Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 28

Victoria's Pov

"Yes I'd appreciate that. Thanks Velma, I'll see you soon" I threw the phone beside me as I plopped
down on Luka's chest.

"What did she say?" He asked, running his fingers through my hair.

"She said she'll talk to him. She wasn't too pleased about the stunt he pulled"

"You're a tattletale," he snickered playfully. I immediately got up, giving him the 'are you serious' look.

"You're the one who forced me to call her!" I defended, hitting him with a pillow.

"But you didn't have to listen to me" He teased, grabbing the pillow from me and tickling me endlessly.

I wiggled and laughed in his hold, trying to get away. I scrambled to my knees, rushing to the end of the
bed, but he pulled me back to his chest before kissing me all over while I laughed like a banshee.

After a few hundred kisses and tickles, he eventually stopped, giving me a chance to breathe.

"I don't like you" I tried to say sternly, as my laughter died down.

"Don't you?" He asked seductively, taking my lips between his teeth. I immediately returned the kiss. I
could never get enough of his kisses.

My stomach suddenly started to growl, alerting both of us that it needed breakfast. It felt nice to wake
up without a care in the world, getting breakfast whenever I feel like.

We made our way to the kitchen, where Caleb and Ashley were eating their own breakfast.

"Morning" I beamed, stealing a piece of bacon from Ashley's plate.

"You're in a good mood. I thought after being kidnapped you would be less.....peachy" Caleb said and I
gave him a strange look.

After we arrived last night, I freshened up and went straight to bed and so did Luka, so how did Caleb
know about that?

He pointed to his head, then to Luka, answering my silent question. I rolled my eyes. These people and
their mindlinking. I have no clue when they are talking and what they are talking about and I sometimes
feel left out.

I made some bacon and eggs for Luka and I, then took a shower and put on some comfortable clothes.
I then rejoined Caleb and Ashley, but this time we sat in the living room. I knew Ty and Lincoln were
probably doing pack work, but I had no clue where Emma was.

"How come I've never seen you doing pack business like Ty and Lincoln?" I asked Caleb.

Come to think about it, he seemed to always be free. But if I'm being fair, I was always at work, so I
guess I wouldn't have seen when he works.

"I have my ways. I do what I need to do at my own time, unless it's an emergency. In other
circumstances if Ty needs extra help I'll be there, but I balance my time" He replied simply. I nodded,
understanding his strategy.

Ashley seemed content with how he does things, so why should I care right?

I watched as she snuggled into him and he sweetly put a kiss on her forehead. Luka finally appeared in
the living room, but I was left disappointed when I saw him in workout gear.

"I'm hitting the gym, I'll be back soon Angel" He said kissing my cheek then heading to the door. Great.

I was really looking forward to spending time with him.

"Awe cheer up Tori," Caleb gushed, having seen my expression. "You can stay with us" He offered,
stretching out his free arm.

Smiling, I left my seat and snuggled into his free side. Ashley and I shared a look before laughing and
turning back to the tv.

We spent the next two hours watching random shows that came on the large television screen. I
noticed that Ashley was sleeping, while Caleb was lost in his phone. I figured that I've had enough tv
for one day, so I ventured around the house, bored.

I noticed that I've never really been on the third floor of the house, since I sleep on the second floor and
the kitchen and everything else was on the first floor, so I really had no reason to be up here.

I've never heard anyone talking about it, and no one told me that I'm not allowed up here so why not?

I slowly made my way up the stairs, taking in every crack and turn. It didn't look much different from the
floor I was staying on, but I could see that it had less rooms. This house is so big.

I maybe shouldn't be snooping around like this but...

I opened the first door, being met with a small library. It looked abandoned as if no one came here
anymore. I dusted off some books, taking a good look on their covers. They looked promising. I made a
metal note to come back and borrow some.

Making my way to the next door, I noticed that it was a music room. It was gorgeous. Instruments of all
kids hung and sat in various places, but they looked as if they hadn't been touched in a while.

I sat in front of the piano, lightly dusting it off before letting my fingers glide across the keys, relishing in
the familiar sound. It has been years.

I slowly and softly played 'For you I will' by Monica, loving the way each key rang in perfect harmony.

"Promise you. For you I will..." I sang softly as I ended.

I'll definitely be coming back up here. Just two rooms and both of them already called out to me.

I continued my venture down the hall, exploring a few more rooms. The rest were more unused
bedrooms and a room that looked like a day-care.

