Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 51

-Five months later-

Victoria's pov

"I found my mate guys! "

We all gasped in delight when Ty finally announced his surprise. For weeks he had been telling us
about this 'surprise' that he had for us, but he would always blow us off.

"Called it! Pay up bro" Our heads all snapped to Caleb, as Lincoln mumbled something under his
breath and gave him a twenty.

"You guys bet on me? " Ty laughed on the big tv screen.

"What else could it be though? I'm happy for you man! Congrats". Caleb beamed.

Ty texted Emma this morning and asked her to gather everyone for the announcement. Lincoln
somehow connected the call to the tv in the living room and set up a webcam so he could see us too.

We all expressed our congrats to him, and I had to admit, he looked waaaay happier than when he left

"So when do I meet my new sister? " Emma clapped her hands excitedly with a glint in her eyes.

"Right now" A female voice announced, then our visions were met with a beautiful blonde woman. Her
eyes were bright and green, and she had a heart shaped face. Her smile was beautiful and just the
look on Ty's face when she sat beside him was heartwarming.

"Oh my gosh you're so beautiful " Ashley cooed as her eyes welled up with tears. Her hormones were
always all over the place nowadays.

"And you're so pregnant! Oh my gosh Ty you have to make me meet them in person" she gushed as
he shook Ty's shoulder.

We laughed as Ty just nodded nervously. They were so cute, and I liked her already.

"What's your name? " I finally asked.

"Oh dear, where are my manners. I'm Laura McKenzie"

"As in the daughter of Liam McKenzie? " Luka asked in awe and everyone else's face matched his. I
was left confused.

"That's me" She said shyly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Um, who's that?" I asked Luka softly.

"He's the Alpha of the biggest pack in England that's who." He sounded excited as he whipped back his
head to the screen.

"Ty does this mean-"

"Yep" Ty grinned. "I'll be an Alpha again since Laura here, is Alpha Liam's only heir"

We all erupted in another series of congrats and cheers. This was so amazing. Ty would be the new
Alpha of the biggest pack in England. It was then that I noticed that Laura had an accent too.

"That leads me to my next question" We all settled down as Ty spoke. "Alpha Liam was exhilarated
when I found Laura, and he was even more pleased to hear that I was Alpha for a while back home, so
he's retiring next week, and-"

"Of course we'll be there! " Chris cut him off as he jumped from his seat. "Both my sons are going to be

"That's lovely! " Laura exclaimed. "That means I'll meet you guys soon. You all seem like wonderful

"The best" Ty beamed. "I know you'll have to get back, so you'll only stay two nights. Liam offered to
send you guys the jet if you agreed."

We all got excited at this. Ty was taking over as Alpha, and we'll all be there to celebrate with them

"We're going to London then!"


The city was beautiful. The air was cool and a light patter of rain fell on the windows of the SUV.

We took a whole week getting everything ready for our departure. A house of eight, plus Ty's parents,
were quite a lot of people to get sorted out. Not to mention all the females in the house had to buy
dresses. That was a whole month's work in one week.

Luka left his Omega, who I've only met once, in charge. He lived at the pack house with his mate, and
Luka assured me that he would be fine.

We had a long way to go I heard, since we had to get to the forested part of England. But I didn't mind,
the new atmosphere was refreshing.

Zoey was fast asleep on my lap since her excitement on the plain must've tired her out. The evening
was drawing nigh, so the buildings were already starting to light up.

"You tired?" Luka asked me when I rested my head on his shoulder.

"A little. Will Ty's Alpha ceremony be in the morning? "

A light chuckle rumbled from his chest as he gently kissed my head. "No Angel, it's in the evening. You
can sleep in tomorrow "

I smiled slightly at that; he knew me so well.

I really couldn't wait to see Ty- it's been too long. But all I did to pass the time was snuggle more into
Luka's shoulder, ensuring Zoey was still alright and went to sleep.


I was shaken from my sleep after what felt like two minutes. Zoey too wiggled against me, protesting
against getting up.

"Victoria, Zoey, where here, Loves." Daisy's voice was calm and amused as she called to us, but still
we stayed still.

"Oh dear you guys are here!" A familiar British voice snapped me out of my daze and back to reality. I
jolted up quickly which woke Zoey also, as my eyes scanned the surroundings.

