Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 33

Victoria's pov

Micheal C. Halvasor

I read over the bold letters that spelt the name I've known my whole life, that belonged to my so called

Surely, any random man could be in this grave. But how many Michael Carson Halvasors are in or near
this town? Plus, the year marked under his name was the exact year he was born. Coincidence? I think

He's been absent my whole life, I can't say I haven't imagined the first time I see him to be like this.

"Your what? "

I slowly turned to gauge Lincoln's expression. I knew what he must've been thinking. The daughter of
the man who killed their Luna was standing in front of him. He was probably seeing me in a different
light now.

"He's my father," I repeated softly, avoiding his eyes.

"Hey hey Vic look at me.. It's okay" He quickly embraced me in a hug. "I don't feel any different about

"Yea but everyone else will" I mumbled, thinking about how everyone would react--Especially Luka.

"Are you sure it's him? Your last names are totally different" I shook my head as I stepped from the

"Can we go sit and talk? I have a lot to tell you " I sighed.

I mean, why not? Apart from Luka and Nick, Lincoln was one of the closest males to me. I don't
normally talk about my life, but I guess I'll have to.

I took another quick glance at his grave, feeling a hint of sadness run through me. I've hated my
parents my whole life for abandoning me and robbing me from a normal happy childhood. In addition to
what he did to these people, he really was a monster and I don't think I could ever feel any sort of
remorse for him.

But for some reason, I felt sad. Only God knows why.

Lincoln decided it wouldn't be a good idea to talk beside a cemetery, so he was currently taking me to a
small park in their lands.

We sat under a tree away from where the few people present were. We sat in silence for a while, as I
got ready to begin.

"I didn't grow up with my parents" I started, already feeling the burden of my life story. His expression
changed from concerned to sad as I continued telling him about how I grew up.

I told him everything that I told Luka, including Sophie's suicide. I was actually impressed with how
good I was holding up this time.

"When I was 12, I begged my aunt to have my last name changed to hers, but the process was too
difficult. Even though my parents were absent, they were supposingly still alive, so it would've been too
much for her to do" I added as I remembered how much I hated my last name.

For some reason I always resented my father more than my mom, and Sophie was my only parent. I
thought it was only right that I had her last name, even if it was my mom's maiden name too.

"When Sophie died, I made a vow that I was going to change my last name when I turned 18, and that I
did" I continued. He gave me a weak smile.

"I really do like Deslandes more," he said, making me feel better. He's such a sweetheart.

"I do too," I chuckled. "But as long as I can remember, I've never called myself a Halvasor."

"You're nothing like him Victoria" He attempted to make me feel better about the situation, but I didn't. I
couldn't. What if they take it out on me? What if they see me differently?

"Lincoln all my life I've yearned for family. And even when I met Charlette, I still had that void. It's when
I met you guys I finally felt complete and I can't lose that. I just can't" I sniffled as stray tears rolled
down my cheek.

He pulled me into a hug as my tears became more frequent. For the first time in a long while, I felt
scared. Not even the night with Mr Bad wolf could've compared to how I felt right in that moment.

For 21 years my father has caused me nothing but pain and a feeling of loneliness. And even beyond
the grave he seemed to be still working for me to live miserably.

"Look Vic I know my family. No one will see you differently. You didn't even know the guy, so there's no
way they would tie you to him"

"You sure? "

"Positive" He whispered, gently kissing my hair. I sighed, feeling just a bit better. I knew I had to tell
them, I just hoped Lincoln was right.

"How did you guys even know his full name and birth year? And why was he buried in pack lands? " I
asked out of curiosity.

"In that cave where we found him, we also found a few old documents about him. And since he's a
human who died by our hands, no matter how much he deserved it, it's pack law that he's buried here
since he seemed to have had no one" He explained.

I simply uttered a low 'oh' as I basked in the calmness of this park.

"It's getting late, I think we should get back" He suggested after a long while. I nodded in agreement as
we got up and headed back to the car.

"You okay?" He asked as I buckled in.

"I think so" I mumbled, not really sure how I felt.

"It's gonna be okay, I promise."

I simply smiled at him, loving how concerned he was about me. He was like the big brother I never had.

"Do you ever think about looking for your mom? " He asked.

"Not really. I never gave it much thought I guess. I don't know how I would've reacted if I should see
her" I told him truthfully. It was never a priority of mine.

He didn't say anything else about it, so we just talked about random stuff which actually made me feel
better. My mood went back to zero though when we pulled up in front of the house. My heart rate
increased as we got inside, automatically being met by everybody.

"Hey you're back" Luka beamed as he embraced me. He gave Lincoln a grateful look before peering at
me again. I also noticed that Lincoln didn't leave my side.

"You look upset. What's wrong? " He gently asked. I sighed, fiddling with my hands.

"Luka I-"

"She saw a stray cat in the woods and I told her she couldn't keep it" Lincoln cut me off, gently
squeezing my hand to tell me to play along.

"Awe Angel, you already have Twinkle" He cooed. I sighed dramatically.

"I know but I love cats" I had to admit, Lincoln hit the nail right on the head. If that really did happen, I
would've been truly upset.

"I have something that will cheer you up," Luka said excitedly as he gently pulled me towards the stairs.
Everyone stared at us with excited smirks and I suddenly remembered that he was hiding something.

I looked to Lincoln one last time. He mouthed 'trust me' before I disappeared up the stairs. Luka
stopped in front of his bedroom door, giving me a nervous look.

"Is whatever you're hiding in there? " I asked as he hesitated to open the door.

"How did you know I was hiding something? " I simply scoffed at him.

"I'm not blind Luka, and you're not the best actor either" I laughed as I pushed the door open.

My laughing immediately stopped as I gazed in amazement at the sight in front of me.

