Novel Name : Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 24

Victoria's pov

"Time for what? " I groaned as I opened my eyes to see Ashley.

She was in a white dress that had a zipper all the way down the middle, and a golden stole around her
neck, much like the ones graduates wear.

"My induction sleepy head. Come on everyone's waiting okay?"

"Okay," I mumbled with a stretch. I changed for the fourth time today, keeping it casual since that's
what the dress code seemed to be.

Checking the time, I saw that it was almost twelve, so I ran my hand over my bed hair to make it
presentable before quickly making my way downstairs to meet everyone.

I was immediately met with the seriousness in the room. They all stood so tall and spoke so
professionally amongst themselves that I barely even recognized the group. That was when I truly
knew this was important, since nobody except Ty and Luka were ever so serious.

I didn't miss how excited Ashley was though. I remember when I first met her; she said this was what
she always wanted. And now she's finally getting it.

I made sure to stay far from their discussion, so that I wasn't intruding. They were so caught up that
they didn't even notice when I slipped into the kitchen to get a snack.


"Hey there pumpkin!" I cooed as I snatched up my little snowball. "I haven’t seen you all morning. Oh
my gosh you're getting so fat and heavy" I gushed in my best baby voice as I snuggled her closer to
me, dropping a kiss on her head.

"When am I ever gonna get that much love?" I whipped my head around at the voice behind me,
immediately meeting big gray eyes.

"When you stop teasing me every second we kiss" I scolded, at which he gave me his cutest pout.

"Come on. It's not my fault we always kiss at the wrong time" He dragged as he snatched my waist to
his, making me immediately drop Twinkle and she sauntered away.

He gently placed a kiss on my lips, lingering for a moment before he started moving them along with
mine in a slow, soothing manner. It was soft and sweet, different from our other kisses.

"Woah I'm sorry if it's a bad time, but we're kinda ready" Lincoln informed as he peeped inside the
kitchen. Luka gave me a look as if saying, 'see' and we both laughed at our inside joke.

We went to the pack house in the same backyard area that the barbecues were held. Luka mentioned
that everyone in the pack, including the elders and children who didn't attend the barbecues were going
to be there.

I felt kinda nervous when I noticed no one was rubbing their scents on me like usual, but Luka said it
wasn't necessary anymore.

I didn't know what that meant, but I knew my heart was beating ten miles per hour when I noticed that
there were at least 400 wolves in the pack, or maybe more.

Luka held my hand reassuringly as we walked to the side of the make-shift stage where we could see
everything, but I didn't necessarily know why I was up there with them.

Ty, Caleb, Lincoln and Emma were on the stage too, but that was understandable, they are practically
the 'Royal Family'. Ashley and two other wolves stood side by side in similar attire, so I assumed they
were joining the pack too.

I stood behind Luka as much as possible; I knew he noticed, because he would chuckle every time I
shifted on my feet. Nobody seemed to be focusing on the human though, and I was glad they were so
interested in the new pack members.

I realized how happy they all seemed, and it warmed my heart that they were willingly accepting the
new members. I could sense their rejoicing already, so I guess this is what family meant to them.

The ceremony started with everyone saying a wolfy pledge that I noticed Ashley and the others already
knew, so I concluded that it was an international wolf pledge and not just for one pack.

Ty started with a few words to everyone, then an introduction from each person. They each gave us a
brief story of how they lived before coming to the Brightwater Pack, and they were all touching.

The first wolf, Gasper, was only 17 years old. He was separated from the pack and his family when he
was just a baby, and was raised by humans in Britain. It was quite obvious since he had a thick British
accent. He said he always knew he was different, having heightened senses and great anger issues.
Even though he didn't know it yet, his wolf was working even before he became alive in him.

When he was 16, he initiated his first shift, and that's when he knew. Luckily for him, he was able to
track another pack in England, who happily offered him guidance once they learnt his situation. They
offered for him to join their pack, but he asked them to help him return home instead.

Even though he was a born Brightwater wolf, he wanted to officially be welcomed as one of them, since
being away from the pack can cause the bond to weaken. I loved that Ty didn't deny him his request.
He deserved it, in my eyes.

The other wolf was a middle aged male who just transferred here from his previous pack. Nothing bad,
nothing wonderful, but he had his reasons.

However, Ashley's story really had everyone, except us, in tears. It was truly a wonderful story. I
noticed that she made her way around the part about meeting me and ending up here, but somehow
she didn't lie or miss out a detail. She really delivered well.

After the intros, each person was called to Ty, where he cut his hand and theirs then joined them to 'mix
their blood', in which they were made one with the pack after which they said an oath.

They were at their final stage of induction which were the trials, and I noticed why they had on clothes
that could be easily discarded. They had to shift into their wolves and be challenged by someone in the
pack. I was told that it didn't matter if they won or not because it's just tradition.

Caleb wasn't too fond of the idea even though he knew what the induction came with. I knew nobody
would dare bring harm to the Beta's mate though, so he had nothing to fuss about. I guess it's just
wolves and their protectiveness.

