Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 31

Victoria's pov

I woke up to an empty bed, the spot beside me no longer had Luka. I felt slightly disappointed, but then
the events of last night came rushing back. That's when it hit me. He must've gone to get the work

I stretched the sleepiness from my body, checking the time to see that it was 11 am. How did I manage
to sleep that long?

I quickly brushed my teeth and put on suitable clothing, not even bothering to fix my hair as I ventured
off to the kitchen for breakfast--I mean lunch.

"Well look who decided to get up today" Lincoln snickered as I entered the living room.

"Oh shut u-" I stopped mid sentence, when three unfamiliar faces turned to face me.

"Well hello" I greeted politely, attempting to fix my hair. Why did I choose today to look like crap?

"You're right Lincoln, she does look like our Ella" The lady said as she approached me.

"Your Ella?" I asked, feeling confused.

"These are Ella's parents, and this is her little brother, Mark" Lincoln introduced, pointing at the young
man beside him.

"Younger brother," Mark corrected. "I'm not little."

I giggled at his cute effort to seem older. He didn't look a day past 15.

"It's nice to meet you." I offered shyly, shaking their hands. "I'm sorry I had no clue you guys were here.
I would've made myself more presentable" I muttered, slightly embarrassed.

I assumed they were the visitors that Luka had yesterday. It made me wonder why he didn't tell me.

"That's okay love. We don't mind, we're in your home after all" The woman said, taking me by surprise.

"You know?" Wasn't it awkward to know that their dead daughter's mate has another mate that looks
like her?

"Of course we do. Luka filled us in yesterday. That's what he invited us over to talk to us about. We
were supposed to meet you yesterday, but it got late so we had to leave. By the way, I'm Rose and this
is my mate, Edward"

Edward shook my hand firmly, but I could see the longing in his eyes. I must've brought back so many
memories for him.

"I'm sorry" I blurted out before I could stop myself. Great, now they're gonna think I pity them.

"You don't have to be sorry dear. We've come to terms with everything. Luka is so much like a son to
us, so we're just happy that he's happy" Edward assured, giving me a side hug.

They seemed like such nice people. How do they do it? The wound must still be so fresh, yet they
seemed so joyful. I lost my aunt years ago, and it was still such a touchy subject for me.

Mark took my hand, kissing it gently with charm filled eyes. "It's my pleasure, ma lady" He cooed, while
I stifled an awe. Just as I was about to answer, Mama bear appeared from the kitchen, holding cookies
in her hand.

"Victoria! You're up, lovely. I see you've already met Rose and Edward." She said as she gave me a
cookie. "I'm sure Mark has something he wants to say to you."

I turned to Mark, seeing realization light up his face before he bowed his head, looking shameful. His
parents looked at him with disapproving looks. He led me to the couch where everyone sat, peering in

my eyes with regret.

"Victoria, I'm sorry for what I did to you last night," he apologized looking down, as confusion flooded
me even more.

"What do you mean?"

"The wolf you saw, it was me." He looked away from my intense gaze but I could see the guilt on his

"When I turned sixteen last week, I initiated my first shift. I'm always excited and I shift all the time since
then. Last night, I snuck out and roamed the territory" He looked sadder with each word. "I knew I
shouldn't have gone outside pack lands, but I was restless. That's when I saw you, and you looked so
much like Ella that I-" He stopped for a bit as he held back his tears.

I suddenly felt bad for the guy, he was only a curious teenager. Right? But why wasn't I believing him?

"I followed you because I didn't think it was real. But then when I noticed that you were approaching
other wolves, I ran back home so I wouldn't get in trouble. Miss Stella put two and two together and
confronted me this morning. I'm really sorry" He ended and I couldn't help but wrap him in a hug.

"You were the brown wolf?" I asked, just to make sure. He nodded, showing me his hands as I saw
claws emerging from his fingernails, letting brown fur take over his hand before changing it back to his
smooth skin.

"I'm an Alpha blood, so my wolf is big. That's how Miss Stella knew it was me. I'm sorry" He added as I
hugged him tighter.

"It's okay," I mumbled, trying to sooth him.

So he was the wolf?

For some strange reason, I felt like it wasn't him. The wolf I saw last night didn't seem like he was just
wondering and spotted me through a glass. He was there before I even went to clean that table, like he
knew beforehand that I was there.

Mark said he was wondering and then saw me. That doesn't add up. When I walked up to the wolf last
night, he got a perfect view of my face. If it was Mark, he would've known I wasn't Ella. And don't
wolves have a great sense of smell? Surely I don't smell like her too.

That wolf also knew his way around the territory too well for it to be Mark who only shifted last week,
and maybe have been here a few times when his sister was Luna. The wolf from last night was familiar
with the land, even so that he got away from the ones that were tracking him without a hitch.

Mark couldn't have done that.

And Luka said the wolf was able to mask his scent. I'm not doubting Mark's intelligence, but how would
he know to do that? And why would he?

See where I'm getting at?

But the bigger question is, why would he take the blame and have everyone's wrath on him? What did
Mama bear have on him? How did he sell the story so well?

Something wasn't right here.

"Where is Luka by the way?" I asked, remembering that he wasn't at home.

"He's out doing some work. He had to call off the extra wolves on border patrol" Lincoln informed me.

So Luka fell for this story too? Maybe I was the only one who didn't believe it because I was actually

Even if it was Mark, he would've been caught last night. And he surely wouldn't have wanted anything
to do with me after he noticed I wasn't Ella. That wolf wanted something. I could see it in his eyes.

