Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 34

Victoria's pov

"What are you thinking about?" Luka asked, snapping me out of my daze, and I just actually noticed
that we pulled up to the house.

"Lincoln" I simply said, as I gave him a sweet innocent smile. He playfully threw his hand on his chest,
giving me a hurt look.

"You're in a car with me but you're thinking of another man? I'm hurt" He croaked dramatically as I

"Calm down it was just a random thought" I hopped from his car and made my way towards the door.

If only it was random for real. Any time I had time to think, my mind just went back to what happened
four days ago at the cemetery. But I haven't been having a bad week though.

Luka has been bringing me to and from work all week. He still doesn't want me to travel alone, but I
didn't mind. I loved being with him.

Remember that urge to always be around him? Well it's still growing, and I don't know how long I will
be able to hold out before I jump him. What was he waiting for anyways?

I was parched, so I went to the kitchen to get some water. I was met with Emma, Ashley and Lincoln
eating dinner. Why doesn't anyone ever use the dining room?

"Hey guys" I greeted as I grabbed some water. They grunted or mumbled in response, as they
continued to stuff their faces. Dinner looked great so I decided to go take a shower before I ate.

"I'll bring it up for you" Luka whispered in my ear as if he could hear my thoughts. I beamed in at him in
gratitude before heading to the door.

"Victoria before you go, we need your opinion on something" Ashely called before I could head out.

"Sure what's up?" I went back over to them as Ashley showed me something on her phone.

"Caleb's birthday is coming up and I can't decide on a dress for his party" She said frustrated. I got
excited at the mention of a party.

"Ooouu a party? When?" I asked, totally ignoring whatever they were showing me on the phone.

"Victoria!" They both called my name in annoyance. "The dress"

Sighing, I took the phone and scrolled through the dresses on her phone screen. I recognized the
name of the store from the day Emma and I went shopping for the first time. I didn't know they
marketed online too. It's so cool how updated they were.

"I like this one" I pointed to a sexy, blue velvet dress. It was an irregular wrap bodycon dress, with
summer straps and a deep cut. Totally gorgeous.


"Yes!" I looked at them in confusion as they glared at each other.

"Why don't you like it Emma?" I asked as I peered at the dress again. "It's sexy, and it's gonna be her
man's night. It's totally perfect"

The boys gave each other a look, as if agreeing to stay out of girl problems.

"I prefer this one" She whined, pointing at another dress. It was cute, but I still liked the blue one more.

"Emma I already told you, those dresses are for big booty girls." Ashley held my hand, slightly turning
me to the right. "Like Victoria" she added with a smirk.

"Like Victoria?" I scrunched my face up as I threw my head over my shoulder, trying to see what she

"Come on Victoria you know you got a big booty" Emma laughed, as I blushed a little.

"She's got a point," Lincoln added, receiving a hit in his head from Luka. I quickly directed the attention
back to the dress, trying to hide my blush.

"Okay fine. But I'll be satisfied only if Vic gets this one" Emma said. I simply shrugged as she added it
to the cart also.

I quickly escaped before they could keep me longer to pick out shoes. It's not that I don't like shopping,
but I was starving and really in need of a shower.

I threw my bag on the bed, quickly undressing as I went to the shower. I let the warm water run down
my body, relieving all the pressure that had been built up since the day started.


-Luka's pov-

After threatening Lincoln once again about watching my woman's ass, I grabbed dinner and brought it
up to our room.

I was relieved when I noticed that she liked how I redecorated it for her. It wasn't easy getting that
damn cat to sit still for a picture.

I gently pushed the door open, immediately being met by the scent of her strawberry soap, and her
wonderful voice as she sang.

That woman is multi-talented. She never ceases to amaze me, which makes me love her even more. I
placed the tray on a nearby desk, then sat on the bed to wait until she came out.

I noticed she left her bag on the bed, so I was about to put it away when I saw something strange.
Maybe I shouldn't have been looking in her bag, but it caught my eye. Hanging out of the bag was a
small pink box.

A pregnancy test?

Why would she buy this? There's no way she could be pregnant. Last time I checked, fingers and lips
can't get someone pregnant. I quickly put it back inside when I heard the bathroom door open.