We were in front of a huge house that looked like a castle. I assumed it was the Alpha house, but it was
way bigger than the one at home.

The door flew open and Ty ran out and towards us.

"My gosh woman you move fast" He panted as he reached us.

"I just couldn't wait to meet them all" Laura smiled brightly at us as the others arrived.

Ty and Luka immediately embraced each other as they laughed happily and patted each other's backs.
They were tackled seconds after by Emma who practically jumped from the car while it was still
moving, and Luka stepped back so they could have their moment.

She wrapped her feet around Ty and sobbed in his shoulder. He held him equally tight and gently
kissed her head. We all watched in awe at the twin reuniting moment.

"I missed you so much" her words were muffled in his shoulder but we could hear it clear anyways.

"I missed you too Em. I really wished I had you here sometimes" He replied softly with happiness
dripping from his voice.

We stayed quiet and watched for a few more minutes, but we were all still itching to get our hugs. They
finally separated, and Ty had his moment with each of us.

From the doorway, I saw a man and a woman around late forties watching us admirably. I assumed
that they were Laura's parents. We would meet them later, but I guessed they wanted us to have our
family moment.

"And you must be Victoria" Laura smiled warmly and hugged me when she finally reached me.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've never seen Ty smile so much before" I said truthfully, causing
her to blush at the mention of Ty. I also noticed that she was already marked.

"I can say the same for me. It gets boring out here by myself sometimes" She admitted as her eyes
finally landed on Zoey, and she made the same baby face she did when she met Ashley.

"Oh my aren't you the cutest little princess"

Zoey smiled at her and offered her hand. "I'm Zoey. I'm a wolf"

Laura laughed and pulled her in a hug, obviously taking her off guard.

"My dear, it feels like I've known you all my life" She smiled warmly at Zoey, but her eyes studied her
face in curiosity that made me slightly uncomfortable.

"Very well then" She shook her head as if clearing her mind and walked back to Ty.

We finally met Alpha Liam and Luna Penelope, and I was slightly nervous since it was the first time I
was meeting other pack heads.

Luka and Alpha Liam did a curt handshake, followed by Chris who seemed like they were old friends.
They immediately started to talk about pack stuff and I took my escape.

Penelope and Laura helped us to get settled in and since it was already late, we went straight to bed.

The large ball room was beautifully decorated, and people were already scattered everywhere the
following night.

Emma, Ashley and I invited Laura to get ready with us. We spent most of the day together, and I
noticed that they were really nice, humble people, despite their wealth.

We all strutted into the area elegantly dressed, something different from what us powerpuff girls were
used to.

It was already 7:30, and despite her smiles, we could see that Laura was nervous.

"You're gonna be a great Luna, don't worry. " I told her once we were alone, trying my best to be

"I don't know. Hundreds of wolves looking up to us, it's kinda nerve wracking if you ask me" She
chuckled nervously. A sly smile played on my lips as I gently wiped a bead of sweat that formed on her

"I know your pack is the biggest in the country, but take it from a human. You'll do just fine. I can see
the qualities in you already " I assured her.

"Any advice? Luna to Luna? "

I pursed my lips and raked my mind for something worthwhile to tell her.

"Just love your people, and stay by Ty. Leading hundreds of wolves can be stressful at times, but as
long as you have each other, you'll be just fine "

My eyes involuntarily found Luka's as he talked to a few people. He sent me a wink then directed his
gaze back to the old man.

"May I? " A familiar voice asked. My eyes flashed back to where Laura was standing, seeing that Ty
had now joined us.

"You may" I curtsied with a giggle as he stole Laura away.

I took the time to scan the crowd in hopes of finding Emma or Lincoln. I saw Zoey talking to Beta
Edward, who she's already taken a liking to.

Finally, I found Lincoln talking with some young women, obviously charming them without even trying.

"There you are Lincoln. Cassandra has been looking everywhere for you" I drawled as I approached
him. He gave me a confused look, but I ignored him and looped my arm in his. "Excuse me ladies, but
his mate is going crazy without him. " I added as I stole him away.

He fired daggers in the side of my head with his eyes but I just ignored him and pulled him further

"Cassandra huh? " I could hear the smirk in his voice while he spoke.

