Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 25

Victoria's pov

"We're home," I bellowed as I stepped inside. I knew they were already here, since they drove off
ahead of Luka and I.

Luka smiled at me mentioning here as 'home', and I noticed I didn't feel weird saying it either. This
made him even calmer, but that wasn't my aim, so I sketched back the mean look on my face as I
approached them in the living room.

They all immediately looked to Luka as if waiting for him to begin. Except, I calmed him down in the car
so now he was all chill while everyone else was tense.

Curse my feelings for him.

I sat at the single chair across from everyone while Luka sat on the arm of the large couch. I kept my
features serious and grave as I eyed each of them individually.

Time for business.

"You were Alpha?" I finally asked, getting straight to the point.

"I was" Was all he said as he peered at me as if I should automatically know everything. He had a
tendency of doing that, and sometimes it was really annoying.

I gestured for him to continue, already fed up with his inability to explain something properly.

"I became unfit to lead after Ella's death, so I told dad to let Ty take my place" He sighed as he

"Until you were better," Ty added, exaggerating the 'until'.

"Bro you have it all under control, you're doing great" Luka replied truthfully. I would've awed at the
situation, but I was too distracted by the secrets that I was finally getting to know.

"Nah but it's your birth right. I wouldn't take that from you. I'll never be a leader like you" He answered

As much as Luka was being a good brother, I could really see that he was relieved that Ty wasn't too
attached to the title. After all, I'm sure being Alpha is not just about the title.

"What was he like as Alpha?" I asked, genuinely curious. I leaned forward as I got interested in the

"Oh he was the best."

"He was a great leader."

"Nobody could've asked for a better Alpha."

"He banned me from getting parrots."

They all answered at the same time, that last one obviously coming from Caleb. This only piqued my
interest even more in him. It seemed like he was a great Alpha.

From where I was, I could see his head swelling as he looked down awkwardly at his hands with a shy
smile on his lips. It was the cutest thing ever.

"Why did he ban you from getting a parrot?" I asked Caleb with a laugh.

Luka's head immediately shot up, giving me a look as if saying 'really, that's what you chose to ask out
of everything that was said?'.

Yes, I got all that from just one look.

"What? I wanna know" I shrugged.

"He was just being a big meany!" Caleb exclaimed as he stubbornly folded his arms around himself like
a child.

"Dude how old are you?! Things happen, we get extra angry, then boom! The annoying ass bird in the
cage gets snapped in half just because it was in someone's reach. It would have crushed you," Luka
reasoned dramatically while I had a laughing fit. Caleb didn't say anything, he just sat there looking
defeated and I could tell that they had this conversation plenty of times before.

"Okay okay s-sorry I asked" I stuttered as my laughter died down. "But I would like to see how you rule
as Alpha" I added truthfully.

"You just have to stick around to find out then" He said nervously, and I wondered why he seemed
worried all of a sudden again.

I then realized that it was time for the next part--the hard part.

"Why wouldn't I be around?" I was cautious. Maybe this was the part where they sentenced me to

"Remember when dad said Luka imprinted on you?" Ty asked slowly and I nodded. He looked to Luka
to continue.

"Victoria, it's a wolf thing"

"What's a wolf thing?" I asked carefully.

"If a wolf loses his/her mate by death or rejection, they can have a second chance on mating" He
tensed as the last word left his mouth, and that's when it started to make some sense. I suddenly
remembered where I heard that word before.

"Oh my gosh is some Twilight shit!?" I stood up as I ran my hand through my hair dramatically, enjoying
the reference of it all.

"No twilight had it all wrong" Emma stated nonchalantly, gaining my attention.

" I mean it's kinda the same thing as finding a mate though" Ashley added.

"I didn't know you guys watched Twilight" I simpered brightly, and I didn't even notice that we were
drifting from the important topic.

"Who doesn't watch Twilight?" Emma scoffed, at which they all seemed to agree.

"So how does it feel to see the wolves on TV knowing you're like that too?" I was a little too excited.

"The same way you feel when you see a human on TV," Ty answered, sounding unimpressed by my

"Right..." I dragged awkwardly, feeling dumb.



"Wait you imprinted on me?" I asked, just really assessing what that meant. He nodded. “What does
that mean?" I asked, a little scared. I don't know why, but I was.

"It means you're my second chance" He whispered with a smile, staring me right in the eyes. My heart
raced at the thought of it all. If I was Luka's second chance, that meant I was literally responsible for his

"Wow" I whispered, sitting back down. "How long have you known?" I asked, my voice barely coming
out as a whisper.

"From the moment I saw you, but I didn't come to terms with it until you moved in. I didn't want to
believe it" He admitted and I felt kinda hurt. He noticed and quickly explained himself.

