Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 22

Victoria's pov

"What happened to you two?" Ty asked as we made our presence known in the living room. Worry took
over Ashley's face, while the others just looked amused.

"We're fine. We were just out in the woods....exploring" Luka stated while he made a rainbow outline
with his hands. I scoffed. I say it all the time and I will continue saying it--He's such a five year old.

"So everything is okay then?" Lincoln asked carefully, only the three of us knowing what he meant.

I saw the both of them staring at each other and nodding occasionally, so I assumed that they're doing
their mind link thingy. After a while I noticed that they all had focused looks on their faces, as if they're
listening attentively to something.

"Hey no fair I wanna be in the conversation too" I whined, feeling left out. Luka gently put his hand on
my back reassuringly.

"No need to feel left out. We're just talking about tomorrow."

"What's happening tomorr-"

"Oh my gosh what happened to you two?" Mama bear rushed through the hall that led to the kitchen,
worry sketched on her face.

Do we really look that bad?

Well actually, did I really look that bad? Since only Luka's face was dirty.

"We're okay mom. We were just having fun" Luka said calmly as he kissed her cheek.

"So you're okay?" She turned to me as she asked. I momentarily looked behind me to see if someone
else was there.

"Uh- yes I'm fine" I didn't miss the relief that flooded her face when I said that which was certainly

"Why don't you go wash up and come help us in the kitchen" She suggested sweetly at which I
nodded. I turned on my heel, making my way to my room when I noticed that I was being followed.

"You know... If you wanted us to shower together all you had to do was ask. " I joked as I stopped to
face the muddy faced model.

"Hhmm is that an offer?" He asked huskily as he gently kissed my lips.

"In your dreams tiger" I whispered seductively as I gave him another lingering kiss.

"Well I'm a wolf not a tiger so I guess that's a yes" He shot back, matching my tone. I had to get away, I
could feel the rush in the bottom of my tummy by just standing there before him.

"I guess you're right" I stated calmly, as I started to walk backwards towards my door. I saw his face
light up at my words, getting ready to join me in the bathroom.

"Just one...more....thing" I dragged as I stepped through my door and separated our bodies. "Not
today" I rushed out before quickly shutting the door abruptly before he could register what I said.

"Hey that's not fair!" He exclaimed while he pounded my door repeatedly.

"Life isn't fair tiger!" I laughed.

He's so gonna get me back for this.

After my shower, I pulled on my sweats and a tank top. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on my
fuzzy slippers, feeling comfortable and totally refreshed.

Pulling my door open, I saw a serious looking Luka leaning against the opposite wall. He looked freshly
showered, so I guess he just got out to wait on me out here. Curse my slow showering abilities.

I let out a loud squeal as I tried to get back inside my room to safety, but failed miserably when he held
onto my waist and pulled me flushed against his bare chest.

"You shouldn't have done that Victoria" He whispered huskily in my ear, causing me to let out a low
whimper. "Now you have to pay."

And with that he started to place hot lingering kisses on my neck. Immediately my body went up into
flames, and all I could think about was how maddening a single nibble to my neck could be. I shifted
my head to the side to grant him more access to the spot that did wonders to me.

He momentarily stopped and started sucking on the base of my neck-- the only spot that made my toes
curl. I let out a soft moan as my now fresh panties were being ruined by this teasing man.

He slowly ran his hands down my torso, making my core throb more and more for him as his hands
moved towards the sensitive area. He stopped just above my navel, rubbing the area in slow circles in
a teasing manner.

"Luka..." I whimpered, as I tightly clenched my legs.

"What is it that you want Angel?" He asked in a deep, gruff voice. Before I could answer, someone
interrupted our moment.

"Victoria! Are you ready yet?!" Emma shouted from downstairs and I suddenly remembered that I was
supposed to help out down stairs.

Luka hesitantly let go of me and I released a breath I had been holding since he grabbed me.

"Yea just a minute!" I shouted back not as loud since I knew she would hear.

"Good save" Luka smirked to himself, causing me to blush a little. “Oh and you got a little thing right
there" He said, pointing at my neck.

"Oh my gosh Luka you did not just give me a hickey!" I whisper shouted, not wanting anyone to hear.

"I told you that you were going to pay" He simply shrugged and strolled down the hall.

"Oh and you can piss me off much more often in the future" He stopped to look back as he winked and
licked his lips. Asshole.

With a very flustered but frustrated huff, I grabbed some foundation from my room, covering the purple
mark as much as I could until I felt satisfied.

I made my way downstairs, passing the guys on the way to the kitchen. I noticed Luka was sitting with
them, watching some sort of sporty channel. He threw me a winked, at which I hastily flashed him a
middle finger in return.

I entered the kitchen to see Emma, Ashley and Mama bear all doing different things, while chatting
away excessively. I noticed how sweet she was with them, as if that's how she is all the time. I had a
feeling this was her true nature, but she was just protective like the rest of them.

"You're finally here" Emma beamed as she flashed flour from her hands.

"Yea what can I do?" I asked a bit flustered. The effects of a couple minutes ago were still running
through me.

