Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 30

Victoria's pov

Remember when I said I didn't feel different? Well I take it back.

It has been three weeks and everyday my urge for Luka grows, and I feel like I always have to be
around him.

The fact that I was back at work didn't make it any better either. I didn't usually mind my working hours,
but now they felt way too long.

It hasn't been easy for Luka either. If I thought he was protective and possessive three weeks ago, it
was worse now. Last week he almost castrated Lincoln because he kissed my forehead.

I spoke to Velma about my feelings, she said it will stay that way until he completes the mate bond,
then it'll become somewhat manageable. But for some unknown reason, he just won't, no matter how
much I initiate the mood. It was really getting frustrating.

But we always did other things.

I discovered that I couldn't sleep well without him either. We started sleeping in each other's bed only
two days after he marked me. I was contemplating just moving into his room, but I'm so attached to my
own room.

It was finally Friday and I was surely looking forward to the weekend. I managed to get my Saturdays
off at the hospital, so I had the whole weekend to myself and Luka.

"Victoria! Can we get a clean up at booth seven please" I groaned at Kera's request, dragging myself
towards the area.

The teenagers always spilled something that I had to clean up. I loved working here, but I'm not the
most patient person. I finally got the stain from the table, and I was about to head to the washroom
when something caught my eye. Across the street in the trees I saw eyes, but they weren't just any
eyes--they were wolf eyes.

What was he doing here in the open like this? I'm sure he was aware that humans were everywhere.
My curiosity got the best of me as I stepped outside, heading in his direction.

I knew it wasn't safe and I wouldn't hear the end of it if Luka or anyone should find out what I was about
to do, but I was too curious to let this go.

I knew it wasn't a wolf from Luka's pack, since they only shifted and ran in their lands to reduce the risk
of humans seeing them. If this wolf was from his pack, he was treading dangerous waters.

I couldn't help but think that he was watching me, and my suspicions were confirmed as I got closer to
him and he didn't budge. He knew me.

It made me wonder if Luka sent a wolf to watch me, but I also knew for sure that he wouldn't have been
in wolf form.

As I got closer, he got tenser and I ensured that I walked in slow careful steps, just in case he was
dangerous. The night had already fallen, and no one was around. But its amber eyes shone in the
darkness as a perfect illuminator.

After crossing the road, I saw him stand up from his earlier sitting state, after which he just casually ran
deeper in the woods. Surely I wasn't stupid enough to follow him, so I simply went back inside.

I checked my watch to see that it was 8:30 p.m. My shift ended thirty minutes ago. I went to the
washroom to freshen up, grabbed my things then headed to my car after telling the others goodnight.

I convinced Luka to let me travel alone, since he had visitors coming over today. I knew he must've
been calling me though, he wouldn't be Luka if he wasn't.

I checked my phone, seeing five missed calls and a couple text messages from him, just as I assumed.

*Are you sure you don’t want me to come get you? *

*Call me when you're about to leave*

*It's eight o'clock, did you forget to call me?*

*I'm not trying to be pushy. Just let me know that you're okay*

Rolling my eyes at his last message, I decided to call him instead of texting. He picked up at the first

"Hey where are you? " He asked as soon as he answered.

"I'm just about to leave and you can chill, I wont get myself killed or kidnapped" I retorted as I backed
out of the parking lot.

"I can't be too sure. Please hurry home" He really does worry too much. I'm a big girl.

"I will. Oh and did you send a wolf to come watch me? " I asked carefully.

"What wolf? Victoria, is there a wolf following you? Shit. Go back to the diner I'll come get you" He
rambled out.

"No you don’t have to, I was just teasing" I lied. As much as I' d love to see him sooner, I really didn't
want to turn back.

"Victoria..." He warned slowly while I rolled my eyes once again.

"Luka I said it's fine. I'll be home soon, I'm driving extra fast. See you soon bye" I ended the call swiftly
before he could argue further.

