Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 37

Victoria's pov

Please note: The grammatical errors further down in the characters' dialogue were intentional. So
please don't attack me. Enjoy!


"Where the hell are you going looking like that? "

We stopped dead in our tracks after failing to sneak out without any of the guys seeing us.

We were way overdue on our girls night out, so we decided to have it on Friday, which was today,
which just got ruined. Again. Maybe.

"We're going out" Emma snapped at her brother, already irritated that he ruined the first one.

"Not with Victoria dressed like that" He motioned to my outfit and I rolled my eyes. I understood it was a
little out of my ordinary, but I can't just have clothes and not wear them.

I was dressed in high waisted denim shorts with frayed ends, a black halter neck cropped top and my
black stilettos.

I had my usual light makeup with red lipstick, and I pulled the top middle of my hair in a cute ponytail,
letting it fall with the rest of my hair around my back and shoulders.

I didn't really wear shorts because of my 'big booty' as Ashley put it, since it brought me a lot of
unwanted attention. But I was in the mood tonight.

Emma was in a black leather short skirt, and a cute burgundy off the shoulder blouse. She had her
usual straight hair and make up, but she looked gorgeous.

Ashley on the other hand was the reason why we were 'sneaking out'. The guys knew we were going
out, but they just weren't meant to see us leave or know where we're heading to.

We knew that Caleb wouldn't allow her to leave if he saw her. I wasn't worried about Luka, since I still
had the upper hand these past few days.

I groaned in frustration when Caleb took the turn into the room, coming face to face with us. His eyes
immediately went to Ashley as his face turned to 'protective mate mode'.

"Go change babe . You're not leaving like that" He said, getting ready to pull her upstairs. She looked
conflicted, and Emma and I knew we had to intervene.

Ashley was such a softie and she barely stood up for herself here. I often wondered how she managed
when she was a rouge, since I knew rouges had to be tough.

"No Caleb, she looks fine. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go. It's a long drive" Emma protested,
grabbing Ashley and turning to leave.

She was actually in the most clothes. She wore a long sleeved black bodycon dress, with a mesh lining
down to her belly button. It reached just in the middle of her thighs, paired with red pumps. Emma had
won the hair argument again, so her hair was straightened with her make up complementing her look.

If you asked me, we looked fine.

"Not with my mate dressed like that" He snapped, irritated. "And where exactly are you guys going? " I
face palmed as I watched our plan break right in front of us.

"Look. We're always under your guy's shadow. We, as girls, spend time together inside but we need a
night out. So will you guys please let it go, we won't do anything stupid " I reasoned, already frustrated.
It's been a stressful week, I needed this.

I purposely left out the part about where we're going, knowing damn well we'd be staying home if they
knew. Luka didn't look happy, but I could see that he didn't want to push me.

"These are the times I'm glad I don't have a mate yet" Emma mumbled amusingly.

"Don't think you're off the hook Em. I don't approve of my baby sister going out like that" Luka
responded with a big brother tone. She simply rolled her eyes, checking her watch.

"Yea it's time to go" I agreed with her as I checked the time on my phone. It wasn't late, but we had a
long drive ahead of us so we had to leave soon.

Luka sighed and reluctantly nodded, pleading with his eyes for me not to do anything out of the
ordinary. Caleb still wouldn't let Ashley go, and I was starting to get annoyed.

My mood swings were getting horrible nowadays and he was about to get a piece of it. As I opened my
mouth to say something, Lincoln entered casually.

"Lincoln my man, glad to see you. Can you please help me convince these beautiful ladies to go and
change given that their attires are immensely inappropriate" Caleb tried to get Lincoln on his side, but
he didn't look the least interested.

"They look fine to me" He simply shrugged, heading to the stairs. We all smiled to ourselves as I
gauged Caleb's reaction. This is why I love Lincoln.

"He doesn't get it, he doesn't have a mate. Luka are you really okay with Victoria going out like this? I
mean you guys are practically naked"

I groaned at Caleb's effort to get us to change, even though I knew it was Ashley who he really wanted
to change. I was about to cuss him out, but Ashley beat me to it.

"Okay look Caleb, I've been obedient and respectful to you since the day I got here. I've been my true
self, something I hadn't gotten to be in months on the run, but I think it's time to bring the rouge out"
She yanked her hand from his grasp and glared at him.

"I am going out tonight, whether you like what I wear or not and if you try to stop me, you will regret
ruining my night out" She gritted out in a deadly tone, making us all look at her in shock.

"You should have enough trust in me to know I won't do anything stupid and you damn well know I
won't let anyone get away with any tricks. So you can either get out of my way and let me and my girls
have a great night, or you can push me to the edge and spend the next week sleeping alone" She
threatened as his eyes widened in fear.

