Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 23

Victoria's pov

The morning snuck by in a few hours that only felt like minutes, but I didn't feel exhausted at all. In fact,
I felt well rested despite sleeping in a bed with everyone.

My eyes flickered over their sleeping forms for a while, a small smile pulling at my lips at the sight. I got
up as quietly as possible, trying not to wake anyone in the process. They looked too peaceful.

I carried all my stuff into the bathroom to get ready simply to avoid the possibility of someone seeing
me naked. The shower was also set to the lowest pressure to lessen the noise.

However, to my surprise, everyone was awake when I exited the bathroom, chatting away like they
weren't sleeping half an hour ago .

"Good morning Angel" Luka beamed as I entered.

Right. They're wolves after all. Their heightened hearing picked up every sound no matter how quiet I
was being. I was slightly annoyed by it sometimes, but they never seemed to mind. Why would they
anyways? It's what they're used to all their lives.

"Morning" I said to everyone as I applied my lipstick and pulled my hair into a side ponytail, letting it
rest on my shoulders. I frowned a little as I gazed at the ends, deciding that I should set an
appointment for a new hairdo.

"Where are you going?" someone asked from behind me, sounding pretty confused. I spun around to
see everyone looking at me with questioning looks as if I didn't do this everyday.

"Um work" I gestured to my scrubs with a 'duh' look on my face.

They all stared at me as if I had another head. Do I have lipstick on my teeth or something?, I thought
while trying to discreetly rub my teeth with my fingers.

"You can't go to work today Vic. It's the day I get inducted into the pack" Ashley finally informed me in
an extremely cute whiney voice.

"Why hasn't anyone told me about this?" I asked, putting my hand on my hip accusingly.

"I thought you might've heard, we've been talking about it for a while now"

"Hellooo! Can't mindlink, remember," I drawled dramatically.

"Right " Emma mumbled nervously. "But you have to be there. Call in sick or something"

"As much as I'd love to support Ashley, won't your pack be skeptical about me being there? Is a human
even allowed at something that seems so special? "I was genuinely confused. Wouldn't it be easier for
everyone if I wasn't there?

"Don't worry about that, trust me you have to be there. Even though you don't know it yet your
presence there is very importa-"

"What don't I know yet? " I whined, feeling tired of hearing that same line as Luka elbowed Caleb in his
side, shutting him up instantly.

They all looked at Luka for help, but he just stared at me saying nothing.

"Look, I'll explain everything soon okay? But for now just trust me on this" Luka's eyes were pleading
and sincere as he spoke, and I knew I'd give in easily.

I sighed.

"Fine. But you better tell me soon. I'm tired of being so oblivious to everything" I ended with a huff,
knowing I'd have to call in sick and use my sick-leave days.

"Just give me a minute, I'll go make a phone call" I mumbled while leaving the room.

Wait a minute.

"Why am I leaving? This is my room" I voiced out loud, causing them to laugh as they got up to get
themselves ready.

"I'll go start breakfast" Emma said before she left. I shot her a quick thumbs up as I locked the door.

I changed into some comfortable clothes, trying my best to look cute but serious at the same time for
Ashley's induction. Feeling satisfied, I braided the end of my hair and rested on my shoulder, topping
off the look perfectly.

After making my call that was surprisingly easy, I made my way downstairs to help make breakfast.

"Hey did you do it? " Emma asked as I entered the room.

"Yep. I'm free for the week, even though I didn't need it." I shrugged.

"Damn girl what did you tell them? " She asked, sounding impressed.

I laughed at her impressed look while I grabbed an apple. "Oh nothing really, just that I have food

"Well that explains it. At least I'll have you for the next couple days to myself"

"Not unless I have something to do with it" Luka interrupted as he entered, giving both of us a kiss on
the cheek. Emma crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at her brother with a pouty face.

"You're no fun" She whined at him.

"At least you'll have me" Ashley beamed as she came in, Caleb strolling behind her. They looked
freshly showered, and from the look of her neck and lips, freshly booed up too.

"Well someone was busy" I teased, and she immediately turned pink. Just as I felt last night.

"At least I showered" She mumbled loud enough so only I could hear. I flashed her a warning glare as I
elbowed her softly.

We all got comfortable to have breakfast, talking and teasing as we ate together. Thirty minutes had
gone into breakfast when I noticed that there haven't been any sign of Lincoln and Ty.

"Where are the others?" I asked no one in particular. "Don't they need breakfast? "

"Ty has to get everything ready for the day and Lincoln was dragged there to help since the Beta
was...busy" Luka smirked at Caleb teasingly.

"Don't worry, they'll come back and grab a sandwich or something"

"Okay" I sighed. They all eyed me oddly as if sighing was a crime. "What? Breakfast IS the most
important meal of the day"

"Awe she's so caring. She's gonna be a great-" Emma was cut off by a nudge from Caleb, telling her
not to finish the sentence. I simply sighed, not saying anything since I knew they won't tell me anyways.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Luka suggested, and I suddenly realized how I never actually been around the
pack often.