My phone rang again and I quickly sent a text message telling him that it was unsafe to drive and talk,
knowing that would shut him up.

And it did.

The clouds over-casted the dark night sky, hiding the moon behind their thick blankets. The night
seemed a little darker due to the lack of moonlight, and my headlights were all I was depending on as I
turned into the forest.

It was then that I wished I took up Luka's offer to come get me, but I brushed the fear away. I feared
nothing. I turned my radio on to distract me while I drove, singing along as the songs passed by.

However, after a few minutes of driving, I felt something hit the back of my car suddenly, slowing me
down as I peered through the mirror to see what it was.

To my utmost and devastating surprise, it was the same wolf from the diner , except this time he didn't
look calm.

I drove faster, feeling quite unsafe with him chasing me. But after a while I realized that if he wanted to
catch me, he could've ages ago. From what I've learnt, I knew that they run really fast when they want
to. So, it was like he was taunting me.

I took a stupid and very unsafe risk by slowing down a bit, but my theory was approved when I noticed
he started to slow down also. With the ounce of bravery I had, I stopped abruptly, making him stop a
few feet away from me also.

"What do you want!? " I shouted out the window, not daring to get out of the car. He growled lowly and
deadly as he took slow steps towards me, bearing his teeth in a threatening manner. That was enough
to alarm me, so without a second thought, I sped off once again with him right on my tail.

"What does he want from me?!" It was obvious that he didn't want to kill me. Emma once said that
wolves go for the kill immediately, they don’t play or taunt first.

Slightly panicking, I grabbed my phone to call Luka, but noticed it was already ringing.

"What's wrong? I felt like you're in danger. I can sense that you're afraid too" He rushed as soon as I

"Luka, there's a wolf chasing me. I don’t know what he wants but he surely wants something" I croaked
out. So much for not fearing anything.

"Shit! Where are you? I'm on my way."

I quickly glanced around to take in my surroundings, feeling slightly relieved when I noticed I've
reached where the wolves on border patrol normally were.

"I'm near the border patrol. I'm heading to the office" I told him before turning in the direction of the
shed that the border wolves stayed most times. I noticed that I took Mr Bad Wolf off guard with the turn,
but he recovered quickly, chasing me once again.

"Stay right there with them, I'll link them and tell them to keep you safe until I come. I'll see you soon
Angel, please stay safe while you wait" He ended the call, as drove faster down the familiar road.

I finally pulled up to the shed, being met with wolves waiting for me. I hopped out of my car, running to
a wolf I recognized as Tommy.

"Where's the wolf?" He asked as soon as I reached him, shoving me behind him in a protective way.

"He was right behind me, even when I turned to come up here" I panted as I caught my breath. I felt
like I was having a panic attack.

"I don’t smell him." He frowned. “How long was he following you? "

"I don’t know, but I spotted him about a mile ago. I'm not sure if he was following me before"

"I should've been able to smell the mutt" He mumbled, looking frustrated.

"We didn't see or smell anything" Another guy informed us as a group of them joined us. "Some of us
even shifted and followed the track, but we couldn't sense anything," he added.

How was that even possible? These men were said to have the best sense of smell and hearing.

One of them went to the back of my car, peering deeply at something. I went over to see what caught
his interest.

"This is wolf blood alright" He mumbled as he wiped his finger across the area, then brought it to his

"It must've been when he bumped into me" He nodded at my statement but said nothing.

I suddenly saw them perk up, as if they heard something. They pushed me behind them for safety, but
after a second they became relaxed again.

"It's just Luka." Tommy smiled reassuringly, but I didn't see him anywhere. These were the times I
wished I had a sense of smell like these men, just a whiff of Luka would've calmed me down.

About a minute later, I saw him emerge from some trees, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. Relief
flooded his features as he made his way towards me, engulfing me in a hug.

"I'm sorry I lied about the wolf. I should've gone back to the diner and waited for you," I mumbled
against his chest.

