Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 32

"Hey you okay Tori?" Caleb asked as I stomped into the living room.

"Just dandy" I replied sarcastically, dragging myself up the stairs.

I just got back from town and I really wasn't in the mood. I had to drive all that way to get tampons,
since magically wolves don't get their periods like humans do.

I found out today when I asked Emma to help me get some, and she explained it all to me. I was totally
petrified when I realized I had to travel so far, and I had to get them since mine was due soon.

Luka wasn't back as yet, so Emma came with me since I knew he might still be on edge about me
travelling alone. We actually spent a while in town, shopping in some human stores and grabbing
dinner, so it was now dark outside. Emma had to stop at her parent's house, and I travelled here alone
from there.

The reason why I'm upset? I just spent the last ten minutes looking for my phone in my car, with the
flashlight on my phone!

Sometimes I can really annoy myself.

I was just about to enter Luka's room, but decided to go to my room instead. To my delight, he was in
my room watching TV.

"Well it's good to see that you were concerned about me" I mumbled as I kissed his cheek and threw
my bags beside him. I missed him.

"I knew you were with Emma, so I figured you were safe. And I'm trying not to cluster you" He
defended. "But if you want me to be clingy... "

I rolled my eyes as I stalked to the bathroom to get a shower.

"You okay? " He asked, following me inside the bathroom. "Did something happen? "

"I'm fine. Just tired" I mumbled.

He didn't answer, so I thought he went back to the room but when I exited the shower he was standing
at the door, waiting.

"Had a rough day? " He asked, as he took my towel from me and dried my hair.

"I actually had a quite interesting day. First I found out that the wolf that was supposed to be Mark
wasn't actually Mark. Then I had to go all the way in town because wolves don't have perio-"

"Wait what do you mean by the wolf wasn't Mark? " He asked in the middle of my rambling about my
day. I gave him an annoyed look, but I understood why he cut me off.

"The wolf from last night wasn't Mark. Your mom convinced him to take the blame, but I let it go since
Emma said the real wolf wasn't a danger"

"Wait Emma? Mom? If the wolf wasn't Mark as you say, you're telling me that they know the wolf that
attacked you last night?" I suddenly regretted bringing it up.

"Luka everyone including Emma assured me that he wasn't a danger, and I trust Emma. I don't know
what relations they have with Mr Bad wolf, but if she says we're safe then I believe her. She really didn't
want me to push it so I let it go, I'll let her deal with it"

"Mr Bad wolf? " He snickered, while helping me put on my blouse. I rolled my eyes.

"That's all you got from everything I said? " I gave him a pointed look.

"No" He chuckled. "But your nicknames are priceless".

"Why are you so calm about this? " I asked curiously. Just last night he seemed as if he would've bitten
off anyone's head who touched me.

"I'm not okay with it, but I know my mom and sister. If they know him, and they say you're safe then
that's all that matters. I don't care who the damn wolf is" He mumbled the last part, as he pecked my

That distracted me completely from the topic at hand as I pressed my lips harder to his. It has been too
long. He picked me up swiftly, bringing me to my bed.

"Feel better? " He mumbled against my lips.

"I do now".


I woke up with a massive weight on me. I tried to move, but it was rendered pointless. Groaning, I
gently pinched his arm, knowing it would wake him up. I've done this quite a few times since we started
sleeping in the same bed.

"Morning Angel" He whispered, pulling me back to his chest as I tried to escape.

"Morning" I rushed as I attempted to move again.

"Stayyy... " He whined, not letting his grip loosen.

"Luka I have to pee" I mocked his tone and he quickly released me, knowing I wont have long left.

"What time is it? " I shouted.


I groaned. It was definitely too early to be up.

Going back to the room, I plopped down on the bed, ready for a next round of sleep.

"What are you doing? " Luka asked, but the amusement in his voice told me he knew exactly what I
was doing, so I chose not to answer him.

"Victoria.. " He called in a sing-song voice, poking my leg and I kicked him.

