Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 35

"Thank you so much Lexi. I love it!" I squealed as I stared at my reflection.

I did it. I finally got a new hairdo.

I quickly grabbed my things and rushed to my car, trying my best not to get my new hair wet in the rain.
I got rid of my blonde ends, but after cutting them off, my hair then fell right below my breast in length.

I didn't like the length, so I got extensions which fell inches below my waist. It was a bit much, but I like
long hair. They also gave it much more volume and life. I loved it.

Yes, only me would go and redo my hair when I'm in conflict with the love of my life. But what can I
say? It's been a while and I've been wanting a new look.

I've had the time on my hands, and I had to get away from Nick's rambling about moving in with them
until my house was done.

I was never planning on leaving Luka, but he really hurt my feelings, and I needed time away to think
and calm myself down. I have a temper that could lead us both to hating each other, so I had to stay
away until I felt like going back. It may seem weak that every time I had a conflict there, I left. But as
they say, prevention is better than cure.

It was now Tuesday of the other week, and I actually felt like going back. It doesn't help that Lincoln
and Emma have been spamming me everyday, but they get it.

I went to work yesterday, but my patient was released so I'll no longer be working there. I decided to
take Luka up on his option which I had to agree was more convenient and rational.


I'm sure Emma must've filled him in about the pregnancy test. I still couldn't believe he thought it was

Ashley had come to us some days before that day freaking out. She said her wolf sensed that she was
pregnant and she wasn't happy about it at first. She said she didn't know how to be a mother and she
wouldn't be good at it.

After Emma and I calmed her down and assured her that she will be a great mom, she had planned to
go directly to Caleb and tell him.

But I had other plans.

I've learnt that the male can't sense that their mate is pregnant until a month or two after. Since Caleb
is Beta blood, it would most likely be sooner.

I was extremely excited about it, and I always wanted to do things like this with friends. So I decided to
get a pregnancy test for her so she'll know before Caleb can confirm.

I'd originally planned that if she was indeed pregnant, we'd surprise him before he notices. When she
took the tests, we immediately started planning. Given that his birthday was two weeks away, I got the
idea to surprise him on his birthday.

It was supposed to be a secret from everyone else since we couldn't trust Ty, Luka or Lincoln to keep
hush. But of course, Luka had found out about the pregnancy test.

I guess he saw it beforehand, that's the only way he'd suspect anything. He didn't even give me a
chance to explain. I was hurt when he thought it was me, but I was absolutely devastated when he
used my biggest vulnerability against me.

That wasn't like him.

I knew he was probably hurting about my 'betrayal', and wolves and their anger was like fire on a
gasoline path. But that was totally uncalled for.

I cried so hard that night, as I drove to Kera's. She gladly listened to my sob story while leaving
out certain details of course.

She assured me that these things happen in relationships and offered me to stay as long as I wanted.
Charlette even gave us the day off Friday, seeing that I was unstable.

We had a girl's day out, which was very refreshing and well needed, since Luka ruined the one before
with Emma and Ashley.

Unfortunately for me, Nick had heard some of the story and he hadn't stopped talking about how I
shouldn't go back. It actually made me want to go back more. I love Nick, but not this side of him.

So since then I've either been by myself thinking, at the house, or chilling at the diner while they

I thought about going to Velma, but I had a feeling Jonah would've been there and I just couldn't deal
with that situation while I'm in this situation.

But I think it's time to go home. I felt better. Still hurt, but better.

He hasn't called or texted since I left. I'd originally thought that he was still upset, but Emma told me
that he knows the truth and is 'regretting' everything.

Yea right. Not even a text? I could be dead for all he knew.

*I'm coming home* I quickly sent a text to Emma before turning into Charlette's diner.

I hadn't brought along any clothes with me that night, but luckily I had some in the room that Charlette
labelled as mine. So all I had to do was say goodbye for now.

The familiar sound of the bell rang as I entered the cozy little diner I've come to love. Nick was behind
the counter and he smiled at me as I approached.

"Hey Nick. I'm heading back today so I came to say bye" His face scrunched into disappointment as he
opened his mouth to say something, but a feminine voice saved me from the lecture that I was about to

"Hey Vic" Kera greeted before he could utter a word, emerging from the back room. "Love the hair" She
cooed, as I flashed it with a laugh.

Nick looked taken aback as he peered at my hair, just noticing the change. How could he not have
noticed? Was it not obvious that I didn't have blond ends anymore? They were always so popping.


"I just came by to say bye, I'm heading home today"

"Home" Nick mocked with a not so pleasant look on his face. I really didn't like this side of him.

"Well it was a pleasure having you Vic" Kera said, avoiding Nick. "Don't wait too long before giving us
another visit" She came across and gave me a warm hug. She always acted like I didn't see them
every Friday.

"Leaving so soon? " Charlette finally appeared, embracing me in a motherly hug.

"Yep, my cat is there" I sighed as they all laughed.

"We'll see you Friday love. Be safe now and remember, if you love him, you can get through anything"
She added, embracing me once again before I left.

I thought about what she said.

I knew we had to work through this, but I knew I'll never forget what he said to me. Every last word.

My anger rose for a split second before being replaced with hurt. I sighed, turning on the radio to drown
my thoughts.

I wasn't expecting a long heartfelt apology or for him to be begging for forgiveness. Who knows?
Maybe we'll just forget it happened and moved on.

But to be honest, I'm not sure what to expect.