Novel Name : Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 21

Victoria's pov

From the moment Luka asked me if I wanted to meet his wolf, I've been exuberant since, totally
forgetting all the tears before.

We were on our way back to the pack lands just to be safer, and I haven't shut up about it since. I
thought by now he would've regretted asking me before we were back to the pack, but his amused
looks and laughs now and then put me at ease.

I was in the middle of annoying him about riding his wolf, when he came to a sudden stop. I noticed he
pulled up in a clearing close to the Alpha house and my eagerness grew by the second.

"I think this is a good spot," he said, turning off the engine. I squealed so loud that even a few birds flew

"Hey hey! Easy" He laughed, holding his ears. "I have heightened and very sensitive hearing"

I loved seeing him laugh.

"Oops sorry. I forgot you have wolfy senses."

"Don't call it that" He chuckled, shooting me a playful glare. I playfully zipped my lips and threw my
imaginary key in the woods for exaggeration.

He yanked his shirt off, exposing his perfectly sculpted abs and I had to resist the urge to drool. He
unbuttoned his pants and I suddenly realized what he was doing.

"Woah.. Why are you stripping?" I asked a little uneasy. Not because I was uncomfortable, but maybe I
wouldn't be able to control myself and his smex-

"My clothes will get destroyed if I shift in them" He paused with a smirk playing on his lips. "Unless you
wanna drive back with me completely naked."

I actually pondered on the idea for a minute, but before I could make my choice he just chuckled and
pulled his pants off. He was only in his underwear as he made his way in front of me once again.

"Don't run, Angel" He teased with a ghost smirk, causing me to gulp audibly.

And with that he left a lingering kiss on my cheek with a quick wink, after which he turned and jumped,
shifting half way in the air. It was so fast and smooth I didn't even see what happened. I low-key knew
the jump wasn't necessary, he was just being extra. Something I'd totally do.

He slowly turned around to face me, as if he was trying not to scare me off. But I wasn't scared, far
from it actually.

He was gorgeous.

He was a very large wolf, bigger than I thought he'd be. He was probably hitting a couple inches above
five feet in height.

His fur was beautiful. It was a mixture of black and white, just in the right places. He wasn't too fluffy,
but wasn't too laid either. He looked so groomed and alluring.

However, his eyes were what really got me. They looked just like the day I saw them for the first time,
but this time they were vibrant and happy. Their beautiful amber colour was almost mesmerizing as
they sparkled with a golden aura. They captured me in a daze, just like the rest of his wolf.

I love his wolf.

I didn't even notice how long I was ogling him, as he sat giving me a sad wolfy face.

Oh no he thought I didn't like him.

I swiftly closed the distance between us and hugged him across his wolf torso. My body automatically
sunk in his massive fur, and I finally realized how deep his coat was. I would hug his wolf forever.

I heard a familiar purr that he always did when I hugged him, but this time it was louder and held more
power. ’It was always his wolf that did this,’ I thought as I snuggled my face in his coat.

When I finally let him go and faced him, he was much calmer than before when he thought I was
scared. I rubbed my hand over his large nozzle and offered him my biggest smile.

"I love your wolf Luka, I was just too mesmerized by you to react right away" He seemed much happier,
as he jumped up and licked my face with his very large tongue.

"Don't do that!" I laughed. "I prefer your human kisses instead"

It seemed as if I hurt his wolf, so I quickly kissed his nozzle to show him that I liked him too. Luckily, he
accepted my gesture and he was back to his playful mood. He wagged his tail and ran around me a
couple times, and I knew that was my cue to follow his lead.

And so, we spent a while playing. He would give me a head start as I ran in some random direction,
then he would chase me and pin me to the ground but not hard enough to hurt me. I could tell he was
going slow to give me time to run, which made it all more fun.

I knew I'd need a long shower after our play session, but I didn't bother thinking about it. The
playfulness of Luka's wolf had me too shocked.

Who would've thought that this man who was almost always serious, would be so playful in wolf form. I
made a mental note to spend more time with his wolf in the future.

After about half an hour of chasing, tackling and laughing, we sat under a tree to rest. Well if I was
being honest, Luka's wolf was laying down on his side, while I was sprawled over him like a big fluffy

I could get used to this.