"Weren't you the one who wanted me to stay in bed just two minutes ago? Leave me" I mumbled into
the pillow. I didn't hear anything, so I assumed he was finally leaving me alone.

That wasn't the case though. I suddenly felt my body being lifted from the bed and I had to resist the
urge to scream in frustration and annoyance.

"Why can't you just let me sleep? " I cried dramatically. I really wasn't having it with him.

"Because my dear love, Rose and Edward are leaving today and they've yet to see me with you" I
quickly perked up at this. I couldn't miss their departure.

Even though they're the parents of my love's former mate, I like them. And Mark is a special one. I'm
gonna miss the little wolf.

I quickly freshened up and actually fixed my hair this time. I pulled it into a high ponytail, but decided to
make a bun instead, growing tired of my blonde highlights. I really did need a new look.

I was just about to head to Luka's room to drag him down for breakfast, but he came out just before I
reached the door. I saw him lock the door behind him, before taking my hand and leading me
downstairs. That was strange.

I knew it was a simple thing, but I'm really observant, and Luka never locked his door before. It made
me curious about what he was hiding. Nonetheless, I left it as I tried to focus on the day ahead.

Ashley actually made breakfast for everyone, giving me yet another reason to love her so much. She
always went out of her way to make everyone happy. Such a loveable soul.

Minutes after breakfast, I heard the front door close, indicating that someone had entered. We all
headed to the living room where Rose and her family were. I noticed Mama bear and Chris were with
them also.

I quickly ran to Chris, giving him a bone crushing hug as I grinned like a child. It has been a while since
I saw him, and over the time I've been here, we really have gotten closer. He was like the father I've
always wanted.

"She really is a vibrant one" Rose chuckled as I released Chris.

"She is" Luka added, grabbing me to place a kiss on my cheek. I blushed as everyone 'awed'. "She's
been through so much, but still manages to brighten everyone's day. The perfect definition of strong"

I blushed even harder at this, but I couldn't help but wonder. Don't Ella's family feel the least bit strange
about him being so 'lovey' with me? They must be strong people. I would've surely held even the
slightest bit of grudge against the situation.

"I'm so happy that you found her Luka," Rose said as she stifled a sob. "Our daughter didn't get to have
her happy ending, but it warms my heart that you will. No wolf deserves to live unhappy all their life. I
knew Ella would've wanted this"

I saw how Luka's face fell at the mention of her name, and I know I'm a bad person for this but I felt
kinda jealous. Don't get me wrong, I already loved Ella and I didn't even know her, but I couldn't get rid
of that nagging feeling because I knew he loves her.

And I've accepted that he does and always will, even when we complete the mate bond. But
sometimes, just sometimes, I kinda wished I was his first.

Is it bad that I think about that?

"You two stay strong now, and always look out for each other. You know you can call us for anything"
Edward said after. "And we really are happy for you" He ended, sharing a bro hug with Luka, then
wrapping me in a fatherly warm hug.

Everyone said their goodbyes, when I quickly remembered something.

"Oh wait please! " I shouted to them, before running to my room. I reappeared within seconds, panting
as I made my way over to them.

"I think you guys might like this" I offered, handing them a small picture frame.

It was the picture that I found of Ella that day in their room. I didn't put it back in the album for some
strange reason, but when I met these wonderful people yesterday, I decided to do something nice for

So when I went into town, I got the picture copied and enlarged, then I put it into a cute picture frame
so they could hang it up. I thought they'd love the picture, because even though I didn't admit it that
day, it was really a lovely picture.

In it she had a 'happy new year' band in her hair, holding firecrackers in her hands. Whoever snapped
the picture took it right on time, catching her laugh at the perfect angle. You could see that the picture
was off guard, but it screamed 'personality pic'.

It held so much life and happiness, and I was sure her parents would love it. The look on their faces
told me that they did.

"Wow Victoria where did you get this?" Rose asked, taking the picture with shaky hands.

"I found it a couple weeks ago. I thought you guys might lik-" I was cut off by them grabbing me into a
hug, Rose in full tears.