Maybe I should ask her about it? Or maybe I should just wait until she tells me herself. This is a
relationship after all, so we should be open about everything.

I watched carefully as she grabbed some clothes to put on before joining me on the bed. She still had
the towel in her hand, drying her hair. I ensured that I changed my demeanour back to normal. She's
smart and observant, so she would've known something was wrong.

"You okay?" She asked all of a sudden. See what I mean?

"I'm fine, just tired" I sighed, and she fell back on the bed with a grunt.

"Me too." She mumbled. I didn't like this, I could see that she was actually really tired.

"How much do you like your job at the hospital?" I asked as a thought popped in my head. She braced
herself up on her elbows, giving me a curious look.

"I guess it's fine, why?" She gently cocked her head to the side, continuing to gaze at me. I licked my
lips as I stared at her welcoming neck. Later for sure my dear.

"I was thinking, maybe you could stop working there. You know, since it's so tiring for you to be
travelling so far everyday"

I really didn't like how stressed out she looked sometimes, especially in the mornings. She's definitely
not a morning person; something I've learnt the hard way.

She looked at me as if I'd grown another head, processing my question.

"Luka if you're tired of taking me everyday, I'm totally capable of driving myself you know? I'll call you
when I'm leaving work if it makes you feel better" She said as she went for the food from the desk.

"No Angel, that's not it. I don't mind taking you one bit, but I know it's tiring you out and you don't have
to work that much" I reasoned.

"Uh, yes I do. I have a house to pay for Luka. I can't just quit my job" She scoffed with a little bit more
attitude than required. Someone's moody.

"I'll pay for it. You know I will" She rolled her eyes, having heard this way too many times.

What is it with this woman not wanting me to spend on her? I mean, it's sexy when she's independent,
but what's mine is hers.

"No I'll pay for it myself, and if I'm gonna do that I'll need my job. End of discussion" I sighed, knowing
she wouldn't change her mind that easy.

I stayed silent for a while, watching her dig through the food as she ate. I gave her enough time to
loosen up before attempting again. I didn't like how she snapped a few minutes ago.

"Just tell me this, wouldn't you like to be free from work? Obviously I wouldn't ask you to quit at the
diner but if you could just stop working, wouldn't you?" I tried again, hoping not to upset her more.

I wasn't trying to get her dependent on me; I loved how self sustaining she was. I just hated to see her
like this, and I knew the back and forth everyday was exhausting for her. I loved her enthusiasm for
work, just not miles away from home.

"Luka you kno-"

"What if I get you a job as our second pack doctor? We've been needing one for years now" I quickly
cut her off, knowing what she would've said.

She looked taken aback by my request, but she shook her head saying no. "I'm not trained to be a
doctor Luka. And I don't know much about caring for wolves"

"You're more than qualified Angel. Wolves don't usually get sick, so all our doctors do is attend wounds
and deliver pups. You're experienced in different areas so we'll have that diversity we need if something
strange should happen. You'll even be better than the one we have" I tried to convince her again.

She's really stubborn.

"You'll be closer to home, and you wouldn't have to go in everyday since we're not really prone to
illness. Plus, you'll still be paid." She remained quiet for a while before meeting my gaze.

"But if you become Alpha again, and I become Luna, how am I gonna be the two?" She asked.

"The same way you were planning to do it if you remained at the hospital" I smirked. She wasn't even
seeing how easier this would be for her.

"But my scrubs" She whined with a longing look on her face. I laughed at her expression, knowing how
much she loved her uniform.

"You can still wear them if you want" I took her hand and gently placed a kiss on it. "So what do you
say? It will be easier when you become Luna. You'll be able to spend more time with us and you'll get

more sleep" Her eyes lit up at my last statement, and I knew I had her.

"Okay fine. But I'm still paying for my house" I raised my hands in surrender as she pointed the fork at
me. "But I have a patient that I'd like to stay with until she gets better. I'll give my boss the notice before
I leave" She added as I beamed at her.

She always got attached to her patients, such an Angel indeed.

I watched as she grabbed my plate from the tray too, taking half the food and placing it on her plate.
She gave me a sheepish smile as she handed me the half filled plate.

"How are you eating so much?" I laughed, as I started on my own dinner.

