Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 26

Winter POV

I manage to force my eyes open and I frown taking in the white sterile walls and hearing a familiar
shout. “She’s awake” as Alpha Johnathon’s face comes into focus. I blink, realizing he’s holding my
hand but it’s the searing pain

in my chest that concerns me most and as I open my mouth to shout, nothing comes out. Not even a
whisper. Now I’m panicking. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I talk? The pain in my chest gets worse
and I hear an annoying beeping sound.

“Let go of her hand” a voice says and I see a doctor examining me, blinking as bright light floods into
my eyelids, a needle piercing my skin and making me relaxed, the pain beginning to fade.

“Winter can you hear me?” the man in the white coat says and I give a small nod, seeing Damien in the
corner of my eye, standing out of the way, his eyes wide open in what looks like shock.

“Alright well I need you to calm down alright. That beeping noise is because your heart rate picked right
up. Take

a few deep breaths for me” he instructs and I do, breathing in and out, until the beeping noise steadies

“Good” the doctor looks pleased. “Now do you know where you are.”

I nod. “Do you remember what happened?” he asks and I shudder, my body beginning to tremble in
fear. I’ll never forget what happened, its etched firmly in my mind.

I place a hand against my throat and the doctor looks at me with sympathy in his eyes. “During the
attack your vocal chords were damaged” he explains “I’m afraid theres no telling if they will heal or not.”

I say nothing, my eyes welling with tears. The moon goddess could have warned me about this before I

How does someone manage without their voice? I can’t yell or scream for help and I begin to feel

“Your brother and your mate are here, do you think that you’ll be alright while I go and fetch some
medicine for


Thesitate. But the moon goddess had said that they hadn’t left my side and so I give a small nod,
watching as

the doctor leaves. Damien comes to my side and tries to reach for my hand and I instinctively flinch. He
looks hurt but

I can’t help it.

“I guess I deserve that” he mutters “I’m so sorry Winter, I swear I had no idea that father would be so
evil and cruel. I know I should have stayed back instead of leaving you alone.”

I look at him. Part of me hates him for doing that but part of me wants to forgive him as well. Afterall it’s
not like he could have known what father was going to do but the part that really rankles is that it was
his friend Thomas

who bought me and tried to rape me.

“I’ll make this up to you, I swear” Damien tells me and I give a small nod, deciding that I’ll believe it
when I see it. Until then I’m reserving my judgement. I glanced over at Alpha Johnathon, wondering
why the hell he was here. He’d rejected me so why did he give a damn what happened to me? I feel
bitterness towards him.

“Winter 1” he exhales as I sit there still as a statue “I don’t know what to say” he admits “on one hand
I’ve rejected you and yet part of me still cares about you. I never wanted to hurt you as much as I have
and it wasn’t my intention.”

That’s all he had to say? I feel a spurt of anger and glare at him. I don’t need this right now. If he felt
bad, then

that was his problem, not mine. I accepted his rejection so why was he still having feelings for me?
Cause I sure as

He sees how angry I am from the expression on my face. “I think it’s best tave my leave he whispers
and I nos, feeling bad but not wanting to face him right now. I’m grateful that he’s helped me but that’s
as far as it care shakes hands with my brother Damien who slaps him on the shoulder.

“Thankyou for everything man, I don’t know if I would have found her without you” he tells Damien who

grunts and then walks out the door. Before he leaves he shoots me one last look that I can’t decipher
and then he’s gone, his footsteps sounding down the corridor.

I watch warily as Damien sits on a chair beside me. He looks exhausted, dark circles under his eyes
and pale. How

long have I been out? I can’t even ask. It’s frustrating.

“Winter” Damien begins and Ic**k my head and listen “you don’t have to worry about going back home.

gone for good this time, you’ll never have to be scared of him again.”

That’s one good piece of news for me at least. My skin crawls just thinking of the man who sold me
without a qualm. Some father he was. I actually hope he’s dead. That’s how much I hate him.

“When we get back home I’ll take care of you. No more bullying or forcing you to do my homework. We
can even

live in the pack house if you want” he offers.

I think about that. I had wanted to live in the pack house when I was younger but now I wasn’t so sure.

reckoned I wouldn’t be bullied still but how would pack members react to having a mute shifter in the
house? Would it be safer there? I highly doubted it. If dad was gone then it would be safer, at least for
me to stay in ourouse away from the pack where I wouldn’t be made fun of or worse. I give a firm
shake of my head and watch the light dim from

my brother’s eyes. If he wanted to live in the pack house then he could, I sure as hell wasn’t stopping
him. But he

shrugs at me instead.

“No problem we’ll stay home then” he says just like that and for the first time I smile at him.

“How are you doing?” a voice asks and I watch the doctor come back in the room, clutching a bunch of
pill bottles. He lines them up next to me on the little food table thing. “These are for pain” he tells me

and I see Damien listening closely “one a day. These are antibiotics” he points to another one “three
times a day. And this” he points to a third one “is for when the pain is so excruciating you can’t take it
any more and need instant relief. Only when

needed” he warns and I nod.

“Does that mean I can take her home?” Damien asks and the doctor looks at me.

“That’s up to her. Winter would you like to go home today or stay overnight?” he asks. How am I
supposed to


I point to Damien. “Go home?” Damien checks and I nod. I’d rather sleep in my own bed then a hospital
one that’s uncomfortable. I’m already freezing.

“Take the pills and theres a prescription for repeats if she needs it” the doctor informs him as Damien

places it all in his pocket. I go to swing my leg out and gasp at the pain.

“Crutches” the doctor exclaims and fetches two that I hadn’t noticed leaning against the wall, he hands
them to me and I get on my legs experimentally. It takes almost no time to learn how to use them and
Damien supports me all the way to the car.

“Best of luck” the doctor says warmly “we’ll have a check up in six weeks time and see how your vocal
chords are

looking then” he adds and I nod, crossing my fingers. With any luck I’ll be speaking again in a few
weeks, all I have to

do is be patient.

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