"It's not that I didn't want you, I just didn't think I deserved to be one of the lucky wolves" I simply
nodded as I broke eye contact to ponder my thoughts. I then remembered that everyone else could've
known too.

"How long have you guys known?" I asked, feeling a little betrayed that this sort of information was kept
from me.

"Remember the day you found out we were wolves and you left? We found out the day you came back"
Emma whispered as she gazed down at her hands.

"You too Ashley? You weren't even here yet" I don't know why, but I felt horrible that it had everything to
do with me but I was somehow the last person to know about it.

"Caleb's my mate. We talk about everything" She defended softly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, looking back into Luka's eyes from where I sat. He sighed standing

"Can we talk privately?" I nodded before joining him as we went to his room. I agreed only because it
was more appropriate since it was an 'us' thing.

"Don't be mad at everyone for not telling you. I told them not to tell you until I did-"

"And when exactly were you planning on telling me? What if it didn't come up today?" The first tear fell
down my cheek as my vision became blurry. I wasn't upset that I was magically his second chance
mate; hell, I don't even think I understood what that meant yet. But to know that something this
important has been kept from me by people I hold dearly was dreadful.

"Victoria I was scared that it would be too much for you and you would've left. And if I'm being honest,
I'm still terrified" He wiped the stray tear from my cheek, looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Why would I leave?"

"I know this whole new world that you didn't even know existed was enough for you. I thought this
would push you over the edge" He sighed.

"Luka you know me better than that" I pointed out, since he should've known that it would take much
more to get rid of me.

"You don't get it Victoria" He whispered, holding my hand tightly. "I'm a wolf. Relationships for us are
slightly different from what you're used to. I would have to claim you as mine.." He trailed, checking my
face for reaction.

Shit he'll have to pee on- I mean bite me.

"You said it only hurt for a minute. Surely that wouldn't have scared me off"

"I'm supposed to be Alpha. If or when I reclaim my title, you'll be Luna-- the Alpha female of a pack of
450 wolves, and growing" He added carefully. That was what had me shaken up. I didn't know the first
thing about being Luna. I didn't even know the half about wolves!

"Would they even accept me?" I suddenly felt self conscious about ruling a whole pack. "Won't they see
me unfit?"

"They already love you Angel. A pack absolutely adores its Luna. And having lost their former Luna, it's
quite obvious to everyone that they accept you already" He assured me softly.

"But I don't know the first thing about being a Luna" I've never felt so unconfident in years.

"Hey hey look at me" He held my face up so I was looking at him. "You'll be a great Luna, and I will be
there with you every step of the way" He whispered sweetly.

"Why didn't your wolf choose another wolf?" I was genuinely curious, so I hoped he didn't take it wrong
and assume I didn't want him.

"I don't know. We can't help who the moon chooses for us. But I'm glad it was you, even if you're a
human. I've heard of human mates, but they are rear"

"Okay" I answered, half convinced. It was a lot to process.

"If we have pups, you do know they would be like me right?" He asked carefully again.

"If I didn't know better I would think you're trying to talk me out of this" I joked, causing him to chuckle a

"I just want to make sure you know all you're getting into," he said. "That's if you want to get into it" He
added quickly, but his eyes were pleading with me to say yes. I could tell that he really wanted this.

"Why did everyone keep saying that I'm important to you?" I wasn't avoiding his previous statement, I
just had to know everything first.

"Because you are. You'll probably never understand why I need you but I do. And it's not just some wolf
senses that attracts me to you, it's everything about you. The way you laugh, the way you find the most
random things to talk about, the fact that I can never have a dull moment around you.

"That boldness and sass that keeps me on edge all the time. I love that you're understanding and
willing to accept anything that is thrown your way, even a whole new life with wolves. It shows that
you're strong and I love that I have such strength to pull me out of my dark places"

By now more tears have found their way down my cheeks, but I make no move to stop them.

"You're beautiful, funny and so damn caring. Your heart is golden and so is everything about you. I
know we both have dark pasts, but I really really hope we can make a future together, just you and me.
And probably Caleb" He joked, and I giggled through the tears.

"I know that this is a bit much and more than what you're accustomed to, and you'll have
responsibilities that will be rough sometimes. But what I'm saying is, I really want you to try this with
me. My wolf didn't imprint on you because it's random. You were specifically chosen for me, and I'd die
for real this time if I lose you too" He ended as he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against

I remained silent for a second, which he didn't take as a good sign. I immediately captured his lips in
mine as a clear answer, leaving a soft, sweet, lingering kiss on them.

"You had me at 'because you are'" I whispered once I pulled away, placing another kiss on his lips.