"I don't know" She mumbled. "I've been feeling weird for a while now"

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, remembering the pregnancy test. It couldn't have been for anyone
else here, wolves don't use pregnancy tests.

"I didn't think it was important. I just thought it was my peri-" She paused as her face changed to shock.
"Wait what day is it?"

"The 16th. Why?" I questioned as my heartbeat increased.

"My period is late" She muttered with a confused look on her face. I couldn't help but feel slightly
annoyed at this. I thought she was about to mention the test.

Why was she acting as if she didn't know? Did she sketch a plan about how she was going to break it
to me? Did she think I'd be upset? I wouldn't be.

It must've been before we met. I know humans don't show until a couple months into the pregnancy. I
wouldn't have known, and it's only been two months since we knew each other, so it was completely


I was just confused as to why she didn't want to be frank with me. She bought the test, so she must've
been suspecting it. I wouldn't resent her or the child because of it. She knew that right?

Of course she knew. As long as she was honest with me, I wouldn't have been a dick about it. I want
her and everything that comes with her, even if she was two months pregnant.

And she knows that.

Victoria wasn't the one to be shy and secretive. So why was she now?

I just refused to believe that she was unfaithful when we were together. But the way she was being
reserved was giving me second thoughts.

"Maybe it will come soon. This has happened before" She waved it off as nothing, then resumed

I clenched my jaw as my anger rose. I quickly jumped to my feet before I said something I didn't want
to. I didn't want to be the one to bring it up, I wanted her to tell me.

"I'm going to take a shower" I gritted out before storming to the bathroom. I knew she could see that I
was upset about something, but I made no move to hide it. Maybe now she'll be honest with me.

I quickly took a shower, feeling better as the warm water eased my tensed muscles. I wrapped a towel
about my waist, and used another one to dry my hair.

"I'm going to chill with Emma and Ashley!" I heard her shout from the bedroom. I quickly walked into the
room, taking her totally off guard as she shoved something in the pocket of her sweats. I narrowed my
eyes at where she put it, no doubt it was the pregnancy test.

"What did you get there?" I asked, pointing to her pocket.

"Nothing" She rushed out, moving to the door. "I'm spending the night with the girls. I'll be back for bed"
Was all she said as she rushed through the door.

I quickly made my way to the door, glancing in the direction where she walked .I saw her enter her old
bedroom down the hall, my anger rising by the minute. Emma and Ashley huh?

I didn't want to assume the worst, but I knew her. If she was intimate with a man before we became
serious, she would've told me. In fact, I'd be the first one she'd come to.

There was only one explanation, one I didn't want to accept.

I waited in our room before I heard the door down the hall close, indicating that she left. I knew she
wouldn't come back here right away, so I took the opportunity to go investigate. When I was sure there
was no one outside, I quickly went to her old room.

I immediately went to the bathroom, knowing that's where she would've gone. In the small dustbin sat
two white sticks, and I knew I'd found what I was looking for. I slowly reached for them as my heart beat
in anticipation.

On each stick stood two red lines. I wasn't sure what it meant, so I peered at the small box that they
were in, searching for what the two strokes signified.


She's pregnant?

How could she!?

I threw them back in the bin as I stormed to my room. I was immediately met by her searching through
her side of the closet.

"Hey have you seen my red coat?" She asked without glancing at me. I stayed silent as I strode
towards her, pushing the closet door closed after pulling her out.

I saw excitement in her eyes, before her expression changed to confused.

"What's wro-"

"So you're really excited about having another man's baby?" I asked harshly, totally forgetting about
'waiting for her to tell me.'

"Luka what are you talking about?" She seemed more confused, which only made me angrier. Why
won't she just fess up?!

"Stop playing dumb Victoria. I saw the pregnancy test. When were you planning on telling me huh? Or
you weren't gonna tell me. You were just gonna run away with whoever the father is right? That's why
you were so excited"

Her face scrunched a little longer, before realization lit up her features. Then she...laughed?

What the hell was so funny?

"Luka no I-"

"What's so funny huh?" I cut her off. "Do you find it funny that you played us all? You were never
serious were you?"

