Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 49

"And many more! "

We cheered as Caleb blew out his '23' candles after our song. I found it so funny that his birthday party
was like a ten year old's, but then I remembered that Celeb was a baby at heart.

Luka said that after this part, it would emerge into a more adult-like party. It all didn't matter to me
though; it was all fun so far, and Caleb seemed more than happy.

Most of the pack members were out to celebrate their Beta's big day and it was heartwarming.
Decorations hung from all possible places in the pack house's backyard, and our little surprise display
was nicely tucked away where it should be.

Gifts sat on a huge table at the side, and everything seemed to come together so nicely.

Everyone seemed happy so far but little do they know the surprise they're in for. After Caleb and
Ashley cut the cake, Ashley snuck off to her position for the surprise.

This was Emma's idea since she's the one who's lived here all her life.

On the Alpha, Beta and Gamma birthdays, they always got a bunch of 'happy birthday' balloons filled
with helium, and they would float them away as a symbol for a long and happy life.

She said it started when they were just kids, but they never stopped even when they outgrew it. But this
year had a little tweak to it.

"Where's Ashley? " Caleb frowned as he looked around for her.

"You'll see her soon enough. But for now.. " Luka trailed when he walked up with the balloons.

Caleb's face changed from excited to confused when Luka handed him a bunch of pink and blue
balloons and one big gold one.

He turned them around so he could see the writing on them, which only seemed to confuse him even
more. The pink ones had 'it's a girl', while the blue ones had 'it's a boy'. The big gold one in the middle
had 'congratulations' written on it.

Everyone was quiet, as they too watched curiously and confused.

"What's this? Are these balloons for me? " Caleb asked, breaking a sweat. Deep down he sorta knew,
but he just needed confirmation.

As if on cue, Ashley burst through the big birthday banner at the backdoor steps, holding the huge
teddy bear I picked up in town.

Gasps echoed throughout the crowd when they put it all together, and Ashley slowly walked up to
Caleb with a huge smile on her face.

His expression was priceless. It was like he couldn't comprehend what was happening in that moment.

"No way " I heard him whisper to himself when Ashley stopped in front of him. The bear had a heart in
its hand with the words 'Hi dad' written on it.

His eyes popped out of his head as they moved from her face, to her tummy, to the teddy and back

Finally he seemed as if he got it, and he let go of the balloons and threw his hands over his mouth,
sending them floating in the sky.

That didn't seem to faze him, instead he took a few steady steps towards her. Everyone watched in
anticipation as he dropped his hand from his mouth and watched her in adoration.

"Are-are you, is there a baby, pregnant?" She giggled at his jumbled question and held the teddy closer
to him.

"Hi dad" She answered sweetly, and finally he seemed to register it all, as his shock was replaced with
excitement and love.

He grabbed her a little too hard for my liking, and spun her around as he laughed in joy. I think I even
saw a little tears in his eyes.

"I'm gonna be a dad! " He announced proudly to everyone as held her by the waist, though they all got
it before he finished registering.

"I love you, I love you, I love you so much" He repeated before his lips captured hers after his
declaration, and I made sure I got it all on tape for Ty and for memories.

"And I love you" He mumbled against her belly and placed a kiss on it.

It was such a beautiful moment. You could really see how overjoyed he was about his baby, and
everyone present was sharing in on that joy.

Lincoln, who also didn't know, seemed to have just come out of his trance and pulled Caleb into a hug.
Not a casual bro hug like what they always do, but a genuine heartfelt hug.

"Congrats man! " He cheered. He too looked as if he was about to cry. "I'm gonna be an uncle! "

"Hey but you were already my uncle" Zoey whined from beside me. I guess I'll have to have the
'attention and love' talk with her before the baby comes. I knew how sensitive kids were with this kinda

"I know pumpkin, and I always will be. But we're also really happy about the new baby. Aren't you? "
Lincoln asked sweetly.

She pursed her lips and tapped her chin with her index finger before smiling at them. "I guess it's okay.
I'm happy for you uncle Caleb and aunty Ashley. I promise to be nice to the baby and teach it how to

"I'd like that very much Zozo. Thank you" Caleb said with a smile. She once again cringed at the
nickname, but hugged him anyways.

He received a lot more congrats and happy birthdays from pack members. We didn't even get to
transitioning into an adult party. Too many people were too busy giving their love.

The time trickled away quickly and we decided to wrap it up and continue our celebrations at home.

Caleb said his final thank you to the last person who left, then turned around to face us. He watched
Luka, Emma and I with a glint in his eyes, and I knew what he was about to say.

"You guys knew, didn't you? " He asked and we nodded with huge grins on our faces.

"Emma and Tori I understand, but Luka? Babe come on" He whined as he turned to Ashley.

"I didn't tell Luka" She defended quickly. "He found the pregnancy test."

"You took a pregnancy test!?"

"Long story" She added, and we shared a laugh at the whole memory. Caleb being Celeb just brushed
it off.

"Well it doesn't matter because I really enjoyed finding out this way" He pulled her in for yet another
kiss, and I knew I've hit my max for seeing them kiss for one day.

"You know, I'm glad you're human" Luka whispered in my left ear. I turned fully to him and gave him my

"Yea? Why is that? "

"Because, my Angel, I'll know when you're pregnant before you do" I gave him a confused look, which
he read quite well. "I'll sense the change in your scent before you even realize that your period is late"

"That's no fun!" I whined. And after I've already planned my own baby surprise for him in my head.

"But it's convenient"

I gave him a deadpanned look. "So why were you so pissed about the pregnancy test?"

"Because I'm stupid" He smirked as I laughed at his statement.

I matched his smirk and pulled him into a hug. "I'll find a way," I whispered in his ear before running off
to catch up with the others who were heading to the cars.

"Hey" Caleb bumped my shoulder as we walked.

"Hey" I returned the gesture while I smiled at him.

"I knew you were kinda the mastermind behind this whole plan, so thank you"

"You're welcome. Though it was the three of us all together"

"I know. I already thanked Emma, and I have my plans of thanking Ashley later" He gazed off in the
distance with a look on his face that made me gag.

"Okaaaayyyy... Too much information" He laughed at my expression and pulled me into a side hug.

"But for real, thanks Tori"

"I guess that means you enjoyed your day? " I beamed.

"Best birthday ever."