"So does this mean you'll accept me? You wont leave?" He asked with happiness laced in his voice. It
was heartwarming.

" Yes, so stop asking." I laughed. "If my life doesn't have a little challenge in it, then I don't want it."

"You are something else Victoria Amelia Deslandes."

"And so are you Mr Luka Alexander Jones" I mumbled against his lips. "But didn't you notice that I
obviously had feelings for you?"

"I didn't know for sure until Lincoln told me"

Lincoln is a tattletale.

"So there are no more secrets?" I asked.

"No more secrets." He assured me. There better not be any more, even though I had a gut feeling
more things were going to go down.

"So in my world, does this make us a couple, like together?" I questioned suggestively.

"Yes it does my wonderful Angel" He smiled as he bit my lip, slightly tugging.

"Mmhm I like that" I mumbled against him.

" Me too."

He grabbed the rest of my mouth with his as he kissed me tenderly. I could feel the happiness radiating
off him in just that moment, and I wished I could keep it there forever. He kissed me a little while longer,
till he finally pulled away leaving me completely breathless.

"We should get back" He suggested breathlessly, but I had other plans.

"No," was all I said and grabbed him in another kiss, making it full of lust and want.

I pushed him flat on the bed so I could straddle him, keeping the kiss intact every passing second. He
groaned at my movements, making me aware that he was pleased with my actions. I slowly moved my
hips against him, receiving another low groan from him.

The kiss got deeper as my movement got faster, and I could feel his happy member against my
leggings in erotic want. I broke the kiss as I left hot kisses on his cheek and down his neck, leaving a
couple love bites in the process.

"Victoria if you don't stop now I'll do something you're not ready for" He panted as I moved to the other
side of his neck.

"Maybe I don't want to stop" I whispered seductively as I captured his lips once more, burying my
hands in his full hair.

With a deep approving growl, he skillfully flipped us over so that he was now on top, not once breaking
the kiss. I could feel my body calling for his touch as I got stimulated every passing second. He trailed
his hands up and down my stomach, leaving tingling sensations everywhere his hands went.

He brought his hands lower and softly grabbed my front, awakening a whole new sense of want as my
back arched at the quick gesture. He removed it as quickly as he put it there, and I felt the
disappointment run through me. That's when I remembered how much of a tease he was. I never like
teasers. Just give me pleasure and let me be. No need to torture me first.

My phone rang for a few seconds, but I ignored it and simply continued kissing Luka. Then it went off
again, and again, and again until Luka finally rolled off me, telling me to get it.

"Do you know that it is rude to call people at this hour?!" I shouted at Kera through the phone as I
picked up.

"Girl it's four in the afternoon! What's rude about that?"

"It just is" I mumbled with a huff.

"Sshh it's okay" Luka cooed as he played with my hair.

"Oooooh I interrupted something didn't I?" Kera exclaimed on the line. I could just imagine the look on
her face. "Well I'm sorry but I just wanted to check up on you"

"That's really sweet of you Kera but I-"

"A guy came by here today asking for your number, said his name was Jonah" She interrupted quickly,
causing Luka to growl after obviously hearing what my friend said.

"You didn't give him right?" I snapped unintentionally, but I really didn't want him to have my number.

"Oh heavens no! The guy's a creep. Anyways, he said he went by the hospital to see you, but heard
you were sick, so he came by here to get to you"

"How did he know he could get to you from the diner?" Luka asked sternly.

"Velma must've been talking to him about me. That's the only way he would've found out" I reasoned.

"Yes that's the name! Velma" She exclaimed on the line. "When I refused to give him the number, he
asked me to give you a message. He said Velma would like to see you, and you should visit sometime"
She ended and I nodded, but realized she couldn't see me.

"I'll surely do. Since I have the week off, I'll go one of these days. Thanks Kera. How's Nick and Char?"

"They're good. Well Nick was gonna say hi but heard that you were with Mr handsome and stormed off"
She laughed.

"Don't laugh at him. Tell him I send my love" I said, receiving another growl from Luka.

"Will you chill! This one is family" I whisper shouted at him.

"Yea I will. And give Lover Boy my greetings. I'll leave you two to continue your business. Get well soon
Vic! Love you bye!"

"I'm not actually-" *Beep. Beep. Beep* "-sick". I hate it when she does that.

"You okay?" Luka asked softly.

" Yea you?"

"I'm great" He beamed, pecking my lips softly. "There's another barbecue tonight. I'm sure you'll-"

"Emma! Ashley!" I shouted, cutting him off, already running to the door. If the first barbecue was that lit
with just me and Emma, imagine adding Ashley to that equation.

"Um Victoria" Luka called, standing up to meet me.

