Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 14

Victoria's pov

It was the next day and I found myself going to the diner. My dream from last night kept playing in my
head and I didn't have the strength to be around him today. My mind was too jumbled and confused.

I wasn't gonna live in denial telling myself that I don't feel anything for him. I'm old enough to
understand my own feelings. What I'm messed up about is how I'm gonna move on with these new
feelings. I know I haven't had feelings like this since Jonah, but as much I'm a bit excited, I'm also

If he doesn't feel the same way I will understand, I'm not 12. But if he does, would I be willing to act on
these feelings? I mean, he lives two hours into the woods and I have a life in town.

He's also full of secrets and I don't know if I could live like that, but for now I'll just eat a piece of cake
and wait for my friends to come join me during their break.

After what felt like forever, Kera and Nick made their way to my table with more food. Oh how I love

"Hey Vic!" Nick greeted with a smile.

"Hey bro"

I hugged him then Kera, and I saw him visibly flinch when I said 'bro'. It was then that I realized that he
always did it.

"How have you been? How don't I know where you're staying? Are you replacing us?" Kera flooded me
with questions as I stole her muffin and coke.

"I'm fine guys. I can't really tell you where I'm staying, but for now I'm staying with Luka-"

"Ooouu as in the sexy mysterious guy from the parking lot? Things are excavating quickly" She said,
wiggling her eyebrows and Nick looked annoyed. I wonder if...

"Yea it's been good so far, was rough at first but things are good now. And I think I actually have a thing
for him"

I was killing two birds with one stone. I knew I had to tell Kera about liking Luka since it would be weird
to tell Emma, and I wanted to see if I would get a reaction from Nick.

And a reaction I surely got.

"Bullshit! You don't even know the guy! Why didn't you come stay with us? If we can't know where he
lives, doesn't that scream 'run' to you Vic?" He semi shouted, looking irritated and very much jealous.

Luka was right then. Nick does like me. Well at least he knows nothing will ever happen between us. I
can't risk losing his friendship either. They're my family.

"Oh hush it Nick! You're just jealous that she likes someone else and not you" Kera teased, as he
turned a bright red and looked anywhere but me.

"Whatever" Was all he said, confirming my thoughts even more. I kinda felt bad for him, but he'll get
over it.

"It's okay Nick. I know it sounds crazy but I trust them. Some people just prefer to live secluded." I
smiled and he simply 'hhmm' and started eating.

"Anyways, my house is currently being sprayed and renovated, so after a couple months I'll come stay
with you guys" I told them. They nodded and went back to eating.

After their break was up, I was left alone again with my thoughts. It was almost 1 in the afternoon, and I
wasn't quite ready to go back as yet, so I decided to stay and chill for a bit.

I texted Lincoln to come get me, since I was steering clear of Luka today. So by the time he's out of the
woods I'll be ready.

I sat for another half hour scrolling on my phone and laughing at random shit, when I heard the bell at
the door ring, signaling someone had entered.

I peered in the direction to see a young woman walk in. She looked close to my age and she was short
like me. I let out a giggle as I thought that someone else was actually this short.

She stopped dead in her tracks as she peered in my direction as her bright radiant blue eyes pierced
my skull. She was a beautiful girl. She had light brown naturally wavy hair, and her figure was tiny but
curvy. I could see distinct muscles on her arms, so I assumed that she did some sort of work out.

She looked slightly tired and her clothes were kind of worn, but the way she rocked them made them
seem brand new.

I saw her face held shock and fear as she looked at me and sniffed the air. She then closed her eyes
as if calming herself down, and came in my direction with a smile on her face.

"I didn't notice I was on someone's territory" She said calmly as she sat in front of me. "I'm just passing
through, I mean you and your pack no harm" She ended with a smile.

"I'm sorry I'm not following. What do you mean me and my pack? And this is a free country, you can
stay here if you want"

"Won’t your Alpha kill me if he finds me on his territory?" She asked astonished. I scrunched my face
up more confused.

"What are you talking about?" I asked and she looked at me as if I've grown another head.

"Wait. You aren't a werewolf?"

"A were-what now?" I asked, laughing a bit. Those don't even exist.

"A werewolf. You smell like one. A strong one too, so you must be associated with one. Are you a
human mate or something?"

I stared at her dumbfounded, as I tried to understand what she was talking about. Maybe she's crazy
and just escaped an asylum or something.

"Can you please explain what you are talking about?" I was getting frustrated and this girl was not
making any sense.

"Wait. You really don't know do you?" She asked, looking relieved as I shook my head no.

"Well great! I can get my ass out of here alive then. It was nice meeting you" She talked quickly while
she got up and attempted to leave. Oh no you don't!

I grabbed her hand before she could walk off and pulled her back in the chair. We all know my nosy ass
wasn't gonna let this one go. What if she wasn't crazy and was talking about real life? I was intrigued.

She looked at her hand where I held her, then met my eyes with a low vicious growl. I quickly let her go
as I stared at her shocked.

"How did you even do that?"

"Sorry. My wolf doesn't like to feel threatened, especially with my lifestyle."

"Your wolf?" I asked and she gave me a wicked smirk.

"Look, I'm not supposed to tell you anything, but I already said enough. I don't follow any rules
anymore, but I still respect our kind. Promise me you will never utter a word about what I'm about to
say to anyone, wolf or human. Got it?"

I nodded eagerly, smiling like she was about to give me a million dollars. "I promise"

"Good" She took a deep breath. "So, in the shadows of the human world, lives a group of supernatural
creatures called werewolves". She started, and I felt like she was introducing a book to me.

