The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 18


It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, I chant to myself in my head, forcing my eyes which feel really gritty
open, only to see nothing more than darkness surrounding me. Wherever I am theres’ not much light to

My head is f*****g throbbing and I wince as I try to move my arms and legs to no avail. Something was
chaffing and I looked down to see that I was firmly tied to a chair, my legs tied to the legs and my arms
behind me. I swear, but it’s muffled by the gag that’s been shoved in my mouth and tied around my

“Mmmf” I cry out but there’s no answer and my eyes scan whatever the hell this room is for any sign of

It appears to be a basement of some sort, the floor a hard concrete, various pieces of furniture in states
of decay.

The air smells disgusting and moldy and I try not to inhale too much. There’s nothing that I can use to
free myself and I feel sick to my stomach.

Even on the baddest of days I had never once thought my father was capable of selling me to someone
for money. I thought maybe, in the smallest bit of his heart he might have actually given some sort of
damn about me.

How naive was I? He’d never forgiven me for mother’s death and if he wanted to destroy any love I
might have had for him, this was the way to do it. I shove frantically at the chair, scraping it across the
floor and curse at the noise it makes. Maybe theres something in one of the drawers of the various
furniture that might have something useful.

But as I’m moving something catches the corner of my eye and I whip my head around and begin to
feel a rising sense of panic.

Theres a bed in the room, something that might be unremarkable considering all of the other bits of
furniture in the basement but it’s almost new, and it’s made up. Why would a bed be made up in a
basement? There was only one answer that came to mind and it wasn’t a good one. I need to get out of
here and god I need to do it quick.

There was no telling when whoever had bought me would come back.

I scrape the chair as I sort of drag it with my body, careful not to tip over and fall. It makes a racket but
I’m past the point of caring, my only focus is getting out of here before it’s too late. I can’t count on
anyone to save me.

The desk I make it to, is empty, or at least it feels like it, it’s kinda difficult to see properly and feel with
hands that don’t have much give. I wonder about using the corner of the desk to rub the ropes against
but it would take forever and even attempting to undo the knots isn’t working.

I try to scream for help but the gag just muffles everything I try and my lungs get full of dust which
makes me heave and cough.

I’m terrified. I’m all alone and I don’t know if I’m even in the same town let alone if I’m close to the pack
house. I don’t even know how long I’ve been out for. What if I’ve been taken to a different town? Would
my brother Damien come looking for me or would father lie to him? Probably the latter.

I feel tears well up in my eyes and I break down crying, sniveling as I wait for the inevitable. I know
what the person who bought e plans to do to me and it’s the last way I imagined losing my innocence.
Bile rises in my throat.

Finally theres only one other thing I can think of and with my eyes scrunched closed so I couldn’t talk
my way out of it, I tip myself sideways and let the chair fall, hoping that it might make it easier to get out
of my restraints.

Success. The ropes seem to be slightly looser and I wiggle and pull and tug as hard as I can trying to
undo the

knots. I feel the tiniest bit of hope as they begin to get slack. Way to go Winter, I cheer myself on,
ignoring the chafing

on my wrists and the feeling of my skin peeling off as I tug at the ropes. I can deal with the pain later,
right now I was focussed on getting these damn ropes off and then untying my legs. it’s excruciating
as the numbness fades and pain begins. I reach around, my shoulders protesting and begin to untie my
ankles which are just as tight and just as annoying to get undone. Sitting doesn’t make it easier, and
I’m forced to stay lying down as I tug and pull, swearing to myself. I take the gag off and am about to
call out for help when I stop. If I call out he, whoever he was, would hear me. For all I knew he was
upstairs waiting for me to wake up. So I keep silent and the ropes begin to slacken and then finally pull
off, leaving me free to get to my feet which are full of pins

and needles.

I can’t believe I’ve done it. I search the room for any windows or doors besides the exit and find none.
Theres only

one way out of this room and that’s to go up. A weapon would be useful but I’m not about to waste time
searching. I

start to climb the stairs, clutching the banister for support as I make my way up, placing my feet as
lightly as possible

and praying they don’t creak. The door is unlocked and after debating with myself, I slowly turn the
handle and poke

my head out. There’s no one waiting on the other side and I begin to creep out, closing the door gently


I’m in some sort of mansion, the rooms are huge and I can see the front door, my excitement rising. In
fact I’m so


damn excited that I throw away any sense of caution in my mad dash to get to the door. However,
before I can put my

hand on the doorknob I hear a strange clicking sound behind me, one that makes my whole body go
tense and still.]

would know that noise anywhere. It’s the clicking sound of a gun and I had no doubts it was aimed at
me. I stop instantly, letting my hand drop down to my side.

“Turn around” the voice growls and I frown. It sounds oddly familiar to me, as though I know the person
it belongs to. I turn, slowly, petrified of who I’m going to come face to face with and when I do, it’s all I
can do not to

scream, astonished at the person who would be my ruination.