Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 53

Victoria's pov

"Victoria what's wrong? "

"No time for questions Luka. Just get in your car and come home now. Please!"

I threw my phone on the table and ran out behind Emma after I got my message to Luka. She shifted in
her wolf so we could be there faster, and I clenched on to the robe for her as she ran through the mass
of trees. Minutes after, we approached a group of wolves and I noticed that some were shifted and
some still in human form.

I also noticed that Caleb was in his own wolf form, growling and snarling at the man I assumed was
Samuel. He was as tall as Lincoln was, and shared most of his features. He was, however, slightly
slimmer and looked too old for his age.

Samuel had a calm smile on his face, and two wolves stood behind him. He didn't come alone.

Stella was beside Lincoln crying away, since the plan seemed like it completely backfired.
Lincoln's face was still the same as when he left the house minutes ago. It was like he didn't know what
to do.

"Aahh my mate is finally here" Lincoln's brother purred as we came into sight.

All heads snapped to me as I approached them. Lincoln looked more irritated at the fact that I didn't
listen to him, but I held my head high and strutted towards them.

"I'm no mate of yours, no matter what this woman promised you. I am the Luna of this pack and you
are trespassing "

He blinked a few times before doubling over in laughter. He really was crazy.

"So Luka got her huh? You weren't lying mommy Stella," he said with the most annoying amused look
sketched on his face.

"I told you I wasn't! " She cried, obviously overwhelmed by the situation.

"Ah ah" He held up a finger to quiet her. "But I am upset about your little stunt. Taking another man's
mate to try and send me away." He clicked his tongue and smirked at me.

"But to make it all better, I suggest I get that one"

I cringed and stepped back as he came closer to me, but Lincoln blocked his way.

"Lil bro" Sam sang. "Don't you want me to be happy? "

"This is not right Sam and you know it" Lincoln growled threateningly and protectively.

"I was wronged first, Lincoln!"

His former calm demeanor was now gone and replaced with anger.

"She was mine! Mine! And they took her away from me. So I don't care if I'll take someone else's mate"

He shoved Lincoln so hard that he fell, and marched in my direction. Lincoln was scrambling to his feet
and Caleb's wolf looked conflicted. He didn't want to leave Ashley but he didn't want me getting hurt

"Stop," I warned lowly, and he surprisingly obliged. "I'm not going anywhere with you"

"Oh yes you are love" He was about to grab me, but Lincoln punched him to the ground with one hard
fist. Samuel's wolf pals started growling, but Emma and Caleb sized up to them, showing them that
they won't win this fight.

Lincoln and his brother rolled and punched each other as we all just watched in awe. They bared teeth
and flashed eyes, growling and grunting as they fought. I looked to Stella but she just looked scared
and helpless.

Finally, Lincoln ended up on top of Samuel, holding down both his hands at the side of his head.

"Stop Sam stop! "

Sam kept shuffling but Lincoln just held him tighter.

"I said stop!" Lincoln repeated with more authority. He finally stopped fighting and glared at his brother
in hurt. I could see that Samuel was just a wolf that was wronged, but he was also deaf to reasoning.

"Look bro I know that you miss Claire "

"Don't call her name! " He started wiggling again, but Lincoln held him firm.

"I know she was taken away from you. But you have to let it go. Look, a couple years ago I contacted
some packs that Luka didn't call, and one was willing to take you in. Victoria was imprinted on. Maybe
the same will happen to you if you just let it go. I'll call the pack again and you can find a new mate
there. One whose mate is dead or one that the moon gifted to you. Just please Sam, give it a shot " He
tried to appeal to his emotions as we all watched in anticipation.

Sam was quiet. Really quiet. He didn't blink, he didn't flinch, he didn't even breathe. Lincoln slowly got
off him, and Sam sat up and gazed into nowhere.

We all were still, as we anticipated his next words or actions.

Then he looked at me and smiled. He lifted his head to the sky and laughed. He freaking Laughed.
His wolf friends stood tenser as Sam's head turned towards them.

"Now" was the last thing I heard, before I was lifted from my feet and onto a hard shoulder. Before two
seconds passed, I heard growls and clothes tearing, indicating another wolf had shifted. It all just
happened so fast.

