Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 56

Victoria's pov

I've always been someone who looks too deep into someone or something. That's because from a
young age I've learnt that there's always more than what meets the eye.

When I first met Stella, she showed me that dark side of her that you can't see with the naked eye. And
since she loves everyone around her, and visa versa, they wouldn't have noticed.

But me, the stranger and the human who was dooming her and her family to a tragic end, was met with
the side of her that nobody else saw.

Don't get me wrong, she isn't a bad person and she has a heart. But emotions always cloud judgement.
And since I had little emotions towards her, I could see what everyone didn't. So when Luka told me
that his mother left, it didn't surprise me as much as it surprised everyone else. But that didn't mean I
wasn't affected.

Once the 'human dooming family' stage was over, we developed some sort of mother-in-law-daughter-
in-law kind of relationship. And since she was Luka's mom and he was obviously affected, my heart
broke more than I thought it would. For him.

"How do you know?" I had asked last night when I saw that he was serious.

"She left a letter," he said slowly, while I gently took the letter from him.

It was scribbled in an unrecognizable way, due to the rush she might have been in. It was an apology to
us all for everything she'd done and caused. She didn't say where she was going, but indeed, she left.

I noticed that Chris had one for himself too, and I couldn't imagine what he was going through. I knew
she wasn't stupid. She knew Luka wouldn't have done anything horrible to her. So why run? And that,
from your own mate too?

I just don't understand her.

"Good morning" Luka whispered from beside me.

He had clung to me all night, even more than usual. I knew this was just too much for him to handle.
But he wouldn't show it since he was still angry with her about the whole Samuel thing.

"Morning love. How did you sleep?" I turned fully to face him and rested my hand on his cheek.

He sighed and offered me a small smile since I knew he wouldn't want me worrying. "I slept okay"

"Bad okay or good okay?"

He smirked slyly then sweetly dropped a peck to my lips. "I slept beside you. Of course it's good okay"

"Hhmm lets sleep longer" I mumbled and cuddled into his chest.

"Fifteen more minutes Angel. We have to be up soon"

Yea right. You have to be up soon.


Lincoln and I were sitting in the living room watching a movie when a loud thud got our gazes to shift to
the bottom of the stairs. My confusion must've been noticed by her, since she looked at me with sad

"Emma? What are you doing?" My heart started to beat rapidly against my chest, and I could see that
Lincoln shared my expression.

As she was about to answer, Luka emerged from one of the halls, his eyes glued to his phone screen.

"Emma what did you want to talk to me abo-" He stopped as his eyes met hers. The three of us had the
same expressions sketched on our faces as she glanced at us individually before sighing.

"I'm leav-"

"No you're not Emma. Ty, mom and now you? You're not going anywhere" Luka quickly cut her off by

"Luka please. Just listen" Her eyes were pleading with us to hear her out, so I gently held Luka's arm in
attempt to calm him. I gave her a nod, encouraging her to continue.

"I'm twenty-one, and I'm not getting any younger. When Ty left, I felt like I was logging behind like
always" She looked up to meet Luka's eyes. "I need to start my life Luka"

"But everything is so fresh. Are you sure about this? Emma you know we don't blame you for what
happened yesterday right?" This came from Lincoln as he came and stood beside us.

"I know I know. It's not that. It's just that...I think it's time I follow in Ty's footsteps. I want to find my

We all stood silent at that. Of course we didn't want her to leave, but we couldn't deny her the freedom
to search for her happiness.

"I know it's all so soon and probably suffocating, but I need this. And I know you guys forgive me for
everything, but I need time to forgive myself too. Seeing you guys everyday will be my greatest joy, but
a constant reminder of what almost happened just because I was a coward..."

"But it didn't happened"

"But...It could have." She sighed and took a step closer, placing the suitcase on the ground.

"I love you guys. And I'm more than okay with how I'm living. But I'm not an Alpha, Beta or Gamma. I'm
not Lincoln's or any wolf in this pack's mate. We all know dad will go after mom and try to find her. Ty is
running a pack, Caleb and Ashley are having a baby and you guys are leading this pack together. I
need to find my purpose too guys. And I know that you know this day would come eventually.

