Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 12

Victoria's pov

It's been a week since I got here, and things were the same for the most part.

I received a few 'good mornings' and smiles now and then, but that was it. Better that than nothing
though. To my surprise, this morning Ty asked me if I was doing okay. I don't wanna speak too soon,
but I guess this was the 'warming up' that Lincoln was talking about.

They always seemed busy though, and I've come to learn that they kinda ran things around here,
hence the protectiveness. I totally understand.

Luka and I have been getting to know each other since the past week.

He would drop me off at work and pick me back up, then we would talk in his room most nights given
that he was practically the only one who talked to me regularly.

I got my car back, but he always insisted that he took me. He kept saying something about safety and
me getting lost blah blah blah. I didn't mind though, I don't like to drive. But I know I’ll have to
eventually, once I know the road enough. I don't want to have him taking me everyday.

I just got back from my early shift at the hospital, and I had no clue what to do. Luka left to do some
'business' and I didn't go to the diner like I did last week. I decided to take a shower, go get a snack
and stay in my room and read a book. Maybe I'll fall asleep and call Kera in the night. Who knows?

I made my way to the kitchen when I saw Emma sitting looking angry at the world. She hasn't been
bitching around me lately, she just simply said good morning when I came down for breakfast and
made small talk about Twinkle for a couple seconds, then it was back to being invisible.

I got myself some ice-cream and cookies when I took another look at her. She didn't look well.

"What's wrong? " I asked carefully. She doesn't like me and I don't necessarily like her either, but I'm
not heartless.

She looked skeptical about answering but she did anyway.

"I have had this terrible pain in my tummy for the past three days and it won't go away" She sounded

"I can take a look if you'd like, I'm a nurse-"

"I know you're a nurse" she cut me off, looking annoyed. Rude.

"And I already went to my pac- I mean community doctor and he couldn't find a problem so I'm not sure
what you can do," she said while placing her head on the island.

I contemplated just leaving her, but the nurse in me wouldn't let me. I made my way over to her and
held her shoulder gently.

"May I? " I asked as I stretched my hands towards her tummy. She nodded and I proceeded to check
what was wrong.

After touching it I immediately came up with a diagnosis, as I've seen this many times before, mostly in
babies and kids but a few adults too. I asked for a minute as I went to grab my stethoscope for

To my delight, my thoughts were confirmed as I heard nothing but the fluids moving around in there like
a playground.

"I know what your problem is," I stated with a smile and she looked relieved. "It's not common in adults,
but it's okay you'll be fine" I said as I made my way over to the sink, grabbing a towel in the process.

"Oh my gosh am I gonna die? How serious is it? " she genuinely seemed scared and I couldn't help but

"As serious as a mosquito bite, don't worry I can help"

I wet a piece of cloth in some warm water and went back to her. I motioned for her to lift her blouse and
she obliged quicker than I expected. I proceeded to gently massage her tummy with the wet fabric,
hearing her giggle now and then when it tickled.

Finally, I heard her let out a long loud burp and a small toot and I laughed at how embarrassed she

"It's gas that has been clogged up in your stomach for three days that caused very uncomfortable pain
and discomfort. It usually happens when you skip meals, but everyone's body has it's way of doing

"Wow I feel great" She cheered amazed " How did you know? "

"When I touched your belly, I could feel the stiffness rather than the normal soft feeling of a tummy. So
it was either that or you're pregnant" I laughed and she joined.

"Thank you Victoria, my doctor here doesn't really specialize in human illnesses, he mostly deals with
physical injuries and giving birth, sorry for doubting your skills."

I simply hummed in response as I shot her an encouraging smile, telling her that it was no problem. I
was on my way out with my cookies and ice-cream when Ty entered the kitchen. He nodded in my
direction then turned to Emma.

"Mom said you're going shopping for the barbecue tonight. And you should bring Victoria with you for
whatever reason." He seemed confused and so did I. Why would she want me to go with her daughter

when obviously none of them liked me?

Emma seemed confused too as if she wasn't comprehending.

"But I don't need any new clothes-- ooooohh..." She trailed as realization hit her I guess. What was that

She stood in front of me as she stared at her feet shyly.

"Will you come shopping with me? It will be fun" She said suggestively, and I couldn't help but be
curious. Didn't she hate me two days ago?

I didn't have anything else to do and I've never been in their town so I guess it wouldn't hurt.

"Sure-uh- just give me a moment to change" Before I could move, strong arms wrapped around me,
bringing me to his hard chest. What the hell?

Ty held me in his arms for a while, seemingly rubbing himself on me now and then. These people are
so weird. I looked to Emma for help but she seemed nonchalant about the incident, as if it was normal.

"Uh Ty what are you doing? " I asked. He chuckled then turned me around to face him.