Emma and I shared a look, smirking at this side of Ashley. She should really let it out more. Not
because she's not a rogue anymore shouldn't mean she should be weak to everyone. Standing up for
yourself is your greatest defense in life.

"I- I'm sorry babe I was just-um - I-uh... Have fun baby" He finally ended. He gave her a quick peck
before going up the stairs, still in shock.

We giggled as we finally started walking again, but Luka held my shoulder, hindering my movement. I
groaned, thinking I was going to have to fight with him too.

"Please be safe Angel" He whispered, fixing one of my curls. "Text me every two hours to let me know
you're okay" He hugged me tightly, placing a kiss on my head before walking me to the door where he
then kissed my cheek.

I was a bit taken aback by his actions, given that the past few days have been....weird.

We still weren't on speaking terms that much, only the necessary conversations. He always tried to talk
to me, but I was still holding my grounds.

He's been either extra sweet, or always agreeing with what I said or wanted. I knew he didn't like how I
was being with him, but he still had some things to understand before I completely let this go.

He cleaned up himself and the room, and he'd stop sulking around. But there was still something he
wasn't getting.

I've found it difficult sleeping without him. The first night when I was supposed to stay with Em, I ended
up going to our room where he also was wide awake. From then, we just sorta had a silent agreement,
knowing we'd sleep better together.

I sighed as I thought about how I actually missed him. Maybe I should stop being this way, but then
he'd never learn.

"Progress I see" Ashley nudged me playfully, as we jumped in my car.

"I could say the same about you" I laughed. "Those mommy hormones are working fast" She laughed
as Emma backed out of the driveway.

"I like that side of you," Emma smirked. "We could be The U.S.T" She said.

"What's that? "

"The Unstoppable Sassy Three" She waved her hand in front of her face as she spoke, making Ashley
and I burst into laughter.

"I think we need someone to level out the sass between you two. Combining the three of us would be
unfair to the world" Ashley joked, making us laugh once more.

I could already see the wonderful night ahead as we made our way to the human town. I'm relieved the
guys didn't question us further, because I was more than excited about tonight.

I had invited Kera along when I went to work, which Em and Ash were totally fine with. It was going to
be great having all my girls in one night.

To the club we go.


Five tequila shots and a couple glasses of champagne later, I was drunk as a skunk.

The night has been great thus far, and I was having so much fun. Ever so often we would go and
dance, sometimes with each other, other times with strangers.

Ashley and I, however, ensured to keep it PG, only bouncing and rocking beside them. Emma and Kera
on the other hand were stuck to the random strangers as their hands trailed all over their bodies,
grinding on them mercilessly.

My girls really got along well with Kera. At first I was a little anxious given that Emma wasn't too fond of
humans. But they hit it off quite well.

It was starting to get late, so we decided to go get another drink before heading home. Ashley and Em
weren't near as drunk as Kera and I. I think I only saw Ashley drink one glass of champagne, and
Emma got about two shots.

One, because Ashley was pregnant and two, someone had to drive. I also learnt that wolves don't get
drunk easily.

Sad, since my head was as light as a feather. One tin of soda can probably get me tipsy even though it
seems impossible. Emma ordered a slice of cake for each of us after the drinks, since for some strange
reason the bar section had cake.

We received them on a cute little white plate, with silver forks. I noticed Emma and Ashley stared at
them oddly, not touching anything.

"Yu don't likeee cake? " I slurred, giving them a weird look.

"Yes it's just that the forks... " Emma trailed, leaving Kera confused but she didn't question it. They
requested plastic forks after the bartender returned.

"Ooooh cause you guys are wolves! I forgot that silver *burp* hurts you" They looked at me wide eyed,
then at Kera who just laughed deafeningly.

"They're wofes? " She asked with a laugh.

"Yep! They eeeven live in a -"

"Okay time to go guys. Luka has been calling me nonstop" Emma cut me off, pulling us outside.

"Luka! That's my man Kera! " I screamed as if she wasn't beside me.

"I know!" She squealed excitedly.

"He's an Awpha wofe" I beamed proudly as she laughed again. Emma and Ashley quickly separated
us, telling me to stay quiet.

I huffed in frustration, feeling like a child as she buckled me in. Nick had brought Kera here, but we
offered to take her home.

I sang along to the songs that passed and minutes after, we pulled up to Charlette's house. The door
immediately opened as Nick and Charlette excited looking tired. I knew it was late, probably around 1

"Heeeeeyyy fam! " I screamed, trying to unbuckle the seatbelt.