"I'm glad you won't have to do this" Luka mumbled as he stared at the fighting wolves.

"Why would I have to do that?"

He looked at me quickly, as if just realizing what he said. "I just meant that-"

He was cut off by cheering throughout the pack, and we saw that the last challenger, which was Ashley,
had finished and finished victoriously. Caleb eagerly ran towards her, checking her face and fur for any
damage. He brought her behind the stage, where she shifted and changed, then they rejoined us on
the stage area.

When Ty tied up the rest of the ceremony and dismissed, Ashley ran towards me and pulled me from
behind Luka, engulfing me in a breath-stopping hug.

"Thank you thank you so much for keeping me put that day! I wouldn't be here without you!" She
screamed as she hugged me impossibly tighter.

And that my friends, was when everyone realized that I was present. Great.

That's when the mumbling finally started, and Luka immediately pulled me back to him, but this only
made it louder.

"Who's the human?" A guy shouted.

"Why is she up there?" A woman asked with disapproval laced in her voice.

"Why are the leaders so calm?

"Is she getting executed for trespassing?"

"Can I get a hit off her before she dies?"

"Enough!" Luka and Chris shouted simultaneously as Chris made his way on the stage. Luka's chest
was rising and falling in anger as he sneered at everyone who looked him in the eyes.

I was trembling in fear and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurt. This was why I didn't want to come here.
Wolves love their people, that's for sure. But that's exactly what they'll always do, look out for their own.

"I am very disappointed with your behaviour" Chris shouted as he made his way beside us. "Given our
history with a human, I understand why you are all on edge. But this behaviour towards the leaders
standing up here is unacceptable!"

I watched as some hung their heads in shame, while some still looked a little upset about the matter.

"Now if she is up here, there must be a reason" He continued. "And let you not forget that she's up here
with your former and soon to be again Alpha, and you must respect him!"

Wait what?

This had my eyes opening wide as I whipped my head towards him. He looked at me with a calm
expression as if I didn't just learn he was the true Alpha. I knew it!

And soon to be again....

By now all the heads have fallen in shame, so I guessed that did it.

"In addition, his wolf has imprinted on this human that you all are talking about so rudely about!"

Wait double what?!

‘What did that even mean?,’ I thought as I looked to Luka once more, but he only looked shock as he
stared at his dad. However, I could see that he wasn't shocked at the information, he was shocked that
his father just told everyone--Just told me.

"She will be your Luna and she will be respected by you all!" He ended, clicking his tongue and shaking
his head.

Okay, triple what!?

Luna? Preposterous.

I looked around at everyone who I've been living with in the Alpha house. They looked slightly guilty,
but nothing to tell me that what Chris said wasn't true. So there I stood, in shock and utterly confused.

I saw one by one, as everyone in the crowd bowed their heads respectfully. I looked around to see who
they were bowing to, but everyone on the stage has stepped back leaving me in the center front.

"Her name is Victoria. Learn it, cherish it and respect it, for you will be hearing it a lot soon" Luka said
as he stepped beside me.

I watched as they looked up at me, some with amazement and adoration, some with relief and
happiness, some with longing and hope, but none with contempt or distaste.

This was the big secret wasn't it? This was what Lincoln meant when he said I was important to them.
It had to be it.

"No one is to speak of this again until brought up by one of us" He added, gesturing to everyone on the
stage. "Again, you are dismissed. Go carry on with the rest of your day" He ended.

I noticed people moved immediately after he ended, something not even Ty could get them to do when
he first dismissed them. Oh I've got to know this story. But first, I needed some damn answers.

With a huff I spun around to face them all, crossing my arms with the meanest look on my face.

I wasn't mad at them, not in the least. I knew there must've been a good reason why they kept
whatever this is from me. So when I find out everything, I'll assess whether I want to be angry for real
or not.

But for now, I had to make them believe that I am so that I can get all the truth and not some watered
down version or another 'I'll tell you soon'.

They seemed to be buying my look, so I turned to Luka to give him his personal dose of it.

"Look I know you're upset and confused, but come with me and I'll tell you everything" He started

"No," I simply said. He looked hurt at my answer so I elaborated to be clearer. "I'm not just going with
you, I want all of you there so I know whatever is spoken is the truth" I added as I faced the rest of


They seemed content with the plan, so I dramatically walked towards the car that I came in, cracking a
smile for a split second before morphing it back into my scowl.

The drive back was quiet and tense. I could see that Luka was obviously worried about something, and
it made me wonder more about what he had to tell me. It made me feel bad for acting so mean to him
since Chris announced it.

"Hey you don't have to look so worried. Whatever you have to tell me won't break me." I said calmly,
and I noticed he relaxed a bit.

"I just don't know how you'll react, that's all"

"As long as you're not sentencing me to death it can't be that bad" I semi laughed and he followed.

The good part was, he didn't seem so tense anymore. The bad part was, the roles were reversed. I
was now the one with the worry written across my face since whatever he had to tell me seemed like a
big deal.

Will I even be able to deal with what he tells me?

Well, I guess I'll just have to find out.

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