I turned the corner, exploring the second hall on this floor which were more rooms with random things.
There was a small man cave/gym and a room that had potential to be a woman cave.

A door sat at the far end of the hall, but it wasn't a bedroom door. I tried to open it, but it was locked.
Sighing, I slouched against the wall feeling a tad disappointed.

To my delight, I spotted a plant pot with a very dried up stem inside, but I had a feeling the key was
under it.

My suspicions were confirmed when I found a small key lying under the pot. I eagerly opened the door
to see what's behind it, feeling like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

I was met with a small balcony, giving me a perfect view of the forest. The wind rushed past me in a
swift alerting movement, making me shiver in delight. I felt at peace as I leaned against the bar, taking
in everything nature threw at me.

Why doesn't anyone come up here? From what I can see, this floor was perfect.

The wind was getting too cold for me, so I reluctantly went back inside, closing the door behind me. I
was about to go back downstairs, when I noticed a door at the curve of the stairs that I didn't look in. It
sat by itself in the corner and seemed to be a stand alone room.

My curiosity got the best of me, as I slowly opened the door.

I was met with yet another bedroom, but this one was different. It seemed like a master bedroom,
bigger than all the rooms I've seen so far, even Luka's. And trust me, Luka's room was big. I could see
that it wasn't used in a while, and I couldn't help but wonder why.

Stepping in carefully, I peered at every single detail of the beautiful room. I could see places on the wall
that seemed as if pictures were taken down from their spots, but it was lovely nonetheless.

The sunlight beamed through the windows in all its glory, and I couldn't help but fall in love with the
room. I sat on the huge bed while I continued to examine the room, when my eye caught something.

The small desk beside the bed had a little drawer. I slowly opened it, seeing a large photo album sitting
in the small place.

I reluctantly opened it, wanting to see but feeling as if I was going too far.

The first picture I was met with had three young kids, standing side by side in their

matching Christmas sweaters.

Looking closely, I could see that it was Luka, Ty and Emma. They looked so cute and happy. If I
thought Emma and Ty resembled each other now, it wasn't anything compared to when they were
small. Their twin features were much more evident.

I skipped a few more pages, laughing and smiling at random pictures of them all when they were
growing up.

"There you are"

I yelped in surprise as I whipped my head to the door, seeing Emma smiling at me.

"I was wondering where you roamed off to" She said, making her way beside me. "I heard you playing
the piano, but I didn't find you in the music room," She added.

"I'm sorry if I'm intruding I just.." I trailed, actually feeling bad for snooping. She waved me off, laughing
a bit.

"That's okay love. You're family" She assured, warming my heart. I simply smiled gratefully at her, then
went back to looking at the pictures.

"This day Luka and I pranked Ty so hard until he cried. We felt bad and bought him ice cream for a
week" She laughed, pointing at a picture with young Ty crying.

"It seemed like you guys had a lot of fun growing up" I said as I flipped the page to view a new set of

"The best. I'm grateful for them all, they made my childhood legendary" She answered sweetly. I felt
kinda sad that I didn't have the best childhood, but life isn't a fairytale for everybody.

"Who's this?" I asked, pointing at a boy that I've been noticing in some pictures.

"That's Lincoln's older brother" Her face was sad as she eyed the picture, and I looked at her
fascinated. This family is full of surprises.

"What happened to him?" I asked carefully, seeing that it was obviously a touchy subject for her.

"He had to leave," She whispered. "He had some...problems" She sighed. I suddenly felt bad for them.
They just keep losing people.

"Was he your mate?" I was genuinely curious, seeing that she obviously missed him.

"Oh no no no" She laughed slightly. "We thought we were before we turned sixteen, but it turned out
that we weren't. He was my best friend though"

I smiled at her, rubbing her back reassuringly. I quickly changed the topic, asking her about the next

We flipped through a couple more, until I started to notice they were changing to the older versions of
them. I saw some pictures of Luka. He looked so happy and his eyes were so filled with life. I only saw
that a few times when I'm with him, but it was the most beautiful sight ever.

I turned the next page when something caught my eye and Emma immediately stiffened. I glanced at a
picture that looked

‘I didn't take this picture,’ I thought as I pulled it from its spot. The more I looked at the picture, the more
I was starting to connect the dots. I slowly read the words that were scribbled across the back of the

Risella. January 1,2017