Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 47

Victoria's pov

So Ty didn't leave that night.

Emma just wouldn't let the poor guy go. She somehow convinced him to stay until Zoey and Daisy got
here. And that he did.

He actually went with Luka and Lincoln to go get them that Friday, and since I had work which I couldn't
get off of unfortunately, I heard that she still had a hard time letting go.

Everyone at home was extremely happy to see them, and I got home early so I could greet them.

Zoey settled in quite well before I came, and I was more than happy.

Emma was torn between sad and happy. We could see it on her face. I felt horrible for her, but in life
we have to let some people go.

I learnt that the hard way.

I woke up the day after with a weight on me. I groaned and threw my hand on the weight, thinking it
was Luka again. But to my surprise, I was met with a soft bundle of curly fibers.

My eyes shot open, but my surprise subsided when I saw Zoey laying on top of me, grinning like
Cheshire cat.

"You're awake" She beamed before climbing off me.

"I didn't really have much choice" I chuckled as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "How are you? "

"I'm great! Aunty Emma made pancakes for me." She showed me her very full tummy. "She's nice"

I laughed and pulled her into a hug. It was so cute how she called them aunty and uncle. She didn't
have to, but I guess she'll grow out of it.

"Where's Luka? " I looked around the room when I noticed he wasn't in bed.

"Here I am"

He emerged from the bathroom with a huge smile on his face. He was shirtless with a few beads of
water on his ripped chest. I bit my lip as he kissed Zoey's head then sweetly kissed me.

"Okayyyy I'm gonna go" Zoey giggled as she spun on her heels and bolted out. She really acts like
twice her age sometimes. I chuckled when the door closed and smiled back at Luka.

"Hello Mr sexy wolf"

"Mr Bad wolf, Mr sexy wolf. Where do you get these names from? " He asked with a teasing smirk.

"Inspiration" I whispered.

"Want me to inspire you some more my Luna? " He ran his hands up and down my thigh while staring
intensely in my eyes.

I moaned in confirmation when his fingers tugged at the hem of my underwear.

"Hhmm yes please, my Alpha."


"Good morning Daisy" I beamed once I saw her and pulled her into a warm hug as she greeted me.

"Morning sweetheart. You have a beautiful home with wonderful people " She said for the like the fifth
time since yesterday. It was nice that she was adjusting.

"Thank you" I chuckled and grabbed an apple. "By the way, Luka and I would like to talk to you. It's
about Zoey"

She perked up at this, nodding frantically at my request.

Luka and I decided that we would take a chance and ask Daisy about Zoey's werewolf gene.

I originally was against it since I didn't want to bring her into a whole new world that could probably
stress her out. But Luka convinced me that since Zoey is her daughter, she's already in our world.

It was only fair that she knows if she doesn't already know, and Zoey could take advantage of the
schools here for werewolves. It will only be for her benefit.

I led her to my room where Luka was waiting on the couch. We sat in silence for a while before we

"Um Daisy.. I know this is probably a touchy subject for you, but can you tell us about Zoey's father?" I
finally asked and I saw her tense.

"He-he was kind at heart and he really loved Zoey. He protected her with his life and he was...nice"

She shifted uncomfortably in the spot she sat. My guess was that it was really touchy for her, or she
was contemplating telling us if he was a wolf or not if she knew.

"Where was he from? " Luka asked.

I elbowed him discreetly since he was just jumping to the point. I knew that he just wanted her to name
a location so he could analyze if a pack was there.

I was all for jumping to the point, but times like these we had to be subtle.

"I'm not sure. He didn't really talk much about where he's from" She looked down as she mumbled. I
could see the truth in her words, so that led us to the conclusion that he was a rogue.

Luka suggested it earlier, since he happened to 'know' that his pack members wouldn't go after a

"Daisy" I held her hand tightly as I continued. "Did you know that Zoey is..different? " I bit my lip as I
ogled her reaction.

She looked as if she was about to cry, so I tried my best to calm her. "Hey hey don't be scared. We
won't take her away from you, nor will we harm her. We just want to know what happened "

She was quiet for a good five minutes, and though I wasn't the most patient person, I waited
nonetheless until she was comfortable.

"He was a wolf" Her muffled words were still so clear when she spoke into my shoulder.

I gave Luka a look which he was already giving me. We were about to hear the whole truth.

"It's okay Daisy. We're on your side"

"But-but how did you know? " She looked at us expectantly and Luka flashed his eyes to his wolf's as
an answer.

Instead of looking scared or shocked, she looked at him longingly and in awe.

"It's been so long" She whispered as she gazed at Luka's wolf eyes. She then looked to me in
confusion, but before she could say anything, I beat her to it.

"He imprinted on me" I told her. A blushed crept up my cheeks as he kissed my forehead gently. "This
is his pack, and he's the Alpha."

Again, she surprised me by looking at me in awe rather than confusion, as if she knew everything that I
was saying. It made me more curious about Zoey's dad. It seemed like he told her quite a lot.

"My baby's a Luna?" She looked between Luka and I with adoration and I even saw a bit of relief. No
doubt it's about Zoey.