"We love it. Thank you so much Victoria, we'll forever remember this" She sniffled while releasing me.
"I knew you'd be perfect for our Luka.... She really does have a heart of gold" She mumbled the last
part to herself, while they peered at the picture.

I just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do or say, as they all stared at the picture longingly.

While they had their reminisce, I took the opportunity to talk to Mark. I knew he was affected too, but
you know boys acting like they're tough.

"Hey you okay bud? " I gently bumped his shoulder.

"Yea I am. That-uh- that was really nice of you" He mumbled, scratching the back of his head. I just
waved him off.

"It was my pleasure. But are you okay okay? You know about the whole wolf thing." I whispered so no
one could hear.

"I'll just go home and forget everything that happened," he said.

"What actually happened? "

"I- I can't talk about it" He stuttered uncomfortably, avoiding my gaze. I smiled sweetly at him, pulling
him into a bear hug.

"That's okay. We all have things we prefer not to talk about. You just stay safe and visit me sometimes,
okay? " I was actually really attracted to the guy. It made me wish I had a younger sibling.

"I will" He muttered and returned the hug.

He held me a minute too long, so Luka came and pried him from me. I quickly typed my number in his
phone before they left for good.

"That was really sweet of you. I was actually worried about how they'd take it all, but I didn't have to do
anything and you still stole their hearts" He gazed at me lovingly and proud. It made my insides feel

"Family is everything" I simply said, knowing how true it was. I didn't do it because I wanted them to like
me, I did it because I understood.

He quickly lifted me bridal style, as he carried me to join the others in the living room.

We all snuggled into the couches, and Caleb searched for a movie for us to watch. Mama bear and
Chris left shortly after our guests did, and Ty went to do work as usual.

Only 20 minutes into the movie, I felt Luka shift underneath me.

"I gotta go" He announced, checking his watch. My face automatically fell.

"Why? " I whined, gripping his shirt tighter and tried to snuggle deeper into him.

"I have some work to do Angel"

"Again? And on a Sunday!?" I frowned. I wasn't liking this. Is he going to always be this busy when he
becomes Alpha again?

"I'm sorry baby, but I promise you it's important. You'll spend the day with Lincoln and I'll be back before
you know it"

He quickly glanced at Lincoln with a knowing look, before directing his gaze back to me. Lincoln looked
confused at first, but then realization took over his features.

"Not that I wouldn't want to, but why Lincoln in particular? Why didn't you say Ashley or Emma? "

"Or Caleb? " I laughed as Caleb added himself in my question. I quickly shot him an apologetic look for
leaving him out.

Luka looked frozen, like deer in headlights. He then scrambled to his feet, trying to get away.

"Just stay with Lincoln please" He pecked my lips. "I'll be back soon"

I pursed my lips in thought, but said nothing.

I gave Lincoln a 'what's going on' look, but he quickly directed his gaze to the movie. I decided to let
him be, since I seemed to intimidate him.

We spent the remaining hours in the living room until lunch time. Emma offered to go make us
sandwiches, but Lincoln had other plans.

"Hey why don't we go out and grab lunch? " He asked nervously.

If I was dumb, I would've thought that he really did want to go out, but I could see that Luka obviously
asked him to get me out of the house, and I wanted to know why. Hence, I decided within myself that I
was staying put.

"Nah I think I'm good here thanks" I declined gently as if I didn't suspect anything. He looked so
conflicted, and I actually would've given in if I wasn't so curious about what Luka was up to.

I quickly ran to my room as if I needed something, deciding to come back down only when I'm certain
that Emma was done .I realized that it was kinda messy, something unusual for me, so I decided to tidy

up a bit.

Beside my bags that I had thrown down yesterday, I found the original picture of Ella. I scolded myself
for being so careless with it as I grabbed my purse to Tuck it into for safe keeping. I regarded it
carefully, letting my mind wonder, when a thought popped in my head.

I was about to head for the door but stopped in my tracks as I saw Lincoln standing in the doorway,
with a sheepish look on his face.

He's so cute.

"I think I might take you up on the offer about going out" I concluded and his face lit up. "I want you to
take me to Ella's grave".