"I was lonely okay?" I whined, knowing that making up a fake mate was a bit too much. He simply
chuckled lowly, but said nothing.

We wandered around the brightly lit ballroom, stealing way too many champagne glasses from the
waiters who walked by.

Our attentions were then drawn to the stage area, where Luna Penelope and Alpha Liam stood as he
tapped the mic.

"Good evening everyone. Thank you all for joining us today" Everyone's attention was already on his
while he continued.

"As you all know, my daughter has found her mate. " He announced and a series of cheers echoed
through the hall, us in particular feeling extra proud.

"Tonight we celebrate the new leadership of Alpha Ty and Luna Laura. Ty, Laura, if you may join us on
the stage."

Hand in hand, Ty and Laura strutted up the few steps and on the stage. They stood confidently side by
side, looking like the ultimate power couple.

"Ty has been here with us for a few weeks, so we have seen how he brings about himself and interacts
with pack members. Alpha Luka from the Brightwater Pack is here with us, as well as his Luna, Beta,
Gamma and family. They all have testified that he has served time as Alpha, and led in a marvelous

Ty met each of our gazes with a huge smile on his face.

"However, if anyone objects to these two taking over, please speak now" He added softly. We waited
and glanced around, but no one made a squeak.

"Very well then" Alpha Liam beamed. "I Alpha Liam McKenzie, hereby bequeath my title of Alpha to
you, Ty Jones, in the witnessing eyes of five Alphas. You are to lead with diligence, wisdom and love,

going forth until your heir comes of age and is fit to lead as you did"

Ty took a deep breath and held onto Alpha Liam's forearm, then turned them so that his was facing up.

"I, Ty Jones, accept this title and pledge to lead the members of Emerald Pack, with diligence, wisdom
and love, until my heir comes of age and is fit to lead as I did" He repeated with nothing but confidence.

From the corner of my eye I saw Mama bear crying in joy as Ty and Laura signed the papers on the
small table.

I was surprised they didn't do anything with bloo- oh never mind. Alpha Liam took up a knife right after
they finished signing.

These Alpha ceremonies were so....detailed.

Alpha Liam and Ty then cut their palms and shook, saying something to each other that I couldn't hear.
I assumed that was to make Ty connected to the pack through mindlink.

Ty was no longer a member of our pack.

Shortly after, Beta Edward and Gamma Olympo joined them on stage, followed by two younger men
that more than likely were their sons.

They then did the same thing that Luka and Ty did that day when Luka was taking over the pack again,
where the older men walked backwards, shook hands in the center, and the younger ones took their
positions at the front.

Ty and Laura then stood beside them and faced the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for the first time ever, Alpha Ty, Luna Laura, Beta Alex and
Gamma Theodore" Alpha Liam announced proudly.

We all applauded and cheered for them as they stood tall together. Alex looked slightly more serious
than the rest of them. He was dark skinned and drop dead gorgeous, maybe even a few points behind

Theodore looked laid back but he still had that serious aura. His hair was brown and curly as it dropped
onto his forehead. He too was handsome, but I thought I saw him with a woman earlier tonight, looking
very much like she could be his mate.

Alex was tenser than before, as his eyes scanned the crowd and his nose twitched. They then stopped
on something and widened, but he composed himself quickly and took a step back.

As soon as Liam finished his speech, he bolted off the stage and up the stairs. I guess Ty has a hard
shell to crack there.

The rest of the night went by wonderfully, and my stay here made me wish I didn't have to go home
tomorrow just yet.

Zoey also loved it here for some reason, and Emma too didn't want to leave Ty.

We suggested that she stay a while, then get a flight back home when she wanted to. Ty was the Alpha
now, so she was more than welcome anytime she wanted to see him.

I was getting another drink when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and was met with none
other than our new Alpha himself.

"Congratulations Mr Alpha," I said excitedly as I raised my glass to him.

"Thank you" He replied with a curt bow and I laughed. "It was really nice to see you again Vic. I can see
that you're taking care of my brother as promised "

"Aah. I don't break a promise Ty. And I can see you're very happy here. I know you'll do just great"

I pulled him into a hug and he placed a small kiss on my forehead.

"You continue to take care of my brother okay Vic? "

I smiled warmly as I pulled away from him.

"You know I will."