I didn't say anything else. I just smiled at her as she got ready to tell me her tale. Luka got comfortable
on the couch and I got comfortable on him as she started.

"I met Reagan six years ago in town. Michael didn't get better, he just got more and more obsessed
with wolves to the point where he started taking out his failures on me" She started as she gazed at
nothing in particular, no doubt remembering the day.

"Reagan seemed as if he was in a hurry to get out of town, but he stayed that night when I asked him
to. He stayed the other day, and the other, and the other one after that because of me. He had a good
heart" Her voice cracked a little before she composed herself quickly.

"For some reason he wouldn't tell me why he was always eager to get out of town, but after a while he
stopped fighting. We fell in love" My hand found its way to my heart as I saw the pain in her eyes. It
must've been hard.

"Of course, Michael had no idea, but then, I got pregnant" A gasp escaped my lips as if I didn't see that
coming. "I freaked out, and that's when Reagan told me everything. He told me everything about
wolves, packs, mates and he told me about his genes. The baby would've been a wolf too, even
though I was human. I went crazy, since I had no clue what to do. I was still very much married to
Michael, and now I was pregnant with a wolf's baby" She chuckled lowly, but there was no humour
behind it.

"I ignored Reagan for months, pretending that the baby was Michael's. Michael toned his craziness
down after I told him I was pregnant, and he became a husband again. But I didn't love him anymore. I

was just stalling till I figured out what to do. Reagan didn't like it, but he kept his distance and watched

"The day I went into labour was the hardest day of all. Michael brought me to the hospital, but Reagan
was already there. I was panicking the whole time, wondering if the baby was gonna be dark skinned
like Reagan while Michael was in the room."

My breath hitched as I anticipated the rest of the story. I knew this was serious, but it was quite

"Zoey was born with Reagan's complexion" She whispered, though there was no regret in her voice.
"Michael freaked, and tried to fight the nurses off to get to me. Reagan was right outside the room, so
when he heard the chaos he barged in and yanked Michael out.

"Reagan came back to my room and told me he left and I was confused. Why would he just leave like
that you know? Then Reagan said his eyes changed when Michael threatened to kill me and the baby,
so Michael knew he was a wolf. " She stopped and met my eyes.

"He knew Zoey was a wolf"

"That was how his obsession with wolf blood started," Luka said to me softly. "He thought injecting a
human with wolf blood would cause a change, when in reality it's all about the genes"

Fear crept up in me even though I knew it was over. It was all in the intensity of the moment.

"He called me countless times, suddenly wanting to claim Zoey as his. When I wasn't giving in, he
started to hunt us down. I knew I shouldn't have left Reagan and go back to that psycho, but I was just
so confused"

Throughout the whole time she's been talking, this was when I saw her start to spill tears. I was about
to go comfort her, but she continued talking.

"Reagan didn't want any harm to come to Zoey so we ran. We went to New York for two years. It wasn't
good for Reagan since his wolf needed to be let out, and he knew the same would happen to Zoey. He
wanted her to grow up in a pack and be happy, so he decided to come back.

"He knew a pack was here somewhere, so his plan was to go to the Alpha in peace, tell him the
situation and ask him to take in Zoey when she comes of age. He had planned to try his very best to
get Zoey into the pack, even if the Alpha wasn't willing to accept him"

"I would've been in ruling that time" Luka mumbled to himself.

"We got back here and we were able to stay unnoticed until Zoey turned three. Reagan decided to take
action that time; but first, he had to kill Michael " Another gasp escaped my lips even though I knew it
didn't happen.

"He knew that she would never be at peace if he's alive, so he tried to lead him into a trap. " I could see
water building up in her eyes again. "But Michael outsmarted him. " She sighed and shook her head.
This was when I finally got up and hugged her comfortably. She needed it.

"I was home when a knock sounded on my door. When I opened it, I saw a girl" Her eyebrows
scrunched in thought as she gently pushed me back to gaze at me. "The day you came to my house, I
thought you were her"

I looked to Luka in shock, and his expression was already mirroring mine.

"She brought him home. He looked awful and sick. She said she found him in the woods with countless
wounds made with silver, and wolfsbane was abundant in his blood.

"She said there wasn't anything I could do for him, and that she offered to take him to her pack doctor,
but he asked her to take him home instead. She was such a doll. She listened to our story and offered
to help Zoey when she comes of age since she was the Luna at that time" She smiled slightly at the

I could see a ghost smile on Luka's lips too. Ella must've been a doll indeed.

"Reagan said Michael wasn't after Zoey anymore, he only wanted him dead--which happened not long
after" I held her tighter as she started to tremble.

"We buried him the same day, just the three of us. The last thing she did before she left was promise
Zoey to take her into her pack when the time is right. Whatever it takes" A stray tear rolled down my
cheek at that.

It made me think. Even beyond the grave Ella kept her promise. I couldn't help but think that she had a
part to play in Luka’s and I meeting. I didn't believe in the dead interfering with living affairs, but this
can't just be fate.