I noticed that Samuel was running with me on his shoulder, and a thudding sound from behind us made
me know that he was being chased.

Suddenly we were tackled, and I went flying into the soft damp grass. Realization kicked in when I saw
that Lincoln was holding down Sam once again, but Sam surprised us both and shifted too under
Lincoln's weight.

A scream from where we earlier stood startled me out of my gaze, and I was torn between going there,
or staying with Lincoln.

But what help could I possibly give to Lincoln? They were fighting once again, but this time in wolf form.
The growling and ruffling only got louder from where Emma was, telling me that they were fighting too.

I gasped as I saw them all already covered in blood. Emma was fighting one, while Caleb was fighting
the other. I could see that they both were struggling, but Stella was nowhere to be found.

Rogues practically spent their whole life fighting, so as much as Emma was Alpha blood, she was up
for a challenge.

I knew Caleb could've easily taken him, but it was obvious that Ashley being there was distracting him.
His first and only instinct was to protect her since she couldn't shift when pregnant.

I ran over to her and wrapped her in my arms. I knew it wasn't the best, but I hoped it provided Caleb
some comfort to know she's okay.

"I got her Caleb. Just focus! " I shouted, trying to make him feel somewhat assured.

And with that, he was in full Beta mode. With one spin he tackled the wolf to the ground and sank his
teeth in his neck. When he was certain that he was dead, he ran over to Emma to help, but in a flash,
something big and brown attacked him out of thin air.

Ashley and I screamed in fear as Sam bit Caleb hard in his side. A howl of pain escaped his mouth
while Ashley tried to get free from my grasp.

My eyes frantically searched for Lincoln, and to my relief he emerged from the trees only seconds after.
He was bruised, but he was still fine.

Caleb was trying hard to get the upper hand, but the bite in his side was making it hard for him. Lincoln
pushed off the wolf that was on top of Emma and ran towards Sam. But sadly, he wasn't swift enough,
since Sam's teeth sank deep into Caleb's neck, and we watched as his body started to go limp.

Without hesitation, Lincoln tackled his brother again, finishing him off for good this time by holding him
beneath one paw, and using the other paw and his mouth to break his neck. One last whimper came
from the wolf that Emma had, as he too died when she bit him hard in his neck.

I finally let go of Ashley as she dashed to Caleb who had now shifted back to his human form. I
followed closely behind, seeing how much blood he lost as he writhed in pain. Ashley grabbed the robe
that I had brought for Emma and pressed it to his wound, trying to stop his bleeding.

"Ashley let me do it," I offered carefully. She growled at me as she continued to press the cloth against
his wounds, but she was crying too hard to do it right.

"Ashley please. I'm a pack doctor, remember? I can help him" I didn't even notice when I started crying
too, but luckily she obliged and let me observe his wounds and the damage.

"Lincoln! Emma! Someone take us to the hospital now! "

It didn't even seem like Lincoln knew what was happening, he just stood there gazing at his dead

His brother who he'd just killed.

Emma laid flat on her belly as we struggled to get Caleb on her back.

"Lincoln! " I tried again, this time snapping him out of his daze. His eyes widened as he ran towards us,
seeing the situation at hand.

"Shit" he muttered as he helped us with getting him on Emma's back.

"I'm gonna go with him to the hospital. Lincoln, shift back so Ashley can ride your wolf " I rushed out.

"No I want to go now" she protested, still a teary mess.

I was about to answer but Lincoln once again shifted for her to come with us. With her in this state, I
understood why it would've been hard for her to leave his side.

Within minutes we were in the hospital, and Caleb didn't look well at all and neither was the whole
mess. My crying was getting worse and we had a pregnant hormonal mate on our tail as we wheeled
him into the room.

"Beta Ashley, I'm gonna have to ask you to wait out here" Doctor Monroe said as we got Caleb off the
stretcher and on the bed.

I heard her protests, but Lincoln seemed to get her to stay. I was panicking and scared, something a
doctor should never be in a situation like this, so I was just screaming orders at the poor nurses as I
cried horribly.

We can't lose Caleb. We just can't.