Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 16

Luka's pov

"I'll come back and talk tomorrow," She had said. Except, she didn't.

It has been four days and there was still no sign of Victoria. When I called her, she always said that
something came up and she'll come the next day, or she didn't answer at all. It was getting old.

I couldn't help but feel like a scene was replaying in my life, like deja vu, and it was terrifying. I don't
want to live through that again. When she was leaving on Sunday, my wolf became restless.

I couldn't control him, and for some reason he believes she's in danger. I can't blame him though. The
last time someone dear to us left, she never came back. I guess that's why it affected us this much.

Yes, Victoria is dear to us, dear to me. It was my wolf at first, and I didn't get why. I just thought that he
liked her because of her resemblance to Ella, but after time I realized it wasn't just that. Sometimes my
heart would hurt when I look at her, because she reminds me so much of Ella, but then again she's the
very same one who makes it feel better again.

It explained why he was always calm around her, and overtime, so was I. When I am around her, I don't
feel as horrible as I did for the past year, and I like it.

She makes me feel like I used to once upon a time. I know I've only known this girl for like a month, but
being wolves, our feelings are heightened and I can't help it.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm feeling happy while my mate is in a grave somewhere, but can I mourn
her forever?

I still love her so much, and I will always love and cherish her. I miss her so damn much, and I'm not
100% sure if I'll ever truly get over her. She'll always be my one true mate, but I don't want to live in
sorrow and regret forever.

But what do I do when my one shot at escaping that life walked out and isn't coming back? I have to go
get her.

I was just about to go get some breakfast when I heard a knock on my door. I saw my dad and a sad
looking Emma stroll in. Emma hasn't been taking it well either. She has Ashley, and they seem to get
along quite better than I expected, but both of them wanted Victoria to come back.

Who would've thought? Emma, who was mostly against Victoria being here, fell in love with her the

"Still no word about her coming back?" My dad asked, as I shook my head saying no.

We had filled him and mom in about Ashley coming and Victoria finding out about us. Of course, mom
was more irritated about the whole Victoria thing, but she was happy about Ashley.

My dad seemed content with it all, but I'm not surprised. He always trusted our judgment, but he
seemed strangely interested in Victoria.

"Do you think she's gonna come back?" Emma asked in a strained voice. I hated seeing her like this,
she's my baby sister after all.

"She has to," I said firmly, gazing at nothing in particular. "Even if I have to go get her myself"

"Son, you do know why you're this allured to her right?" he asked and I nodded, knowing quite well why
my wolf liked her at first, and why I got so attracted to her this fast.

"Good. I've only seen this only a few times in my lifetime, but I'm happy my son is one of the lucky
ones" He patted my back reassuringly as I gave him a small smile.

"Wait what do you guys know that I don't know?" Emma asked, obviously confused. I smiled at her

"His wolf has imprinted on Victoria".

"But no one is to tell her this just yet" I added. "When she comes back, I don't want her running off
again because of this. She already has enough wolf drama to last her a while"


-Victoria's pov-

I've been sitting in my patient's room for the past hour, waiting on her to respond. I was assigned to her
when she just arrived three weeks ago, and I've become so attached to her. She's the sweetest old
lady I've ever met, and now she was unresponsive, drifting into a coma.

In my profession, it was advised not to get too attached to our patients, but I always did. If I feel like I
know them, I'll be more persistent in treating them better. But now I understand why they said that.
Velma, my patient, has been like a little mentor to me throughout the weeks.

She always knew what to say and how to make me feel better. Three days ago when I came to work
ready to see her again, I was met with her in this state. It broke my heart more everyday.

I know I was supposed to return to Luka's house on Monday, but I couldn't bring myself to.

One part of me was still confused about the whole situation. Not that I'm using her, but when I needed
Velma the most, this chose to happen.

Another part of me was still here for the very reason of being close to the hospital, so I can come really
early and leave kinda late. I even slept here last night to check on her.

Of course, I have other responsibilities and patients so I can't spend the whole day here, but I sure
wish I could.

Sighing, I made my way to the front desk to collect my new patient's file.

Coming to think of it, I actually missed Luka and his family. I guess I should head back by the end of
the week. I just hoped I'll be able to handle it all. I know they mean something to me, so I cant and wont
just drop them like that. But weirdly, I still haven't come to terms with everything just yet.

"Victoria...." I heard someone call and I froze. I know that voice too well. I slowly turned around to see
Luka looking at me with a slightly relieved look on his face.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" I asked quietly.

He looked hurt as if he expected a different reaction, and I suddenly felt bad. I walked over to him and
wrapped my arms around him, engulfing him in a hug and he responded immediately by returning the

I felt at peace, and I heard a low purr-like sound coming from his chest. Are they wolves or tigers?

"What are you doing here?" I asked again, stepping out of his embrace.

"You didn't come back and we were worried and we miss you" He said, looking like a five year old
confessing his crush on the new girl in kindergarten. He's so cute.

I sighed, feeling terribly selfish for not considering their feelings.

"It's been complicated," I admitted. "It's not that I don't want to come, I just have some stuff to do before
I do"

He looked disappointed and all I wanted to do was wipe that look off his face.

