Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 13

Victoria's pov

Two and a half hours later, Emma and I were ready to go. We tried to look as casual as possible, but
our little 'girl moment' went a little overboard, so we looked like we're about to go to a party.

Emma wore her red dress that she bought with her white stilettos. I curled her long dark hair and lent
her my red earrings to match her dress. For a person who doesn't do make-up a lot, I did a pretty good
job on her, and so did her with me.

I wore a blue halter top dress with my black lace heels. I got a smokey eye look and Emma
straightened my hair like today, but she added light curls at ends, making the blonde at the ends pop

Feeling satisfied with our looks, we took numerous pictures, selfies and videos. We were already late
but we had to make the looks last.

A hundred pics and calls from the boys later, we finally headed to the "pack house" where the barbecue
was being held, as she called it.

This place was humongous!! I've seen apartment complexes all over but none was this big. It made
sense though, almost everyone in this town lives here. I should really ask what religion or ethnic group
they are.

It was already in full swing by the time we reached and everyone looked like they were having fun. The
boys eventually left us to come by ourselves, so when they spotted us, they made their way over to us.

"Where are you two going after this? " Caleb asked as he approached us. We laughed.

"Uh- bed" I said in a 'duh' tone as I stepped forward so I could get a good glimpse of the area.

We were in a massive back yard, with about 300 people. They looked so happy and loving. I almost felt

"This is our family " Emma said as she approached me, looking around lovingly and proud. Before I
could get to answer, she continued with a serious look on her face.

"So ground rules. Don't talk to anyone, don't ever leave me or the other guys' side, don't start anything
with that feisty mouth of yours and finally have fun" she finished with a squeal as she pulled me into a
hug, then I realized she was rubbing herself on me in the process.

I respected her wishes or 'rules' since I was invading their activity. I didn't mind though, I just wanna
have fun.

Let the night begin.


Two hours have passed since I've arrived here, and I can't remember when was the last time I had this
much fun.

Even though I didn't talk with anyone one on one, I realized that they were very nice and fun people.
They only have strict rules but they don't seem to mind.

Apparently they do this every month, and even though I'm leaving after a couple months, I'll love to
keep coming back to these.

Most of the teenagers and kids have left and it was just adults drinking and enjoying each other's
company. They made a makeshift dance floor a couple minutes ago and I'd love to get on the action,
but I've been with Luka for the past thirty minutes and he wouldn't let me leave his side.

"Can I at least go dance?" I whined like a 2 year old and he looked amused. Asshole.

"No," he simply declined and looked anywhere but me. He's such a buzz kill.

"Fine. Take me back to Emma or Caleb. At least they're fun" I mumbled the last part, but loud enough
for him to hear.

He huffed in annoyance and started walking towards where I assume Emma or Caleb were. I spotted
Emma's red dress, but was immediately turned off when I saw her next to her
mother. Mama bear still hates me.

They looked like they were in a heated argument about something and I couldn't help but be curious. I
saw Emma point to her dress, hair and face and I immediately knew it had to do with me. I felt bad that
they were arguing about me, but I left them to sort out their differences. Caleb it is then.

To my utmost delight, we found him after a couple more minutes talking with Lincoln and Ty. He perked
up when he saw us and I returned the smile.

"Hey Tori! Are you enjoying everything? " He asked while sipping his beer.

"Tori? " I questioned, amused. No one has called me that before.

"Yea as in VicTORIa. I know you mentioned your friends calls you Vic, so I wanna be different"

"Well I like it" I laughed " But if you want my approval to use it, pleeeease please please take me to the
dance floor. Mr grumpy pants over here won't let me go alone and Emma is..occupied " My eyes were
pleading while I gave him a little pout.

"Awe Tori you don't have to use that face on me. Your normal look would've let me take you without a
second word. Come on"

He winked and I couldn't help but blush at his comment. I heard Luka groan behind me and I turned to
see him looking annoyed at me and Caleb.

I poked my tongue out at him then I pulled Caleb to the dancing people, joining in on their fun.

I noticed Luka was standing far off, watching as we moved. He should really loosen up more.

I picked up my pace when the music got faster and I couldn't help how young I felt. I know I'm only 21,
but sometimes I felt like I was 40. It was good to let loose and have fun.

I swayed my hips and dropped a little twerk now and then to spice it up a bit. I glanced at Luka, seeing
him with an amused look on his face. I moved my hips seductively, motioning with my hand for him to
come closer. He just laughed and shook his head, so I giggled and went back to my normal pace.

"Don't worry about him, he doesn't dance. Come dance with me" I heard Caleb shout and I happily

People were jumping around, swaying and some grinding on each other, but they looked in love. No
wonder they waited till the kids left to start this part.

