Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 44

Victoria's pov

What a small world.

It took me a while to process the new information, but I accepted it.

My sister is a werewolf.

It made me wonder if Daisy knew all along. I wouldn't blame her for not telling me, since the whole
thing sounded insane. I planned to bring it up to her in a subtle way, just in case she didn't know.

Lincoln said he suspected something the first time he caught her scent, but soon after, my scent started
to change and distracted him.

I wasn't upset, kinda happy actually. It would make her growing up in a pack much easier, and she
wouldn't have to feel like she's different.

I guess the universe has its own way of doing things.

It's been a long day, so Luka and I were currently grabbing dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in
town. Lincoln had said that he didn't want to 'intrude' and offered us the car.

Of course we protested and told him to join us, but he insisted that he needed a run anyways, and that
bringing out his wolf would help him heal faster.

It still didn't sit right with me, but the alone time with Luka outside of the pack was refreshing.

"What are you thinking about? " Luka snapped me out of my thoughts by asking. I smirked at him as he
watched me expectantly.

"Lincoln" I replied coolly while he threw his hand over his heart, faking a hurt face.

"You're with me and thinking about another man? "

"Eh" I shrugged. "If you asked me earlier, I would've said Zoey. You just have bad timing" I gave him an
innocent smile as I shoveled some noodles in my mouth. He simply shrugged with a light chuckle and
did the same.

After dinner, Luka paid then we headed to the car.

"You have a little thing right there" He pointed to my face and I attempted to wipe away whatever that
was there.

"Did I get it?" I asked. He chuckled, then gently held my cheek.

"Let me" He smiled as he brought his lips to mine, licking my bottom lip in a slow teasing manner.
When he pulled away I gave him a deadpanned look.

"Was something really on my lip or did you just want to kiss me? "

"Something was there, but now I'm doing it again because I want to kiss you" He muttered as he
brought his lips to mine once again.

He kissed me slowly and sweetly at first, but afterwards it got rough. He pinned me against the car,
deepening the kiss each second.

After a minute or two, he finally pulled away with both of us panting hard. He buried his head in the
crook of my neck, inhaling deeply.

"You're mine" He grunted, trailing his hand down the right side of my neck where the fading marks from
Lincoln were.

"I know" I whispered, knowing his wolf was mostly in control. Luka understood completely, but his wolf's
only thought was that I'm only his and no one should touch me.

He pulled away and stared into my eyes. Just as I suspected, his eyes were their beautiful golden
amber colour.

I smiled gently at him and rubbed his cheek with my thumb. He leaned into the touch, and his eyes
changed back to their normal memorizing colour.

"Let's go home," I said with a smile.

He quickly grabbed my bum with one hand, using his other hand to slowly pull down my zipper in a
teasing manner.

"We'll continue this later" He whispered seductively in my ear. I quickly nodded and jumped in the car,
anticipating the night ahead of us.

We mostly talked and teased each other while we drove home, arriving around 9 pm.

Lincoln and the others seemed to all be home, but I ignored them and ran upstairs, already wanting

He followed casually behind me, closing the door with a smirk. I bit my lip as he slowly strolled towards
me. He scooped his arms around my waist, watching me with a gentle smile.

"It's time for bed Angel, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow"

I simply gaped at him. Is he being serious?

"Are you not sexually attracted to me or something? " I snapped, actually feeling like he just doesn't
want me.

"Of course I am, you don't know what you do to me" He held my hand, bringing it to his crotch, showing
me that he was indeed excited. "But there's a pack meeting tomorrow that we have to attend. Don't
want to tire you out"

He pecked my lips as I pouted, feeling like a six year old who's been denied a cupcake.

"We'll continue this tomorrow "

"I wouldn't depend on it" I mumbled as I laid on my side on the edge of the bed.

He soon joined me after, but I didn't make a move to face him since I was still upset.

"Oh f**k it" He mumbled as he pulled me on top of him.

