The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 19

“Thomas” I breathe staring at him incredulous, unable to believe my own eyes. I knew this boy, had met
him on more than several occasions. He was one of my brother’s best friends and also took pervade
pleasure in humiliating and tormenting me. Don’t tell me he’s the one who bought me. Not one of my
brother’s friends.

Surely he wouldn’t betray my brother, or did he think by doing this he was helping him in some sick way
take revenge on me.

My eyes never leave the gun that’s being held firmly in his hand, pointed directly at my head. One
wrong movement and I was frightened he’d shoot my head off.

He laughs. “Oh Winter you should see your face” he scoffs, looking highly amused.

“It’s just a prank then? You’ll let me go” I say hopefully and he shakes his head, his eyes turning pitch
black for a moment.

“No” he says adamantly and I shrink back at the vehemence in his voice. “You see I’ve always liked
you Winter. I know I tease you and hurt you but that’s so that your brother keeps inviting me around to
be close to you.”

I feel nauseas. He could care less about my brother, he was only friends with him to get to me!

“Imagine my surprise” he continues, his eyes narrowing on me “when I heard your father offering your
services for a night of ahem” he coughs “pleasure with a virgin” he says and I feel myself turning bright
red with embarrassment.

“Well you wouldn’t believe how many people were interested” he tells me disgustedly and I wanted to
scream at him that he was just as repulsive. If he didn’t have the gun trained on mel would have,

instead I had to bite my lip and keep my silence.

“In the end it was down to the highest bidder which happened to be me. Isn’t it great my parents are
rich” he says gleefully and I say nothing, feel numb as though I’m not even in my body right now but
floating and looking down.

“Look at it this way Winter” he says urgently “at least I’ll be gentle, not like the other men who would
have bought you. Isn’t that better?”

I tremble. No it’s not better because I want to hold onto my virginity for my future mate and husband.
But what do you say to a psychopath with a gun? I wanted to live, not die right now.

He waves the gun and I flinch. “Walk towards me” he orders and trembling, I walk on unsteady feet
towards him,

his hand coming out and gripping the back of my shirt as he shoves me in front of him.

“I don’t know how you got out of your restraints” he mutters as he pushes me towards the basement
“but I guess

it doesn’t really matter right now does it.”

I can feel his breath on my neck, his hand squeezing my shirt and the hard barrel of the gun against my
back. I’m trembling, terrified and wanting so badly to run that it’s taking all my courage to go back into
the room I’d escaped from.

I take the stairs as slowly as I can and he keeps his grip on me. I contemplate taking him by surprise
but he’s got the gun too close on me that it’s too much of a risk.

“See that bed” he growls and I go completely cold “go and sit on it.” bed with tears flowing down my

“Don’t cry Winter” he murmurs and I stay still as he wipes the tears away with one hand. What did he
expect me to do, jump for f***** g joy? i***t.

“Don’t move or I swear I’ll shoot you in the leg and then have my fun” he snaps and I give a hasty nod,
staring at

the ground as he disappears. I could run for it but his threat was genuine and quite frankly being shot
wasn’t va something I wanted to have to deal with on top of what he was about to do.

He almost dances down the stairs, clutching something tightly in his hands. I eye it curiously and catch
it as he

throws it at me. “I want you to put it on” he says gruffly and my heart sinks as I unroll the fabric. It’s so
sheer it’s see

through, a white baby doll with matching panties. I swallow hard. It looks like something someone
would wear on

their wedding night and I can see how lustful his gaze is as he motions for me to do what he said.

“Turn your back” I plead but he shakes his head looking stony.

“No chance” he scoffs raising the gun again.


“Get dressed” he roars and I flinch, hurriedly standing up and with shaking hands take off my clothes
until I’m

completely naked in front of him.

“Good girl” he whispers and I say nothing, fumbling around with the baby doll while he just stands
there. I see him out of the corner of my eye and I swear I want to vomit right then and there. He’s
stroking himself while he’s watching me, his pants unzipped, his p***s fully out. He never takes his eyes
off me.

I finally get the blasted baby doll on and the panties and he tells me to lie down, something I’m
extremely reluctant to do. He c***s the gun and I crawl onto the bed, lying down with my face upwards,
sobbing wildly as I feel his hand begin to stroke my leg. His touch is repulsive, his hand clammy and it’s
all I can do not to drive my leg upwards.

“Relax Winter” he tries to tell me, as though trying to soothe me “I’ll make it good for you I promise.”

“Thomas if you care about me at all you won’t do this” I plead and for a moment something flashes
across his

eyes and just as quickly it was gone.

“You’re mine Winter, no one else, and after this no one will ever want you as their mate” he growls and
I wonder if he actually believes that. Because if a mate loves you it won’t matter about your past and
what happened. But

maybe he didn’t think of it like that or in that way. Because there was no way I’d stay with him just
because he was taking what wasn’t his to begin with. He could go to hell.

“I’m going to put the gun down” he tells me and I start to relax, thinking that maybe I can take
advantage of that but something makes him pause for a moment and I see remorse in his eyes.

“I don’t trust you” he whispers and before I can stop him he puts the gun to my foot and pulls the trigger
as !