Caleb and I rocked for a few more minutes, enjoying each other's company . Suddenly, one of my
favourite dance songs came on. I couldn't help how my body moved.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as I danced and sang like there was no tomorrow. Caleb laughed at me
then he held onto my hips and started swaying with me. In a minute I was grinding on him, laughing
ever so often at how weird we were being. He's so fun.

My song finally ended and I went to the side to get some rest. I saw Luka scowling at someone, so I
followed his eyes to see them focused on Caleb. Why though?

I made my way over to him and playfully nudged his hand.

"What's got your panties in a twist" I asked and he looked surprised by my presence beside him. He
frowned a bit before answering.

"It seems like you've got your panties twisted by lover guy over there"

I laughed so hard at that. If I didn't know better, I would've thought he was actually jealous.

"Oh come on we were just having fun. Come let's dance! I'm going back and you're coming with me"

He protested but I just continued to pull him along. I knew I was a little bit tipsy, but I took his beer and
chucked it down before I continued dragging him where the dancing people were.

We rocked for a moment, but I was only doing that so I wouldn't startle him. I wasn't on the dance team
in high school for nothing. Yea I know, pretty busy high school years, but I had to find something to
distract myself from life.

He tried to escape again but I pulled him back and gave him a pointed look. He sighed in defeat and
started rocking lazily.

A few moments later we were both dancing our asses off, then Emma and Caleb joined not long after.
People were looking at me weird, most with strange looks. What I didn't miss though, was how relieved
and happy they watched Luka enjoying himself. Even his mom looked happy and she doesn't like me.
He looked like he was having fun for a change and I had to try not to ogle at his dancing skills. He was
a natural.

After much dancing, laughing, singing and drinking, it was almost midnight and people were heading
out. Ty, Caleb and Lincoln stayed back to ensure everyone was settled in while Luka, Emma and I got
ready to leave.

Apparently, it was the one night that everyone got to act crazy and not have to be responsible or have
their duties hanging over their heads. I was only here one night and I totally understood why they loved
it so much.

Exhausted and feeling way too thrilled, we dragged ourselves back to the mansion. I mentally curse
myself for not driving here, when I knew I was wearing heels.

I took a quick shower to get all the sweat off me and dragged myself to bed.



I laid there dozing off for a while, when I heard a soft knock on my door. Groaning a little, I opened the
door to see Luka standing in front of me, shirtless and all. His hair was wet and messy, so I assumed
he just showered too. He's so sexy.

He had a small tired smile on his lips, and he played with the strings of his shorts like a five year old.

"Thank you for tonight," he said. "I don't remember the last time I had such fun" I smiled a little feeling

"See, there's nothing wrong in untwisting your panties once in a while. Having a little fun is good for the
soul" I laughed and he followed.

We stood there for a while just staring at each other, and his eyes trailed down my body then back to
my face and focused on my lips. Damn.

I bit my lips to stop them from doing something I'd regret. This was not safe, not while alcohol was still
in my system.

"Well goodnight then" he dismissed, clearing his throat.

"Goodnight " I repeated, a little disappointed but still relieved. Except, he didn't leave. He just stood
there staring.

Well frig it.

I grabbed his neck and crashed his lips to mine, loving the way his lips tasted at instant contact. He
seemed shocked at first, but eventually he returned my kiss, our lips moving together roughly as if we
both needed it.

He groaned as he pulled me closer to him, then he pushed me against my opened door, deepening the
kiss. I could get used to this.

I stopped to catch my breath as I stared into his eyes. He didn't even give me five seconds before he
connected our lips once again, not that I was complaining.

*Bow chicka wow wow. That's what my baby says.*

My ringtone snapped us out of our kiss and I suddenly felt empty. I looked in front of me to see Luka
gone as the music got louder and louder. Where'd he go so fast?

*Gitchee gitchee goo oh. Never gonna stop.* The song got louder and I groaned as I stumbled back
inside my room, but I was suddenly in my bed.


I snapped my eyes open as I grabbed my phone from the night stand. What the hell just happened?!!

"Hello? " I groaned out miserably, since whoever it was just interrupted my heated kiss.

"Oh my gosh thank God you're alive! You said you were gonna call me today but you went MIA all day,"
Kera screamed through the phone. I forgot this evening was supposed to be our evening. Oops.

"Well you're alive, good. I'm exhausted because I was up worrying about you so I'll call you later" she
hung up before I could reply.

I laid down remembering the events of the day up to going to bed.

I touched my lips remembering the dream I had. The kiss was a damn dream!!!


I was a little happy that things weren't gonna get awkward now, but I couldn't help but feel
disappointed. Why though?

I'm not horny, I would know if I was horny. But yet I felt this way.

I think I like him...


I like Luka.