Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 41

Victoria's pov

"Why wouldn't you tell me that I would go through a heat? What the hell is that by the way?" I semi
shouted at Velma through the phone, immediately regretting it.

If I thought my feelings were all over the place for the past week, it was far worse now.

"Shit. I'm sorry Velma, that was really rude of me" I apologized quickly after. She simply chuckled,
brushing it off as if it was nothing.

"That's okay dear, I totally understand. I was a living bomb when I went through heat"

"So it is normal then? Why am I having a heat when I'm not a wolf!" I cried out as another shock of pain
ran through me.

"I don't know why my dear, I have no idea how the concept of heats work. But I assumed that... "

"That?" I urged.

"I assumed that you and Luka would've mated soon after he marked you" She finished, while my face
turned red.

I quickly looked at Lincoln, but he seemed too busy peeling the road off with the car wheels and trying
to control himself to pay attention to my conversation.

"A heat is a female wolf's way of attracting their mate if they aren't mated by the next full moon after
they're claimed" I glanced outside, seeing that it was almost fully dark out and it was indeed a full

"I don't know how, but it works for human mates too. After that it only comes every six months but it's
better by then" I just groaned in response, not appreciating this growing fever.

"I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about everything earlier, I just didn't want to spoil the experiences for you.
But for now, just stay away from any unmated males until Luka gets home"

"Kinda hard to do that when I'm in a car with one, and I have a two hours drive ahead of me until I get
home" A whimper left my lips as I thought about the journey.

"My gosh!" She sounded surprised. "You got yourself in quite a twist there"

Before I could answer, my phone started to vibrate, indicating another call was coming in.

"I've got to go, Velma. I'll call you tomorrow " I quickly ended that call and answered the new one.

"Save me!" I cried on the phone as soon as I answered.

"I'm on my way Angel just stay away from Lincoln, please" He gritted through the phone. I could tell
that it was hard for both of them.

"I'm not leaving her stranded in the woods where another unmated male can come across her Luka! "
Lincoln said, obviously having heard what Luka said earlier.

"And you're one of those unmated males!" Luka shouted through the line. I knew they weren't upset
with each other, but they were just frustrated.

From what I know, nobody knew that I would even have a heat, so they must've been feeling irritated.

"Look Luka, I won't touch her just trust me" Neither of them said anything after that, but I was feeling
worse by the second.

"Uugghh I don't care what you guys do just put me out of this misery!" I cried. I don't know how it was
possible, but I was both extremely horny and in tremendous pain at the same time.

I'll never complain about my period again.

I eventually hung up on Luka, since hearing his voice trying to sooth me only made me hornier, which
only made Lincoln seem more and more uncomfortable.

He sped through the trees, making the wind whoosh pass my face in a complete high rush. I brought
up the window a little, which was a mistake for both of us.

"Bring it back down please. Your scent only gets stronger and the open window is helping me stay in
control right now" Lincoln said in a pained tone.

I quickly brought it back down for both of our sakes since it was helping with my burning skin also.

"Why is this affecting you so much by the way? " I asked through my panting.

"As an unmated wolf, your scent pulls us almost as much as it pulls your mate. It's almost impossible to
resist the urge" He quickly glanced at me before looking back to the road.

"So being in a car with you right now is not the best option?"

"I said it was almost impossible to resist... I can hold out. I won't do something that will ruin my
relationship with you and Luka, and probably end my life too" I chuckled slightly at that part. Luka
wouldn't kill him. Right?


"At first I didn't understand why it came so strongly at once without someone sensing it, then I
remembered that you don't have a wolf to suppress the scent to protect you from unmated males. So

right now, you're emitting your heat in full folds, no holding back" He added while I stared at him

"So you're telling me that my scent right now is practically irresistible? " He nodded slowly with a scared
look on his face.

If I wasn't in so much pain, I would've felt sorry for him. I can't imagine how hard it must be for him.

"Will Luka get here soon? " I asked, wanting to put us both out of our misery.

"No, I convinced him to stay home and let me get you there safely" He said as if he didn't just doom us

"Why would you do that!?" I shouted. I couldn't understand how being in a car with me right now was
helping him.

"Victoria your scent is not in the least way masked since you don't have a wolf. If Luka gets to you out
here, he'll take you right there and then" He said.

"Well that would've been better than going through this torture."

"For the whole night? "

"Huh?" I asked, confused.

"As long as the moon is out you'll stay in heat, which means endless hours of.." He trailed off as both
our cheeks burnt red. "Or until you pass out from exhaustion" He added.

"Look I know it's not my call, but if you trust me, I can get you home and you can have a perfectly
normal night"

Nothing normal about this but okay.

I didn't say anything else, since I understood to some extent his reasoning. He was just Lincoln looking
out for everyone as usual.

But that didn't change the fact that I was still stuck with him for maybe anothert hour. He was moving
fast, but not fast enough for both our sakes.

"Uugghh I need release!" I groaned, putting my left leg up on the seat and pushing the chair back so I
could lean back slightly.

I knew it was crazy since Lincoln was right beside me, but my tummy started to cramp even more due
to all the build up. That, and my mind was fried.

"Why am I so damn horny!" I shouted in frustration as I tried to unbuckle my jeans.

"No! No Victoria don't do that please" Lincoln quickly grabbed my hand, which caused a moan to
escape my lips, not for him, but just the touch of his skin made me even more aroused.

"Shit" He muttered underneath his breath. "Victoria? "

"Hhmm?" By now I was about to pass out.

"I need you to close your legs tight and stay with me" I barely heard what he said as I started to drift off.
He quickly tapped my cheek two times, which completely woke me up again. In more ways than one.

"Stay with me" He repeated. "Try and distract us both" He gripped the wheel impossibly tighter, and I
could see how extremely uncomfortable he was even though he tried to hide it.