"Yea?" I asked impatiently.

"That" He pointed at my crotch where my eyes followed, and I groaned loudly.

"Every time I kiss you I'll have to change panties because of you people and your incredibly annoying
sense of smell!" I argued as I walked down the hall to my room.

"And great hearing too love" Ty shouted teasingly as he emerged out of nowhere. I turned a bright red
as I rushed into my room to get cleaned up.

Well that's what you get for living with the wolves Victoria.


Ashley, Emma and I were in my room getting ready for the barbecue. We decided to make it a tradition
for us girls to go shopping then get ready together on the day of the barbecue.

We didn't have enough time for shopping today, but since it's Ashley's first one and she was inducted in
the pack today, we made her the focus point.

I had to tell them how my talk with Luka went, while I'm sure he did the same with the guys. Of course,
they were excited, saying we can all live happily ever after. That is, until we reminded Emma that she
has a mate and she'll move away with him.

That will be a very sad day. But not today. Today we're having fun.

I had rollers in my hair, getting a different look from the first barbecue. Emma had hers in a high neat
ponytail, leaving loose strands at the side for cuteness.

We argued for over 10 minutes about how we should do Ashley's hair. Emma wanted to straighten it,
while I wanted to style it with its natural curls.

In the end Emma won the argument, only because I was drained from the day, and poor Ashley looked
confused. As much as I'd never admit it to her face, she was right about straightening it. It was a
different look from what we're use to, and it strangely suited her a lot. Emma also worked on her make
up as I chose dresses and shoes for us to wear.

In the end, Emma was looking beautiful in her black skater dress with golden specks all about it, paired
with her gold open toed pumps. I was contrasting in a stunning cross neck white dress, paired with my
dark purple wedge booties. Instead of my signature red lipstick, I was sporting a dark purple to match
my shoes, with scattered glitters to give it that pop.

It was different and I liked it.

However, Ashley was the showstopper. She had on a red bodycon mini dress with a huge heart shape
cut in the back, finishing it off with a small slit up her thigh. We forced her to wear my black stilettos and
matching earrings, topping it off with a smoky eye and my popping red lipstick.

Caleb is gonna be so turned on and pissed at the same time. I'm sure some guys will end up with black
eyes tonight, but she had to look great. We dedicated this night to her after all.

Like before, the boys left us to fend for ourselves. After a couple hundred pictures, we took my car to
the pack house where it was being held, feeling too lazy to walk.

The minute we stepped in the backyard, eyes were immediately snapping towards us. Out of nowhere,
Ashley was snatched away in Caleb's arms as he growled at the poor men looking.

When the coast was clear, I watched as his eyes roamed over her a couple times, looking mesmerized
and definitely turned on. He licked his lips and whispered something in her ears making her giggle, and
I took it as a sign to mind my business.

"Well aren't you a little hottie" Luka whispered in my ear as he hugged me from behind. "Makes me
wish we had these barbecues more frequently"

"And don't I look like a hottie all the time? " I playfully pouted.

"Of course you do. But you seem to be a hotter hottie when you dress up" He whispered seductively,
grabbing my bum harshly.

"Stop, we're in public! " I separated myself from him as I glared at him.

"Of course. Don't want you getting too wet now" He winked suggestively. I slapped him harshly with a
glare, but I felt amusement bubbling in my stomach.

"Victoria darling! " I turned to see Luka's mom appearing, looking vibrant and happy.

"Hello" I greeted politely.

"I'm so happy to see you're okay"

"Well I am thank you. All due respect, but didn't you hate me?"

She gasped loudly as if I had just told her that she had a bald spot. “Dear I didn't hate you" She waved
off casually, but I gave her a knowing look. "Hate is such a strong word" Another look. "I misjudged you
before getting to know you and knowing how much you mean to my son. But you do understand "

"I do," I replied simply.

"Good. I'm just happy to hear you've accepted my son. You both should always make each other
happy" She spoke sincerely as she held my hands in hers.

"Oh they will" Chris added as he joined us, looking as happy as ever. "Victoria, my wife isn't boring you
right? "

"Not at all" I shook my head truthfully, giving him a quick side hug.

"I kind of came to rescue you," he joked.

"Well dad I'll be the only one rescuing her tonight" Luka then joined in right before he skillfully pulled me
away. He just magically appears and disappears. Weird man. I waved them a goodbye as I followed
Luka to the group of my talking friends.

"Hey Vic. We were just talking about you." Lincoln beamed as they handed me a beer. Caleb looked
totally out of it and very much into As. Emma and I shared a look saying we should do this more often.

"So Luka, have you asked her yet?" Ty asked, causing Luka to immediately stiffen. He said no more

"Ask me what?"