Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 58-Bonus-Zoey

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"Victoriaaaaa how much farther? " Zoey whined for the hundredth time since we started driving. I rolled
my eyes at my sister while I looked to Luka for help.

"Just a few more minutes Zoey" He told her. "We're passing along Silent Moon territory, so we should
be there in about thirty minutes."

"Thiiiirty minutessss. Ugh" She dragged, hitting her head against the window. "Why do I even have to
come? "

"Because-" I started sternly. "-the last time we left you alone for a meeting, you cut your hair and almost
got a tattoo. "

"Oh come on that was like so two weeks ago. And I wouldn't be alone, Lincoln and Ciara are home"

I just gave her a pointed look, which immediately quieted her down. Was I so moody when I was a

"Ciara is as free spirited as you Zoey. If you tell her to jump off a plane with you, she will" My very smart
and serious eight year old son said from beside her.

"Oh hush it Levi. Ciara is fun" She defended.

I couldn't help but chuckle. Ciara was indeed a handful, and Lincoln didn't seem to mind one bit. Her
bold and adventurous character pulled anyone towards her, especially my fourteen year old sister who
is very much like Ciara.

"Just sit tight and text or something. And pull up your top. The Alpha's son is around your age, and I
don't want his eyes wondering"

She mumbled something getting bigger clothes and I couldn't help but agree with her for once. The girl
was maturing like a pumpkin. Her bust and hips were coming in a little too quickly for my liking. But
what can I do?

She was really growing up well and beautiful. Her skin was always glowing, not a pimple in sight and
her eyes were always so bright and vibrant, even after Daisy died.

We lost her three years ago, but it was peaceful. Nobody was ready to say goodbye to her so soon,
especially Zoey. But her loving aura always lingered, providing us with the comfort we needed to move

And we did, slowly but surely.

Luka and I have been doing greatly over the years, and I realized I was better at this Luna thing than I
expected. After we had Levi, everything else felt so right.

Levi was a special one. He already held so many Alpha qualities. From his stance to his voice that he
tried to deepen when he talked, to his confident personality that made him seem older than his age.

He had Luka's features mostly, which they both liked very much. Luka tried giving him his name, but
Emma, Ashley and I had already settled on Levi. So, Luka being Luka, still insisted on giving our son

his name, making it Levi Luka Jones.

Like his last name wasn't enough already.

They adored each other, and I loved to see it. Levi looked up to his father, and Luka was nothing but
proud of his son already.

The only time Levi ever acted his age was when he was around Zavior and Malachi. The three were
inseparable, and it made us happy that the future leaders were already working together so well.

Sometimes, per Levi's request, they would play "Pack",where they would pretend they were the Alpha,
Beta and Gamma. It was the cutest thing ever.

Zavior was very much like his dad --goofy and fun to be around. Ashley had a handful to deal with, but
she loved him regardless of his pranks and stunts.

Malachi was somewhere in the middle, and being the youngest, he'd learnt how to be tough. So when
Levi and Zavior teased him, he came back strong.

Lincoln found Ciara a year after Levi was born, and they wasted no time in making their family. I was
happy for Lincoln, and even up to this day, he's still my best friend.

Nothing really changed between us all. We were still Ashley, Emma and Victoria, now with Ciara and
Laura. The few times we actually put our kids and mates aside and had girls night, they were epic. We
worried our men all night and acted like we were 21 again.

The good ol' days.

"Dad, can I go stay Aunt Emma and Uncle Ty this summer?" Levi asked, and I noticed that Zoey
suddenly perked up.

"I want to go too." She said quickly, making us laugh.

"Sure guys. I'll call them later and let them know that you guys are coming next week" Luka confirmed
smoothly, not once taking his eyes from the road.

Levi just casually leaned back in his chair, while Zoey started rambling about going to London.

She always liked it there. Sometimes I thought she liked it better than home. Since Alex's sister was
her age, she always loved the company.

Here at home, she felt like she was too old to hang out with the kids, and too young to hang out with
the adults. She was always stuck to her phone until she went to school or to her friend Emily at the
pack house.

