Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 27

Winter POV

We pull up into the driveway and I shudder looking at the house. Had it always looked this intimidating

imposing or was my imagination going into overdrive? I’m reluctant to get out of the car and I watch as
Damien gets

out, part of me wanting to cower against the seat and stay in the car. I know he’s told me that father is
gone forever

but a small part of me thinks he could be lying, that this could be a trap and that’s what keeps me from
getting out.

My brother looks exasperated but I don’t care.

“Winter” he says softly, knocking on my window “it’s safe to come out, I promise he’s not here.”

I just look at him and then slowly, quietly, get out, closing the car door behind me. To my surprise
Damien takes hold of my hand and gives it a squeeze, I guess his way of trying to reassure me as we
walk up the driveway and to the front door together.

Damien reaches out and opens the door, turning the light on and going inside, while I clutch his hand
with a death grip. The lounge room is completely littered with beer bottles and there’s father’s odor still
drifting in the air. I gag, putting a hand over my mouth and taking deep breaths. I’m aware I’m still in a
hospital gown but I’m too scared

to go upstairs by myself.

“Are you hungry?” Damien asks and I shake my head, tugging at my hospital gown and looking at him
with wide

eyes in an effort to get him to understand what I want.

“You want to get changed” he says and I nod.

“Go on then” he urges and I shake my head, pulling on his hand while he stares at me confused.

“You want me to come with you?” he asks gently and I nod, staring down at the ground. He uses a
finger to lift my chin, staring deeply into my eyes as I blink at him.

“I can come with you” he says gently and I pull him behind me as I try, very awkwardly to get around on

crutches. Damien gets impatient though and scoops me up, carrying me the rest of the way and placing
my on my


My room remains unchanged and I gesture towards my dresser. My brother nods and rifles through the
drawers and throws a shirt and pants at me, which I catch but I continue to look at him. He’s clearly
perplexed by my

expression but I need underwear, vehemently aware that I’m not wearing any at the moment. I watch
as he turns

bright red.

“Panties” he says weakly and I point to the top drawer. He acts as though is hand is burned and flings
me a pair

immediately as I fight the urge to laugh. He pointedly looks away from me.

“Can you get dressed on your own?” he asks and I nod. There’s no way I’m about to ask my brother for
help getting dressed. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll do it myself.

“I’ll wait in the hallway” he says then frowns. “Knock on the wall or something when your finished. I
forgot you

can’t talk” he says apologetically and I wait impatiently until he’s left the room.

I curse silently in my mind as I begin to wriggle into my underwear and pants, every movement
excrutiating. The shirt was the easiest part and I was panting heavily by the time I was done. The
clothes hung on me but so did the rest of them and it’s not like I had anyone I was trying to impress. I
use my fist to knock on my bedroom wall


He comes rushing in. “Anything else you need?”

I shake my head and then stop him before he can pick me up. I mime a pen and paper, pretending to
write and

thankfully he gets the message.

“Pen and paper” he mutters and I point to my desk where a notepad and pen sat. He grabs it and then
hands it

to me, before swiftly picking me up and taking me downstairs.

Damien goes to place me on the couch and I flinch, looking at him in horror. “You need to rest” he
whispers “dad

usually used the recliner anyway” he points out and I relax, letting him put me down.

“Now, how about some food or a drink?” he suggests looking a little lost. This is all new to him but it is
for me

too. I’m not used to anyone caring for me like this.

I mime drinking and he brings me water before sitting next to me, carefully placing my bad foot and leg
on top of

his lap.

“Winter I understand if you don’t want to go to school tomorrow and I’m happy to stay with you for as
long as

you need” he says and I frown. I dont’ want to go back to school, not ever but I couldn’t stay away
forever could I? But I feel fragile, broken inside and I can’t stand the thought of being bullied while I’m
like this. I just want to curl up

under my bed and stay there where it’s safe.

Damien’s waiting for me to answer though and I reluctantly grab the notebook, scribbling my answer
inside and

showing it to him.

I’ll go to school but I really don’t want to. How do I know you’ve really changed?

“I’ll stick by your side Winter, I won’t let anyone near you” he promises and I stare him down, fidgeting
with my hands. I had no choice but to trust him but I still remember every harsh word he;s uttered
towards me and every hit

and slap he gave me. I give a small nod, feeling tired and exhausted as well as in pain. With any luck
my foot would

heal overnight, or at least part of it so that I can walk on my own instead of relying on Damien to help
me. I point

towards his pocket. The pain is that bad that I’m desperate for something that will help with it and I
remember the doctor handing the pain pills to Damien in the hospital. He pats his pocket

“Here’s the painkiller and antibiotic. If you need the strong one, point again.”

I shake my head. Normal painkillers would do for now but I wouldn’t mind having the strong ones close

tonight. I scribble that in my little notepad and he agrees, promising to leave them and the other pills by
my bedside. My stomach gives a loud growl and it’s then that I finally notice that I’m hungry. My brother
gives a grin. “Food” he teases and springs into action while I settle back on the couch and ponder what
going to school is going to be like

tomorrow. I haven’t even thought about Thomas or his parents and I feel a sense of dread. Had
Johnathon dealt with

that or was I going to be facing the cops tomorrow? This was a shifter town so I didn’t have to worry
about human cops but that didn’t stop the nervousness or the trembling. I hadn’t been at fault, I’d
defended myself, but would

everyone else believe that?

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