Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 42

Victoria's pov

Tired, sore, exhilarated and wonderful. Those were all the words that I could think about to describe
how I felt yesterday morning when I woke up.

Luka and I finally 'mated', as they call it, but to me it was the best night of my life.

I don't know why he waited that long, because he was

Lincoln wasn't wrong about the all-nighter either. We would rest for about half an hour, then the warmth
would start to build again.

I passed out around 12 a.m., since my human body had enough for one night.

When I woke up, Luka had already brought breakfast up, so he took me to the shower, and we spent
the morning together.

He had insisted that I rested until I was fully energized, so I spent the day either laying down or taking a
few naps.

That heat really took a lot out of me.

We decided to visit Daisy the following day, which was today.

So, here I was, getting ready to go see Daisy and Zoey. Just the thought of seeing my sister again
made me so happy.

I missed her already.

I pulled on my red one shoulder blouse and simple skinny jeans. I decided to sit and do my hair today,
since I always just let it fall loose over my back and shoulders everyday. But in that split second, my

heart stopped.

On both sides of my neck were small reddish bruises. They were fading, but still visible.

Yes, Luka and I had a very intense night so that was expected. But the bad thing was, Luka only ever
kissed the left side of my neck where he marked me.


Shit shit shit shit shit.

I knew I had to tell him about the little encounter with Lincoln, but I wanted today to be a happy day.

I don't think he'd over react since Lincoln was really strong that day, but I knew it would've still upset
him. The fact that Lincoln's lips were on my neck was enough reason for him to be upset.

I gently pulled my hair in a low side ponytail, and made some loose curls to completely hide the marks.
It felt weird wearing it on the right, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I pulled some small strands from the front to give it that 'cute' look, then added my finishing red lipstick
and light mascara.

Luka had already gotten ready, and was currently helping Ty with some pack business. He was more
than excited yesterday when we talked about meeting Zoey. I was actually relieved that he was willingly
accepting her already. It warmed my heart.

Emma, Ashley and Lincoln were in the kitchen when I went down, already eating their cereal. I grabbed
a bowl for myself while they stared at me brightly.

"What?" I asked as they looked at me weirdly.

"You are glowing! "

"And you smell different"

I blushed slightly at their remarks, knowing that everyone knew what happened two nights ago.

"Like a good different or a bad different?" I suddenly felt self conscious, knowing I was the only one
who couldn't smell the difference in my scent.

"A good different of course! " Emma beamed. "You're finally fully mated and that makes you one of us
officially" They squealed in a high pitched tone and grabbed me in a hug, making the bowl tumble over
with my lucky charms.

Darn, there was a rainbow in that pile.

I guess it's not my lucky day.

Haha I crack myself up.

Lincoln simply laughed at me from his chair, while Emma and Ashley released me.

I gave him a smile and a short wave, which he immediately returned. It was nice knowing things
weren't awkward between us. His eyes trailed to my hair, and slowly his smile fell. He knew.

I gave him an apologetic smile then proceeded to clean up my now grounded breakfast.

We engaged in small talk while I waited for Luka to get back. We eventually migrated to the living room
where we watched a few episodes of 'Spongebob'.

"Hey can I talk to you for a second?" Lincoln snapped me out of the F. U. N song by asking. I simply
nodded and followed him to the foyer below the first set of stairs.

"I just wanted to apologize for what happened the other night. I was totally out of place and I-"

"Hey Lincoln it's okay, I'm the one who's sorry. You were perfectly controlling it until I basically groped
you" I cut him off, feeling slightly embarrassed.

He stayed quiet for a while, but he looked conflicted nonetheless.

"If you want, I can tell him and take all the wrath. I don't mind a black eye or two. At least I'll feel better
about myself " He said.

"That's if you were planning on telling him, I mean it's your relationship, but I guess you would've
wanted to tell him just in case it comes out in the future but hey no pressure... Are you hot? Why am I
so nervous.. God he's gonna kill me... Shit I shouldn't have touched you.. I'm so damn stupid for letting
him stay home, but being the oldest around here means I'm always looking out for you guys.. And.. Shit
I'm rambling.. Damn I'm gonna die"

He threw his head in his hands after his nervous babbling. I couldn't help but chuckle at this. Lincoln
was a cute guy all the time, but it was the first time seeing him in this state. It was extra cute.

"Lincoln it's okay, I'll tell him and you can stay as far away as possible. He won't hurt me" I smiled
reassuringly and he looked relieved a bit.

I think he really thought Luka was gonna kill him.

Another chuckle left me as I thought about it. The front door suddenly opened and Luka, Ty and Chris
entered respectively.

Luka looked slightly anxious, but if you didn't know him, you wouldn't have noticed. Ty looked sorta
indifferent, but he looked happy nonetheless; and Chris, well he just looked like Chris.

Chris smiled widely at me as I stepped into his warm hug. Luka kissed my forehead and whispered a
good morning since he was gone when I woke up. I only saw a note from him saying 'pack business'.

Ty proceeded to me with a sad look on his face.

"Victoria about the other night" He started as he scratched the back of his head.

"It's fine Ty, I understand "

"It's not fine for me. I should've had more self control. I'm sorry if I scared you" He looked so sweet like
a three year old who got caught stealing a cookie.