I also had a feeling that she liked Emerald pack because Emma allowed her to do what she wanted.
Last Christmas, Emma straightened her hair for the first time. Yup she straightened it.

I had nothing against it, but Zoey wouldn't stop whining about how she liked it straightened, since it was
"easier to deal with", and she loved the way it felt at the bottom of her back.

Her hair was that long.

She has beautiful hair and she loves it, but she can't tame or manage it no matter how much she tries.

Hence why I always combed it for her, giving her cute twists outs, braids or cornrows. Otherwise she
just caught it up in something that looked like a bun, or just left it loose. But nonetheless, she had
wonderful hair.

So, when Luka and I left a few weeks ago to attend an important meeting and I came home to find half
of the length gone, I was furious. Her hair that once fell in the middle of her back in loose coily curls
now sat at the base of her shoulders.

"It's my hair, you can't tell me what to do! " She had said when I scolded her about it.

Ah, the first 'you cant tell me what to do' moment. I knew I had a few more coming and I wasn't looking
forward to it.

I'm glad I had supportive people, and Emma was always the Zoey whisperer. Since Zoey and Emma's
six year old daughter, Lia, got along so well despite their vast age difference, I never denied her going
to spend time with Emma in England.

And since Ty's son got along well with Levi also, I didn't deny him either. Besides, I trust them with my

"We're here" Luka announced relieved, making Zoey and Levi perk up at this.

"Fina-woah" Zoey stared awestruck.

I had to agree with her. The Truemoon Pack's Alpha house was something to behold. The first time I
came here I was also in shock.

Luka set down some ground rules to Levi and Zoey, simply telling them not to wander off when we
were in the meeting. We then proceeded to the door, where Alpha Ace was waiting to greet us.

We exchanged friendly greetings and headed inside, seeing the line up they always did when we came
to visit. We greeted Luna Roxanna, Beta Calum, Gamma Scott and their mates.

We introduced Zoey and Levi, since it was their first time here, just as a thudding sound on the stairs
caught our attention.

My eyes darted towards them to see that it was Ace's son, Niall, and he looked so much more grown
up than the last time I saw him. He looked startled by our presence, but quickly recovered.

"I didn't notice you guys have arrived. It's nice to see you again." He said politely with his charming
smile. I realized his voice even got deeper.

"I'm sorry for intruding, I was just passing by"

"Niall" His mother called with a hidden scold in her voice, but as a mother too I picked it up. "Come
introduce yourself, don't you notice the new faces?"

His eyebrows shot up as he noticed Zoey and Levi who were standing close to us. His eyes lingered on
Zoey for a while longer, but he quickly composed himself and came towards us.

"My apologies" He smiled down at Levi, who was already sizing up respectfully to another future Alpha.
"Niall Wilson, pleasure meeting you"

It warmed my heart at how mature and respectfully he was being towards Levi, despite the age

"Levi Jones. Pleasure meeting you too"

He then proceeded to Luka and I, shaking our hands and expressing greetings.

"Luna Victoria. Looking as beautiful as ever" The fifteen year old smiled, placing a kiss on my hand. I
blushed at his sweetness as his dad shook his head amusingly and Luka chuckled lightly.

He was always a charmer.

Then he turned to Zoey, and all boldness and confidence faded. I saw as he visibly swallowed, looking
like a shy teenage boy rather than the bold Alpha's son.

"Uh-hi. I'm"

"Niall, I know" Zoey said with a blush, and he too broke out in a burning red. "I'm Zoey"

His eyes softened a huge fraction at the sound of her name as he worded it silently with his mouth. She
then pushed out a hand to shake, and the minute they touched, both their eyes widened a fraction
before they quickly pulled away as fast as they touched.

We all watched them strangely, Luka and I sharing a look as we eyed them. We then both shared a
look with Niall's parents, seeing that they too were thinking what we were thinking.

"I feel like I've known you all my life." Zoey whispered softly, both of them still staring at each other as if
they were the only persons in the room.

"And you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen" He told her shyly, causing her to break out in a brighter
blush. She bit her lip and pushed a curl behind her hair, and I suddenly felt like this conversation was
too old for them.