The sky was overcast and outside was cold, really setting the mood for what I was about to do.

We walked through the graveyard in comfortable silence, as Lincoln led me to Ella's grave.

He seemed confused as to why I wanted to come here, but he didn't question it. I made him promise
not to tell Luka. It's not that I was keeping it from him, but I was doing this for me.

"This is it," Lincoln confirmed with a sigh, pointing to the gravestone. She was buried in a secluded part
of the pack cemetery, away from the locals and together with the leaders.

Luna Risella Ellis.


Gone but not forgotten.

I read over the words a few times before sighing, placing a rose on where she laid.

Why was I here?

Well, I needed closure. From the minute I met Luka, there was always something about Ella. And
though I understand and completely respect what they had, I knew it was time to move on.

Our relationship no longer needed to revolve around her. She'll always be with us, but it was surely
time for progressing forward, not living in the past.

Looking at that picture made me realize something. I never actually came to terms with the fact that
she doesn't have to be a part of every decision I made with Luka. So, even though I didn't and never
will know her, I concluded that it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye to all the jealousy and insecurities I held. Goodbye to all the what ifs and maybes. Goodbye
to all the secrets that were held in her name. Goodbye to the pain that Luka and I held in regards to

"Good-bye Ella" I whispered, slowly running my hand over the stone.

Even though Luka wasn't here, he didn't need to be. Everything about Ella only ever went as far as I
pushed it. He never brought her up, only I did, and that was why I needed this.

When we complete the mate bond, he'll no longer feel that hurt and longing for her. He'll always love
and remember her, but don't we all do that with the dead?

The difference will be that he'll no longer be bound to her. He'll be free, and that is why he didn't need
to be here with me. I was binding myself and our relationship to her, and so, now I'm letting it go.

If or when Luka decides to come pay his respects or even talk, that's something he'll do for himself .
And as much as I'd like to be there, sometimes you have to let people do that one thing by themselves,

so everyone around them can move on.

I'll put back the picture in that album, and I'll move on with my Luka. If I've learnt anything about her, I
knew that she'd want everyone happy, and I'll finally do that for her and for us.

So cheers to a closing chapter in our relationship, and a new one beginning. Not with Luka, Victoria
and Ella. Just Luka and Victoria.

We'll never forget her, but it had to be done.

"I'll take good care of him, I promise," I added, getting up from my stooping position.

I started to walk in the direction we came from, feeling much lighter and free. I needed this, to just let

Strange right? Letting go of something you weren't even involved in until two months ago. But life has a
way of doing that.

I couldn't have done it from my room, I felt like I needed to be here with her. And it worked. I'll no longer
tie this relationship to Ella, we can finally be free.

"You okay? " Lincoln asked after a couple minutes of walking. We were approaching the end of the
cemetery where his car was.

"Yep" I smiled at him, holding onto him for balance as I stepped over a fallen branch.

I didn't understand why Lincoln chose this side of the cemetery to enter from. I knew the walk was
shorter from this end, but couldn't we have entered through the entrance like normal people?

But then again, what's normal about any of us?

I was brushing dirt off my precious boots, when something grabbed my attention. A couple feet away
from us was another grave, but this one didn't look well like the others I've seen.

I noticed that all the graves in this section looked as if they weren't cared for, some only having a board
stuck into the dirt with a sign looking thing with their information written on it. Others had headstones,
but you could see that much work wasn't put into them.

I made my way over to the one that caught my attention, reading what was scribbled across the board.
It was moments like these that I loved having perfect 20/20 vision.

"Who's this? " I pointed at the grave, turning to Lincoln with an expectant look. He clenched his jaw
before looking at it with pure hatred.

"That was the man that kidnapped and poisoned Ella" He gritted out. My eyes widened in surprise, as I
stared at the name that was scribbled across the board.

"He was a real asshole," Lincoln muttered.

"Indeed he was" I replied with a sigh and it was Lincoln who now looked surprised.

"You knew him? "

"No, not directly. But he was my father."