Novel Name : Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 10

Victoria's pov

Luka was tense the whole way. It was like he was already regretting letting me stay with him. All he told
me was that he lived with his brother, sister and two friends, Caleb being one of them. I was confused
as to why he invited me to stay with him and then was having second thoughts.

"You know if you're having second thoughts..." I dragged, giving him a hint. He glanced at me then
shook his head.

"No it's okay. It's the least I can do since you saved my life" Well I haven't completely saved it yet.

I simply smiled, telling him thanks silently but said nothing else.

The ride was long and deep in the woods. He wasn't lying when he said it was far. We were driving for
almost an hour since we hit the woods and I haven't seen anything yet.

I looked at him again and it looked like he was having one of those arguments with himself again. He
gripped the steering wheel tightly, and his jaw clenched now and then. His expression changed from
time to time, like one you had when you're in a heated argument.

I felt kinda bad, but I told him countless times that he didn't have to accommodate me, but he was the
one who insisted.

"Aren't you going to inform your family that I'm coming?" I noticed I didn't see him make a phone call.
As much as it was his house too, I think it appropriate that he inform the others, out of respect.

"I already did" He said in a surprisingly calm tone, completely contrasting to his facial expression.


"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that" He chuckled lightly. I guess he called when I was
packing maybe?

As we pulled into something that looked like a town, I couldn't help but wonder how I didn't know that
there was a whole town in the woods. I don't think anyone knew.

Before we got in the town, a couple miles before, I noticed some men patrolling the area. Luka said
they were border patrol, but he didn't elaborate. That seemed fair given that they are a secluded
community just randomly living in the woods.

Maybe they were some tribe or something. Maybe that's the big secret? It must've been really hard for
Luka to even bring me here. I should really give him a big warm hug to thank him for helping.

I love warm hugs, even though I'm not the mushy type. I don't have many people to share them with,
making them much warmer and much needed when I actually got them.

But as my mind wandered to warm hugs, something else warm swamped my thoughts.



Twenty heated arguments and 3 hours later, we were on our way back to Luka's house with my
precious Twinkle in my hand. We were back in the town that I saw before I forced Luka to turn back for
my cat, except it was now dark and I was exhausted.

I kept my head against the window with my eyes closed, while Twinkle kept hissing at Luka every
couple minutes. Maybe she blamed him for making me leave her. I held her tight because I was not
planning on meeting in an accident, and from the looks of it, he was terrified. It was kinda cute if you
asked me.

The car came to a stop after a couple minutes of more driving. I opened my eyes to see that we
stopped in the driveway of a huge house. And here I thought Charlette's house was big.

He saw my shocked expression, at which he discreetly laughed at me. I rolled my eyes as I refocused
them on the mansion. Anybody would've been even a bit surprised. Even Twinkle stared in
amazement. She must've been excited for having a bigger place to hide and run around in.

"Only five people live in this mansion?" I asked, astonished. How did they even find their way around?

"Yep" Was all he said as he hopped out. I followed closely behind with my heart racing in sudden panic.

"You sure you aren't in the mafia?"

‘That must be the explanation’, I thought as he just chuckled and shook his head. I pursed my lips in
thought, trying to find another alternative, but ultimately I concluded to hold on to my theory.

"If you think this is big, you should see the one where almost everyone in lives" He
added with a proud hint in his voice. Before I could ask further questions, he continued.

"We like to live amongst each other, like a big family. Some people however, decide to move out for
more privacy, especially when they find their significant other".

That made sense. As much as it seems like they love being close to each other, some point in your life
you're gonna want some sort of privacy.

"So it's like an apartment complex then?" I asked, being that it seemed like the most reasonable term.

"Something like that" He shrugged.

Is this weird? Definitely. But I never criticized people's beliefs or ways of living. Everyone is different.
Besides, if I had the chance to be a part of such a big 'family' and live together in such harmony, I


As he approached the door, I realized he got tenser each step, and so did Twinkle. She was acting so

"No matter what happens, just know that you are welcome here because I invited you okay? Don't let
anyone make you feel like you don't belong. And don't worry, they'll warm up to you " He said as he
pushed the door open. I was confused at first until I was met with three pairs of intense eyes on me,
each of them had a deep scowl on their faces.

Well then.

It was like they were expecting us. The way they stood across the grand living room, telling me silently
to get out. They were two men, one looking a lot like Luka, so I assumed that was one sibling. My eyes
travelled to the other male. I could see that he was a nice, gentle person because the scowl didn't suit

The girl was the one who shook me up a bit. Her face held not just a scowl, but her eyes were filled
with hatred for this little stranger. She looked like a splitting girl version of the first male, and I assumed
they must be twins. This was the second sibling.

Why did they even resent me so much anyways? It's not like I was there to stay forever. I might even
leave earlier, since we make each other uncomfortable. As soon as I was about to introduce myself,
Caleb came from one of the halls beaming at me.

"Victoria!! It's been a while my friend" He cheered as he gave me a side hug. He stepped back a little
too much for my liking and that's when I noticed I still had my cat.