"It's okay baby. You're safe and that's all that matters" He responded sweetly, while sniffing my neck to
calm his wolf.

"Well? " He asked the men, still holding me in his arms.

"We couldn't track him, we didn't even pick up a scent. The only thing that made us know he was
following her is the blood on her car, otherwise we have nothing" Tommy summarized in a respectful

"He must've masked his scent," Luka said to himself, but I could see that he was upset about it.
Sighing, he rubbed my back reassuringly and led me to the car.

"Thank you for keeping her safe. I'll get more men to double on the border patrol. In the meantime,
continue to search for this wolf"

"Yes Alpha.. I mean Luka.. Shit- I mean-"

"It's okay" Luka chuckled, cutting Tommy off from his nervous rambling. "Just get it done"

He buckled me in before going to the driver's side. If we weren't in such a serious position, I would've
laughed at him for treating me like a child. We drove in silence the rest of the way back, and I didn't like
how upset he looked.

"I'm sorry" I apologized again, feeling slightly responsible for my almost demise. He glanced at me
quickly before holding my hand and rested our intertwined fingers on my lap.

"You don’t have to be sorry Angel. I'm just glad you're okay" He smiled, but I could see the worry on his

It must've been hard. He lost his mate because someone kidnapped her. Now, this wolf was maybe out
to do the same thing to me. It must've been like deja vu all over again.

We finally pulled into the Alpha house, and he was out and unbuckling me before I could even blink. He
held me by the waist as we made our way inside. I didn't make a move to get out of his grasp, since I
knew he needed to know that I was there.

"Oh my gosh are you okay? " Ashley rushed to me, wrapping me in a bone crushing hug before I could
step inside properly.

"I'm fine" I mumbled. "Just tired"

She smiled weakly at me then led me to the living room couch, and everyone else joined soon after,
including Luka's mom.

"So? " Ty asked.

"Whoever it was is smart. He masked his scent. I'll send more men to be on the watch tomorrow. " Luka
told him, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

"We haven't had a rogue problem in forever" Ty mumbled, looking equally frustrated.

"Maybe we still don’t" Mama bear mumbled, but surprisingly it seemed like nobody else heard. "What
did he look like, Dear? " She asked me, catching the attention of everyone else this time. I raked my
mind for images of the wolf I saw.

"He was brown, kinda big and fluffy. I don't know what else to say" I answered truthfully, it was dark
after all.

"That's the description of almost every wolf" Caleb pointed out, and I gave him an unimpressed look.

I didn't miss the way Mama bear looked though, as if she knew something. Emma was throwing
daggers at her with her eyes, looking at her disapprovingly. The longer we sat the more they looked

"I have to go," Mama bear announced suddenly. "You're okay Victoria, you're not in danger" She

"How do you know that? " Luka asked suspiciously.

"I just know" She snapped, but didn't turn around as she waltzed to the door.

'That was weird,' I thought as I slumped on the couch. Luka didn't look too impressed either. He
regarded Emma carefully, but she didn't dare to look him in the eyes.

Surely Emma and Mama bear didn't have anything to go with this. Right?

I was too tired to get my thoughts straight, so I decided to head to bed.

"Well I am exhausted" I huffed as I dragged myself from the couch.

Mumbling a goodnight to everyone, I made my way to Luka's room, knowing that neither of us would be
comfortable sleeping in separate beds tonight.

Whatever that wolf wanted, I'm sure he didn't want me dead. Maybe he was trying to send a message?
Maybe he's another wolf from the pack and decided to create mischief? After all, he did know his way

My thoughts got hazy and I finally shut my mind off. This was a problem for tomorrow. Right now, I just
needed sleep, and everyone knows how serious I am about my sleep.

I felt the bed dipping, then strong arms wrapped themselves around my waist, signaling that Luka had
joined me.

"I'll keep you safe Angel. I promise." I heard him whisper before the darkness took over, and I fell into
deep slumber.