This man will be the death of me, or my vagina.

Whichever comes first.


"Victoria! Victoria help me please!"

I shot up out of bed as I ran through the familiar house. Except, it wasn't the house I grew up in, but the
one I've been in for the past two months.

"Victoria please! " The pleading continued and I ran to every door checking them, finding each one
empty. Curse this humongous house.

"I'm coming!" I shouted as I ran towards the last room.

I burst through, seeing her laying still on the bed with blood everywhere.

"Aunt Sophie! What happened!? Please stay with me! " I cried as I held her.

"Help me Victoria, save me please" she begged and I ran through her door with full speed in attempts
to find something to help her.

As I took a sharp turn, I was in my bed wiggling in my sheets again. How did I even get in here?

I jumped out and shot downstairs, sweating and hyperventilating madly.

I ran into the kitchen to see everyone there, including Luka's parents. I barely spared them a glance as
I rummaged through the drawers to find a first aid kit or something. ANYTHING.

"Where is it?! Where is it?! " I shouted at nobody in particular, I just needed to find something.

"Where's what Tori? " This came from Caleb as they all watched me cautiously. I started to cry when I
realized I wasn't finding anything helpful.

"The bathroom!" I had a eureka moment. "I'll find something in the bathroom"

"Find what Victoria? " Luka asked, looking a bit scared as he gripped my shoulders so I was staring at

"My aunt, she's up there she needs help! I can save her. I just need to find something " I rushed out
while trying to wiggle free.

"Angel, look at me. Calm down please. Your aunt is not here, it was a nightmare" He said carefully.

"What? " I whispered and stopped fighting him as the first tear left my eye.

"It's okay Victoria, it was just a bad dream" He cooed, pulling me closer to him and brushing my hair
with his fingers.

I finally looked around at everyone to see them staring at me with sadness and confusion. I only told
Luka and Lincoln my story, so they were all clueless.

Realization finally hit me and I noticed it was a nightmare I haven't had in years. What triggered it?

I felt the warm tears leak from my eyes, and I knew there was no stopping them now.

Sometimes I would just have the bad dream and wake up sweating, automatically snapping to reality.
But sometimes I would be in so deep, that it feels like I'm living in the moment. Like it's all real--like I
actually had a shot at saving her.

I broke down right then and there, not caring that it's the first and probably only time everyone else
would see me cry.

Luka pulled me closer to him as I cried harder and louder into his chest.

"It's just a dream " I sobbed, shaking a bit in his grasp.

"It's okay Angel, I've got you" He whispered sweetly, but I was in no mindset to process his words.

"It was just a dream Luka! I couldn't save her! " I cried louder as I made eye contact with him. He
looked hurt, for me.

"I couldn't save her!" I repeated. "It was my fault and I couldn't save her. I caused her to go to that mile
Luka! It was all me. She's gone because of me. And I couldn't even help her"

By now my legs were getting weak and it was only Luka arms that were keeping me up.

I felt like something was clawing at my heart and I couldn't remember feeling pain like this since the
day I found her.

Emma and Ashley were in silent tears, and even Mamma bear looked pained. The boys' eyes were
glazed over and I felt bad for making them feel bad.

"She's gone because of me and I couldn't even help her. I should've looked at her that night. I
should've been better to her. It's. All. My. Fault" I cried through sobs, already feeling the headache

Why now?

Why all of a sudden? Did seeing Daisy bring a trigger? It has been years after all.

"Why did this have to happen to me? " I whispered as I closed my eyes tight. Luka's arms were still
holding me up and I was thankful.

"Ssshh it's okay baby it's not your fault" He whispered carefully but I wouldn't have it. I shook my head
no as I continued.

"Yes, yes it is! I found her dead! I could've done something. I wouldn't have been alone all that time if I
wasn't being such a selfish kid! " I was gasping for air as I let my heart break once again.

All those years of mending then boom.

"I miss her! I miss her soooo much. She was all I had Luka, and I killed her. Me!"

