Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 18

Victoria's pov

"I can't believe you're actually leaving. I mean, I'm happy that you're better but I'll miss you" I said as I
hugged Velma for the hundredth time today.

"You can always come and visit me at my home." She squiggled something on a paper and handed it
to me. "Here. This is my address. I look forward to your visit" She smiled, but I barely returned it.

"I know you're gonna miss my wonderful company," She winked. "But I have a feeling you are sad
about something else"

I sighed and gave a short nod. "I just didn't have the best night"

I could've had the best night, but someone just had to ruin the moment.

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked willingly, but I shook my head saying no.

I honestly didn't think I would be this hurt about it. Who would've thought? One man hurt me twice in
the same night, just by uttering a couple words. Damn, I've gone weak.

It even hurts to remember it all.


"What did you just call me?" I asked as I jumped out of his grasp. His eyes widened in horror as he
attempted to hold me again. Oh no you don't.

"Victoria listen-"

"So now you know my name" I seethed. "Wow I should've known better" I whispered, running my
fingers through my hair.

"It's not like that. My mind just wondered for a minute, I was thinking about you all along"

Yea right.

"It's okay. It's not like we're together or anything, you don't have to apologize or feel bad" I mumbled
while fiddling with the end of my hair.

He stared at me as if he wanted to say something, but didn't know how to. I took it as a chance to
escape this nightmare.

"I um- I need to get to bed. I'm tired. Goodnight and don't worry about it"

He looked skeptical but eventually sighed in defeat and left my room, not before whispering a shaky
'goodnight' first.

I know I told him that it was okay, but in reality it was far from okay. It affected me greater than it

I know this Ella girl means something to him.

I know because the first time he saw me, that's the very same name that he called me.

And it hurts.

***End of Flashback***

"Victoria dear" Velma called, snapping me out of my little daze. "Seems as if I lost you there" She
chuckled. " I was just saying that if you ever want to talk, you know where to find me" I simply nodded
with a smile.

We were still in the waiting area, waiting on her grandson to come pick her up. It was my short day
today, so my shift was already over. I decided to make sure Velma was okay before I headed back to

the pack.

Never thought I'd see the day I would say something like that.

I wasn't in any rush to go face you know who either.

After what felt like forever, we were finally notified that her grandson had arrived.

To my utmost surprise and dismay, I came face to face with the one and only ditcher ex, Jonah. You've
got to be kidding me.

"He's your grandson?"

"She's your nurse?" We both asked at the same time, but with totally different expressions on our
faces. He looked a little too happy while I'm pretty sure irritation was plastered on my face.

"You two know each other?" Velma beamed, completely oblivious to the steam radiating off me.

"Unfortunately" I retorted sweetly, as the smile dropped from his face. "Now tell me Jonah, you know
your grandmother has been in the hospital for three weeks, yet I didn't see you come visit once."

This made my irritation for him grow more. It seemed like he didn't care about her. Even the two years
that we dated, he never once mentioned this sweet lady.

The look of guilt was evident on his face as he tried to come up with a pathetic excuse.

"I'm a very busy man Victoria" He laughed awkwardly.

"Of course. Always too busy for even a phone call. I know too well Jonah"

"Am I missing something here?" Velma asked, obviously confused.

"I'll explain to you on the way grandma-"

"Yea you better not lie to her" I mumbled. "Well if that's all I guess we should get going"

"You're coming with us?" He asked, a little too excited.

I scoffed "Uh no. I'm going to my car"

I pushed Velma's wheelchair out into the parking lot, while telling her again what her medical home
schedule entailed.

"So um- I would actually like to talk to you about everything. I know I'll never have another chance with

"That's correct"

"But, I would really like it if we could start over? You know like friends" He suggested, showcasing his
perfect teeth.

I stayed quiet for a bit, not entirely sure if I wanted to open a door I closed years ago. He didn't just hurt
me, he helped break me. When I look at him, all I see is someone I can't trust or depend on. Do I really
want friendship with someone like him?

"I don't know..."

"Victoria," a voice I knew too well, called.

I spun around to see Luka a few feet away from me. His clothes looked rugged and his hair looked
messy, but he looked so hot and lickabl-

No Victoria!

"What are you doing here? I was just about to get back"

"Oh is that Luka dear?" Velma beamed through the window. He smiled as he made his way towards
her, kissing her hand.

"It's good to see that you're better, Velma," he said.

"And who exactly is this?" Jonah asked, seeming annoyed. Okay?

"Oh this is Luka" Velma answered. "Victoria has been staying with him. They have a little thing going
on" She whispered the last part like an excited teen, but we all heard.

"Why are you staying with him?" Jonah gritted out.

"That's none of your business" Luka seethed, seeming equally irritated.

"Well whatever the reason is, she can stay with us right grandma?"

"There's no need for that. Besides, you don't even live with me" Velma stated calmly with a light laugh.

"Uh. I'm right here, remember. And I stay wherever I want to stay Jonah. You don't get to decide where
or who I stay with" How dare he act like he has some claim on me? He lost all the privilege he had to
voice opinions when he left five years ago.

I left for my car after telling Velma bye, with Luka right behind me.

"Where's your car?" I asked "You know we're gonna have to travel separately right?"

"Actually, I ran here so I could drive back with you"

My face held complete horror and shock." You ran here?"

"I'm a wolf remember? It's faster to run here in wolf form than to drive anyways. " He said, like it was no
big deal. I should really ask to see them in wolf form soon.

I nodded as we hopped in my car, he took the driver's side and I couldn't be more happy.

We drove in silence for a bit, and I was sure that the tension was because of what happened last night.
I wanted to talk to him about it, but the wound was too fresh. I'm afraid I'll say things I don't mean.

"So who's Jonah?" He asked, seeming slightly vexed at the mention of his name.

I just peered at him. Thirty minutes in silence and the first thing he asked is who Jonah is?

"Well my day was dandy! Thanks for asking" I retorted sarcastically. He chuckled but I could see that
he was impatient.

"Who's Jonah?" He asked again. OH okay then.

"Who's Ella?" I hurled back a little too harsh, but I didn't regret it. I saw him visibly flinch at my question
and his face held frustration and a little guilt, but it was gone in a flash.

"You're really gonna play that game?"

"I'm playing games? I'm not the one who called someone else's name in the middle of making out!
Seems like you're the one playing with me" I was bubbling up inside. How dare he!

"You didn't give me a chance to explain Victoria," he said through his teeth. Why is he so mad though?

"Okay so explain" I offered calmly.



Still nothing.

"I thought so," I whispered a little disappointed, but still angry.

Why am I even angry? He's not my boyfriend or anything, and I'm not his mate. So why would he even
feel the same way about me?


His mate. He's a wolf so he has a mate!

Oh my gosh is Ella his....

"Is Ella your mate?" I asked carefully.


"What happened to her?" I suddenly felt bad. Was she the reason he was always like this? What did
she do?

"She left"

I waited for him to continue, but he didn't.

We sat in silence for the rest of the way.

My mind swirled with a lot of questions, the most frequent being why she left. By the looks of it in their
world, mates don't just up and leave.

It's completely useless trying to get it out of him, so I guess I'll have to find other sources.

I gently placed my hand on his that was resting on his thigh, and I saw him visibly relax.

What I didn't get though, if he has a mate, why did he kiss me? Why did he take me to his home and
risk everything?

Why does he seem so attached? I just don't get it.

Well I guess I'll have to find out.