Novel Name : Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 48

Victoria's pov

"Happy birthday to you!"

Caleb grunted as I landed on him with a thud and wrapped him in a bone crushing hug.

"Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy biiiirrrtthhdaaaaaay! " I repeated as I gave him a huge kiss on
his cheek.

"I can't wait for my birthday to come" I heard Luka mumble as he sat on the opposite couch. With a
short laugh, I hopped off Caleb and sat beside Luka.

"Thanks Tori," Caleb said with a chuckle. "I'm grateful for all the love toda-"

"Happy birthday uncle Caleb! " He was tackled again by Zoey after she emerged from thin air it

"Thanks Zozo" He gently kissed her head as she cringed at the nickname.

"I made this for you, but you only get to keep it if you find a new nickname for me"

"No promises there Zozo"

She flashed him a toothless grin nonetheless and handed him a paper that seemed to have a painting
on it.

Caleb's laughter immediately stopped as he stared at the picture with surprise, adoration and awe all in
one. Ashley, who was beside him, had the same expression as they gaped at the picture.

"Zoey, you made this?"

"Yup" She beamed, then her face suddenly changed to hurt. "You-you don’t like it?"

"Yes Zoey of course I like it" Caleb gushed as he pulled her in another tight hug. "I love it actually!
You're so talented"

"She always had an artistic hand, so I got her all the supplies she needed to grow" This came from
Daisy as she entered the living room. "And happy birthday Caleb" She gave him a hug when she sat
beside him.

"You didn't make a mistake, and thank you Daisy"

The picture finally passed to me, and I gasped in shock when I saw it. It was a painting of her with
Caleb's brown wolf, her hand resting on his nozzle. She even caught his white ears and paws.

Yesterday after our talk with Daisy, we thought it would be good for Zoey to actually see her first wolf
since she already knew she too was a werewolf.

Caleb volunteered to shift for her and to my surprise, Zoey was amazed and excited instead of scared.
They spent the whole afternoon playing.

She happened to get the perfect picture of them in the backyard. It was as good as a six year old could
paint, and even better. It looked like something a twelve year old would do.

She has so much talent.

I handed it to Luka, though he already could see it from beside me. I felt pride welling up in me for my
sister as everyone ogled over the painting.

It was finally passed back to Caleb, and he let out a content sigh as he gazed at it again.

"I'm framing this" He announced before disappearing up the stairs.

I giggled and made eye contact with Emma and Ashley. Today was the day we will surprise Caleb
about Ashley's pregnancy. Luckily he hasn't picked up any of her changes yet.

Ashley told him that we're going shopping for a few hours, but in reality, we're going to the pack house
to get all the decorations ready for the big announcement at his party.

We already got our dresses that Emma ordered last week, so all we had to do now was get everything
in place. The party would be at the pack house which was more convenient.

The only other persons who knew about the pregnancy were Luka and Luka's parents. Luckily, we had
the Alpha on our side, so we could do what we had to without any distractions.

Lincoln and Luka would be doing some bro tradition birthday outing that they always do with Caleb, so
we were good until 5:00.

"Ready? " I eyed them excitedly.

"As ready as I'll ever be" Ashley clapped her hands eagerly and ran out the door.

"Let's go people!"


"I told you she would look hot in that dress!" I gloated to Emma since I was actually right for once. She
always won at everything.

"Yea yea you were right. You won this time, but we're still straightening her hair"

I rolled my eyes at her. "Every time we're dressing up to go somewhere you straighten everyone's hair"

"Actually no. Our last girls night out, your hair was curled"

"Yea but if I hadn't already planned-"

"Um guys" Our bickering stopped at the sound of Ashley's voice, and we turned to see what she had to

"It's 4:30 and my mate's party starts at five. So I'll do my hair this time, and you guys do yours"

"But Ashley, we always do each other's hair," I whined, feeling disappointed.

"And we do this all the time. You and Emma fight about keeping my hair curly or straightening it, and it
usually ends in thirty minutes. So since we don't have that time, I'll do it today okay? "

"But Ashley-"

"My mate" She gritted. Emma and I immediately shut our mouths at her tone. We knew how important
this was so we let it be.

"Can I at least straighten your hair? " Emma asked me with puppy eyes. How could I say no to puppy

"Only if you let me curl yours "

She cringed at the suggestion and I had to bite my lip so that I didn't laugh. I knew she had nothing
against curls, but her hair was always straight and Emma was not the person for change.

In fact, she hated it.

"Come on Em it'll be cute, and we won't have to break tradition"

"You have ten minutes guys" Ashley announced. I knew she was over exaggerating, but it would get us

"Fine, but if I don't like it, you're the one answering to Ashley when I'm late"

I squealed in excitement and sat in the chair so she could straighten mine. Twenty minutes later, we
were all dressed, prepped and ready to go.

The new look on Emma was refreshing, and not to mention cute as hell. It suited her more than we
thought it would, but we knew she still preferred her naturally straight hair.

Unlike the pack barbecue days, the boys actually waited on us this time. Since it's Caleb's party, his
mate on his side would be a good way to enter. Zoey and Daisy were also ready when we entered the
living room.

"Well, happy birthday to me," Caleb said with a smirk when he saw Ashley. He pulled her to him and
ate all her lipstick from her mouth. Fortunately, Emma and I thought of it and brought extra.

He rubbed his hand up and down her ass, looking quite ready to ditch the party and rip Ashley's dress

"Okay bro" Luka patted his back a little too hard. "Remember there are kids present"

I laughed as I saw Zoey hiding her face in Daisy's dress.

"But damn bro, look at my mate" Caleb drawled as he bit his lip and buried his head in her neck again.

I had to agree with him, she looked stunning. The velvet bodycon wrap dress looked like it was made
perfectly for her. She wore gold open toe heels and a gold choker.

Her hair was caught up in a semi formal updo, held together with a gold pin. I had to admit that I was
actually surprised that she did it on her own. Since she always just had it loose or in a messy bun, we
would've never known she could've done it this nicely.

Finally, her makeup that Caleb practically ate off, was just right and enhanced her beauty.

He brought up his head from her neck and regarded her weirdly.

"You smell kinda different, but in a good way" He mumbled.

My heart raced when he looked like he was racking his mind for answers, but Ashley just smiled
casually and shrugged.

"I borrowed Emma's perfume. You know, the one she never uses" She then checked her phone and
called to everyone. "We're already late. Come on guys"

I breathed out in relief when he let it go and followed behind her without questioning it.

It's party time!

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