Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 45

Victoria's pov

A constant tapping on the window woke me up the next day. I sighed in delight when the tapping
stopped, but it didn't last long since it started again.

Groaning, I rolled out of bed and wobbled over to the window where the sound was coming from. The
sun burned my eyes as I squinted, seeing a small little bird who woke me from my slumber.

I decided to let him be and got ready for the day. I could see that it was quite past morning, and Luka
had that pack meeting to attend.

Yesterday when I fell asleep in Luka's arms, he had brought me to bed, where I slept until almost three
in the afternoon.

It felt awkward to face them all, but I knew I had to. I wasn't regretting breaking down before them and
showing them my weakest point, I just felt bad for making them feel bad.

I'd assume either Luka or Lincoln had filled them in, which I didn't mind since it must've been a puzzle
to them.

What I didn't like though, was how they all watched me with pity when I went down for dinner. Which of
course, I immediately shut down by telling them to, and I quote, 'shut down this pity party before I crash
it for them'.

That seemed to lighten the mood for them, which I was grateful for and Caleb mumbled something
about Victoria being Victoria.

We did, however, talk about it.

I'd reopen an old wound that took ages, efforts and tears to close. But they all assured me that I
wouldn't have to do it alone this time, and I was happy about that.

I held on tight to what Emma said about it getting better in time, and I noticed it was already happening.

I'd accepted that I couldn't change what happened to Sophie, but I will always remember her. Not as
the sad aunt who was stuck with a burden niece who caused her hell, but as the only family I knew up
until I met these people.

I'll remember her as the mentor she was, I'll remember her happy laughs and puberty pep talks. I'll
remember her as the wonderful person she was.

No longer will I tie the memory of her death to every thought I had of her. I'll only think about her love
and kind heart, and I won't blame myself any longer for what happened to her.

Sophie Deslandes, a loving, dedicated and passionate mother to me. That's the Sophie I'll remember.

And it only took six wolves to help me see that.

Fully dressed and ready for the day, I strolled downstairs to grab a bite to eat. It was a little past ten,
and the pack meeting was set for 12, so we had time.

"Good morning" I greeted as I entered the kitchen. Only Caleb and Ashley were there.

"Hey Tori" Caleb beamed and Ashley followed. I noticed she was glowing, and her face seemed slightly
chubbier; something we knew wouldn't go unnoticed by Caleb.

We hadn't really had much time to talk about how the surprise was gonna go on his birthday this
Sunday, but I just hoped he didn't pick up the change in her scent before.

"Where is everyone? " I mumbled with a mouth full of toast.

"Ty, Lincoln and Luka are getting things ready for the meeting, Emma is with her parents I think" Caleb

"And why aren't you helping Mr Beta? " I sketched a teasing smile on my face so I wouldn't offend him.

"I had pressing matters to deal with"

"And what might that be? "

He didn't respond, acting as if he didn't hear. I noticed Ashley had a light blush, which answered my
question quite clearly. My smile transformed into a smug smirk as they tried to avoid eye contact.

"I see" I brought the cup to my lips to hide my smirk, since they knew that I knew.

What I've noticed with Ty and Luka was that whenever Caleb and Ashley were 'busy', they'd leave
them be and drag Lincoln to do whatever duty was meant for Caleb. I didn't see how that was fair to
Lincoln, but I guess it was a guy thing.

After a while, we went to the pack house where the meeting was being held. A makeshift stage was in
the backyard again, and Ty and Lincoln were stringing wires for the mic. Not that they needed it, wolves
could probably hear a pin drop on the top of Mount Everest.

"What is this meeting for anyways? " I noticed I didn't really know the agenda of the day.

"Uh, just some new changes" Caleb said casually with a shrug, but I didn't miss the excitement on his
face. It made me wonder.

Luka's been preaching about the meeting, so it had to be important. I had a gut feeling something was
being held from me again.

"Good morning my Angel" I squealed in surprise as I felt arms snake around my waist from behind.

"Must you always find a way to make my heart race?"

"Mhmm I think about different ways everyday" He turned me around and sweetly captured my lips in a
good morning kiss.

"What's the meeting for? " I asked as I pulled away.

"You'll see soon enough. Why are you here so early though? It's barely past eleven."

"I wanted to help" I pouted as he gave me his 'you don't have to work' look.

"Fine, you can help mom and Em make snacks in the kitchen" He gave into my silent plea, making me
grin at him and gave him one last kiss, then I went to the kitchen.

Indeed, Mama bear and Emma were busy making finger sandwiches.

"Victoria! You look well" Mama bear beamed, kissing my cheeks in a sweet gesture.

"Thank you, I try my best"

Even though she always threw compliments at me, for some weird reason I always blushed at them.

"How are you? I'm sorry I didn't get to be there when you woke up yesterday" She asked. Stella and
Chris had already left when I woke up yesterday.

"That's no problem. I had much support and company" I smiled at Emma, which she returned much

Mama bear wiped her hands in a towel and gazed at me with sad eyes.

"You know, he told us what happened," she said in a strained voice.

"I know. I wouldn't have expected him not to"

"Indeed, it crushed me to hear what you've been through and I'm terribly sorry that you've held such
pain all along. But I didn't mean that, my dear"

I gave her a confused looked, and she looked at me as if I was the best person in the world.

"He told us how you guys met. The real story" She confirmed and I was shocked beyond measure. I
never thought Luka would've actually ever told them.

It made me wonder why nobody brought it up when I woke up yesterday. I did actually notice that they
seemed as if they had something to say but didn't know how, but I guess it was a 'one problem at a
time' day.

"He had asked us not to say anything to you before the pack meeting, but what kind of mother would I
be if I didn't thank you" Her eyes glistened with tears as she spoke. I even noticed that Emma's
movements were slower.

"Mama bear you don't have to."

"Mama bear?" She chuckled through her tears, as my cheeks burnt. That nickname was meant for my
subconscious only.

"Don't take it offensive, I only called you that because you're always so protective of your family,
something I've noted from the very day I met you."

"Gosh, I was so mean to you that day" She threw her head into her hands. "If only I knew what you did
for us"

I didn't say anything since I didn't know what to say. All of them must've been thinking the same thing
also, about how mean they were when they just met me.

I understood though.

"I'm so sorry Victoria, and I'm forever grateful to you for what you did for my son. If it hadn't been for
you, he wouldn't be here today. And if he'd somehow survived that night, he still wouldn't be how he is
today and it's all because of you. I'm forever in debt to you. I get now why he calls you his Angel. I just-
" She stopped as a sob coursed through her.

I did what anyone in this position would do. I hugged her. I motioned for Emma to come join us, since
she looked as if she was gonna cry too.

"You've saved this family and this pack a whole lot of pain, and I speak on behalf of everyone when I
say you are truly a blessing"

"You guys are more than a blessing to me also. You've given me what I've always wanted. Love, a
family, and a sense of belonging" I told her.

So in some twisted way, Luka saved me that night too. Because if he wasn't at that cliff that night, I'd
still be that lost, lonely and unhappy Victoria.

What else can I call that, but destiny?