"You can come back and we work it out together. We all will" He suggested, but I shook my head
saying no. Was I being unnecessarily difficult? Maybe.


"Nurse Deslandes we need you in room 45 immediately" I heard through the intercom. That's Velma's

Without saying a word, I dashed towards the room I've spent most my days in. My heart was beating
rapidly as I wondered what could possibly be wrong.

Upon reaching the room, I was left rooted in my spot at the door as I stared in shock and relief at Velma
smiling at me as they unstrung her. She's awake.

I took slow steps towards her, as if I would send her back unconscious if I moved too fast. I was so far
fetched in my daze that I didn't even notice that Luka followed me in here. He wasn't not even allowed
in here.

"You're awake" I whispered as I gently hugged her.

The other nurses started to leave, not before giving Luka weird looks but they didn't say anything.
Maybe they assumed that he was related to her since I let him come in here.

"Of course I'm awake love. Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?" She joked, and I
gently laughed. I missed her little jokes.

I got her some water and started giving her the necessary shots and what not.

"Who is this handsome fella? Is he the Luka you're always talking about?" She asked and I'm sure I
turned as red as my lipstick. He stepped forward and shook her hand.

"Yes that is me. And you are?"

"Oh I'm Velma dear. Aren't you a charmer? I've heard a lot about you"

He peered in my direction slightly worried. I shook my head, indicating that I haven't shared anything
personal as she continued talking.

"I've been sorta helping her with her emotions and decisions" She added, sending him a wink. "But five
days ago I fell into a state of unconsciousness"

"That's kinda why I haven't come back yet. I felt like I had to be close to her" I whispered and
realization lit up his face.

"I'm sorry you both had to go through that" He said. "Victoria I didn't know..."

"It's okay. I can't really spread confidential information about my patients so I couldn't exactly tell you
why I wasn't coming back"

"Oh honey you didn't have to do that" Velma cooed as she sat up more. "I appreciate your concern and
I love you more for it, but you don't have to put your life on hold for lil old me"

"I know but I felt like I had to" I mumbled as I sat beside her, Luka watching us carefully.

"Well I'm fine now, so you go ahead and go home with Luka. I can see that he missed you. " Her tone
was teasing, causing us both to blush awkwardly.

"Okay." I sighed, "But my shift doesn't end till 3 so you can head back and I'll drive when I'm done" I
said to him. He simply shook his head.

"No need. I don't mind waiting, and Lincoln is actually outside waiting to take your car back. I can tell
him to go on home while I wait"

So he actually didn't plan to go home without me today.

"Okay" I whispered with a blush. He kissed Velma's hand saying goodbye as he left the room, not
before smiling at me.

"He's a keeper you know?" Velma gushed and I laughed, shaking my head at her suggestive smile.

Yep. He surely is.


"Honey I'm home!" I shouted with amusement laced in my tone, as I stepped through the door.

Luka said he informed the others that I was coming back, and he said Emma was overly excited. If I'm
being honest, I really missed her too.

I heard rapid feet rushing downstairs and I was tackled to the floor by a squealing Emma and....Caleb?

I laughed out loud as they both squeezed the life out of me, until Luka pulled them off me as if they
weighed nothing.

"Don't you ever do that again you hear me?" Emma scolded, and I playfully pouted at her.

"At least you didn't track me down as you promised"

"Oh I was gonna, but my brothers wouldn't let me" She said with a pout of her own. I hugged her once
again as Caleb went to the stairs and dragged a shy looking Ashley in my direction.

"Are you afraid to tackle me like these two?" I asked as I hugged her.

"Well I don't know you like they do, I didn't want to intrude on your little reunion"

"Awe Ashley that's non sen- Woah what is that on your neck?" I asked in shock.

She had a weird looking mark on her neck, like a birthmark. But I knew it wasn't there on Sunday. She
simply blushed as she looked to Caleb, who immediately engulfed her in a hug, kissing the new
birthmark as she giggled. They're so cute.

"I'll explain it all when we talk," Luka said as he pulled me to the kitchen to get dinner. I didn't even get
a chance to change out of my scrubs.

A few minutes later I was wrapped in two more hugs from Lincoln and Ty. They all seemed extremely
happy to see me. It was weird because I've only been gone for four days. It seemed as though they all
knew something I didn't.

Shortly after, Mama bear and a man I assume was Luka's father came into the kitchen with huge
smiles on their faces, except, Mama bear's smile was kinda strained.

"You must be Victoria" The man said as he grabbed me in a hug, taking me completely off guard. "I'm
Christopher but you can call me Chris of course. I'll officially like to introduce you to my mate and wife

Well I guess they know that I know. But why does he seem so content about it?

"It's a pleasure." I smiled at both of them. Stella, aka Mama bear, looked highly conflicted with herself,
as if she's contemplating something.

"Likewise dear" He said. "I know you don't know it yet, but you're very important to us, and will be just
as important to the pack soon"

I gazed at him in utter confusion, since I had no clue what he was insinuating.

"Dad.." Luka growled in a warning tone. Chris simply laughed as he waved his son off.

"It will all make sense in time my dear," he simply said, taking his seat at the table.

Well then.

I hope it does.