I quickly dunked the rest of my hot cocoa before we exited through the back door and into the beautiful
woods. The minute we touched the outside, I was immediately met with a tranquil atmosphere glutted

with the tremendous feeling of peace. It was incredible.

"You feel that?" Luka asked softly, looking calm. " That's one of the reasons why we live out here. The
nature blends with our wolf side, making us feel at peace"

"But I don't have any wolf side and I feel great" It was truly amazing.

"That's the power of nature" He simply said as we continued walking.

"So how do you only talk to the people at the diner? You're so wonderful, I would assume that you
would have a lot of friends" Butterflies erupted in my tummy at his words as I hid the blush that was
crawling up my cheek.

"I didn't really trust people to become close to me. Nick, Kera and Charlette practically took me as their
own when I had no one, so I'm drawn to them" I answered truthfully. "I've met people throughout the
years, and if I should see them somewhere I would surely greet them. But I was kind of a loner. That is
until I met you"

"What do you mean? "

I gave him a deadpanned look, because I know he knew how that story went.

"When I met you, I was drawn to you because of certain reasons, as you know. Then I was introduced
to you and these wonderful people and then I knew there was no going back. A part of me still feared
that I would lose you all too, especially when I found out how different I was from you guys and-"

"Hey hey" He cut off my rambling by facing me, holding my cheeks in his hands. "I know we're from two
different worlds but I will never leave you"

I stared into his eyes as I soaked up the sincerity of his words.

"I could never bring myself to let you slip away" He whispered, inching closer to my face. "And you
have my word on that okay? " He asked and I nodded slowly. I could see the truth in his eyes and hear
it in his voice, and deep down, I believed every word he said.

He gently placed a kiss on my forehead, then my cheeks then my nose and I knew he was teasing me.

With a grunt, I roughly pulled him down and smashed my lips on his, immediately initiating the kiss. It
was rough and filled with urgency, with each of us battling for dominance. But not today. This was my
kiss. I bit his bottom lip a little too hard, receiving a grunt from him as he pulled me closer. I took that as
a chance to thrust my tongue in his mouth as I moved it in perfect sync with his.

It was steamy and maddening, completely opposite of what I had initially intended. So when I couldn't
take the pressure anymore, I forcefully pulled away from him, both of us in a panting mess as we
caught our breaths.

His eyes were vibrant and filled lust and he took a step towards me, ready for more.

"Stop" I squeaked out of breath, taking a simultaneous step backwards. "If I don't stop now I won't be
able to control myself and things will get messy" I warned in a low tone.

"I thought that was my line Angel" He smirked as he grabbed me back to his chest, placing a soft kiss
to my lips.

"Luka.. " I whined, twisting my legs to ease the pressure between them.

" You want me to stop? " He teased, bracing on me so I could feel his very excited friend below. He
continued to kiss my cheek, then slowly made his way down my neck.

"Hhmm? "He prompted for an answer again as he roughly gripped my arse. I yipped in surprise as I
roughly shook my head.

"N-no" I let out shakily.

"I don't either Angel, but I have to" he whispered as he let me go, leaving me completely flustered and

"They mind linked me like ten minutes ago, telling me to get back. Ty and Lincoln are back" He simply
said as if he didn't just get me worked up for nothing.

"You Dick! " I shouted with a hit to his chest. Horny and angry-- not a good combination.

"Hey don't hate the messenger" He joked as he raised his hands in mock surrender. I hit him across his
head, receiving a satisfying groan from him. Good.

"But you purposely got me worked up just to leave me hanging! " I huffed as I walked off to nowhere in
particular. I'd probably get lost.

"It's this way! " He shouted, sounding amused, and I reluctantly followed where he pointed.

"Hey don't act like I'm not affected too. If you only knew how much it's killing me not to hold you against
this tree and ea-"

"Okay I get it! " No need to make it worse for me.

He laughed in a most beautiful way, showcasing his dimple and all. But I was still angry, so I avoided it.

"Come on I'll give you a piggyback ride" He suggested and I stopped suddenly, pondering my thoughts.

"Fine but you don't say another word until we're back okay?" I warned and he playfully zipped his lips
and threw the imaginary key away.

I spent the whole journey singing in his ears, only because I knew it annoyed him. I was enjoying it
too. To my demise, we were back at the back door quicker than I wanted to, and I hopped from his

back while making sure I dug my knees in his side in the process. Before I could enter, he stopped me
and looked everywhere except my face.

"Uh you have a little thing right there" He mumbled with his bottom lip between his teeth, probably
trying to contain a smirk as he pointed to my crotch. My eyes widen in fear when I remembered that
they could smell my arousal.

We entered the kitchen and I was met with everyone, even his parents. They noticed our presence and
smiled before sweetly gesturing for us to join them.

My eyes widened even more as I dashed through the large kitchen and into the hall, hearing a few
chuckles from them as I made my embarrassed escape. Groaning, I made my way to my room to get
yet another shower today.

Damn wolves.

It was around 9:30 in the morning and the ceremony wasn't meant to start till 12, so I decided to take a

My slumber was interrupted by someone shaking me, calling my name.

"Hey Victoria, wake up," the voice said and I groaned.

"It's time."