Maybe they were all afraid of cats and that's why they were being so mean? I put her down as she ran
off to explore, but my theory was made null when their expressions remained the same. Well it's either

now or never.

"Hi I'm Victoria" I shyly offered them a smile despite the tenseness.

No one replied and I actually felt bad. They weren't the most hospitable people, and it made me very
uncomfortable. Just like them, I had feelings too and they ought to know that. However, if they want to
be bitchy, I can play along too and win with tripled points. But out of respect I was trying to be nice.

Well I tried.

I decided to just stay out of their ways until I leave. Simple. I'll be at work most of the days anyways.
When I was about to ask Luka to show me my room, Caleb spoke up.

"Well since no one wants to do it, I will. This is Ty, Lincoln and Emma" He pointed at each of them as
he spoke.


I nodded once again to them out of the little respect I had left for them, and turned to ask Luka to show
me where I'd be staying.

Saying goodnight to Caleb alone, I made my way to my room with Luka. The room was bigger than the
one at my house, but not too big. It was perfect. Almost everything in the room screamed 'Victoria'.

The walls were white and the furniture complemented its soft colour. The ceiling was a contrasting
deep red, matching the covers on the bed. A beautiful chandelier hung in the center giving it that
perfect touch.

"Did you research everything about me and design this room specifically for me?" I asked in
amazement, peering around the room. He chuckled lightly as he leaned against the door frame.

"Well not exactly, but when I offered for you to stay here, it came to mind first, given that you're always
wearing something red."

I smiled at him and gave him that hug I promised him in my mind. He seemed shocked at first but
quickly hugged me back, as something like a purr came from his chest. I giggled quietly at the sound
and vibrating of his chest, realizing how he always amazes me by the second.

He left shortly after he showed me the bathroom and made sure I was settled in. He was honestly so
nice. If only that life in him could be ignited again. As much as he smiled occasionally, I could see that
he was sort of detached from everything around him.

The deeper part of me wanted to know why, but the logical part reminded it to take things slow.

The weight of the day was resting in my shoulders, so I decided to take a long shower to relax my
nerves. It was refreshing and just what I needed, loosening my muscles and mind.

I hopped out with a tune in my head, humming softly as I dried my hair. My hums paused swiftly when I
heard a little shouting somewhere. It stopped shortly after, and I could tell that they were trying to keep

I sneaked out and made my way to where I heard some hushed shouting with my nosey self. I stopped
in front of a doubled door bedroom and pressed my ears against the door as I tried to hear what the
commotion was all about.

Deep down I knew it wasn't my business, but I simply couldn't help myself.

"After everything I told you Luka! You disobeyed me! Do you know how much danger you're putting
everyone in!?" A woman whisper shouted.

"I know the risks mom. But I had to, okay? And I don't know why but my wol-"

"I don't want to hear it, Luka. Just get her out of here by morning" She said, cutting him off. Ouch.


"No?" she seemed astonished.

"You heard me mom. I want her to stay here until she can go back home, it's the least I can do for her. I
probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her".

Probably? You definitely wouldn't have been here.

"Oh please Luka. It was just a bike. You would've healed quickly and perfectly. And if you were
unconscious long enough, one of our men would've tracked you. That human didn't have to intervene"
Why does everyone hate me?

"Well she did. And you or anyone else wont tell me how long she stays. She is my guest and if you
won't be hospitable to her, just don't cross her. Stay home till she leaves if you please, just don't let her
feel any more unwelcomed here. Goodnight mother. Please don't let this be any worse than it already

I smiled a little. It felt nice that he stood up for me, but it still hurt that nobody wanted me here. It was
some sorta deja vu all over again.

After a long pause, I heard the woman speak up. "When things come crashing down again just know
that I warned you."

With that I heard footsteps approaching before the door was yanked open, revealing me in all my
nosiness. It was so fast, that I didn't even get a chance to slip back into my room.

I saw her look at me in confusion for a while. She looked deep in thought just peering at my face. Then
I saw her sniff the air and scrunched her perfect little nose up. She was quite the sight to see. She

looked so young and gorgeous, that I'd probably mistake she and Emma as sisters.

"So you're the human?" She questioned accusingly, folding her arms. I saw Luka walk up behind her
looking stressed and tired. It made me feel bad.

"Uh-yea my name is actually Victoria not hum-"

"I don't care what your name is. Just hurry up and leave," she seethed as she pushed past me. So not
only did she look young, she acted like a petty teenager too.

I've had enough for one night. I didn't even know these people and I was already hurt. And I don't get

"You know, it's rude to eavesdrop" Luka said with a lazy smile, but I could hear the scolding in his
voice. I quickly came up with a lie.

"I wasn't, I just got here. I just needed new soap. I-uh- I spilled mine in the shower"

He didn't look convinced, but disappeared into the room, coming back with a new bottle of soap. I
muttered a thanks as I made my way back to my room quickly.

"Oh and Victoria" I heard him call. I looked back to see him standing at his door.


"Goodnight" He said softly. A small smile spread on my lips as offered him a small wave.


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