"Stay put" Emma commanded, but I escaped anyway. I threw myself at Charlette in a hug, as Nick held
up his sister. She played with his hair in amazement, laughing ever so often at nothing in particular.

"They're so drunk," Charlette chuckled. "You guys are welcomed to stay until morning if you'd like.
Victoria once mentioned that you guys live about two hours out of town"

"They can't *hiccup* do that mommy Char. Ashley's mate would freak!" I exclaimed, feeling slightly

"What's a mate? Are you Australian?" She looked between Ashley and Emma, not knowing who I was
referring to.

"Oh yes ma'am I am" Ashley said in a terrible Australian accent. I laughed.

"Ashley you're not Aus-"

" I think we should get going. Thank you for the offer though, it was really nice meeting you guys.
Victoria talks about you a lot" Emma rushed out with an apologetic smile. By now, Kera was already
asleep as Nick held her bridal style.

"It was nice meeting you guys too. Safe travel" She ended, as we got in the car.

"Remind me never to let you get drunk in human territory again." Emma muttered while I hummed,
resting my head against the window as I dozed off.


I was being shaken from my slumber as I slowly drifted back to reality. I let my eyes wonder, seeing
that we've arrived home.

My head pounded and my stomach churned. I knew it was the effect of the liquor, and I dreaded the
hangover I'll have tomorrow.

"What time is it? " I mumbled as I exited the car, slightly stumbling before Ashley caught me.

"3:15" She yawned, looking tired.

The door immediately opened, relieving two tired and very irritated men. Ashley and I shared a look as
we prepared to be embraced by our lovers.

The liquor effects have slightly worn off, but I could feel the lightness in my head nonetheless.

"You're drunk" Luka frowned as he took in my features.

"And you're a male. Good, now that we're done playing 'state the obvious', take me to bed pwease " I
groaned as my headache get worse. He gently scooped me up as he brought me towards the door.

"And she's an honest drunk too" Emma commented, looking equally tired. "She almost outed us to
every human we crossed"

"You hadn't been drinking at all" Caleb said to Ashley, slightly relieved and proud.

"That's becauuuuse she can't" I mumbled before I could stop myself. Emma's eyes widened as she
pushed Luka up the stairs.

"Why can't you? " He asked, concerned.

"Becauuuuse she's-"

"Got a weak bladder" Emma interrupted while I frowned. I noticed Luka had increased his pace, no
doubt trying to get me away from Caleb since I was about to ruin the surprise.

I didn't even know why my mouth kept yapping. If I was a serial killer I'd be locked up for sure tonight.

Luka gently placed me on our bed, removing my shoes and rubbing my feet soothingly. I groaned in
approval as he relieved them from the tenderness and aches.

"Are you okay? " He asked gently.

"I'm fine, *burp* just feel like I'm gonna throw up."

He disappeared into the bathroom, reappearing with a small metal bucket and resting it on the floor
beside me.

"Just in case you can't make it to the bathroom" He smiled sweetly.

"You know you're really a loving mate" I whispered as he simply sat next to me, rubbing my tummy

"Toooo bad my dad killed your true ma-mate. She must've really loved this kind of treatment" I heard
myself say, as he tensed beside me.

"What? "

"The man that killed twinny Ella was supposingly my dad. I saw his grave the other day when Lincoln
brought me there. I'm sorwy he was such a dick"

He remained silent, resuming the rubbing on my tummy as he stared into space. When he didn't say
anything, my stupid ass continued.

"I'm such a hypocwite. *hiccup* I haven't been talking to you these past- one two three four- four days
becauuuse I thought you had to forgive yourself before I could completely forgive you. But I haven't

forgiven myself and my deadbeat dad for doing that to you, so how can I not live what I preach?" I
slurred as my eyes felt heavy.

My mouth on the other hand wouldn't take the hint.

"Maybe I'm not so diffwent from my dad then, we're both hypocrites. I guess you'll hate me now for
what he did to your mate, and since I'm like him you won't want me again" I sighed, not at all
registering or focusing on what I was saying, so I wasn't even processing the seriousness about the

He sighed, laying next to me and hugging me to his chest.

"Sleep love. We'll talk tomorrow" He whispered as my body went into it's sleeping mode. "Before you
go, where did you guys go tonight? " He asked with his lips against my hair.

"The club" I mumbled with a smirk. I felt him tense beside me, probably regretting letting me go tonight.
After a few seconds he finally sighed, snuggling me closer to him.

"Goodnight Angel. We'll talk tomorrow " He kissed my head gently as the sleep finally took over

"And I could never hate you”.