Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 10

Johnathon POV

I follow the scent to a nearby classroom and, without warning, I open the door and let it slam open, my
eyes scanning each and every face while the teacher glares at me. I glare right back and they blink but
say nothing. Even

teachers cannot mess with an Alpha. I smirk at them while my eyes scan the room for the person I’m
looking for. It

takes me a minute and then I spot her.

My eyes fall on a girl sitting there and looking away from me. She’s the only one who is and I study her
for a

moment. Her hair is blonde, long, but it’s her fragile appearance that tugs at my heart. She’s so pale,
so thin. Does she ever eat? I think to myself sardonically before catching myself. Why do I even care?
She had dark circles under her eyes as though she never sleeps and her clothing is easily too big for
her, hiding her thin frame, but not from me. Does she ever sleep? I’m beginning to lose focus as I stare
at her, the class speaking in hushed whispers that lignore, debating how to get her to follow me out of
the classroom. In the end I decide on a blunt approach, desperate to get

this over and done with and move on with my life.

“You” I finally say, pointing to her, and she stiffens, turning her face to look at me, blood draining out of
her face or so it looks like. She’s gone so pale that I wonder if she’s about to faint or pass out. I hope
not. That’s the last thing!

want to have to deal with. “Come with me”, I order using my Alpha tone and she’s forced to obey, the
teacher scowling in the background from the interruption. I don’t care. I want to take care of this now
before it becomes a

problem. I harden my heart, which starts to hurt. My wolf is hating me right now and I’m forced to put up
a block in

order to stop listening to his threats and complaints.

The girl follows me out hesitantly and we step into the corridor. I ran a hand through my shaggy hair
and looked at her, feeling a slight pang of guilt for what I was about to do, but I was really not sure what
else to do. She deserves a better mate than me, one who will genuinely be able to care for and love
her. I’m not that person. I don’t even think

I’m capable of loving another person, except for my mother, but she’s the exception.

“What’s your name” I ask and she bites her lip before looking at me hopelessly.It’s adorable. I felt my

hitch. Everything about her is beautiful, from her golden hair to the tips of her toes. My wolf growls at
me in the

background, hating my guts. I don’t tell him that I already hate myself for doing this to an innocent girl. I
keep the block up, even though it pains me that I’m hurting my wolf by doing this.

“It’s Winter” she said very quietly and my heart skipped a beat. Winter is such a beautiful name and it
seems to

suit her really well. Unique, just like she was. I gave her a tight smile, feeling incredibly guilty for what I


“Listen Winter”, I begin to mutter “this is nothing against you” I add, rambling on a bit while she looks at
me as

though I’m a crazy person, “but I refuse to have a mate and, unfortunately, that happens to be you.” I
wait for some

sort of reaction to come from her but theres none forthcoming. It’s almost like she’s off in her own little

| exhale but the girl merely shrugs as though it’s no big deal. Does she not understand what I’m telling
her? Does

she not care? It stings a little. My wolf is completely miserable and refusing to speak to me. If it wasn’t
for the block,

he would be taking over my body right now in an attempt to stop me.

“Can you reject me already so I can get back to class” she mutters “I still have homework to hand in.”

Well, that sucked. I don’t know why but I guess I was hoping she would put up some sort of fight,
refuse to be

I’m taken aback but can hardly complain if that’s what I intended to do. I take a deep breath and stare
into her

gorgeous eyes “I, Johnathon of the Blue Moon Pack, reject you Winter of the.“

“Silver Crescent” she supplied

“Reject you Winter of the Silver Crescent pack.” I finished grimly and waited as she took a deep breath
before doing the same.

“I Winter of the Silver Crescent pack accept Johnathon of the Blue Moon’s Pack’s rejection” she said
dully, and I blinked, surprised by her lack of reaction. Without another word she leaves, not even
glancing back at me, and I stare at the back of her with remorse. Had I hurt her feelings? It was
impossible to tell. She seemed so detached somehow. As if she wasn’t even there. She’d said it so
listlessly as well as though she hadn’t expected anything less from her mate, and I felt incredibly sad
for the girl I hadn’t even met properly before rejecting her so quickly.

I felt a slight sting as the mate bond was severed but nothing more, wondering if Winter even felt the
pain. From all accounts, I was expecting it to be a lot more painful. That’s how everyone I’d asked
made it sound. I don’t even know if she was in any pain from the reaction and considering that it was
clear she didn’t yet have her wolf, which meant she was younger than me. But she couldn’t be too
much younger. She had looked so defeated as well,

something that was a shock to see in someone as young as her. I sigh. At least it hadn’t been awkward
and she hadn’t even put up a fight. Maybe Winter had wanted the same thing. For all I know, she might
not have wanted a mate as well and had been happy to accept my rejection. Maybe “I had even done
her a favor by rejecting her first. That was a good thing, right? Then why do I feel so awful? Why can’t I
stop picturing her in my mind? I head to my next class fervently hoping that it’s not one with Winter in it.
That would be even more awkward. But then I remember she’s younger than me and inwardly rejoice,
knowing I won’t have to look at her in any of my classes. I drop the block and my wolf steadfastly
refuses to speak to me, sulking in the background. I shrug. He’ll get over it eventually and realize I did
the right thing. To love is to get hurt, he should remember that.

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