His room was completely transformed. Some of his furniture and his walls were the same, but I could
see that a lot have changed.

A red sofa like the one in my room was sitting in the corner where he used to be, except, I totally loved
this one better. His roof was identical to mine, and the most beautiful chandelier sat in the center, even
better than the one I had.

I walked in further, taking in the fuzzy red carpet that sat in front of his huge bed, which no longer had
only white sheets and pillows, but a mixture of the red and white. Other furniture like the ones in my

room replaced some of his old ones, complimenting the colour of the wall and roof.

And finally, a beautiful portrait of my precious Twinkle sat on the wall, giving it that perfect Victoria

"Oh my gosh my baby is so cute!" I cooed as I rushed to the picture.

"Really, everything else and that's what you commented on?" Luka asked with amusement. I laughed
as I turned to him with the biggest smile on my face.

"You are amazing. You know that? " My heart welled for him as I jumped on him, wrapping my arms
and legs around him.

"So I've been told, " he joked. "You like it? "

"I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I shouted excitedly, plastering his face with thank you

"Still upset about the cat? "

"What cat? " I asked, then I remembered everything that happened today. "Oooh that cat" I laughed
nervously and he joined, completely oblivious to my lie about the cat.

Only Luka can get me to forget the terrible day I had.

"I wanted you to move in, but I knew how much you liked your room so I made this our room" I glanced
around one more time, loving it even more than my previous room.

"Well I love it" I sweetly kissed his lips, loving the feeling of them.

"You know... " I trailed. "All this red is giving me a kinky vibe" I trailed my finger down his chest, biting
my lips suggestively as I batted my eyelashes slowly. His eyes flashed with greedy lust as he shot me a

sexy smirk.

"What shall you have me do, my love? " He asked seductively in my ear, slowly bringing me over to the

"Make. Me. Cum" I whispered in a sexy voice. This seemed to spark something in him, as he greedily
devoured my lips.

I immediately accepted the feeling that flooded me, already moaning into his mouth as his hands
roamed my body. We kissed passionately, biting and sucking at each other's lips as we fought for

He trailed kisses down my cheek and to my neck, sucking on the spot where he marked me and
making my body writhe in pleasure.

"Luka.. " I moaned as I lightly pulled at his hair, earning a groan from him. He unbuckled my jeans,
slowly pulling them down without stopping his harassment on my neck.

I moaned, tilting my head back to give him better access. His hands roughly grasped my waist as he
captured my lips once again with more intensity than before.

He moved one hand to cup my rear, the other kneading my breast through the thin fabric. He growled,
breaking the kiss for a split second then tore my blouse and bra from my body, giving himself clear
access to my exposed chest.

Damn I really liked that top.

He palmed my breast, and my back arched when his thumb flicked over my nipple. I cried out in
pleasure as he dragged a finger down to my center, and I gasped at the sudden contact.

He teasingly massaged the area, making a shudder run through my body as my toes curled and
gripped the sheet. I quickly removed his pants, stopping for a second as I got rid of the shirt too.

I ran one hand over his muscled chest, loving every dip and curve of his perfect body. I brought the
other down to his thick erection, gripping it through his underwear.

His tongue swept my mouth again, and in no time I was surprised by the finger that he slipped inside of
me. My hips thrust against his movements, wanting more as the pressure built up in my lower body.

"Luka please," I whimpered, grabbing his erection and slowly stroking it. He groaned in satisfaction
against my lips, then went down to devour my neck again.

He continued to kiss down my chest, taking my nipple into his mouth and flickering his tongue over the
sensitive bud.

"Luka I'm gonna come" I gasped as his hand thrust faster. A scream escaped my lips as my body
bucked against him, bringing me to wondrous euphoria. He groaned seconds after as he spilled on my
thigh, both of us panting heavily.

"I love it when you come all over my hand" He whispered breathlessly, rubbing his fingers around my
still sensitive core.

"I bet you'll love it more when I come on you" I bit my lip and teasingly rubbed myself against him.

"I wanna make sweet love to you baby" He purred in my ear, igniting a new flame in me.

"So do it"

*Boom. Boom. Boom*

"Luka we need you downstairs ASAP. It's important!!" Caleb shouted from the door.

We groaned in annoyance as the footsteps disappeared down the hall.

"I will Angel. And when I do, I wanna make it wonderful and memorable" He pecked my lips gently
before getting up. I whined as the warmth of his body left me.

"We'll continue later if you want" He smirked as he pulled on his shirt.

"Whatever" I mumbled, turning on my side. He playfully slapped my ass and I yelped in surprised,
throwing him a glare.

"You do that and I probably won't be able to go see what's so urgent "

"I wouldn't be complaining" I tried to be seductive but failed miserably. Weird since I was usually really
good at that.

"You're too cute.... You can get cleaned up and move some of your things in" He said after his laughter
died down. "I'll move the rest later"

"Okay" I mumbled as I got out of bed, purposely swinging my hips as I headed to the bathroom. All I
heard was a light chuckle from him as he exited the room. Damn this man has excellent self control.

I decided to take a warm bath instead of a shower today. I needed to relax. Sliding into the bath, I
reminisced on the events of the day.

Well, I said farewell to a few problems, then howdy to a new one. I sighed as I thought about Michael
being the center of these people's sorrow for months, the same man who happened to be my father.

It made me wonder why Lincoln wanted me to keep it hush. I knew that we both knew that they had to
know eventually, but for now I guess I can trust him and stay quiet.

Things with Luka and I were going so great, and I just decided to close an old book to start a new one. I
just hoped this situation doesn't mess with that.

Getting the cold shoulder from others wouldn't be that detrimental to me. But Luka? I'd be damned if he
resents me for it.

And the worst part is, I had a feeling he would.