eyes at her.

I guess I wasn't that less crazier than Luka after all.

"They're termites in my house" I finally muttered as I looked towards him.

That explained everything weird that had been happening with my walls and stairs. I groaned again
once I realized how much of a fortune this will cost to fix.

Do you believe in cursed weeks?

"I'm gonna have to get rid of them, then do a whole renovation." I mumbled mostly to myself than him.
"It needed a new look anyways"

I sighed as I thought about how dry my account would be soon. Being an adult is the dumbest shit I've
ever done.

"So now I'm homeless and car-less" I took out my phone to call Charlette to let her know that I would
be staying with her for some months. She always wanted me to come live with them anyways.

"You can stay with me if you want, I more than have the space" I heard Luka say before I could call

I saw regret flash across his face for a split second but it went as fast as it came. That alone was
enough confirmation to know that I shouldn't go.

"No that's okay really. I have some people I can stay with. You don't have to worry yourself" I simply
told him as I went back to my phone. But suddenly, my phone was being yanked from my hand, and I
turned to see a serious looking Luka standing in front of me.

"I insist" He stated sternly, before brushing passed me to go inside my house and up my stairs.

"What about your precious secrets?" I asked as I followed him to my room.

"I'll deal with that. Right now just pack enough things you'll need" I stopped and chewed my bottom lip
deep in thought.

If I go, then maybe I'll get a chance to know what these secrets really entail. He also can't deny me
friendship if he lived in the same house as me.

It can't be that bad right?

"Okay give me one hour. I'll go pack."

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