"I bet you've seen a lot of girls. That cant be true"

His charming smile was back as he stepped closer to her. "Oh but it is. You are. And your hair is so
beautiful "

He reached out to touch her hair and she let him.

"And your eyes are beautiful.. " His hand trailed from the curl down her cheek, and I swore I saw my
fourteen year old sister shiver. Shiver!

"And your lips.. "

"Okay! " Roxy exclaimed with a clap, breaking them out of their daze and I released a breath I didn't
realize I was holding.

"Why don't you THREE go find something to do" She placed Levi between them. "And while you're at it,
find Asia and Jared too. "

She placed a kiss on Niall's head, which he tried to duck with an embarrassed look on his face.

He gave Zoey another longing look before leading them through a hallway.

We looked around at each other with knowing looks. After what we've just witnessed, there was a
ninety percent chance that those two will be mates.

But since none of them are 16 yet and haven't shifted or woken their wolves, they wouldn't know just
yet. They would just feel attracted to each other without knowing why. And that which I just witnessed
was enough confirmation.

Luka and I followed Roxy and Ace into an office where we settled down comfortably before starting. I've
been here quite a few times, and it was safe to say our relationship was past professional. We were all
more like friends.

"So do you think they are mates? " Roxy asked me excitedly.

"Oh I know they are" I replied with just as much enthusiasm.

"If they are, that would give us more lead on my theory that Zoey is from a high ranking family of
wolves" Luka said to me in hidden excitement.

The more Zoey grew, the more Luka and all the other wolves in the house were convinced that she
was a high ranking wolf. Since Daisy and I are human, we had no clue what they smelled or sensed,
but Luka was hell bent on the theory.

And since high ranking wolves such as Alphas, Betas and Gammas were 99% only mated to high
ranking wolves like themselves, there would be no doubt about it if Zoey is actually Niall's mate.

"I guess we just have to wait and see" Ace said as he picked up a file. Roxy and I groaned
simultaneously. We never liked meetings, but with packs who have alliances together, we had to have


Luna duties call.


"And then he picked me up with his strong arms and put me in the tree, then he just hopped up beside
me like it was nothing! "

Zoey was telling Ashley and Ciara about her day with Niall, and I chuckled at how excited she still told
the story. She talked Luka’s and I ears off about him the whole six hour drive home.

The WHOLE six hours.

Ciara and Ashley seemed interested though, and I knew Zoey was gonna call Emma later, then tell her
friend Emily tomorrow.

I let her have her moment. These are the times of teenage lives after all. I for one had a very wild
teenage years, so I intended to let her have a very fun SUPERVISED teenage experience too.

I made my way to my room, where I found Luka sprawled off on the bed asleep. I knew he was tired,
but I had other plans for us before he could sleep. I climbed on top of him and trailed kisses down his
neck and bare chest until I felt him start shuffling.

"Victoria " He mumbled, his voice husky and low, which turned me on even more.

I buried my head in his neck again, dropping hot steamy kisses at the area, nipping and sucking ever
so often. I heard him groan in approval as his arms loosely wrapped themselves around my waist.

"Bed so soon sweetie? " I asked in my seductive voice which, over the years, I've learnt how to master.
And even after all this time, it still had an effect on him.

He grunted as I worked my hips against his already hard member, and he gripped them tightly,
squeezing and kneading as I found his lips with mine.

We kissed passionately and roughly, and before I knew it we were both stripped and heated. He
relished himself in my body, and every time felt like the first time.

My body was still very responsive to his, and his to mine. We collapsed on each other as we recovered
from our high, and I laid still on top of him tracing his chest with my finger.

He kissed my forehead and mumbled something I couldn't hear well, but I caught what I needed to

"I love you my beautiful wife"

I smiled as I looked up from his chest to his eyes. His head reached down and kissed my lips softly

"I love you too my wonderful husband"

I recaptured his lips in mine, igniting the flame once again between us.

And just like that, we advanced into another round of steamy, hypnotic ecstasy.




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