I quickly pulled him into a hug, not really knowing how else to make him feel better. Ty wasn't a hugger,
but at least I knew he needed this to feel better.

He offered me a smile then left shortly after with Chris, after bidding us safe travel.

"You guys ready? " I looked to Lincoln for approval, to which he responded by jiggling his keys. He was
the only one who knew the way, hence he had to be there.

After shouting my goodbyes to the girls, Luka and I got in the back of Lincoln's car. We were mostly
quiet for like an hour, until we pulled out of the major forested areas.

The closer I got, the happier I became.

"What's she like? Your sister" Luka asked with a smile.

"She's sweet, funny and super smart. She's shy but she also got that boldness you know, like me" I
beamed proudly at my sister's characteristics.

"And she's really ticklish," Lincoln added with a laugh.

"Hhmmm that's something else she adapted from you" Luka said with a hint of playfulness in his eyes
and voice.

My eyes widened in realization as I attempted to scurry away from him, but I only got as far as the
other side of the car.

The day I wished Lincoln had a limousine.

Luka caught me by the waist, immediately starting to wiggle his fingers in his harassment. I laughed
loudly, wiggling and fighting to get out of his grasp.

Before I knew it I was across his lap in a mess of laughter and crying, not once getting a break.

Then all of a sudden, he stopped.

He was still for a while, and I had to crane my neck to see what happened. He looked weary for a
while, then he slowly moved the rest of my hair from my neck.


Shit shit shit shit shit.

I quickly jumped up when I saw that his expression was slowly changing from shocked and confused to

"Luka... Let me explain. I was gonna tell you but-"

"I don't kiss the right side of your neck" He gritted out lowly. Lincoln suddenly tensed at this, and Luka
didn't miss it.

And that my friends, was how the world ended...

Just kidding.

But at least that's what it felt like in the moment.

Slowly he started to put it together, and slowly Lincoln looked more and more scared.


"Stop the car" His tone was low and deadly, but it held so much...power.

Lincoln however, continued to drive.


We came to a sudden stop after that and it was safe to say, I've never seen Luka this mad.

I knew he didn't know the whole truth, but God knows what he must've been thinking.

He did have visual evidence after all.

In a flash of a second, he was out and already yanking Lincoln from the driver's seat.

I jumped out as quickly as I could, but I was too late since Luka already threw a punch at Lincoln's
face, making him fall roughly against the road.

Luka proceeded towards him again, but I grabbed his hand before he could reach him.

"Go back in the car Victoria" He warned, but I knew he wouldn't hurt me, so I held onto him for dear
life. My eyes drifted to Lincoln who was now wiping blood from his nose. Poor Lincoln.

"Luka you have to listen to me, he didn't touch me like you think he did" He stopped resisting me, but
he didn't turn around.

"He didn't touch me Luka. I was in so much pain and agony, so he decided to run back to make it
faster. When his skin touched me, I - I"

I let go of him as he turned slowly. His eyes were dark and he still looked mad, but I could see that he
was actually willing to listen to me this time.

"When he tried to get me out of the car, I felt...stimulated" The both of us winced as the words left my
mouth. I felt horrible, but it was the truth.

"I held onto him and I- well I guess I was too much, and he kissed my neck" I sighed as I looked away,
feeling like crap. "Deep down I didn't want it, but my body had full control. Luka you have to believe

He closed his eyes tight for a while, then he sighed and opened them. Relief flooded me when I saw
that they were back to their beautiful gray colour but he still looked upset.

"As hard as it must've been for him, Lincoln was actually the one who pulled away. Don't you see Luka,
it's killing him and all he did was kiss my neck" We glanced at him shortly. He still sat in the spot where
he landed, looking terrified.

"I don't know much about scents, but he had soooo much control. It was almost impossible. I'm the one
who made him even lose it for that short thirty seconds, and I'm-" My words got stuck in my throat as I
tried not to cry.

"I'm so sorry Luka. And I wasn't planning on keeping it from you either. I just wanted this to be a happy
day with Zoey so I didn't mention it. I'm sorry" My voice betrayed me by cracking, releasing the sob that
I tried to keep down.

I wasn't looking at him, but I heard when he sighed, then I was suddenly being pulled to his chest. I
cried on him for a while, showing him how really sorry I was.

He gently released me and walked over to Lincoln. For a second I thought he would punch him again,
but he simply held out his hand for him to take and dragged him up, pulling him into a short bro hug

before releasing him.

"I smelled her scent when she entered that night, and it was extraordinary. My own brother fought me
to get to her" He sighed.

"But you were with her for over a hour and you didn't try anything. I didn't really get a chance to give
you credit for that kind of control. I knew I wouldn't have been able to control myself" A small smile
played on my lips as I saw how maturely he was dealing with this.

"But I'm not sorry for punching you though" He roughly patted his back with a ghost smirk. "You'll heal"

Lincoln looked more than relieved when Luka left and went back into the car. We shared a 'that was
close' look and took back our places in the car.

Luka still seemed slightly upset, but it was understandable.

What I was glad for was that he didn't kill Lincoln, or shift and run away to blow off steam or whatever.

I was glad that he actually listened to my side this time before jumping to conclusions like the night with
the pregnancy test.

Luka was a lot of things, but I'm sure glad that he wasn't dumb.