"We live among ourselves in groups of a hundred or more called packs"


"There are about 18 packs in the US, I'm assuming one is here" She said, looking around.

"We live in human form most of our lives, but we can shift into our wolves once we turn 16. It's painful
at first, but it gets painless over time"

I stared in astonishment. Even if she was crazy, I was intrigued. I rested my elbows on the table and
placed my chin in my palms as I waited for her to continue.

"That's the reason why we stay in the woods, we can't risk humans seeing us and killing us, or using us
for test monkeys. So we live where no human can find us, or where it's very difficult to be found."

It all sounded oddly familiar.

"Sometimes, things get heated in the packs, and some wolves are forced to leave the pack, or they
choose to run away" She was looking kinda sad as she stared out the window. "We are called rogues."

"We? You're a rouge?" I asked and she nodded.

"I used to live in a pack, just on the border of Canada and the US, but I had to leave. Being a rogue is
not easy. I have to be constantly on the run. I can't live in city areas, since my wolf has to be let out
sometimes. But every time I find somewhere that I can settle, it's either a territory of a pack, or I get
messed up with other rogues and have to fight for my life"

"Oh my gosh that's awful" I mumbled softly, touching her hands in a calming manner.

Do I believe her? Not really, but I had at least another hour until Lincoln should get here and she was
keeping me entertained. Who would be sitting down with a wolf this calm?

"It's okay. I've learnt how to survive" She had a longing look in her eyes, but her voice and face was

"Do you ever feel like going back?" I asked. I could tell that she missed something, maybe her family. I
guess that's why she makes this story up.

"Yes actually. But if I go back I'll be banished for sure. I broke treason. I no longer belong. I can't join
another pack since I'll be killed if I'm spotted. Oh and don’t compare me to all rogues. Some are evil
and won't hesitate to kill, just to protect themselves. Some will give a warning and I get to run, while
only a handful are nice like me. I haven't met any, but I know I can't be the only one"

"Why wont another pack take you in? You can show them that you're nice and just want somewhere to
stay." I suggested, feeling bad for her. She let out a humorless laugh.

"We're wolves. We kill first and ask questions later. If a wolf from a pack sees me, they'll consider me a
threat and kill me on spot, to protect themselves." She ended with a sigh.

If I didn't know better, I would've actually believed her. She sounded so real.

"Maybe if I find my mate and he belongs to a pack, he'll take me in. Just maybe though. I know the
mate bond is literally the strongest bond a wolf can feel, but I'm not sure if he would accept me"

"What's a mate?" I asked, confused once more. She chuckled then looked at me again.

"A mate is a wolf's other half. Soul-mates if I may say. Once a wolf finds his/her mate, they're the
happiest person alive and they normally initiate the mate bond right then and there by accepting them.

Further in the relationship, depending on their preferred timing, they complete the mate bond and
become one. It seems like a wonderful thing. I always wanted to find my mate, but it's a lost cause."

I was starting to believe this girl due to how sincere she sounded.

"I really shouldn't have told you any of this, but for some reason I feel like I can trust you. I could've
sworn you were one of us." She cocked her head to the side as she regarded me carefully.

"What's your name?" I asked, finally realizing I didn't ask.

"Oh I'm Ashley," she introduced shyly and I couldn't contain my smile.

"I'm Victoria."

She seemed excited to meet me and I couldn't help but feel like I could relate to her. She's been alone
and so have I.

"So why should I believe you though? Even though you sell a really good story" I leaned against the
table for effect and she laughed loudly before she settled down with a smirk.

"Oh you don't have to. Only if you want to"

She smirked as I saw her eyes turn to an amber looking colour. It was beautiful and unique, but it
scared my panties off. I jump to my feet with a scream as she doubled over in laughter.

Holy shit she was telling the truth!

I stood there surprised and scared as hell as she laughed at me, drawing attention from everyone in
the diner. I was about to run when she stopped me.

"Sit down Victoria, I won't hurt you" She assured as her laughter died down. I stood in place with my
hands in a defensive position.

"You can sit down and continue talking to me and I kill you, or you can run now, I catch you and kill you.
Which one am I most likely to do?" She asked with a playful smirk and I reluctantly sat down.

"Smart girl" She winked. But I was still in shock. " Look Victoria, we aren't violent creatures unless we
or our loved ones are threatened. You don't have to be scared of me, I won't hurt you. I think you
should know that since you've been around a wolf and he/she hasn't killed you yet." She stated,
causing me to rake my thoughts, trying to remember who I've been with.

I was only around Kera, Nick and...

Oh shit!

"Can hugging make me smell like a wolf?"

"Yup" she answered, popping the ‘p’ and confirming my thoughts. "We all have a scent that only wolves
can smell. Even humans have scents but you wouldn't know. If a wolf rubs himself on you, you'll smell
like them"

Emma hugged me this morning before I left, rubbing herself on me in the process since Lincoln was
stopping in their town before he dropped me here.

She gave me a pointed look as she slyly smiled. "Have you found your wolves?"

I nodded slowly. "I've found my wolves."

I couldn't believe it.

"Well that's my cue to skedaddle. Can't have myself getting killed now." She said, getting up again.

"No wait! "

Before I could grab her, the bell of the front door rang, signaling that someone just entered. I saw
Ashley stop dead in her tracks, eyes wide and her back stiffened.

I followed her gaze to the door, seeing Caleb standing there mirroring her expression. Lincoln must've
been busy.


Oh no he's gonna kill her.

I took a step in front of her in a protective manner, and I heard him growl low and loud.