The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 28

Damien POV

I spend the whole night tossing and turning and checking on Winter who’s fast asleep in her bed. I’m
terrified to leave her alone too long and in the end I end up sleeping in the hallway on a mattress in
case she needs help for

something, anything during the night. When it’s bright, my eyes open and I groan as I sit up, my
muscles stiff and

protesting. She hadn’t called out last night and when I poke my head in she’s still out for the count.

I get dressed for school, tossing on a shirt and any old jeans, glance at the time and make my way into

room. I gently shake her awake. I don’t want to startle her. Her eyelids flutter at me and then her eyes
widen when she sees me, her mouth making a shocked O. I wonder if she’s scared of me still, because
she still trembles everytime I touch her or I’m near her.

“It’s time to get ready for school” I say lightly and glance down at her foot. Is it healed yet?

She pats the bandage. “You want it off?” I ask and she nods. I softly take hold of the end of the
bandage and

unwrap it, watching Winter’s face the entire time. I can barely believe my eyes once it’s off and I can
see her skin, perfect, except for a tiny scar that the bullet presumably left. Theres a wide smile on
Winter’s face as she stands up

and takes a few steps.

She whirls around and hugs me, my breath catching in my throat as I hold her tight, not wanting to let
go and I step back, looking into her eyes. “School” I say firmly and she nods, pointing to the bathroom
where I assume she wants to take a shower first. I give a nod. “I’ll make breakfast” | offer and she nods
again, before going into the bathroom and firmly shutting the door close on me. I figure since she’s
walking fine now that she won’t get into any

harm and head downstairs to the kitchen.

It’s easy enough to make toast and coffee for her and by the time I’m finished eating my own breakfast
she comes

walking in looking somewhat downcast. I get her to sit down.

“What’s wrong Winter?”

She pulls at her hair and I have a look, realizing that it’s still matted with dried blood. Clearly it hadn’t

out for her. “Do you want me to help you wash it.”

She shakes her head looking miserable. “How about you try again tonight?” I urge “I’m sure it will come
out with

some elbow grease.”

She just sighs and glances down at her toast. I watch her take a tentative nip and then push it away,
opting to

drink the coffee instead. Did I burn the toast too much? I didn’t think it was that bad. Maybe she’s not
hungry I think

to myself, she’s probably still nervous about school.

I wait for her to finish and then point to her school bag. She grabs it without a word and walks to the
front door

while I follow. She gets in the passenger seat of the car and I drive, keeping an eye on her the whole
time, noting that her body is shaking and that her face has gone completely white. By the time we get
to school she’s clutching the side

of the car door and looking panicked as all hell.

“Winter” I say sharply “calm down. The principal knows your situation and so do the teachers. They all
know you

can’t talk. I’ve already called the school. If this is too much for you I can drive you home” I add and she


I open the door and climb out, hoping she won’t lock herself in the car. I’m pleased when she gets out
on her own

and I take her hand, ignoring the strange looks from everybody as we walk together into the building.

“Lead me to your first class” I order her and she slowly, timidly leads the way as I stand right next to the
door along with her. She’s biting her lip and looking frightened, Alpha Johnathon suddenly coming up
beside me.

“It’s nice to see you at school Winter” he says cheerfully while I scowl at him. The nerve of this guy. “I
forgot to mention that Thomas’s parents know the full story of what went on and the police have no
interest in getting your

statement. It’s all taken care of.”

I watch as Winter gives Johnathon a shy smile and mouth the words ‘thankyou’ at him. I’m slightly

by it.

The bell rings. Students begin to file into the classroom and I release Winter’s hand. “I’ll come for you
after class” | mutter but she shakes her head. She shows me the notepad.

I can get to class on my own. If you keep holding my hand and taking me then we’ll both be teased. Let
me do this myself please.

I don’t care about being teased but it’s evident that Winter does and I sigh. “Fine” | agree, even though
I don’t like it “but if theres trouble come and get me” I mutter and she nods, quietly going into the
classroom while I watch

until the door closes.

Naturally I’m late to class but I don’t give a damn, merely scowling as the teacher lectures me on
punctuality. I

barely even remember what subject I’m in let alone what I’m supposed to be doing because my mind is
on my little

sister the whole time. I hope she’s doing okay and that no one is harassing her. Johnathon has already
pulled me

aside and told me he’d told other shifters to look out for her too. It was a nice gesture on his part but I
don’t see why he’s going to so much trouble. From what I can see, Winter has shown no interest in him
whatsoever. But he doesn’t seem to be getting the hint or maybe he’s just too stubborn for his own

good. I groan and look at the clock which is ticking slowly, counting down the minutes until the bell
finally rings. Winter might want me to stay away but that

didn’t mean I couldn’t keep watch from a distance and intervene on her behalf if someone dared touch
or abuse her

in any way.

But she makes her way to her next class without incident and I’m somehow not surprised to find I’m not
the only one keeping a close eye from far away. Johnathon meets my eyes and gives a small nod of
recognition before going into his own classroom and I sidle over to mine. It looked like Winter was safe
enough today after all.