Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 40

I couldn't comprehend. Did Daisy have another daughter?

I whipped my head towards Daisy as she smiled brightly at the little girl, gesturing for her to come
towards us.

"Victoria, this is Zoey. Your sister"

A gasp escaped my lips as I stared at the little girl in awe. I knew from the moment she called Daisy
momma, but I didn't process it.

"This is sister Victoria?" Zoey asked in a sort of shy excitement as her big brown eyes widened.

"That's me," I said as a couple of tears rolled down my cheek with the brightest smile on my face. "Oh
my gosh, I can’t believe I have a sister" I pulled her little frame into a hug, squeezing the life out of her.

I pushed her back gently so I could take a good look at her. It was quite obvious that our mom's genes
were strong since she looked like a mini version of both of us.

Her eyes were the same as mine, and so were most of her features. Her complexion was darker than
mine and Daisy's, and I could see that she was a mixed baby.

Her hair was full and fell in long, luscious almost coily curls. It wasn't the same chestnut brown as mine,
but it wasn't black either. It was somewhere in the middle.

No bias shit, but my sister was the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen.

"You are so gorgeous" I whispered in amazement as I ogled my sister. A light blush formed on her face
as she held her little teddy to hide it.

"Thank you. You're pretty too" She mumbled shyly as I resisted the urge to squeeze the life from her.

"Zoey sweetheart, can you give us a minute to talk please?" Daisy asked, and I shot her a pout.

"But I just met her" We both whined simultaneously, which made us laugh at the cute sister moment.

"You can spend more time with her later. I just need to talk for a while okay?"

She simply nodded as she headed for the exit. I watched her little frame retreat, and I knew I was
already in love.

"You told her about me?" I asked, still looking at the exit as I remembered that she knew who I was.

"Yes, I always do. I knew she would find you one day"

"She would find me.. not 'we' would find me" I sighed as my mind drifted to the conversation we had

I didn't feel that awful again knowing that she actually told my sister about me. I guess I could be
grateful. Even if Daisy didn't search, I'm holding on to that little hope that Zoey would've. But she
doesn't have to anymore, because I know about her now.

I still couldn't believe I have a baby sister.

"How old is she?" I asked, suddenly feeling the urge to know everything about her.

"She's six" She smiled. "Her father died when she was three though, so it's only been me and her

"Maybe I can join that equation" I suggested shyly. I know I sounded like a hypocrite, but no way was I
gonna stay out of Zoey's life. I can't wait to tell Luka.

"That's all I ever wanted" She beamed, but her smile was immediately replaced with a frown.

"I have something to tell you " She whispered, meeting my eyes. "Victoria, I might not have long left. I
can't say because it's unpredictable and uncommon, but it's not impossible. I was diagnosed with
epilepsy last year" She informed me sadly. A gasp left my mouth as I processed what she told me.

I haven't seen it much in my few years as a nurse, but I knew it was indeed dangerous. And the worst
part is, you don't even know when or if you're gonna have a seizure.

My heart broke at the thought. Just the thought made me want to cry even though I didn't know her,
and even though I hated her my whole life.

"It'll be okay. I'm a nurse and I can give you direct care. You won't have to worry" I whispered as my
eyes burnt with tears. I knew I couldn't stop it, but I just felt helpless. Knowing myself, I knew I won't
just sit around and do nothing.

She shook her head with a small smile, grabbing my hands over the table.

"I'm so proud of the woman you've become. My little Victoria is a nurse" She beamed, wiping a stray

I didn't say anything, I just sat there making my thoughts wander. When I didn't say anything, she

"I'm not sure what will happen, but I'm okay with it. I've had my fair share of life, so whether it's 20 more
years or 20 days, it's okay. " She let out a light chuckle, but it still didn't calm me.

"But I am worried about one thing." She looked up and met my eyes. "I knew I needed Zoey to grow up
with someone I trust, so I was going to beg Sophie but I'm afraid I took away most of her life already"
She sighed.

I gave her a confused look when I noticed she was serious.

"You don't know, don't you?" I whispered, looking down.