"Twinkle twinkle little star" I started, which made him laugh out loud. I threw him a strained smile as I

"How I wonder what you are..."

It worked for a few minutes, and we would laugh ever so often at random baby songs that I would sing.
It didn't last long though, since my heat was only getting worse.

Out of nowhere, Lincoln stopped in the middle of our drive.

"Luka is getting antsy in my brain every two seconds, and so am I. I made a promise and I'm gonna
keep it" He quickly glanced at me. "I'm gonna run back okay? You're gonna have to ride my wolf. He
won't hurt you but I'm gonna be running faster than the car was going so you have to hold on tight

He didn't even give me a chance to answer, he just jumped out and ran to my side.

"I'm gonna shift and as soon as I bend down you hop on okay? " I nodded shortly as he pulled me from
the car by my waist.

To both of our dismay, my body only found this arousing, making a whimper/moan to escape my lips
and I leaned further into him.

I took him completely off guard, making him grunt in response to my sudden closeness. He stood still
for a couple seconds while I pulled myself closer to him.

Finally giving up, he groaned, throwing his head in the crook of my neck. I threw back my head
immediately, as I felt his lips graze the sensitive area.

I didn't know why I was doing this or why it was so unbearable and uncontrollable, but my body had a
mind of it's own at this point.

In a matter of seconds Lincoln was kissing my neck roughly, as he gripped my waist tighter. My mind
was crying no, but my body was in total control.

I called for Luka through my short moans now and then, but that didn't stop either of us. I was internally
conflicted and solely against this, but at the moment all my body wanted was some di-

"Stop! " Lincoln exclaimed and I gasped in shock as he jumped away from me as if I just punched him
in the gut.

His face held complete horror, and that was when my mind fully cleared up. My body was still
overheating, my stomach still cramped and I was still completely horny, but I regained focus.

And I felt guilty.

"I'm so sorry" We both said at the same time.

I knew he must be feeling as if he took advantage of me, but it was me who initiated it, knowing how
affected he was by my heat.

My hand involuntarily went to my neck where he had just harassed with his lips. His eyes followed my
movements, and I watched as he cursed below his breath and ran his hands through his hair. I could
literally smell the guilt radiating from him.

That makes two of us bro.

He didn't say anything else, he just shifted right on spot, shredding his clothes in the process.

He bent down like what he mentioned earlier, and I quickly wobbled my way onto his back, still in a lot
of pain.

I laid flat on my stomach and sternly wrapped my hands around his neck. He took off right after,
running at full speed as I gripped his black silky fur.

I tried not to think about what happened before, and for the first time, I tried to focus on the pain.

What will I even tell Luka?

Do I even have to tell him?

‘Of course you do you hoe!’

I groaned at my subconscious, knowing well she was against it the whole time. I hated this vulnerability
that my body felt during this 'heat cycle'.

It doesn't matter what male touched me, it just accepted it. I don't know much about wolf theory, but
that was messed up.

From the corner of my eye I saw a young man and an older looking man walking a little ahead of us.
The young one's head quickly shot towards us, looking as if he just saw his dinner.

The older man, having caught my scent I assume, quickly held onto him tightly. Lincoln's wolf shared a
nod with him and quickly whooshed passed them.

I looked back slightly, seeing that the younger wolf was struggling to get away from his grasp. It got me
thinking, was my scent that strong and alluring?

It made me wish I could actually smell like they do, at least I would've understood...

A few minutes after, we were finally approaching the house.

Relief flooded me as I thought about finally being set free and having some sort of release. I never
want to feel this again.

Lincoln bowed his head so I could slide off him, and he quickly ran behind the house to get changed I

I looked to the moon for a brief second, seeing it's illuminated beams shining down in a mocking way. I
quickly wiped some sweat from my forehead as I pushed the door open.

I dragged myself to the living room where everyone was sitting, except Luka who was pacing around,
looking irritated.

Their heads all snapped to me quickly. Ashley, Em and Caleb looked completely shocked, while Ty and
Luka's eyes darkened at my presence.

I guess my scent was really that strong.

Ty immediately jumped from his seat and dashed towards me, pushing Caleb off him in a swift
movement when he tried to stop him.

Realising what was happening, Luka quickly ran in my direction, trying to keep Ty away from me. I just
stood in the spot frozen and shocked.

I've never known Ty as a violent person, but the look on his face when Luka tackled him told me he had
a side I didn't know about.

It all seemed like it happened in slow motion.

Caleb recovered quickly and dashed to them, attempting to keep Ty down. But Ty's eyes, however,
were glued to me the whole time. It was scary.

Lincoln emerged from the kitchen area, quickly realising what was happening and helped Caleb hold
him back. It was then that I realized how much self control Lincoln really had. It only took Ty two
seconds to smell me, and that was it for him.

"Get her out of here, he'll be fine once she's gone" Caleb rushed out, but Luka was already by my side
and lifting me up.

He brought me to our bedroom, where he gently placed me on the bed. He slowly kissed me with a
longing and sweetness, and my pain and fever slowly felt better.

I was surprised at how gentle he was being. The way how Lincoln put it made me think he would've
yanked my clothes off in a split second.

What I did notice though, was how different Luka's skin to skin contact felt. Instead of making me more
aroused, it made me feel better.

Also aroused, but better.

His head went to my neck, the side where my mark was and opposite to where Lincoln's lips were
fifteen minutes ago. He inhaled deeply, nipping at my mark which resulted in a throaty moan from me.

"You smell so good babe" He muttered in a husky tone, and I could already feel his happy member
against my thigh.

"What now? " I breathed impatiently, but it came out as a whimpering plea.

"Patience my love" He whispered as he kissed me once again. "I'm going to make sweet sweet love to
you tonight baby"