The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 29

Winter POV

Damien has been in full on overprotective big brother mode all night and today while taking me to
school. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate it, after all it’s a nice feeling but part of me is annoyed as well.
He seems to think I’m some

helpless victim and while I’m nervous about the fact I can’t speak, I know that I’m going to have to
adjust to that and

attend school whether I like it or not. I’ve also noticed Alpha Johnathon keeping a close eye on me and
it angers me

even more. Why can’t he just leave me alone? Why does he care so damn much, because if he had
wanted a mate, he

wouldn’t have rejected me out of hand. Would he?

My first class goes miserably. The second the teacher leaves the room to photocopy some papers,
Jessica butts

her nose in. Somehow I’m not even surprised.

“Winter” she said turning to me while the class snickers “I heard you can’t talk anymore” she sings,
getting up

from her seat and sauntering over, throwing her groupies a big grin as they watch, eyes wide in
anticipation. I know

something’s coming and sure enough her hand shoots out, gripping my by the hair and she smacks my
face into the

desk while I gasp. I can’t yell, can’t shout, all I can do is make a small gasping noise as she giggles.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun” she declares as the whole class erupts into laughter “she’s mute
can you

believe it. Poor little Winter” she drawls, slowly going back to her seat, evidently realizing the teacher is
making his

way back to the classroom. I merely rub my cheek, and stare resolutely out of the window. I’m not
going to let them

get to me, I chant to myself but I feel deflated. I feel vulnerable without my voice. I feel even more
afraid than I have


I should have realized Jessica would take advantage of me not being able to call out. But part of me
had hoped

she might have an inkling of compassion and leave me alone but she clearly has a heart of stone.
There’s no compassion or empathy in that girl at all, she’s just a nasty b***h and I had better remember
that if I want to survive

the next few weeks of term.

The bell rings and I make sure that I’m the last one to file out, wanting to make sure Jessica’s made her
way to her next class, which thankfully isn’t the same as mine. The teacher gives me a glance but says
nothing. It’s not like they’ve ever helped me anyway and I’m not about to start thinking they will now.

I’d have to be an j***t not to see my brother or Alpha Johnathon watching my every move as I walk to
class. I can feel them staring at me and it’s embarrassing. I shouldn’t need protection, I shouldn’t be
wasting their time when they need to go to class as well. I’ts almost a relief when it’s lunchtime and I
can escape outside. I never sit inside the cafeteria, it’s far too crowded and there’s far too many
students for my liking. Instead I take my lunch and sit outside under a tree, breathing in the cool, fresh
air and enjoying the warm sunshine. Then a shadow falls over me and I

glance up to see that Jessica and her groupies have followed me. I swallow hard and frantically search
for anyone to

help but everyone pointedly looks away and theres no sign of my brother or Johnathon for that matter.

“Is it true your a murderer?” Jessica asks and I don’t answer, wanting to get to my feet and she shoves
me back

down, my back hitting the trunk of the tree as I slide down. She smirks.

“I didn’t think you’d have it in you” she says mockingly and I stare up, blinking, waiting for her to do
whatever it is she came to do and then leave.

“Thomas didn’t deserve what you did to him, he was one of us Winter and we always take care of our
own” she

threatens and I tremble.

Thankfully I hear a voice and it’s Alpha Johnathon who looks pissed. “Leave her alone” he growls and

scatter as he turns to me and helps me to my feet.

“You really need to learn to stand up for yourself” he scolds me and I just look at him. Jessica and her

outnumbered me ten to one and he wanted me to fight them with no wolf? Was he an i***t? Jessica’s
parents were rich and would have no problems getting me kicked out of school, does he not realize
that? Although by now my

grades didn’t seem to matter to me, not like they once had. I’ve changed and I know it’s not for the

I duck my head and hear him curse, as though realizing he’s upset me. Without a word I start to make
my way

inside. He catches up to me and pulls my arm, halting me in my tracks. “Winter I’m sorry” he apologies
“I didn’t mean

to make you upset, it’s just that I hate to see you bullied and not take a stand against them. I don’t
understand what

you’re afraid of” he adds sounding exasperated. Of course he wouldn’t understand, we’re both from
different worlds.

He’s an almighty powerful Alpha that can pretty much do whatever he wants without consequence. I’m
a lowly

omega for now and am restricted by my lack of power as well as have no one to look out for me. I can’t
do what I want

without suffering the consequences and if I did stand up for myself I would most probably find myself

expelled. I feel tears come to my eyes. He had no idea how much I was suffering right now.

All I saw in my nightmares last night was Thomas’s face, seeing every moment of my ordeal over and
over until woke up, unable to scream, unable to do anything but force myself to try and sleep again so
that Damien didn’t realize just how scared and cowardly I was. They didn’t know anything about me,
either of them and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to move on as easily as they are expecting me to.

I slowly release my arm, thinking about my situation. A plan starts to form in my mind, one that I’ve
considered before but never had the heart to follow through on anymore. Now it seems to be the only
option for me. Jessica’s

never going to stop and neither are her groupies. Damien can’t be by my side every hour of the day
and without my

voice I’m useless, unable to defend myself. There’s only one thing for me to do, and as I walk away,
plotting what i’m

about to do, I pray that one day Damien and even Alpha Johnathon will forgive me. Because the harder
i think about

it, the more certain of the plan lam.