Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 46

Victoria's Pov

"Thank you all for joining us today" Chris started once everyone was settled.

Like before, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma were present on stage. So were Ashley and myself, standing
to the side. But this time, instead of being behind Luka, he was standing in the middle of the stage, a
few feet behind Ty.

"I'm sure you all are wondering what the purpose of this meeting was, since it wasn't communicated to
you as usual. " He continued. This piqued my interest, since I too didn't know.

"Instead of telling you, I'll show you" He stepped to the side and turned his attention to Luka and Ty.
Almost instantly, they started moving towards each other.

Ty still had his back to Luka, so he was walking backwards, while Luka walked closer to his brother.
Slowly, the crowd started to gasp and shout, but I still didn't get it.

I thought they'd do a dance number or something.

Caleb and Lincoln were beaming beside me, and Chris had a proud look on his face.

When they met, they faced each other and grasped their forearms firmly. With a curt nod, Luka took the
place where Ty stood and Ty took Luka's former place also. And that's when it hit me.

Luka was getting the pack back.

I gasped in shock, throwing my hands over my mouth. His eyes met mine for a while as he smiled at
me before heading to mic.

"Members of the Brightwater Pack, I'm pleased to announce that from this day on, I'll be resuming my
duty as your Alpha" He said confidently and the pack erupted in loud deafening cheers. That's when I
saw how much they loved him.

They all had excited and pleased looks on their faces. It made me even more eager to see how he runs
the pack.

"As you all know, a little over a year ago I lost my first mate and it caused me to be deemed unfit to
lead you. For this I'm truly sorry" I could see that it really hurt him to let his pack down, but they all
seemed to understand.

"I must thank my brother for filling in so excellently, we couldn't have chosen a better man" He threw a
smile at Ty, which he immediately returned. "But for some unknown reason, which I'm entirely grateful
for, the moon gave me a second chance" He then turned to me with loving eyes and a huge smile, and
so did everyone else. My heart raced at the sudden attention.

"Victoria, will you come here please?" He asked softly.

With shaky legs and a thumping heart, I slowly met him at the podium.

"This wonderful woman has made me the person I thought was lost. She picked me up, brushed me off
and opened my eyes to life again" He gently kissed my hand. "And now, she'll rule beside me, as your

Cheers and shouts erupted through the crowd again, and I wondered if my ears were bleeding yet.

"Do you accept? " Luka asked softly. I was taken a little off guard since I didn't know he would actually

"Yes. Yes of course" I smiled brightly at him, and he quickly pulled me into a kiss. This started the
crowd again and I suddenly felt shy.

Chris handed Luka a small dagger, one like which they used to recruit the new pack members.

He held out his hand and I slowly placed mine in it. He made a small slice through my palm and did the
same with his, then joined the two wounds together.

"Just repeat after me" He whispered.

I nodded in response and did just that, swearing my life and loyalty to the Brightwater Pack. It felt so
weird, yet so good. It felt absurd, but yet it felt safe.

It felt right.

Luka was Alpha again, and I was his Luna. Did I know the first thing about being a Luna? Nope. But I
made a promise to them, and I have a responsibility.

So even if I didn't know what I was doing, I'll try my best. I also have Luka to guide me along the way,
and that's all I needed.

He's all I'll ever need.


"Cheers to working beside my pain in the ass best friend again" Caleb shouted as he raised his glass.
We all laughed at his toast, but Luka just rolled his eyes.

"Like you didn't miss me" Luka scoffed, taking a drink from his own glass.

We were back at the house and celebrating, since Emma insisted. I ensured that I gave him an ear-full
about not informing me of the purpose of the meeting before, but as always he just loved surprises.

"Here's to my brother for filling in so perfectly" Luka raised his glass at Ty, which was followed by a
series of agreements from the others.

I had to admit, from what I saw since I got here, Ty was actually really good.

"Aahh, but I'm not nearly as good as you bro" Ty dismissed casually. "I'm glad you're back where you
belong with your Luna" He smiled at me, which I returned brightly.

"There is something else I would like to say" Ty continued, but this time he looked more serious. “Since
I now know my family is happy, I'll like to travel in hopes of exploring the world and finding my mate. I
don't know how long I'll be gone for" He announced and I heard Emma whimper lowly from beside me
as we all gaped at him.

It was only fair and reasonable, since nothing else was holding him here anymore, but I knew it
affected Emma. Even though they had their bickering now and then, their love for each other was

"When will you be leaving? " She asked in a tone that she tried to make sound flat, but it came out
shaky instead.

"I was hoping to go tonight"

"Tonight!? " She sounded exasperated.


"Tonight Ty? "

Everyone knew the seriousness of the situation when a tear rolled down her cheek, because Emma
doesn't cry. Ever.

"I mean, don't you wanna have a proper goodbye? Get some new stuff from the town? And-and-and
don't you wanna meet Victoria's sister? And oh my at least stay until after Caleb's birthday. And-"

"Emma" He cut her off, holding her cheek gently. "I have to do this. Please understand"

She didn't say anything else, just jolted out and up the stairs in a flash. Seconds after we heard her
door slam shut and I could see that this affected him as much as it affected her.

"I'll go talk to her," He sighed. "But can I talk to you for a second please Victoria?" I wasn't expecting
that, but I agreed anyway.

I followed him to the bottom of the stairs, away from lingering ears.

"I just wanted to thank you for what you did and have been doing for my brother" He started, looking
really grateful and at peace.

"Ty you don't have to. Luka's much a saviour to me as I am to him"

"I knew that he had those thoughts. I couldn't find peace knowing he was somehow hurting inside. But
now I know he's okay and I can move on. So thank you" He pulled me into a hug which I returned

"I'm happy you've made this decision. You deserve it. I hope you find your mate" I said truthfully.

"I do too. Take care of my brother, won't you?"

"You know I will," I chuckled. "And Emma?"

"Aah I'll talk to her. It hurts me as much as it hurts her you know? We've been together since
conception so believe me when I say, this is the hardest thing I've ever done."

"I understand" I gave him a reassuring side hug before releasing him to go talk to his sister.

It's so beautiful, the love of a sibling. As much as you fight and fuss sometimes, they seem to be some
of the only human beings that you'll bury the Earth for.

I could only imagine what the connection they had was like. I felt like I would do anything for Zoey, and
I just found out about her existence this week.

All in all, I just hoped they'll come to some common ground before Ty leaves tonight.