Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 57-Final

Luka's pov

"It's a boy"

My heart welled up in joy at the words the love of my life spoke happily. It's a boy.

He'd been born. And by the look on her face, he was okay too.

"That's great! " I exclaimed as everyone else in the hallway processed the information.

Caleb and Ashley's baby was finally in the world. And despite the long agonizing hours that Ashley
have been in labour, it was all forgotten.

She had gone into labour earlier than she was intended to, and so she faced complications. She's been
at the hospital for the past two days, and my wonderful Victoria has been with her every step of the

Victoria was currently explaining something to Lincoln, and I took the time to really admire her.

How could someone look so beautiful in a blood covered surgical gown and red lipstick? The world
may never know, but that was my Angel.

"Is he healthy? " I asked, once I recovered from my love struck gaze.

"Bouncing and bubbly" She beamed.

"Just like his dad" Lincoln commented, which caused us all to laugh.

"You guys can go in when you're ready. I'm just gonna get cleaned up." She told us with that beautiful
smile of hers. I watched as she disappeared into a room and I looked to Lincoln for confirmation.

"You think Caleb has recovered? " Lincoln asked with an amused look on his face.

Caleb has been a mess for the past two days, which was understandable. His mate and baby were in
danger, I didn't blame him. But today when she started having contractions again, he went crazy and
fainted a couple times. At first it was sad, but then it just became hilarious.

"Let's go find out" I suggested; but before we could enter, thudding footsteps down the hallway caught
our attention.

"I'm here! I'm here! "

I looked down the hall to see Emma rushing towards us with an anxious looking Alex behind her. She
stopped directly in front of us and rested her hands on her knees while she caught her breath.

"Where is... my... niece or nephew? "

"Well hello sister. I missed you too" I retorted sarcastically with a teasing smile. She chuckled at my
remark and hugged me once she caught her breath.

"I missed you Luka. It's great to see you" I held her tight and gently kissed her head, then she
proceeded to greet Lincoln.

Alex and I exchanged curt greetings while I also congratulated him on finding his mate. He seemed
much happier than the night I saw him at Ty's Alpha Ceremony. Courtesy of my sister I'm sure.

"Emma! " I whipped my head around at the sound of Victoria's voice, and I saw that she was crushing
Emma in a hug.

"I thought you would've come earlier" She mumbled.

"I came as fast as I could. I cant believe that she's a month early"

"She surprised us all. But it was worth it" Victoria clapped her hands excitedly and motioned to the
door. "Ready to meet your nephew? "

"Of course! " Emma squealed, totally forgetting her mate who was left feeling awkward I'm sure.

We sanitized our hands and quietly went inside the room. Ashley was sitting on the bed with a sheet
over her legs, and a tiny little person in her hand. Caleb was sitting on the chair beside her with a look
of admiration in his eyes. Their attention was drawn to us once we entered, and they looked excitedly
at us.

"Emma you came! " Ashley squealed as soon as they met eyes.

"Of course I came hun! A promise is a promise" She practically rushed to her and the baby with
excitement. We let them have their moment before approaching her to finally meet our new family

He was awake and stared at us expectantly with his bright blue eyes. He clenched onto Ashley robe
with all his might, but he didn't make a sound. He just looked peaceful.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet Zavior Fraser," Celeb announced proudly. Beta Zavior , sounds

Emma and Victoria squealed at the announcement, indication that they helped choose that name.
Women and their obsessions with choosing baby names. I would never understand it.

"Hey Zavior" I whispered once it was my time to hold him. He felt so little and frail in my large hands.
"You will have the goofiest dad growing up, but don't worry. Your uncle Luka got you"

"Heeeyy! "

"Oh suck it Caleb. You know it's true" Lincoln said as he took the baby from me, making us all laugh.

The rest of the morning went just as lovely. Daisy and Zoey arrived moments later, and Zoey had tons
of questions which kept us entertained.

By far, the day was going quite great and I only intended for it to get better.


"Luka where are you taking me? " She whined for the tenth time.

"No place special" I shrugged casually. I was doing a good job at keeping my excitement at bay.

She groaned for the millionth time since I blindfolded her and put her in my car. She asked me over and
over where we were going, but I wouldn't tell her. It was no surprise, but it still kinda was.

"If I didn't trust you, I would've thought that you're taking me away to kill me. Maybe you are a serial
killer after all"

I chuckled lowly before answering. “If I was going to kill you dear, trust me, you wouldn't know "

"Am I supposed to be worried? "

"Of course not. If you die I die" I simply stated truthfully.

" I think you're being a little overly dramat-" she stopped talking when I came to a stop, and I could see
that she was trying to pick up on some clue of where we were.

I could hear the light splash of the water, but I knew we would have to walk a while before she picked
up. But for now, I'm sure all she could hear was the light chirps of birds. It must've seemed like we
never left the forest.

"Luka where are -"

"I'm gonna give you the same answer Angel" I hopped out and went to her side. I tenderly kissed away
the frown that was sketched on her perfect lips as I lifted her from the car.

It seemed to calm her for the most part as she slowly walked with me through the clearing. She clung
onto me as if she would fall any minute, but the moment she heard the water splashing against the
rocks, her grip loosened.

"You brought me to the cliff" It sounded more like a statement than a question so I decided to take the
blindfold away since the jig was up.

She looked both confused and amazed as she stared at me with those bright brown questioning eyes.

"Happy birthday my sweet Victoria" I whispered softly, tucking her hair away from her face.