"I can't have my locals being suspicious about you, so I made you fit in temporarily, just until you
shower again" He talked slowly as if teaching a child.

"And how exactly does rubbing yourself on me makes me fit in?"

"Don't you worry about that. Just go change " This came from Emma as she pushed me out the kitchen

I pulled on a cropped top sweater and my high waisted leggings that showcased my curvy figure and
plump booty drastically. I quickly straightened my hair and applied my lipstick and mascara.

I'm always conscious about my appearance, so once I was leaving my house, I always ensured that I
looked cute, professional or appropriate.

Making my way downstairs, I met Emma's smile as I noticed she too was changed and looking just as

"You have a sense of style, I think we can actually be friends" She joked with a laugh and I couldn't
help but feel slightly happy.

I know, pathetic that I wanted friendship from someone who was being mean to me, but what can I
say? Her feisty personality enticed me.


Two hours and a million bags later, Emma and I were sitting in a food court eating hotdogs. I had to
say, she was really fun to shop and talk with. She's sooo much like me and I'm surprised we didn't
become friends sooner.

Their town was bigger than I expected, and even though it's in the woods, it looked quite civilized and
modern. The clothes and shoes here were to die for! Who would've thought that they have such a
sense of style?

We decided to go visit one last store before we head back. I was feeling kinda guilty since she basically
paid for everything. I understood that these people were rich, but I can pay for a dress too.

She brought me to a store with red and white everywhere and I almost fainted as I stared in awe. The
store was actually called 'Red and White' and I laughed at how obvious that was as I practically raced

We tried on numerous clothes and shoes, and I was sure that I would need a new closet after
this. Emma went into the changing room with a dress, and I noticed she had been in there a while.

"Are you okay in there?" I asked as I knocked.

"Yea I'll be out in a minute. I'm just not sure about this dress"

"Let me see. I'm sure you look great" I encouraged her as she slowly opened the door.

My eyes popped out as I stared at her in awe. Her dress was a deep blood red with small white
trimmings in the sides. It hugged her body perfectly as if it was made for her . It brought out her gray
eyes and complimented her dark hair perfectly.

"YOU LOOK DROP DEAD GORGEOUS EMMA!" I squealed like a teenager. It felt good to be like this.
I haven't had one of these moments in years.

"You think? I'm not too sure about it" she said unsurely and I knew she liked it, but she didn't think she
could pull it off.

" I don't think. I know! This dress was literally made for you. I'm actually jealous " I laughed and she
followed, looking more confident. She knew I was being truthful because in the short time we spent
together, I was blunt and honest in everything she tried on. I had no time to beat around the bushes.

She smiled as she stared at me, then she suddenly looked regretful, leaving me confused.

"You really are a nice person aren't you? " She asked sadly, and I nodded in response.

"Well for the most part I think I am." I shrugged. "No cocky shit though" I winked, causing her to laugh

She stared at me as if contemplating something, but after a long while, she finally smiled and turned to
go change.

We bought a couple more clothes, talked, got more food and finally went back to the house. I had to
admit, I had fun today. It's been a while since I've had girly fun like that. And to think, it was with the 21
year old sister of the guy I saved from suicide. What a story.

We burst through the door chatting and laughing like life long friends, when we saw all the boys sitting
on the couches playing games. Even Ty and that's....odd.

"Well look who became besties overnight" Caleb teased as he came to help us with our bags.

We simply laughed as Luka stood to help get bags too. He looked between me and Emma with a
happy look on his face, seeming glad that they are finally warming up to me as he said.

"Luka I'm sorry I was ever a bitch to her! " Emma squealed, jumping on him. "I finally have a girl around
here again and she's so fun! Can we keep her? "She asked like a little girl who just found a stray

I laughed. "Well you can't just 'keep me' you know? I'm a human being" I scolded playfully as she

"Well it's good to see you ladies getting along" Ty interrupted, coming up behind us. "But if you want to
continue with the fun, I suggest you go get ready for the barbecue"

"Be sure to do our little thing with her again before she leaves the house" He said to Emma, and I
guessed he meant rubbing herself on me again. I rolled my eyes at the whole thing, but decided
against questioning their beliefs.

" Come on let's go look pretty!! I can do your hair and makeup and you can do mine!" She seemed too
excited, and I couldn't help but bask in her enthusiasm.

She started making her way to the stairs, pulling me behind her, and she stopped abruptly looking back
at me with a thoughtful expression.

"You don't know how much I've missed doing stuff like this. Being in a house with four boys for a year
can really strip away your femininity" I smiled as I felt mutual to her feelings, except I just didn't live with
anyone at all.

"Be ready in two hours" I heard someone shout from downstairs as we went on our mission of getting
dolled up for the night. I hope this'll be fun.