"I'll be sure to spend more time with you in the future" I said as I gently rubbed his head. He lowly
growled in satisfaction, and I realized that his wolf was very attracted to me, but I wasn't complaining.

I've come to learn that Luka and his wolf had a sort of different personalities going, but they share the
same mind and body. I'll never understand what that meant but meh.

The sun was starting to set so I decided that it was time to get back. We drifted a good distance from
the car, so I concluded that it would be dark before we got back to the car.

"I think we should get back" I reluctantly got off him, already missing his warmth.

He seemed to agree as he got up and shook his fur out. I started to walk in the direction we came,
when I heard a low bark. I turned to see him giving me a confused look or that's what I interpreted it to

"What's wrong?" I asked, confused also.

He slowly lowered his upper body, watching me expectantly. That's when I realized he wanted me to
get on him.

Yay I'm gonna ride his wolf!

I happily and hastily hopped on his back, adjusting myself so I wouldn't fall. He waited until I was
secure and ready before he started moving.

At first it was a slow trod, but it later developed into a sprint and finally, I felt like I was flying on a wolf.
When he said it was faster to travel in wolf form, he wasn't lying.

I tightly held onto his neck, as the fast breeze rushed past me in hushed whispers. I felt like I was sky
high, and I mentally thanked whatever force that brought me to these wolves. I've never felt such
excitement in my whole 21 years of living.

In no time we arrived at my car, and I hesitantly jumped from him. I was collecting his clothes from my
car for him, when I turned to see him already shifted to his human form with a playful smirk on his face.

I watched how his hair looked messy and unlevelled as the wind gently ruffled it even more. His face
had little specks of dirt on it, and his lips were plump and pink as he bit them gently before forming
them back in that smirk of his.

My eyes continue to travel down his chest, as I took in his perfectly aligned abs which glistened with
sweat, making him look even more attractive. It wasn't the first time I saw him shirtless, but gosh every
moment seemed like the first.

My eyes finally passed his flawlessly modelled v-line, leading me to his big, full, pulsating di-

"Victoria" He called in an amused tone.

"Huh" I replied as I blinked a couple times, snapping out of my daze.

"My clothes" He simply said with his hand outstretched, his smirk getting bigger by the second. Not as
big as his-..

"Uh-yea- right .. Your clothes. Uh- yea sorry" I stuttered as I handed them to him so he could put me
out of my torment. He chuckled as he pulled his shirt over his head, then slowly pulled his pants up.

Such a tease!

Clearing my throat, I quickly made my way to the car, locking myself in to hide my embarrassment and
flushed cheeks. He joined me shortly after, before starting the car and driving us back to the Alpha

"So did you have fun?" He asked, turning the radio down so he could hear me.

"Yes!" I exclaimed excitedly "I've never had that much fun before. My tummy literally hurts from the

"Stick around and you'll have much more fun than that" He said genuinely.

"Who would've thought you had a playful side to you " I playfully nudged him.

"Well you got a lot to learn about me Angel"

"Angel?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, you don't like it?"

"Well yea I like it, I'm just curious as to why you call me Angel" I said simply with a shrug.

"For starters, you wear white all the time " He laughed.

"In my defense, I'm a nurse!" I replied as I joined in on his laughing.

"And.... You saved me and you keep me happy. My Angel" He ended, holding my hand that was resting
on my thigh. I just smiled as my blush got deeper at each word he uttered. I didn't trust my voice at that

As we drove back in comfortable, peaceful silence, I thought about what he said.

I looked back at the first time I took interest in this man. My main priority then was to stop him from
being suicidal. Now, my main priority with him is to get to know him and slowly mend my way into his

Little did I know that I was doing exactly the thing that I started this journey with him for, but that wasn't
what I really wanted anymore. What I really want is him.

And I really hope I do get him.

Not for my own selfish gain or anything, but I truly believe that we're each other's shot at happiness
again. It was evident every time we spent time together.

I guess that's what my very first mission with him and my intentions now have in common.

For him to be happy.

And I'll ensure that he is.

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