Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 43

Victoria's Pov

We finally pulled up in front of Daisy's house, and I was never so glad to get out of a car in my life.

Even though the issue was cleared, the tension and uncomfortable silence in there was suffocating.

Slowly Luka seemed to get back to normal, but the situation was too fresh to continue with our goofy
conversations and jokes. We all got out of the car, and I grabbed the teddy bear I got for Zoey from my

"Uh, hey Luka" I heard Lincoln call, but I tried not to make it obvious that I was eavesdropping.

"I apologized to Vic but I think you deserve one too... You know I only see her as a little sister, and I
would protect her with my life. I wouldn't do or say anything to disrespect any of you in anyway"

"Aahh it's cool man. I know you" Luka offered him a smile, which he returned with his signature toothy

I would've awed at the moment but I was too distracted by the door that swung open, revealing a
beaming Daisy and my precious Zoey.

I did a little squeal as I ran towards them, everything from before long forgotten. I caught Zoey as she
jumped on me, making me stumble a little but Luka was somehow behind me to hold me up.

"Sister Victoria I missed you sooo much" I squeezed her tightly as she went on about us not coming
yesterday as promised. I placed her down and she ran to Lincoln, who she's already grown to love too.

"It's so nice to see you again," Daisy said as I hugged her. I can't say I was 100% okay with everything
just yet, but it felt somewhat right to be with her.

"It's nice to see you too. I'm sorry I couldn't make it yesterday"

"That's fine dear. I know you have a life of your own" She smiled, then looked up to Luka who was
watching Zoey weirdly. Even Lincoln looked at her strangely through his smiles and rants about fairy

"And you must be Luka! It's so nice to finally meet you" He snapped out of his daze as he sweetly
greeted Daisy. She kissed both of his cheeks as she went on about how handsome he was. She then
invited us inside where we all settled in the living room.

"Lincoln dear what happened to your face? " Daisy asked, surprised as if just noticing the bruise.

"He walked into a tree" Zoey giggled as she poked the bruise. Daisy didn't look convinced, but she just
chuckled and let it go.

We did a lot of catching up and getting to know each other. Occasionally Luka would glance at Zoey
when she was with either Lincoln or me. And when he had her, he held her unnaturally close.

She seemed to really like him though, and I met a part of him that I've never seen before. He was great
with her, maybe even better with her than Lincoln.

I looked at her and Lincoln playing some hand game, then I sorta took back that first statement.

Okay maybe I was being biased about the Luka thing.

Luka and I informed Daisy that we wanted to talk to her about something important, which was still
kinda unsettling for me but Luka insisted.

"Zoey sweetheart, why don't you go show Lincoln the garden" Daisy suggested sweetly, which she
happily obliged.

We stayed quiet for a minute before I started.

"I hope you don't mind, but I told Luka about your condition and the situation with Zoey" I started off

"That's okay, I didn't expect you to keep it from him"

"Right" I fiddled with my shirt as I chose my words wisely. "You see the thing is, we were just thinking
that, um.. " I looked to Luka for help since I couldn't talk right.

"We are aware that Zoey would grow up under our care, which we are completely happy with, but we
were thinking that maybe you guys could stay with us" Luka finished as if it was the easiest thing in the
world, but still managed to sound sweet.

Daisy looked confused a bit, as if she didn't understand.

"Guys I really don't need to be on death watch, if that's what this is abo-"

"No that's not what it's about" I quickly cut her off. I didn't elaborate, but eventually the emotions got too
much for me.

"Look I know I haven't known you all my life and when I met you, I was angry. I thought I had a whole
lifetime to be angry, but then when you told me that..." I sighed, willing myself not to cry...

"I just- I just felt like I was running out of time that I just got back. And then there's Zoey, and she would
have to adapt to the changes and the people who we live with. So Luka suggested that we ask you
guys to stay with us. I mean, I know you have your house out here but it's so far away and.. "

I stopped and melted into Luka, feeling too overwhelmed by these emotions. Her face held
understanding and even excitement, but she still had her doubts.

"I don't want to be a bother... I mean, Victoria mentioned the other day that quite a number of you
already live with you. I wouldn't want to intrude and hog you guys."

"Nonsense " Luka flashed her a smile while waving her statement off. "We have more than enough
space for even ten more people. Plus you're family, everyone will love you guys"

Her eyes started to glisten with tears at his statement, and even I got the goosebumps.

"It would give us a chance to start over and spend as much time as possible together" I added. "So
what do you say? "

She beamed brighter than the sun and launched herself at us. "Of course I will. It will make me so

"So it's settled then. I'll inform my family, and you can take as much time as you need to pack. We'll
help if you want" This came from Luka, and he looked so excited.

I never understood how he could be so sweet. It's like it was instilled in him.

I thought he wouldn't have liked Daisy, given what she did to me. But here he was, giving her a place in
his house.

And he says I'm the one with the golden heart.

"I guess I can be done by the end of the week? " It came out more like a question than a statement.

"That sounds perfect" I smiled, feeling somewhat anxious and happy at the same time.

I guess that's what life does to you.

We let it settle for a while, each of us adapting our minds to the new change.

"Soooo, since that's settled... " She trailed with a mysterious glint in her eyes. "What are your plans for
my daughter, young man? "

We burst out laughing at her question. It made me wish I actually did grow up with her. She seemed
like the mom who would cook dinner for my new boyfriend, then interrogate him till he pops.

It was nice.

We spent the next few hours doing random stuff after Zoey and Lincoln returned.

The day went by quickly, and sadly we had to go.

I held onto Zoey extra tight as I hugged her, already counting down the days until she'll be in the same
house as me.

I quickly hugged Daisy as the rest said their goodbyes. We hopped into the car and to my delight, the
tension was gone due to the fun and warm day we had.

"Victoria, about your sister... " Luka said a little after we drove off.

"Yes what about her? " I suddenly remembered how weird he was being when he just met her.

"Her scent is different... It's not just of a human" I cocked my head to the side, not quite understanding
what he was saying. "Your mom is fully human, but Zoey isn't," He added slowly, but I was even more

"What are you saying Luka? "

"Zoey isn't just a human. She has werewolf blood" My eyes widened in surprise at this.

My freaking sister is a...

"Victoria, Zoey is a werewolf."