The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 25

Winter POV

I’m walking in a field surrounded by all sorts of vibrant beautiful flowers. I have no clue where I am but I
feel peaceful, relaxed. It’s confusing. I remember shooting Thomas and passing out. Had I died?
Because if I had I couldn’t complain about the beauty and serenity of this place. I touch the flowers and
feel the softness of their petals, smell their beautiful perfume as it drifts in the air, stare at the bees
buzzing around and feel the cool breeze as it flows

through my hair

There’s no pain, it’s the first thing I realize and I stare down at my body which is whole, no sign of the
gunshot in

my foot or any bruises. There’s no blood and I’m wearing a purple sundress that cascades down to my
toes, my feet are bare and sinking into the soft green lush grass. I’m in heaven.

I sit and begin to make little daisy chains. Time seems to have no meaning here and I figure if I’m dead

anything goes. The daisy chain goes on top of my head and I smile, lying back down on the soft grass
and stare up at

the clouds in the clear blue sky, I wonder about my brother and if he’s doing okay, even feel a little sorry
for Johnathon who probably felt bad for rejecting me. I don’t even think about father and what he’d
done to me. It was like every emotion of mine just slowly faded away and left me feeling peaceful. If
this was heaven then it wasn’t too


“You’re not dead yet” a musical voice says and I blink at the shadow suddenly blocking my sight.
Theres a

beautiful woman in front of me with silvery gray hair and sparkling blue eyes. She’s not old though, she
looks like a

young woman and she’s wearing a silver dress that shimmers in the sunlight, a small tiara sits upon her

* Then where am I?” I ask confused as she helps me to sit up.

“You’re in between” the woman says and I frown, still just as puzzled. She sits on the grass beside me.

“Who are you?”

She laughs and looks at me “you would know me as the moon goddess” she says lightly and I feel a
sense of panic. She was the moon goddess. Should I courtesy or how did I address her? I began to
feel dizzy.

“Just call me Selene” she says and give her a small smile.

“What do you mean by in between?” | ask.

“You’re neither dead or alive right now” she says and gives me a stern look. “You haven’t decided
which way you

want to go yet

She takes my hand. “Child you’ve known a lot of pain” she exhales, her blue eyes no longer twinkling
but far more serious now as I say nothing “I know you’ve wished yourself dead many times before but

this time you have a choice. I have seen everything you’ve gone through and how strong and brave
you’ve been. But now you have to decide, do you want to live or die?”

I think about it. If I live then I go back to feeling pain, the harassment, the bullying, it will just start all
over again. There was also the issue of my father. I couldn’t bare to go back home. What was the point
of living when it made me

so miserable?

“Before you decide” Selena says to me “I want you to know something. You might be feeling pain right
now and

not just the physical hind but your life, should you choose to go back, will get better. You will find the
love you

deserve, even if it’s with someone you least expect. You are brave, strong and courageous, you just
have to believe it. your story, your journey is completely over. You won’t ever get a chance to bond
with your wolf, you’ll just be


I feel like crying. “No one will care if I’m gone” | blurt out.

“Your brother and your ahem mate” she says quietly “or ex mate are in the hospital room with you right
now. Your brother is beating himself up for what’s happened to you and Johnathon is doing the same.
Neither one of them will leave your side. They’ve both hurt you but if you’re willing to forgive them, they
may just show you how much they care and it might surprise you to see how much.”

“I can’t go back to father” I say miserably “I just can’t.”

She squeezes my hand. “he’s no longer there child, he can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Why didn’t you help me” I whisper, tears flowing down my cheeks “you’re the moon goddess you could

saved me.”

She looks remorseful. “I cannot intervene with someone’s path. As much as I would have liked to, it
would have

strayed you from the path you take. This experience is what helps mold you into a person you will
become. Or rather

what you do.”

pull at the grass. I need time to think. But part of me has already decided even if part of me doesn’t
want to,

wants to say in this in between place forever where I never have to be hurt again. But to choose death
would be

cowardly, especially since I knew that Damien was waiting for me to wake up. I’m not sure what to think
about Alpha

Johnathon being there as well. It still hurts that he rejected me so quickly.

“What will you do?” she asks and I sigh, looking over at the meadow and feeling a sense of regret. Was
this really the right decision for me?

“I choose to live” | answer regretfully and a smile lights up her face.

“You are destined for great things Winter” she whispers “remember that when it becomes too hard or
you find

yourself in the depths of despair. You’ll go far.”

Topen my mouth, wanting to question her when she taps me lightly on the forehead and I feel my eyes
beginning to close against my will. I struggle and she merely sits there, watching me lie down and
yawn, my eyelids heavy and they close, shutting out the sunlight as I fall asleep. I feel like I’m falling
from a great distance and its surreal, like I’m

flying and then suddenly theres a sharp pain in my heart and chest and I begin to open my eyes,
hearing an annoying

beeping sound and a familiar voice.

“She’s awake.”