She gasped at my words and stumbled back a little, as if I had just told her that the sky was red. I held
her waist and pulled her closer to me with a soft smile as she peered at me quizzingly.

"How- how did you.. "

"You think I'd know you for a whole year and not find out your birthday? "

She didn't reply, just gaped at me like I've done the worst and best thing ever. I rested my hand on the
small of her back as I led her to the edge of the cliff where I gently helped her down in a sitting

"One year ago on this exact day, you saved my life; and in more ways than one too"

"Luka.. "

"No let me finish." I insisted gently. "Even under the moonlight, I could see that you weren't in a good
mood, and I thought that it was the reason why I suddenly felt connected to you. I guessed that I wasn't

the only one having a crappy day"

I paused to gauge her reaction, and she just looked at me in awe.

"I never liked my birthday " She started. "Since I was little, Sophie always made me feel special. She
always made me feel special, like a birthday princess. After she died, I didn't see any reason to
celebrate it. My very existence was the reason she died anyways. It's not a happy day."

"That's where you're wrong Angel. It is very much the best day ever. Just the fact that you were born on
this day makes it so special and it is to be celebrated. And even if this day holds dread for the both of
us in the past, moving forward it will be one of my favourite days" I held her chin and tilted her head so
she was looking directly in my eyes.

"Because on this very day, I met the love of my life, my heart and my Angel. On this day, my life
changed for good and on this day, I will forever celebrate your birth. Because if you were never born, I
would've never known what living felt like"

A stray tear rolled down her plump cheek, and I couldn't help but kiss it away as I rested my forehead
on hers. I showed her with just one look how much she meant to me.

"I don't know what to say" She whispered sweetly.

"Then don't day anything" I told her with a light chuckle. With that, I devoured her lips in a ravishing
kiss, still in love with the way they tasted and felt. Her lips moved softly against mine as I expressed
just how special she was to me.

She pulled away to look at me, giving me a toothy smile.

"How do you think Zavior is gonna react to being my birthday twin? "

"I think he'll like it very much"

"Right because you think everything 'Victoria ' is great" She chuckled. Such a beautiful sound.

"But it is though. I'm so lucky I met you " I mumbled in her hair, squeezing her tightly against my chest.

"I could say the same. Before you I was lonely and I don't think I ever was happy"

"I guess you can say we saved each other,'' I concluded, looking back on the year we had together.

She nodded in response with a peaceful but happy look on her face. I thought it was the perfect time to
bring out the gift.

"I got you something" My heart rate picked up when I took the small box from my coat and handed it to
her. She looked at it weirdly before slowly opening it.

I ensured that I got a full view of her reaction, and I could say it was priceless. She gaped and babbled
words I couldn't understand as she looked between me and the card inside the box.

"Does this mean? Wait... Wait, I can’t process both things. Am I? Do you want to? What? "

A laugh rumbled from my chest as I waited for her to fully process it. I watched as she read over the
simple but great words written on the card multiple times.

*Marry me, mommy?*

"I'm pregnant? " She whispered in awe.

"Your scent changed a wee-"

"And- And you want to marry me? "

She finally looked up from the card, seeing that I'd changed my stance and was now on one knee,
holding a beautiful diamond ring in a velvet box. She gasped when she saw me as her hands flew over
her mouth, making the box with the now forgotten card fall over the cliff.

"Victoria Amelia Deslandes, on this day one year ago, you changed my life forever. And I don't ever
want to go back" I began. Her eyes watered as she muffled a sob.

"You are so caring, loving, and thoughtful. I know that I couldn’t have found a better person than you to
share my life and raise our child with. You are truly one of a kind, a diamond in the sand, a golden
ticket that I am lucky to have won. I am sooo so lucky and so grateful that you chose me, but I want you
to choose me forever"

I paused and took her left hand from her mouth and gently placed a kiss on her ring finger before
sliding the ring on it.

"So what I'm saying is.. Will you be mine? Forever? "

Her face morphed into one of pure joy and she jumped on me, nearly taking us both off the cliff.

"Yes yes yes yes!! Of course I'll marry you! " She screamed through laughs and happy sobs.

And that was all I needed to hear.

I jumped up and hugged her back tightly, then kissed her with all my love.

"I love you so much Angel" I gazed in her eyes full of pure joy.

"I love you too Luka. So damn much"

Her laughter rang through the clearing like a beautiful song as I lifted her from her feet and spun her
around in pyre and utter bliss. She will finally be mine; now and forever. It was indeed a perfect day.

"This is your last chance to back out. After this you're stuck with me" I told her, though her leaving was
the last thing I wanted.

"I'm not going anywhere Luka." She pulled back so she could look me in my eyes. "You can't get rid of
me little wolf"

I smiled widely at her and held her for dear life. This was what heaven felt like.

Two years ago my life felt like it had been stripped away from me, and I really didn't see the point of
going on. But then exactly three hundred and sixty five days later, this woman came into my life and
gave me more than just the will to go on.

She gave me happiness.

In the span of one year I've fallen in love with an Angel in disguise, but she couldn't hide from me. She
gave me more than I even deserved, more than I ever thought I'd have. I'm ecstatic, contented,
blessed, grateful and soon to be a dad.

And all it took was for one human to walk to this very spot that night when I felt like it was the end.

The end could be right. But it was the end of my misery, because that night, this human sparked life in
me once again.

Just one human.

My human, Victoria.

The END.