"What don't I know?" She asked carefully. I sighed, giving her a sad look.

"Aunt Sophie died when I was sixteen. She lost a baby, and she didn't get over it. She committed
suicide on my graduation day"

I summed up the story, not wanting to relive that moment again. She threw her hands over her mouth in
shock, as tears ran from her eyes for the umpteenth time today.

I suddenly felt the urge to go comfort her. I knew we weren't on the best terms and she was downright
wrong for leaving like that. But out of the few people that knew, she was the only one who would've felt
the loss directly like I did. They were blood after all.

"This was all my fault" She sobbed into my shoulder. "I drove my little sister to suicide. I put you both
through so much pain" She continued, but I didn't make any move to deny or say otherwise. I just let
her cry.

"I'm so so sorry Victoria. I never thought about how my selfish actions would've affected you both. You
didn't deserve this," She added while her body shook violently.

I simply hushed her from time to time, occasionally drying the few tears that escaped my eyes too.

"But Victoria" She turned to face me, looking even more pained. "Victoria I know it's a lot to ask but-"

"I'll take care of her," I said before she could ask. I knew that she was hurting for the loss of her sister,
but I also knew she was worried about Zoey.

I can't ease the pain completely, but I can at least take away her worries. Besides, I would never sit
around and watch my sister grow up in an orphanage if something should happen while I was alive and

I'll need to have a long nice talk with Luka.

"Thank you so much, Victoria. You don't know how much this means to me" She held me tighter, and
my heart warmed at the moment.

I've never had a mother, but I knew this moment right here will change my life forever.

We spent a couple more minutes like that until we migrated to the living room where Lincoln and Zoey
were playing.

Daisy's mood didn't change back to normal, and she stayed in a corner looking at old pictures with
Sophie from her photo album. She looked guilty and filled with regret, spilling tears occasionally. I could
tell that she blamed herself for everything.

I could also tell she was actually a good person too, just made a lot of bad choices. Sighing, I decided
to give her some time to herself as she dealt with all the new information.

I spent the next hours with Zoey, loving her more each second. I can’t wait to get home and tell

I also needed to thank Lincoln for bringing me here. I knew wolves move on instincts sometimes, so I
had to give him props for that too.

I also noticed that he was getting antsy and I didn't feel too well either.

The sun was starting to set so we decided to say our goodbyes. We told them that we'd be back
tomorrow with Luka since I knew he would insist.

I gave Zoey one last kiss, then walked to the car where Lincoln was currently standing. He didn't look
too calm at all. His eyes flashed from his wolf's amber colour to his normal blue momentarily.

I cautiously walked closer to him which made him seem even tenser. I knew he wouldn't hurt me, but I
didn't understand what was happening.

I noticed that I was a little warmer than usual, and I was getting this unusual pain in my lower abdomen.

Wait a minute, did Daisy put something in our tea?

Was that all just an act?

But if it was indeed the tea, that didn't explain why Lincoln looked as if he was about to pounce at me
any minute now.

"I thought it was the house, but it was you," he said through clenched teeth as he turned away from me.
I suddenly felt offended, slightly sniffing my blouse to see what he meant.

"Wait Vic don't come any closer. Let me regain control" He muttered as he breathed heavily against the

He pulled out his phone and looked at it, softly cursing at something.

"It's a full moon" He muttered. "I didn't even know this was possible"

"What's wrong, Lincoln? What's wrong with me?" I asked as I felt beads of sweat on my forehead. A
shock of pain ran through my tummy, making me clench it in pain.

Lincoln caught me before I could fall and tingles erupted through my body at the skin to skin contact,
making an unexpected moan escape my lips. This took me by complete surprise, but I couldn't help
how aroused I got by the second.

Something was definitely wrong with me.

"Shit your burning up already" He muttered as he helped me up in the car. He quickly jumped in the
driver's seat, speeding off as he closed the door.

He looked really uncomfortable, but I knew it was nothing compared to how I felt by the second.

"Lincoln what's wrong with me? " I asked again, not at all impressed with this feeling.

"You're going into your heat."