Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 29

Risella. January 1,2017

It was her. This was Ella!

"She looks so much like me" I whispered, taking in the impossibly resembling features of the girl.

Her hair was a beautiful jet black colour, even darker than Emma's. Her eyebrows were slightly thinner
and more arched than mine, and her cheeks were plumper than mine, but everything else screamed

I jumped from the bed and ran to a nearby mirror, holding the picture beside my face. If I lined my
eyebrows and dyed my brown hair, I'd be the twin of this girl.

That was why Luka called me Ella that night at the cliff.

That day in diner when he told me that I looked like her, but wouldn't tell me who. The night when Caleb
first saw me and told Luka that he had a type. It was all because I looked so much like her.

My eyes involuntarily watered as I slowly sat beside Emma once again.

"This is why he likes me" I whispered, as the first tear rolled down my cheek. "This is why his wolf
chose me isn't it? Because I look like her!" I cried holding the picture towards Emma. She shook her
head with sadness in her eyes.

"Victoria that's not why he chose yo-"

"Then why did he choose me? I'm just a human, not a wolf like you all. Think about it Emma, why
would his wolf imprint on a human? It was because I reminded them of their dead mate!" I screamed as
I tugged at my hair, feeling frustrated.

Maybe I was overreacting, but it really shook me up. I don't even know where my confidence level was
at right now. I don't even know where I stood with him.

"Victoria please calm down. I'm sure that's not the reason why he chose you. You're so different from
her, he likes you for you" She reasoned, but all I could think about was how I might be one of those
doppelgangers from The Vampire Diaries.

"Why didn't you guys tell me?" I asked, finally calming down.

"I didn't think it was important. When I look at you I see Victoria, not Ella. I know you guys have some
similar features but please don't let this affect your view on us"

Sighing, I gently leaned my head against her shoulder as she lightly rubbed my head in a soothing

Would I have even been here if I looked different?

I glanced at the open drawer, when I saw a picture frame with a picture Luka and Ella. I took it out,
seeing that more were under the first one. I eventually noticed that they were the missing frames from
the walls.

"This was their room" I whispered more like a statement than a question, as I looked at each picture
carefully, taking in how happy and in love they looked in each picture.

"He really loved her didn't he?" I asked and she nodded, answering my question.

Sighing, I closed the album and put back the frames except one. I took the one I liked the most and
gently hung it in a spot that had a missing frame. He shouldn't try and hide his past.

I gestured for Emma to follow me as I closed the door and walked to my floor in silence. I spotted Luka
as we turned the corner, and his face immediately held concern as he rushed towards me.

"Why were you crying?" He asked, holding my face.

Emma rubbed my hand reassuringly, then left us to talk. I didn't miss the warning look she shot him
though, as if saying 'don't screw this up'.

"I look like her" I whispered softly, knowing he'll know what I meant.

He looked taken off guard at first, then his eyes travelled in the direction that I was coming from and
realization lit up his features.

He ran his hands through his hair looking frustrated, before holding my cheek again. I slightly flinched
at his touch, and he noticed my movement and sighed, looking hurt. I'm the one who's supposed to be

I wasn't hurt because she looked like me, I was hurt because that's the reason why he might've been
attracted to me.

He led me to my room, and we sat on the couch in silence for a while.

"That's not the reason why I'm attracted to you" He finally said, breaking the silence.

"Then why are you attracted to me Luka?" I asked. "You're telling me that your wolf didn't chose me
because I look like her?"

"It's not like that Victoria. I admit at first I thought that was the reason why he was so attracted to you.
But we can't help who we choose, it's a gift from the moon. So even if you look like her or not he
would've still chosen you," he explained.

I was quiet for a while, until I felt brave enough to ask the one question I've dreaded since I saw that

"So the fact that I look like her didn't affect your decision to accept me?" I looked him directly in the eye.
I saw him open his mouth but closed it immediately, looking unsure.

I hung my head and closed my eyes tight, preventing the tears from falling. That was my answer.

"I admit, at first I was attracted to you because you look like her. But I got to know you and I fell for you.
I chose you for you, not her. She was my mate and I was completely for her and her alone, but then I
met you and that all started to change" He ended, but my mind wasn't accepting what he was saying.

"I need some air" I croaked out, making my way to the door.

"Victoria wait!" He called out but I ignored him. "Victoria I love you!"

I stopped dead in my tracks, my eyes bulging out it's sockets. I slowly turned around to see if I was
gonna be met with an April fool's sign in the middle of November, but instead I was met with sincerity
full eyes, pleading with me to believe him.

"I love you Victoria" He repeated softly, making his way towards me. "And I mean that without a doubt"
He added.

"Luka don't play with me" I let out in a shaky breath.

"I'm not playing" He whispered, finally reaching me and holding me gently. "I wouldn't have said it if I
didn't mean it"


"No Victoria. It has nothing to do with Ella. I love you for you and only you. Your resemblance to her is
just a mere coincidence and I wont see it as nothing else but that. I love everything about you" He
whispered softly, peering in my eyes with his grey ones.

