Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 13

I sit in the bleak looking hospital room, grateful that Johnathon had the common sense to leave me
alone and sit

in the hallway. I’m so angry at him for forcing me to come here when I don’t want to go. I feel a sense of
panic. What if they call my father and tell him I’m here? He’ll kill me for sure. I try to hold my tears at
bay as a young woman

comes walking in, dressed in a doctor’s coat. She looks concerned and I wonder if she’s been told
about my injuries already. I bet Johnathon told her.

“Winter” the woman says quietly, and I glance at her name tag. It reads Laura. She continues with a
smile that

I’m sure she means to be reassuring. “I hear that you’ve been badly hurt. Can you show me where?”

“I really need to get home” I say hastily. “I was expected to be there ages ago.”

She frowns. “I’m sure your family is worried about you. Would you like me to call them?”

I shook my head ” No, it’s fine. I don’t want to bother them.”

She gives me a strange look but theres no way I want them contacting my father or my brother. I
shudder at the thought.

“It hurts here” I finally mumble as she looks at me, patiently waiting. I know she’s not going to leave me
alone until I show her and so I reluctantly push up my shirt and jumper so she can look at my ribs.
Laura gently prods my rib cage and I give a yelp, unable to help myself. Christ that hurt. Now Laura is
looking away and I fidget as I see her looking over at my old bruises.

“Well” she says finally, motioning for me to pull my top and jumper back down, which I do, feeling a lot
less vulnerable now that my body is covered. “Your ribs are broken. I can wrap them up for you until
they heal properly” she offered “give you some painkillers to help with the pain. Would you like that?”

I think about it. Having the painkillers doesn’t seem like such a bad idea considering I was in a massive
amount of pain. Maybe, if I rationed them, I could keep some for at home when the pain from my
beatings get too bad. I’m

also not going to complain if she wants to wrap a bandage around my stomach and rib cage to make
me more comfortable. At this rate I won’t heal until late tomorrow and I want to be able to walk without
feeling like I’m going to faint. I give her a small nod and she begins to rifle through her trolley.

“Lift your shirt back up” Laura orders me and I do, wincing as she puts the bandage on tight, not
enough to restrict my breathing, but firm enough that I felt myself beginning to relax as the pain
diminished slightly.

I’m hoping she’ll just grab the painkillers and let me go but instead she sits down on the visitor chair
and stares directly at me, making me feel extremely nervous. I know what she’s about to ask and
theres no way I’m going to tell her the truth. I value my life too much. “Winter, I can tell that you have
old bruises and new ones on top of them. Is

there trouble at home?” she asks delicately and for a moment I hesitate. Yes I want to scream, my own
family beat

me, starve me and are cruel to me. Help me. But I don’t. I can’t and my chest feels tight as I answer,
lying completely to the kind woman “I get bullied at school a lot. It’s fine.”

It’s not but I put on a brave face and I can tell she’s trying to tell if I’m telling the truth or lying. I fix my
big blue eyes on her and it seems to work.

“We can get the officer’s down here if you’d like to speak to them. Make a report about the people
bullying you”

she tries again and I feel bad for her. She’s trying to help me and I’m shoving it back in her face.

“It’s up to you” she says sadly and I nod, watching as she leaves, hopefully to grab the painkillers she
promised me.

To my annoyance he strides in, all confident and cocky like. I curse myself for thinking he’s handsome.
The bastard rejected me for heaven’s sake. I shouldn’t feel anything for him but everytime he comes
near me, my heart

gives a flutter as though there’s still part of the mate bond between us. I frown at him but he doesn’t
seem to notice, or he doesn’t care.

“I’ll take you home” he tells me and I gape at him. I can’t have him do that. I can’t have him near my
house or my family. I can’t let him know my shameful secret. It’s none of his business. I don’t even want
to imagine the consequences of having a boy take me home and my father seeing it. Heck, Damien
would punish me for it as well and make fun of me. I can’t stand the thought and I feel my body starting
to tremble.

“I really need those painkillers” I force out and like I had hoped he sprung around to go and fetch the
nurse. I

wait for a minute and sure enough when I peer around the corner he’s gone. I limp towards the
hospital’s exit, frantically dashing through, hoping that I’ll make it to the main road before he finds me.
I’ve barely taken a step

outside though when his voice booms from behind me, stopping all the staff and patients in their tracks.

“Where are you going. You are hurt, injured and trying to run. How can you be so stupid” he roars and I
flinch and turn around, eyeing him warily.

“Get back inside your room” he hisses and I can’t ignore him. What would be the point? He’d just use
his alpha tone on me anyway so it would just be a waste of time and energy.

It doesn’t stop me from stomping over to the bed though and plonking myself down, foolishly forgetting
about my broken ribs. I flinch and swear as he glowers at me.

“Do I have to tie you to the bed” he grumbles and even though I know it’s wrong my imagination goes
into overdrive as I picture him doing just that, dressed in just his underwear, his bare chest,,, I blink and
know that I’m blushing by the amused smirk on his arrogant face. Damn him, I think crossly and sulkily
fold my arms over my own chest, saying nothing and looking away.

“Here are your painkillers” Laura announces from the doorway, handing over a small pill bottle “one
every four to six hours as needed. You should be good as new by tomorrow night” she says, looking
between the two of us warily. “Did I interrupt something?” she asks innocently.

“No” | mumble and Johnathon shakes his head.

“Can she be discharged?” he asks Laura and she nods, giving me one last searching look.

“Unless there’s anything else you need or want to do Winter” she says lightly and I shrug.

“Thanks but I’m all good” I tell her “thanks for the painkillers.”

She turns to Johnathon while I scowl at him. “Be careful when driving and try not to stop suddenly while
she’s in this much pain. Take her straight home, the pills may make her slightly woozy.”

Hello I’m standing right here, I think to myself sarcastically. Laura remains oblivious as she gives
myself and

Johnathon a cheerful wave goodbyes as she leaves us both staring at each other, me resentfully while
he looks stony.

“Well” Johnathon mutters “let’s take you home” he exhales and offers me a hand. I ignore it and begin
to shuffle towards the exit, knowing I was irritating him.

“Is it really so hard for you to ask for help” he huffed indignantly and I stop, leaning against the outside
of the

“I’ll go get the car” he whistles and strides off as I wince, grimly staring into the distance. How was I
going to persuade him to drop me off away from my house so that my father and brother don’t see?

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