Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 15

Victoria's pov

We were on our way back and I haven't uttered a word. After Caleb portrayed his possessiveness
towards Ashley, I got out of his way and he 'accepted' her. However, he didn't say anything else. He
just walked to the car and we followed in suit.

Ashley looked nervous and confused, and if I was being truthful, so was I. I'm nervous for her, because
even though I don't know anything about this mate thing, I would've expected a little more reaction from

Also, I just found out that these people are werewolves! I've been living with wolves. What a story.

Caleb doesn't know that I know, because I want to confront all of them about it. He did seem confused
as to why I hadn't questioned him about Ashley though, but he seemed too deep in thought to question

This is gonna be a long drive.

"What's your name?" He finally asked her, looking at her through the rear view mirror.

"A-ash-ley" She stuttered out quietly and it seemed as though he didn't hear.

"Her name is Ashley.” I spoke for the first time since I saw him today. "And don't be scared Ashley, I
won't let them hurt you"

"I would never hurt her" Caleb gritted out, and he actually caught me off guard. All this time that I've
known Caleb, I've never seen him so irritated.

"Well you're scaring her so loosen up" I said, matching his tone.

"Goddammit Victoria you don't understand what's happening right now so just let it be okay". So no
more Tori? Okay.

"Yea, sure I don't know" I mumbled out and he gave me a confused look, but he didn't say anything. I
took a peep at Ashley again, and she looked even more tense and nervous.

I felt bad for making her tell me everything. I could tell she was afraid of what they'll do when they find
out she's the one who told me.

After a very long and tense drive, we finally arrived at the mansion and Ashley was practically
hyperventilating. I held her hand reassuringly as we strolled behind Caleb towards the door.

He stopped suddenly and we almost bumped into his back. He spun around with a shy smile on his
face, the smile that I'm use to seeing. He scratched the back of his neck nervously, and I saw his
cheeks getting red.

"I'm Caleb by the way, and I'm sorry I've avoided you for the past two hours. I just never thought that-"

"That your mate would be a rogue" She finished, looking down sadly.

His eyes shot out of his head as he looked to me and I almost laughed at his reaction. I shook my head
telling him it's okay. Sighing, he continued.

"Ashley, look. I've grown up my whole life being told that rogues are bad. When I saw you, I was so
conflicted. A part of me wanted to claim you right there, but another part of me was confused
and...angry" He took a step towards her and took her hand.

"But then I realized that Tori here seemed to like you, and she doesn't just like anybody" He glanced at
me and I laughed a little. "And even when I saw you, I could see that your not a bad wol- I mean

"Don't worry about everyone else. I would never let them hurt you" He whispered and I resisted the
urge to 'awe'. "But I would really want this to work, so what I'm saying is, do you accept me?"

He was looking vulnerable and sweet with his puppy eyes and all; I almost felt jealous. I noticed that
she too looked a lot calmer and happy.

"Yes, I accept you as my mate Caleb!" She exclaimed as they looked at each other lovingly. She was
right, this was so beautiful.

If only humans had mates. Darn.

"Awwwwwwwwwweeeee" I gushed as I watched them.

They both whipped their heads towards me as if they forgot I was there. I suddenly felt like I was
intruding, so I quickly made my way inside to talk to the others.

I found them all in the kitchen laughing and talking. They noticed my presence and I was immediately
met with smiles and a ton of 'hey', 'you're back' and 'you have to help me get rid of this pimple'--that last
one coming from Emma of course.

"You guys are werewolves" I blurted out, cutting to the chase. They all stared at me like deer in a
headlight. I just stood there waiting for someone to deny, but no one did.

I can't believe this.

"So?" I asked, getting impatient.

"Victoria how did you-" Ty stopped mid sentence when Caleb and Ashley entered the kitchen. They all
growled at her, and I saw her shrink back into Caleb as he held her tight, matching their growls.

"Why did you bring a rogue here?" Ty asked, making his way over to her with a deadly look in his eyes.
Ashley looked as if she was about to run. She wasn't lying when she said they'll kill first and ask
questions later.

"You're the reason she found out! Aren't you?" This came from Emma as she got up also, looking ready
to kill Ashley.

"Enough!" Caleb and I shouted simultaneously.

He looked at me and I gave him a nod to go ahead to tell them. He didn't seem surprised, so I guess
Ashley told him that I know about werewolves before they came in here.

"This is Ashley and she's my mate. Victoria met her at the diner and hey kinda hit it off, so we'd
appreciate if you accept her"

They all looked taken aback by this, but I saw them back down. Emma looked slightly guilty and Ty's
normal demeanor returned. Lincoln and Luka have yet to say anything, but I saw them move beside Ty
and Emma, standing tall and proud.

"It's good to have you in the family Ashley. I apologize for our behaviour, but I'm sure you understand.
Of course, you'll have to go through the induction process, but we'll discuss the date a little later" Ty
said in a very professional tone and my mouth was hung so wide I could catch a whole swarm of bees.

It was that easy? Is it because of the mate bond thingy?

Don't get me wrong, I was happy for her. But I thought it would've been more. Each of them did a curt
nod to her and she did a little bow.

"However, you will be under inspection for a couple weeks, to ensure we can truly trust you. But for
now, welcome to Brightwater Pack!" He finished while shaking her hand. Well I guess I'm all forgotten


They each introduced themselves, saying stuff like Alpha and Gamma and whatever that meant. She
looked at ease and I felt kinda jealous that they actually warmed up to her in one day, while for me it
took a week. Nonetheless, I was more than happy for her. This is what she wanted.