I searched for a hint of regret or lie, but I couldn't find any.

"I'm sorry I kept this from you, but I didn't want you to think that it was the reason why I'm attracted to
you. Now I look back and I see how dumb of me it was to keep it from you. But I assure you Victoria, I'd
fall in love with you all over again without a second thought"

A stray tear made its way down my cheek once more, and I thought about how much I've cried since I
met this man.

"Why didn't you tell me about your feelings sooner?" I asked.

"I didn't want to scare you off," he admitted with a light laugh. I found myself smiling at him, totally
forgetting about everything Ella.

"Haven't you learnt by now that you can't scare me off" I joked as he gently pecked my lips, relishing in
the moment.

"I love you too" I whispered softly. His eyes immediately lit up and held that life that I oh so love to see.

"You do?" He asked as if he didn't hear me.

"Yes Luka" I smiled sweetly, kissing him lightly.

Was it too soon? Maybe.

But why am I always calm and happy around him? Why does he make me feel like the strongest
person in the world, even when I should be breaking? Why do I have this unexplainable trust in him?

Everywhere I go I see little reminders of him that make me smile. Every minute I spend with him feels
like the best moments of my life, and I feel like my time couldn't have been spent any better way.

I'm always so interested in learning new things about him, and even his small imperfections don't
bother me.

Why do I feel like I'd do anything for him and with him? That includes accepting a new supernatural life
that I didn't know existed two months ago.

When I'm with him, my heart beats a little faster and I have this unexplainable desire to be with him all
the time.

Everything about him attracts me in a positive way, and he makes me feel ways I've never felt in my
life. Not even with Jonah. He's the only cause of my tears, both good and bad. And that says a lot since
before him, I hadn't cried in years.

And finally, every time I think about my future, I always see myself with him.

If that's not love, then I don't know what is.

Our kiss escalated quickly, as he kissed me with passion and love, something I haven't felt from him

He gently pushed me against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist simultaneously. He held
my back with one hand, letting the other rest lightly against my bum, gently squeezing and caressing it

I felt myself getting turned on, as I deepened the kiss, taking control for a moment. I gently bit his lip,
receiving a low, approving groan from him.

I brought one hand to his hair, slightly tugging at it, while my other hand roamed down his bulk
shoulders to his tone chest, in a slow teasing manner.

His hand that was holding my back was now gripping my hip roughly, kneading and squeezing as we
went. I slipped my hand under his shirt to get a better touch at his glorious body, earning another groan
from him. I could feel his bulge against my core, making me wetter by the second.

His lips suddenly found my neck, licking and sucking the tender areas. I moaned in delight as he
travelled up and down, leaving hot, heart stopping kisses all over.

He slowly moved his hands to my now wet panties, rubbing the sensitive area with his thumb through
the fabric.

"Luka.." I moaned, as my core throbbed more and more for him.

This only made him more eager, as he devoured my lips once again, increasing the movements with
his thumb. I whimpered loudly, not appreciating his teasing at the moment. He took that as a sign to
make a next move, as he slowly slipped his finger in my panties.

"You're so wet for me Angel" He whispered gruffly, as he continued to work wonders with his hands.

He kissed slowly down my neck once again to the sensitive spot that almost pushed me over the edge.
I suddenly felt his teeth scraping against the area, and I knew they weren't his regular teeth.

He's gonna mark me.

He paused for a moment, as if contemplating his decision, but he didn't need to worry about what I'll
think. I'm all for it. I let out a low confirming moan which he understood clearly, since I felt his teeth
slowly piercing my skin.

He carefully sunk them deeper in my neck, and I winced at the sharp pain that ran through me, but it
was short lived as I suddenly felt my body soaring in pleasure.

In a matter of seconds my body went over the edge, reaching its climax and spilling my fluids all over
his fingers. He slowly slipped them out, as he licked the now tender area on my neck.

I panted for a while, reminiscing on the moment we just shared and catching my breath. He stood still a
minute longer still holding me in his hands, both of us enjoying each other's company.

"Since you're not a wolf, I don't know how long it's going to take to heal, but you'll be okay," he said
sweetly, kissing my head then taking me to the bathroom. He placed me on the sink as he started a
warm bath for me to take. "You're the best. You know that?" He asked after rejoining me.

"No you're the best, I haven't felt like that in ages"

"Me either" He chuckled lightly as he glanced down at his pants.

My eyes followed the movement and was met with a wet spot in front of his pants. I covered my mouth

stifle a giggle as I thought about how I didn't even touch him.

"Yes you did that " He whispered sweetly, kissing my cheek tenderly. I quickly returned the gesture with
a giggle, then hopped down to get to my bath.

I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, taking in the fresh mark that was now on my neck.

I didn't feel any different, but I knew this meant a lot to Luka. This meant that another stage of the
mating process was now complete.

Smiling to myself, I made my way over to my bath, and Luka joined me soon after. I couldn't stop
smiling as I peered at him, with him mirroring my expression. All that mattered to us in that moment
was that I now held his mark.

I was claimed by Luka.