The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 8

God, my head is pounding like you wouldn’t believe. I force myself to open my eyes, my throat feeling
sore and

completely dry as I lick my chapped lips, confused and disorientated. Where was I, I wondered, looking
around the

room, realizing it was mine. But how had I gotten here? I distinctly remember being hit on the head by

downstairs and then nothing. I was certain I had fallen unconscious from the pain in my head. So who
had put me to bed? I doubted it was father, but it was equally astonishing to think my brother Damien
would show that much care

towards me. But he was the only one who could have possibly done it and I feel a small bit of
gratefulness towards


I force myself to roll out of bed, blinking against the bright sunlight and trying not to scream at the pain
in my head. I feel the back of my hair and can tell it’s matted with dried blood and I groan, it’s going to
take forever to get it all out and I’m hoping I won’t have to do something horrible like cut it. It’s taken
forever for me to grow it as long as

this. I hurry to the bathroom and am ecstatic to find I’m able to wash it out with a bit of elbow grease,
my hand now fully healed along with my head injury. It’s the small things in life I think to myself sourly,
to be grateful for.

Ttake my time and tiptoe downstairs, disgusted by the mess that greets me. There are dishes piled

and dozens of empty beer bottles scattered all over the lounge room floor. Thankfully, father is snoring
loudly in the

chair, possibly still drunk judging by the smell of him, and I take the opportunity to make breakfast,
putting his on the table. There’s no way I’m going to wake him up and face his wrath when I have
school to get to. For the first time,

almost inhaled my bacon and egg sandwich, no sign of my brother anywhere and I assume he’s gone
to school already. Good riddance, I couldn’t have been happier this morning. I leave his breakfast out in
case and grab my school bag. So far it’s been a non-eventful morning and part of me feels hopeful that
it will continue, walking to

school uninterrupted by anyone for the first time in months, and I can’t believe my good fortune. What
was going on?

Had the moon goddess taken pity on me?

A group of cheerleaders are gathered in the hall and I instinctively duck my head down and try to cover
it with

past. Too busy with their conversation or possibly gossip. Whatever, as long as it has nothing to do with
me, I could

care less.

“Can you believe there’s a new kid at school today?”.

“That’s not all, guess what?”

“I heard he’s an Alpha”, Jessica speaks up and I flinch, still working on getting past them without being
caught. I

catch her tossing her hair over her shoulder, a massive smile on her face. “I just know that he’s going to
be my mate,

it’s obvious” she almost purrs while her friends look a bit put out. Trouble in paradise, I think to myself
smugly. Looks

like her friends also want a piece of this poor Alpha kid.

“What if you’re not though,” another one dares to question her and falls silent at the scorching look on


“He’ll still want me” she said smugly, “after all, I’m the most beautiful girl in the school. We don’t always
have to agree to be with mates, we can choose to mark each other.” I almost scoff at her blatant
display of confidence. Mates

are meant to be together forever and I wonder why she thinks just being beautiful will be enough to get
his interest. glance from him and that’s perfectly fine with me. I prefer to be invisible rather than have
attention on me.

The other girls begin to chat excitedly amongst themselves and I make it to my locker without incident,

the books I need. My heart sinks a little. With what happened last night, I wasn’t able to complete my
homework and

I feared what the teacher might say. It wasn’t exactly my fault, but it still hurt nonetheless. I hated to let
my teachers down. Unless it was beyond my control, like last night when I was unconscious, I passed it
in every day without fail and I knew my grades could take a hit and it was all because of what my father
had done to me last night. Damn him, I think bitterly as I begin to make my way to my algebra class,
feeling angry and full of hatred at the man who was no longer a real father to me. Hopefully, the
homework, or rather lack of it, won’t affect my grades in any way. If I have

to, I’ll offer to do extra credit to make it up. I refuse to let my grades fail when I need them for college.

I find myself wondering about this so-called new boy that has everyone so excited. Like we haven’t
seen an Alpha

before. Then again there were no other Alpha’s at this school. Most tend to go to private ones over
public, guess because of their status as leaders of their packs. Would this Alpha be kind or would he be
like the rest of the school and torment me along with them? Or would he keep away from me? Because
being bullied by regular shifters is bad, 1 don’t really want to find out how much worse the bullying can
get when an Alpha decides to join in as well.