"Believe me, I mean you and your pack no harm" She said shyly. "I didn't exactly choose this life, but I
was being sold to another pack's Alpha to be mated with, and I ran before they could get me, just as I
turned 18" She added which broke my heart a little. Caleb looked as if he was about to kill somebody.

"My father was the Gamma wolf, and he wasn't okay with it but he was so loyal to his Alpha that he
tried to convince me into being okay with it all. All for some stupid alliance." She ended with a sigh as
we all looked at her with sad eyes.

They all looked more torn than me though. I guess this mating thing ran deeper than I could ever

"I've been running for a year now, but every time I found somewhere, it was either a pack territory or
invaded by rogues, and you all know I can't live in the city" They nodded in understanding, and I
suddenly felt out of place. "I just got here a day ago. I was hungry and I found this diner in town, where
I met Victoria.”

She smiled brightly at me, and I returned one just as bright. It was then that everybody remembered my
existence, as they stared at me with a horrified look on their faces. Luckily, Ashley continued.

"I thought she was a wolf, so I was about to leave. But I didn't know if she would chase after me and kill
me, so I took the risk of talking to her, and I'm glad I did" She smiled wider and I almost 'awed' for the
second time today.

"She smelt like you guys, but she didn't know anything about us, so I was about to leave again but she
insisted I told her what I was insinuating. So I told her about us" She whispered, shrinking back a bit as
Luka growled at her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know I was creating any damage. But I wanted to leave, and she wouldn't let me until
I told her, so I did and she put two and two together with you guys. Just as I was about to try and leave
for the third time, I saw Caleb" She smiled at him and he just watched her already love struck.

"So here we are, and here I am. I'll tell you more about myself later" She ended with a sigh.

"It's okay Ashley you don't have to feel bad. We understand that you were just trying to get away from
our land before someone caught you. Besides, Victoria was bound to find out sooner or later, and we
all knew it" Emma said, looking around at each of them.

They all hung their heads, but said nothing. I don't even know how to react to this new information. This
morning I was worrying about having a crush on Luka, now I'm worrying about finding out that these
people are wolves. WOLVES!!

When his eyes changed colour.

When he said my scent was in the room.

Every time they would mess up and almost say wolf or pack.

Those howls I always heard growing up. They weren't just average wolves, they were these people in
front of me.

That's the reason why they didn't want me here at first. They didn't want to risk their secret getting out. I
would never tell anyone about them, but am I even comfortable enough to still stay here?

"Look Victoria, we couldn't tell you. It's really-"

"I know Luka." I whispered. I wasn't upset because I understood. But I need some time to think. "I
understand and respect your decision of not telling me. I understand everything now--why you said we
couldn't be friends, why none of you wanted me here. I understand" I finished with a sigh.

Luka took a step towards me and I unintentionally stepped back. I didn't even know why I did that. He
looked hurt and I couldn't help but feel bad.

"Are you afraid of us? Of me?" He whispered, looking hurt. I quickly shook my head.

"No Luka I'm not afraid of you guys. I've been here for a week now and none of you have made any
moves to hurt me. But, I think I'm gonna spend the night at Charlette's" I saw his is face fall once again,
and I had to resist the urge to hug him.

"Why? Don't you like us anymore" Emma asked, and my heart broke at her torn face.

"Of course I still like you guys. But I-"

"So stay. You don't have to leave, we can talk about it. I'll introduce everything to you and answer every
question you have" Luka said as he interrupted me. I sighed, shaking my head once again.

"We will talk, but not tonight. I'll come back and talk tomorrow. But I just need to clear my head, come
to terms with this much information before I learn more. Please understand, this is a lot for a human to
take in"

They all nodded, except for Luka.


"Luka. Please" I cut him off but he didn't look like he was backing down. Didn't he hear the part when I
said I'll be back?

"Luka dude, let her go. She needs time to adjust" Lincoln spoke for the first time, holding his shoulder.
He sighed in defeat and I was suddenly grateful for Lincoln.

I hugged Ty and Lincoln, telling them thanks for not killing me since I got here. I then hugged Emma
and she seemed like she wasn't gonna let me go.

"You better be back here tomorrow before sunset, or I'm tracking you down." She warned playfully, and
I let out a light chuckle.

I hugged Ashley and Caleb, while he held onto me a little longer than I would've liked.

"Thank you for not letting her go the first time when she tried to leave" He whispered and I relaxed,
knowing that he was just grateful that I didn't let Ashley go.

"Just be good to her"

Finally Luka. Why did it feel like a goodbye?

I hugged him tightly. For some weird reason I didn't feel threatened by them. I actually felt drawn to
Luka. Maybe because I like him.

"I can drop you if you'd like" He whispered in my hair, and I shook my head saying no.

"I'll drive, I know my way now. Plus I have work tomorrow at the hospital and I'll need to drive"

He sighed deeply and held me impossibly tighter. I didn't understand why he was that upset, but I knew
it was the fact that he didn't want me to go.

I packed an overnight bag and made my way to my car, looking back one more time to see him staring
at me, as if he was about to pull me back inside. I took that as a sign to get in my car and pull out of the

I saw him run behind the house and disappear into the mass of trees. I still didn't understand why he
was so upset about me leaving, but I couldn't think about that right now.

I glanced at the sky now and then, loving how the moon complimented the stars perfectly as my mind
flooded with thoughts.

I drove slowly as I followed the road I memorized so well. I heard a long distant howl, like the one I
heard the day that Luka said we couldn't be friends, and I automatically knew that it was him.

I'll be back tomorrow little wolf. I'll be back.