"Wait" Daisy said all of a sudden as she looked at Luka in suspense. "If you're the Alpha and this was
her pack-"

"She was his mate" I said for her. "She died little over a year ago"

She gasped in shock and looked at Luka in pain and understanding.

"Michael was the one who killed her," Luka said gruffly. "He used her as his experiment." He pursed his
lips in thought before he spoke again. "He must've seen her take Reagan that day, and targeted her
specifically "

"My dear I'm so sorry. I- I "

"It's okay Daisy" He smiled sweetly at her. "I don't blame you or anyone "

"Michael took someone important from everyone I love" I mumbled out of the blue, as my own rush of
guilt entrapped me. I knew Luka said I shouldn't feel guilty, but I couldn't help it.

"He took my mom's love, my sister's father and my mate's...mate?" I chuckled a little at that. "That
sounds weird "

"Victoria" Luka started. "You know that -"

"I know Luka. But what if Zoey hates me for it"

"She won't" They both said in unison.

"If she's gonna hate anyone, she should hate me. I'm the one who married the lunatic." Daisy assured.
Michael was indeed a lunatic.

"She won't hate anyone" The sternness in Lula's voice made us both shut up. "When she's old enough
and if the story should ever come to her knowledge, she'll love you both too much to blame you"

His words calmed me a bit, but if I had the chance, I would raise that mofo from the dead and kill him

He was a monster.

Poisoned two wolves just for some crazy obsession.

Perfect definition of sick.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

"I hope you know that Zoey will be more than happy here. She'll grow up around people like her and
she won't have to ever feel like she's different or in danger" Luka assured Daisy.

She smiled through happy tears and engulfed him in a hug. "I was so worried about how this would all
work out." She smiled to herself as she released him. "I guess that lovely girl is really working
somewhere in the sky"

"Indeed she is" I added even though she wasn't saying it to us.

"What was her name again? Ris- um"

"Risella," Luka said for her as he smiled a little. She gave him a sympathetic smile which he
immediately brushed off.

"She'll always be important to me, but Victoria has my heart now" I giggled when he dropped a kiss on
my temple while my heart did a backflip.

She stared lovingly and happily at us. Despite just telling us the saddest story, she managed to be
happy for us. Even her eyes seemed brighter, and her back straighter as if she's just gotten rid of a
huge load.

Zoey was safe and I was happy. I assumed it's all about the heart of a mom.

"Give me one moment, I'll be right back" She announced before rushing to the door. She returned
shortly after with a neat pink envelope.

"Reagan gave this to me the day we left New York. He told me to give Zoey when she turns sixteen if
anything should happen to him. The day he died, I couldn't help myself and I read it." She handed it to
us with a calm look on her face.

"If anything should happen to me before that time, I want you to give it to her. I trust no one else more
than how I trust you guys. Thank you for everything" She kissed us both on our cheeks and walked out
before we could say anything.

Luka and I exchanged a look before looking at the envelope in my hand. I knew it wasn't my place, but
my nosy ass wouldn't wait ten years until I knew what was in there.

I slowly opened it without any protest from Luka, meaning he was thinking the same thing.


My Dearest Zoey,

If you're reading this, it means I'm not in your life when you initiated your first shift. I do trust that you're
well and happy in a pack with people who love you. That's all I ever wanted for you.

If by now you didn't know, I was a rogue. I ran away from my pack when I was 21 for reasons I wish for
you not to worry about.

If your mom ever told you anything about me, I hope she told you that I love you, and that the rogue life
was never what I wanted for you. The constant running and looking over my back was never how I
wanted you to live. And so, I'm trying my best to get you into a pack.

Maybe the reason why I'm not with you is because my lifestyle got me to the grave, or maybe it's some
other reason.

But I want you to know that being a wolf is more than just shifting.

You'll find your mate and live the happy life I always wished for you.

Have my grandpups and make me proud.

I hope you know that I loved your mom. She changed me for the best and gave me the best gift I could
ever wish for.

My precious Zoey.

If by some unfortunate incident you learn that my death wasn't natural and was by the hands of
someone else, please don't try and avenge me.

I've done a lot of bad things in my life, and I don't want that for you. It's not worth it in the end. So
always choose to be good Zoey.

Be good and do good. I know your heart is bigger than mine and your mom's combined. And I have
faith that however and whoever you grow up with teaches you the right way to be a wolf.

You are and will always be the most precious jewel I was given. I want you to remember that and
always stay true to yourself. Be happy and live life to the fullest. I will still be with you through every

Know that you're strong Zoey. You're stronger than you'll ever know. And I hope you use your strength
to be the wolf you're destined to be.

I love you my dearest child. My blood will always run through your veins.

Zoey Isabella Boysen.

My love, my heart, the reason for the most joy I've ever known in my life. My baby girl.

Your dad, Reagan. Forever in my heart.


Tears were already rolling down my cheeks by the time I ended, and I slowly folded the note and put it
back in the envelope.

I leaned more into Luka as he pulled me closer and kissed my head to offer me comfort.

All I could think about was how much love I'm going to give her to make up for what was lost.

No doubt she'll be heartbroken when she reads this.

But she'll be okay, she has us. She has me.

She always will.