At this point my legs finally gave out and Luka was literally lifting me off the ground.

"I'm so sorry Sophie!" I cried. "I would make it all better if I could. I'm sorry I took away your life, your
child" I choked out the last part and I'm surprised my tear ducts still had anything in them.

"It should've been me, not you. You would've been able to live your happy normal life without having to
raise your sister's unwanted daughter "

I paused for a while, feeling my body shake through the sobs.

Ashley was crying into Caleb's shirt even though she didn't know the situation, and Emma and Mamma
bear were doing the same with each other. It must've been hard for them to watch.

Lincoln's face held guilt. Maybe he was thinking the same as me, that seeing Daisy was the trigger.
And since he was the one to bring me to her, he thought it was his fault. I made a mental note to let him
know it's not his fault. He had a tendency to take the blame for everything.

"Victoria, look at me" Luka pleaded, holding my face in his hands. "It's not your fault you hear me?
Don't blame yourself for something you had no control over. Your aunt wouldn't want you to be here
saying these things. You're not alone, you have us" He whispered sternly but soothingly, motioning to
everyone in the room.

His words slightly comforted me, but it still felt like my heart had been crushed. Over the years I've
been by myself, covering the mess with daily activities until it just didn't hurt anymore.

But never have I once turned to my feelings and thoughts and embraced them.

I've never even properly mourned her. I felt as if I said goodbye, I was saying goodbye any chance I
had a feeling loved again. And after Jonah, that made my theory worse.

So here I was, almost 6 years later, finally embracing all the emotions, questions and accusations I've
buried all those years. And it wasn't sitting well with me.

Luka held me tighter in his harms, and by now he was cradled on the ground with me since I fell to my
knees not too long ago. My crying never stopped.

"It hurts Luka," I whispered inaudibly, but I know he heard it.

"I know Angel, I got you" he whispered in my hair and placed a kiss there.

This only made me cry harder. The pain felt unbearable.

"Make it stop. Please. Please" I sobbed, holding onto my tummy as it clenched. I felt a foreign wetness
on my forehead and I assumed it was Luka's tears.

"I'll make it better don't worry" He said in a soothing manner.

"No make it stop now.. Please Luka please! It.....HURTS" It hurts so bad. I knew he couldn't make it
stop, but I felt helpless.

"Please!" I cried out once more and I saw him look towards the other for help, seeming unsure what
else to do.

Caleb had his mate, Ty had his sister, Chris had his wife and Lincoln looked scared as hell. I knew
none of them knew what to do, and I felt bad for putting them into this situation.

Emma finally let go of her brother and stooped in front of me holding me partially in her arms because
Luka wouldn't let go.

"Sshh it's okay Tori. We've got you. You're gonna get through this okay? " she cried in my hair and I
nodded slowly.

"Does it always hurt like this? " I ask looking up like a three year old who just got a shot at the doctor.
She looked to Luka with a pained expression then she met my gaze once again as she wiped my tears.

"I'm afraid so sweetie. But it'll get better okay? You just gotta be strong for her and yourself right now"
she said and I nodded again.

I felt like such a child, but I guess it's better late than never. I've never really had anyone to counsel me
through such a tragic experience, hence why I'm like this now.

Luka took hold of me completely once more as my crying died down a little. I hiccupped on my silent
cries now and then as I kept my eyes closed and leaned into Luka's arms.

"Caleb, postpone the pack meeting until tomorrow please. We're in no place to have it today" I heard
Luka say.

I would've protested and told them to go on without me, but I had zero energy to even talk. So I just
stayed there, quiet in Luka's arms.

The kitchen was silent other from the quiet sniffles and sighs I heard now and then. My eyes felt heavy
as my heart, and I could tell I was about to fall asleep once more.

"I've got you baby girl. I'll always be here for you " Was the last thing I heard Luka whisper as he kissed
my forehead, and I let the darkness pull me into deep slumber.