"You can help Emma with the cake. After that we're practically done here" Stella, aka Mama bear said

I stepped further into the kitchen, making my way towards them when they suddenly stiffened, whipping
their heads towards me in a quick movement. I suddenly became alert as I thought about all the
possible reasons for their reactions.

Eventually, they all relaxed and stared at me with knowing looks. Ashley looked away with a blush on
her face, Emma had a smirk that looked identical to Luka's minutes ago and Mama bear just gave me a
playful look, trying to hide her laugh.

"What is it?" I asked, suddenly irritated that everyone knew something I didn't.

"You smell..." Ashley trailed off as she giggled. I instantly felt embarrassed even though I wasn't sure
what I smelt like.

"But I just showered" I defended.

"No it's not that hun. It's just that...." Stella cooed as she bit her lips. I looked to Emma for help and I
saw her eyes trail down my body, stopping right where my blouse ended.

"What?" I asked slowly.

"We can smell your arousal" Ashley blurted out, and I felt like disappearing in thin air. My cheeks tinted
pink, showing my embarrassment and slight shame. I didn't know their senses were that good.

"Oh" I simply mumbled, looking away.

"There's no need to feel bad or embarrassed sweet heart. We just thought Luka would've told you"
Stella said soothingly, offering me a smile of understanding.

"Oh my gosh did I cockblock you?" Emma gasped, throwing her hands over her mouth dramatically
with an apologetic look on her face.

"No!" I exclaimed a little too fast, which only made her think that she did even more. "No it wasn't like
that. it was just a- um- I'll just go clean up"

I practically ran from the kitchen as I heard low chuckles from them.

I'm gonna kill that little fuc-

"You!" I pointed at him with venom laced in my voice. "Why didn't you tell me you guys can smell when
I'm aroused?!"

He had an amused look on his face as he eyed something behind me. I stiffened.


I slowly turned around to see three very amused guys watching me expectantly. I quickly whipped my
head around back to Luka, with more ice in my glare.

"You're never touching me again" I gritted out, poking his chest with each word. With that, I ran towards
the stairs, knowing I won't be leaving my room for the rest of the night.

"We'll see about that Angel!" He shouted while I was halfway up the stairs. I cracked a small smile at
his words but quickly erased it when I remembered why I was mad.

I spent the next two hours scrolling through Instagram and watching cat videos with Twinkle, her choice
of course. A knock sounded at my door, breaking me from my exploding cat visual. I shouted for
whoever it was to come in, and Emma along with Ashley strolled in with a laptop and bags of popcorn,
causing me to squeal at what seemed like was the start of my very first girls night ever.

"Awe I love you guys," I cooed as they plopped down in my bed.

"It's the least I could do after cockblocking you" Emma said nonchalantly, and I sent her a death glare.

"So what are we watching?" I asked excitedly.

"The Conjuring" She drawled in a low creepy voice, wiggling her fingers in my face. Ashley and Twinkle
didn't seem too fond of the idea, but we all cuddled together getting ready for the movie to start.

What can I say? My cat loves a good movie.

30 minutes and a trembling Ashley later, I heard another knock on my door.

"Go away it's girl's night" I shouted, knowing well there weren't any more girls in this house.

"I just wanna apologize."

"Apologize tomorrow" I mumbled.

"You won't want my apology tomorrow" He argued while I rolled my eyes at his incredible but annoying
hearing skills. Sighing, I gave him permission to come in.

The moment he stepped through the door, all my anger was gone and replaced with gushing. A series
of 'awes' erupted through the room and I couldn't agree more.

He was dressed in fuzzy pajamas with kittens all over it. The hoodie was up and it had cat ears on top.
It was so damn cute.

"I knew you were a five year old at heart" I squealed as I opened my arms for him to come in for a hug.

"So does this mean you forgive me?" He asked in a baby voice.

"Hhmm" I hummed, loving this side of him.

"It's clear guys you can come in" He shouted as he snuggled more into me.

Before I could register what he meant, Lincoln, Caleb and Ty entered in pajamas of their own. Lincoln
had bunnies, Ty had puppies and Caleb had grizzly bears.

And with that, my night was completely made.

We laughed as each of them did a little walk before joining us on the bed. It was totally different from
what we were used to, which made it even more fun.

"Where did you guys even get those?" I asked as my laughter died down.

"We were dared by an old friend to buy them years ago, but we swore never to wear them. When we
found out you guys were having a girl's night, we thought it was a good way to get in" Caleb answered
while he stole Ashley's popcorn.

"Well you should really wear them more often" I said more to Luka as I cuddled into him more.

We watched two more movies as each of them fell asleep one by one. Soon, I was the only one awake,
but I too felt the sleep dawning on me. I gently moved Luka away as I put the laptop and garbage on
the nightstand next to my bed.

The seven of them cuddled on my bed was a sight to see, including Twinkle. I quickly grabbed my
phone as I angled it perfectly to catch my face and the whole bed. After snapping a couple selfies, I set
the best one as my screensaver before making my way back into Luka's grasp.

As I dozed off, all I could think about was how much of an eventful and fun day it was.

If I wasn't with these people, I don't know where my home really was. They say home is where the
heart is, and my heart?

Well, it was right here.