The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 23

I stare at my father in stupefication. I had to have heard him wrong but there’s a growing anger inside
of me that tells me I heard him clearly.

“What do you mean you sold her to Thomas” I breathe evenly, feeling sick to my stomach. Not my best
friend. He wouldn’t do this to me would he?

“I mean he gave me money for her” My father snaps and I pale, giving him one last kick to the stomach,
unable to even look him in the eyes anymore.

“I can’t believe Thomas would go this far” I whisper. I knew Thomas had a crush on my sister but to buy
her? I

wasn’t stupid, even though we hung out together, Thomas was from a completely different world with
rich parents who ignored his bad behaviorn when it suited them. He had money at his disposal
whenever he wanted it. I wasn’t naive enough to believe it had been to prevent my father from selling
Winter to someone else, or to be a good samaritan.

Johnathon comes closer, his eyes pitch black, boring into my fathers, utter contempt in his gaze. “You’ll
pay for this” he whispers “it’s the lowest of lows, what you’ve just done. I’ll make sure you never see
daylight again” he vows and I feel a sense of relief. If he follows through with his threat, I’ll never have
to deal with father again. Neither will

Winter. I feel a rush of gratitude towards Alpha Johnathon.

“Iam no longer your son” | hiss at my father who looks startled for a moment before he shrugs. I don’t
wait around any longer, storming outside while Johnathon stays inside for a moment, doing who knows
what. I hear a howl from father and smirk. Whatever it was it had been painful.

“Do you know where Thomas lives” Johnathon growls and I hesitate.

I’ve only ever been to Thomas’s house once before and I only kind of remembered some of the way but
it stood out, surely if we headed in the general direction we would come across it? Even my friends
didn’t know, none of them having been invited to Thomas’s house.

“I only know some of the way” I admit and Alpha Johnathon looks pissed but resigned, climbing into the
passenger seat while I awkwardly get in the drivers.

“It’s better than nothing” he mutters “I can try and smell her blood. My nose is more sensitive and
maybe being my mate, my wolf will pick up her scent easier.”

I can’t help myself. “You rejected her” | snap “so you’re not really mates anymore are you” | add
sarcastically, not caring if I’m insulting the big bad Alpha. He glowers at me.

“I made a mistake” he whispers as I started the car up “or at least I think I did. I don’t know” he exhales
before looking at me grimly “but do you really want to spend time arguing over this or do you want to
find your sister?”

I start to drive.

I’m sweating, all the houses look the same and even Johnathon is cursing in the passenger seat. The
more the time passes, the more panicked I feel. I try calling Thomas’s number but he’s not answering
his phone. I’m not surprised. I hit the steering wheel in frustration. Then Johnathon stiffens. “My wolf is
going crazy” he breathes “keep going in this direction” he orders and I’m quick to obey. My heart is
hammering in my chest and I’m terrified for my younger sister. This is all my fault. It’s my so called
friend who’s paid for her. I should have stayed home this morning, she might be going through right
now because then I’ll lose control.

“Stop” Johnathon shouts and I stop, parking the car automatically. Theres a mansion up ahead and I
give a sigh of relief. I would recognize Thomas’s house anywhere.

“That’s his place” I say and get out of the car but Johnathon holds out a hand to stop me going any
further, a grim expression on his face.

“I smell blood” he says and I swear. If Thomas has hurt her, I’m going to kill him. My hands are itching
to beat the crap out of him as it is. Thomas is a dead man as soon as I get Winter out of his clutches.

“It’s not just Winters” Johnathon snaps “and there’s lots of it.”

Inod, but it doesn’t stop me racing to the front door. I don’t even knock, just barrel in and Johnathon is
right behind me when we both halt inside. We both scream out at the same time “Winter” as we see her
lying there, like a broken rag doll, a gun by her side. She’s covered in blood splatter and I can see
blood trickling out of her throat.

Johnathon rushes over to check on Thomas while I go to my baby sister’s side. She’s breathing but
barely and I shrug out of my jacket, draping it over her. I see what she’s wearing and what she’s
missing and I feel a new sense of hatred towards Thomas.

“He’s dead” Johnathon declares with satisfaction “looks like she shot him a few times.”

“It’s the least the bastard deserves” | mutter while he takes his phone out and rings for an ambulance,
my eyes focussed on Winter as I place a hand against her throat in an effort to stem some of the
bleeding but it seems to be stopping on its own.

Johnathon glances at me, his own expression one of anger and pain as he glances at the mate he
rejected, I don’t have the heart to yell at him over it anymore. I take Winter’s hand in my own.

“I’m so sorry Winter, I should have taken you with me this morning, this is all my fault” I cry and
Johnathon places a hand on my shoulder.

“You couldn’t have known what your father was planning” he said firmly as I listen, not really believing
his words but appreciating them anyway “as it is some of my men have taken him into custody. He’ll be
spending time in my dungeon” he growls and I nod, not even a little sympathetic for the bastard father
of mine. In fact if I could, would be right there torturing him on behalf of Winter’s sake.

She’s so damn pale and I glance at Johnathon who looks just as worried. “Where’s the damn
ambulance” I growl,

“it should be here by now.”

We hear the sirens thank god and within moments paramedics are swarming around us, taking over,
forcing me to release my hand which doesn’t want to let go.

“You’ll have to follow us there, there isn’t enough room for you” one tells me before they leave and
Johnathon thanks them, getting into the car as I follow him slowly, unable to comprehend everything
going on. I’m detached, as

though facing reality is far too painful and I climb into the passenger seat, tears finally flowing down my
cheeks as Johnathon starts the car. Winter is never going to forgive me for this and I don’t blame her.
She’s going to hate me and now I’ll never have a relationship with my baby sister.