"Luka where is all this coming from? If you would just listen to me"

"And then what Victoria? I accept you and your baby and invite the dad to come stay here too? I can't
believe you did this. I trusted you Victoria!" I was steaming.

She remained quiet in a shocked state.

"All this was just a joke to you? Of course it was! I'm a wolf and you're a human. You want a normal life
with a normal human." I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. My heart felt like it was being
ripped apart.

"It was that ex-boyfriend of yours wasn't it? That night when you disappeared, it was then wasn't it?"
She just stood there with her mouth slightly opened, utterly distressed.

Maybe she was surprised that I was putting it together so well.

"You were just using us weren't you? You couldn't stand being alone so you took advantage of us,
knowing you meant so much to us. And for what? So that you wouldn't feel alone? Then when you get
another opportunity, you're ready to just throw us away. All this just to escape your lonely life"

Her face suddenly changed to hurt, and I instantly regretted letting that part slip. I just couldn't contain
my anger and hurt. Her face then scrunched into anger as she stomped to the closet and grabbed a
random coat.

"Well maybe if you showed some interest in our sex life I wouldn't have gotten 'pregnant' for someone
else!" She shouted in anger, grabbing her bag and keys then stalked out the door.

Shit she's leaving.

I was definitely pissed at her, but it was already dark out--I wouldn't let her leave. I followed her down
the stairs and towards the door, passing Emma on the way.

"Where are you going?" I shouted after her, but she didn't answer. "Victoria!" I called as she ran
through the door. I was about to go after her, when someone held onto me.

"What the hell did you do!?" My sister sneered, looking equally as pissed as Victoria moments ago. I
tried to ignore her, heading towards the door, but I was too late as I heard her car speed off.

"Shit" I muttered, running my hand through my hair.

"What did you do?" She asked again and crossed her hands over her chest.

"It's none of your business Emma" I spat as I felt annoyed at the situation I was in.

"It is my business because you just ruined girl's night out" I rolled my eyes at her reasoning. I had
bigger problems than a girl's night.

"I'm going after her" I muttered, taking my shirt off. I knew I'd find her faster in wolf form.

"No Luka let her go. She looked really upset; give her some time. Besides, she has to come back"
Emma said much calmer, which made me feel a tad better. "She wouldn't leave her cat" She smirked
while I threw her a glare.

She wasn't wrong though.

"What did you do?" She asked once again.

"I didn't do anything okay?" I replied frustrated. "I'm not the one who's pregnant" Her eyes widened at
my statement.

"Wait you know?" She asked, taking me completely by surprise. She told them before me? My anger
started to rise once again.

"So she told you guys before she told me?"

"Why would she tell you first?" Emma asked confused, while I gave her a confused look of my own.

"Because she's mine."

Wasn't that obvious?

"Woah bro are you high or something? Are you sick?" She placed the back of her hand on my forehead
as if checking for a temperature.

"I'm not sick. Just pissed that Victoria got pregnant for some other guy, then she went and told you
guys before telling me" I yanked my shirt back on, ready to go bury my sorrows in some scotch.

"Wait wait wait." She laughed.

Why does everyone find this amusing? "Luka, my sweet sweet naïve brother, Victoria isn't pregnant"
She laughed again, shaking her head at me.


"But she said her period was late, and she's been having changes in her body" I reasoned, feeling
really conflicted.

"You idiot! Didn't you think that putting your WOLF mark on a HUMAN girl was going to mess with her
body in one way or the other?" She pointed out, exaggerating the two words.

It was then that I realized how stupid I was. I've never thought about that. Velma actually did tell her
that her body would go through minor changes, so I should've known.

"But the pregnancy test.." I tried, not understanding how that was to be explained. She sighed, shaking
her head.

"I can't believe you assumed the worst about Victoria, and you're the one who knows her the best." She
sounded disappointed as she continued. "I don't know how you're gonna do it, but good luck getting
back on her good side when she comes back" She ended, marching off.

"But the pregnancy test" I repeated, already feeling defeated and like crap but still confused about the
test. She huffed in annoyance as she turned to face me once more.

"The pregnancy test was never meant for Victoria you dimwit, it was for Ashley. She's pregnant"

I froze at this with my mouth wide in shock.

Ashley's the one who is pregnant?

Well shit.