But what if Mama bear did actually get him to lie about him being the wolf? That would mean she
knows Mr Bad Wolf and maybe she's trying to protect him. Surely she wouldn't have called off the extra
security and patrol if he was indeed a danger to us.

Maybe that's why she said I wasn't in danger last night. Maybe I'm really not. I didn't trust her with my
life, but I knew she loved her son. She wouldn't put me in immediate danger, knowing she will probably
lose her son this time for real if he lost me too.

This made me a little calmer, knowing I was somewhat safe, but I still had to find out why she made this
poor kid take the blame. I guess I'll find out in time.

I excused myself to finally get lunch, my tummy growling in displeasure. I made myself a Nutella
sandwich with some cereal and orange juice. A lot I know, but I was starving.

A few minutes later, Mark joined me in the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. I walked
over to the door, and closed it. He gave me a weird look as he silently questioned me with his eyes, but
I had my reasons. I gestured for him to come sit beside me.

"Mark you can be honest with me. Was it really you last night?" His face scrunched into surprise for a
split second, but I caught it just before he masked it.

"Yes it was me," he said sadly. Damn the boy could act.

"What is she giving you? What is she using against you to make you lie for her?" I asked, completely
ignoring his lie.

"I'm not lying for her" He defended sternly, and it was then and there that I got confirmation that he
wasn't that wolf.

I didn't say who he was lying for, but he automatically knew who I was talking about. He didn't ask me
who I was referring to, and that gave him away.

He's a smart kid with keen acting skills, but I'm a curious cat with a few psychology tricks up my sleeve.

"What did I ask you last night? If you really are the wolf, you would know" I played along to see if I
could catch him in his lie.

"I-I don't remember. It's all hazy. I'm new at shifting so I'm not one with myself and my wolf completely
yet" He replied, but I could see that he was telling the truth for that part.

"Mark please. I don't know what this wolf wants. We all here could be in danger" I pleaded for him to
fess up.

"Look I'm sorry Victoria, but I don't know what you're talking about. I was that wolf and the last thing I
want for you guys is to put you in danger" He said. "But Victoria, you're not in danger. Trust me" He
added, looking me directly in the eyes before leaving me to my thoughts.

There was something in the way he said it. It was like he knew that I knew that he wasn't the wolf, but
for some reason he couldn't fess up. But apparently Mama bear told him the real story, hence why he
was so sure that I wasn't in danger.

Whatever leverage she has over him, it must've been important, since he was so hell bent on keeping
the truth from us. So, I wont torture the poor kid anymore. I decided to just find out my own way.

My curiosity is gonna be the death of me.

But so will this wolf if I don't figure out what's going on.

I decided to go to the music room to find some peace, since I was left at a dead end. I gently pushed
the door open, noticing how cleaner everything looked. I made my way to the piano, seeing that it
looked clean and polished. Luka must've gotten it cleaned when Emma told him that I liked to play.

I raked my thoughts for the perfect song to play, settling on Halo by Beyoncé. I started off simple, then
evolved into some dynamics. About two minutes into the song, I was joined by a new pair of hands,
giving the song a much better vibe.

I glanced at the owner of the hands, seeing Emma in all her beauty, even though I knew it was her. Her
little hands were something one couldn't forget. I was shocked though that she had such talent. She
has never talked about it.

We ended on a perfect note, smiling at each other like lovers who just played a song together.

"I figured you would be up here" She said while using her fingers to fix my messy hair. She's such a

"And you always seem to find me" I giggled. "I didn't know you played too"

"Yep. Whose room did you think this was? I play almost every instrument in here" She admitted,
looking around in reminisce.

"Why'd you stop? " From what I could see, she's really talented.

"I grew apart from them," She sighed. "Never forgot them though. But a lot has been happening lately, I
just don't have the time"

We sat in silence for a moment longer, and she actually managed to fix my hair. Of course she did,
she's Emma!

"Emma? "


"What do you know about the wolf?" I asked carefully. I noticed that she tensed, but her calm
demeanour was back in a second.

"It was just Mark. You know teenagers being adventurous" She replied nonchalantly.

"I mean what do you know about the real wolf. I know it wasn't Mark"

"He told you that? " She asked.

"No but I'm smart." I retorted confidently. "Not saying everyone else is stupid, but I was actually there" I
quickly added.

"Why do you think that? " She seemed genuinely curious and sorta... impressed?

"The story is believable but I know better than to fall for it" I stated and she remained silent with a
knowing look on her face. I sighed.

"Emma you're one of the few people in this world that stole my heart and I trust you. So you would tell
me if you knew something right? "

It was true. We started off on a bumpy road but I really did trust her with my own life.

"Vic I'd never just sit around and watch you fall into harm's way," she whispered. "Trust me, you're not
in danger. I wouldn't allow it" She added, pulling me into a hug.

"You're my sister, friend and my Luna. You're a part of my pack. Believe me Vic, you're safe. We all are"
She added reassuringly, and for the first time today I felt completely at peace.

She didn't answer my question, and I surely noted that. I knew that she knew something about the real
wolf, but if she says I'm not in danger, then I believed her.

Maybe my conclusion was right and Mama bear is just protecting someone. Whatever the reason was,
I decided to just let it go, even if he seemed to have an interest in me. All I really wanted to know was
that we're safe.

And if Emma says we are, then I believe her.