"Just let me do this. I need to, for myself. Please understand guys, I have no responsibility here and I
know I wasn't born to live here under your noses forever. I know something is out there for me. I
promise I'll call regularly. And I thought I'd go now when the mood is still fresh, so you won't have to go
through it again. Please understand"

She ended with a breath and looked at us expectantly.

She was right, we all knew she was. We also had no reason or right to keep her here forever. It's not
like she won't visit and stuff. But I hate goodbyes.

Luka was the first to go to her and hug her. He whispered something in her hair before placing a
lingering kiss there with his eyes squeezed shut. Lincoln was next to embrace her, and then it was me.

Tears spilled from my eyes before I even reached her. Her eyes watered too, as she closed the
distance between us. I felt liquid seeping through my top where Emma's head was, indicating that she
too was crying.

"I'm gonna miss you," I whispered.

"I'm gonna miss you too."

"You better call me every night, or I'm gonna hunt you don't and bring you back here myself." She
laughed at my statement, showing me that she too remembered that those were her words to me when
I was leaving a couple months ago.

"I'm counting on it"

I chuckled and let her go, wiping my face in the process.

"How did you even get away from Ashley this easy?" I asked, knowing Ashley wouldn't let her go
without crying and kicking.

"I promised to call regularly and be home before she goes into labour" I felt happy at that. Ashley was
almost due, so that meant she'll be back sooner than I thought.

"I told Zoey that I'll bring her the biggest teddy bear I saw and her sadness was gone in an instant" She
giggled at the six year old's love for stuffed animals.

That child was obsessed with her bears.

"I guess you're all set then" My voice betrayed me by cracking, and I had to try my best not to cry

"I guess so." She nodded slowly, as if just realizing what's happening. "I-uh- I'm using Ty's travel
schedule, so I'll go wherever he went, then my final stop will be at his pack. If by then I still don't find
my mate, I'll stay a little longer with Ty, then I'll come home"

"You'll find him." I told her whole heartedly. "I know you will" We smiled at each other again, silently
sharing and reflecting on our memories as she got her suitcase ready.

"I'll drive you to the airport" Luka offered as we all followed them to the foyer.

"You stay safe okay?" I mumbled with tear filled eyes again.

"You too Vic. And take care of my brother okay?"

"You know I will" I smiled and gave her one last bone crushing hug.

I noticed that Daisy, Zoey, Ashley and Caleb were at the top of the foyer staircase, looking as she left.
And with one last glance, she closed the door behind her.

Just like that, Emma was gone.

The house was unusually quiet after she left, and it stayed like that for a couple more weeks.

Zoey was getting along quite well with her friends at school, and was fitting in greatly too. Daisy too
found interest outside of the house. We ensured to keep her stress level minimum to nil, which wasn't
hard since Zoey was well and happy.

Speaking of well, Caleb was up and running again. His wounds were completely healed, and he was
being his troublesome self again. Ashley was more than content, and their baby was healthy and
almost ready to meet us all.

Few more weeks passed, and everything was starting to feel normal again. Emma's absence was still
felt, but we learnt how to adapt to it better than I would've thought.

We talked almost everyday, but overtime her calls got less as she explored and searched to her heart's
content more. I was happy for her. She always sounded so free on the calls.

And Chris? He was barely in pack lands for the first few weeks, then one day he didn't come back. But
unlike Stella, he kept in touch. We knew he found her, but he didn't tell us. I'm sure it was per her
request, but Luka ensured him non the less that she was welcome back home anytime.

We knew they'll come back someday, but we'll let her ride out her guilt first. Luka knew that that was
more than enough punishment for her, but he really did miss her. He's been holding up better than I
expected. I had a feeling that me being close was a part of the reason, but he also learnt a lot over the

He had learnt how to deal with his emotions and it was beneficial to him and everyone around him. He
was okay. We were in love and happy, and we never failed to show each other that.

In any and every way.

Lincoln had been Lincoln. The death of his brother was a lot for him, but him and his parents have
come to terms and accepted the fact. He held onto the good memories, and that seemed okay for him.

I was worried for him though. He was twenty four and he still hasn't found his mate. When I asked him,
he just said he wasn't in any rush to find her, and that just like everyone else, when the time is right he'll
find her.

So I decided to respect his perspective. He didn't seem upset about it, so I decided that I wouldn't

And me?

Well I was always here, there and everywhere. I still worked as one of the pack doctors and I still kept
my job at Charlette's on Fridays.

Luka and I were better than ever, and Twinkle was now sleeping with us most nights. Ashley and I still
hung out every time I was free, and we came up with the weirdest baby names and went shopping
when we could.

My house was finished and paid for, and Daisy especially liked the renovations, leaving the past behind
to start a new life. Luka and I went there when we wanted alone time, and nowadays, we wanted a lot
of alone time. Who could blame us though? After everything that happened in the span of one year. It
was crazy.

I still visited Velma of course, though Jonah never stopped his endless rambling about him being the
best for me. I ignored him though. I was all for positivity.

All I ever wanted in life, I was getting it.

And I was happy.

I made my way to the music room after dinner since it's been a while since I've been there. I sat in front
of the piano and gently ran my fingers across it. The familiar keys sung in my ears, and I already felt

I racked my brain for a song to play, and my phone beeping snapped me out of my thoughts. I saw that
it was a text from Emma, and I immediately opened it since it's been like three days since I heard from

The message was lengthy, so I took my time to read it through.

*Oh Victoria, you wouldn't believe the day I've had. I landed in England today, two months earlier than I
was supposed to, but I was missing family too much so I decided to visit Ty. They didn't know I was
coming, and you wouldn't imagine who I saw.

My mate Victoria! My freaking mate is Ty's Beta! : Beta Alex is my mate !

I was so exhilarated, but then I remembered that I was here before for Ty's Alpha ceremony. Alex
purposely hid from me when he picked up my scent and realized who I was! I was furious, but he
explained it all to me.

Apparently, his wolf was terribly hurt a couple years ago, and so he cant shift anymore since his wolf
didn't heal well. So when he saw who I was, he got insecure, saying he didn't think he was good
enough for me.

But Vic you know me, I had to cuss him out before I accepted him. How dare he think he wasn't good
enough for me? In fact, I told him that he was my special wolf, and he should never feel like that again.
After which we spent the day together, and he marked me Vic! ^.^ I feel like a new wolf.

My searching is over. I can feel how happy I'll be already. I'll have my twin and my mate under one roof!
How much better can that be? Oh how I wish you could've been here to see it. It was indeed beautiful,
and I have the perfect mate.

Is it too early to say that I love him?

Ah I couldn't wait until tomorrow to tell you, But I'll call you all tomorrow to tell the others. I'm exhausted
but I had to tell someone.

I think I'll bring him home with me when Ashley is about to have her baby so you guys can officially
meet him.

I'm so happy Vic! But please don't tell Luka yet, I'll surprise him tomorrow with the others.

I really do miss you but I'll see you soon! Ou Alex is back. I'll catch you later Vic!

And remember to keep it hush*

The text was followed by a short video, and I saw that it was Emma and Alex in the woods laughing
away and looking like a happy couple. I smiled widely at the message and video, and sent her a quick
reply. I sighed in content as I locked my phone and smiled at the wall like a maniac.

Emma found him. And that too in her brother's pack.

It was indeed a highlight to my day, and I know it will be hard to hide my excitement from Luka.

I glanced down at my phone again, taking in my lock screen saver. It was the night when the guys
crashed our girl's movie night and they wore those ridiculously cute animal pajamas. I took a selfie of
us, but they were all sleeping.

It was by far my favourite picture.

I thought about how extremely lucky I've been to know these people as all the memories of the year
kept rushing back. It was then that I knew exactly what song I wanted to play. I rested my phone on the
top of the piano and got ready to glide my fingers over the keys.

And as I sat there playing Memories by Maroon 5, I let my heart soar in all the love and adoration I had
for these wolves that I've come to love.

So here's to the ones that I've got.