Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 40


It’s midday and I’m sitting at my desk, frowning as I look over at my warriors’ pathetic training. My hand
unconsciously touches the scars I have on my face, dark gashes from being attacked by a rogue when
I was just a

little boy, who didn’t have his wolf. A knock on the door had me swivel my head around. I’m anything
but pleased by

the interruption.

“Come in” I said gruffly, thinking it might be my Beta Langdon, but it’s not. It’s Candice. I should have

she absolutely reeks of perfume.

She sashays in, a smile on that perfect face of hers. The dress she’s wearing leaves nothing to the
imagination, just the way I like it. Her raven black hair is loose over her shoulders and her green eyes
are narrowed in

determination. She’s been my girlfriend for several months. I know what you’re thinking, most wolves
wait for their

mates but I’m 25 years old and I haven’t met one yet, or at least one that’s willing to accept me.


I can smell the delicious scent of strawberries wafting towards me as I walk on pack grounds. I’ve just
gotten my wolf and it’s going crazy inside of my mind. I feel an irresistible pull, a drive to find out who
the scent belongs to. / sniffed the air and began the hunt, finally ending up by an old oak tree, a girl
sitting underneath it. She’s so beautiful

that I observed her for a moment.

I knew the girl. She was in some of my classes at school. A quiet type, with the most beautiful blonde
hair and

big blue eyes. She was such a dainty little thing, engrossed in her book when I approached. She
doesn’t even register

I’m there.

The closer I get, the more disturbed the girl, Elena looks, her eyes finally meeting mine as she
whispers ‘mate’

out loud. My wolf and I are ecstatic, joyous. Ready to celebrate. I’d never imagined I would find my
mate so quickly.

She stands up and tucks her hair behind her ear and she looks serious, grim, rather than happy like I
am. Something is very wrong. My wolf can sense it as well.

I reach out to touch her hand and she flinches as I frown. I was definitely feeling the mate bond, wasn’t
1? Then

why was she so unaffected? Instead, it’s like she’s avoiding my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” asked quietly. She knows that I’m going to be taking over as Alpha soon, but that
doesn’t seem

to impress her at all. Instead, she just bites her lip and turns pale.

“We’re mates”burst out. “isn’t that something to celebrate? The moon goddess chose us to be

“I don’t want you” she whispers and I still, feeling myself go cold inside. Surely she hadn’t just said that.
I had to

be imagining things.

“What do you mean you don’t want me” I managed to utter, my heart feeling like it’s been ripped to
shreds. She

trembles at the look on my face.

Elena looks down at the ground, and I feel nothing but anger. Why can’t she just look me in the face?
Was / that repulsive to her?

“I’m sorry” she says, “but I can’t bear to even look at your face. I can’t accept someone that looks like
you do as my mate, even if you are going to be Alpha.”

That’s it, my heart breaks in two. So my looks were more important to her than what was on the inside.
I never repulsive, but now I can’t forget about them.

“Then I guess there’s nothing to do but reject me” / whispered thickly, looking away. So much for finding
my soul mate. I feel bitter and angry at the moon goddess for choosing Elena as my mate. It was a
cruel joke that devoured

my soul.

Elena took a deep breath. “, Elena of the Midnight Sky Pack, reject you, Kai, as my mate, now and
forever more.”

God that hurts, like an arrow right through the heart,

“!, Kai of the Midnight Sky Pack, reject you Elena, as my mate now and forever more”), managed to
gasp out, feeling something stretch and snap between us. No doubt it’s the mate bond being broken.
Elena looked relieved.

“I’m sorry” she whispers and picks her book up and walks away, without a backward glance. I watched
her go, my hands clenched into fists. I vow to never ever keep a mate if I get a second chance. I won’t
be rejected ever again. /

won’t let myself be vulnerable ever again.

Candice interrupts my thoughts, leaning over my desk and showing me a rather extensive view of her
cleavage in

the low cut dress she’s wearing. My member twitches, even though my wolf is not pleased by my
sleeping with Candice. He, unlike me, still holds out for a mate.

“Can I do anything to help you” she says to me saucily and I raise an eyebrow, mulling over her
request. I can

think of a dozen things she can help me with.

“Well now” I say slowly, standing upright and grabbing her while she squeals with laughter. I give her a
quick peck on the lips. I don’t do long kisses or romance. Candice knows the drill and begins to unzip
my pants as I stand

there, licking her lips as I shudder, thinking about her tongue and her mouth around my c**k.

A knock on the door interrupts what was clearly going to be a damn good time, and I swear as I hastily
zip up my pants. This had better be important or I’m going to kill whoever is on the other side of the
door. Candice looks pissed

and sits down, opposite my desk sulkily. She doesn’t like to be interrupted either.

“May I come in Alpha?” asks my Beta Langdon, clearly aware of Candice’s presence in my study. He
knows better

than to just waltz in thank god.

“Come in” I say with a sigh and roll of my eyes. This day just kept getting better and better.

Langdon comes in and raises his eyebrows at the sight of Candice. I know that he can’t stand her,

tolerates her at the best of times. But he keeps his mouth shut because she’s my girlfriend and
because I refuse to

listen to any of his arguments.

“I’m sorry to interrupt” he says warily as Candice glares at him. “But there was a security breach on the

today. I thought you should know” he adds and I drum my fingers on my desk. A security breach could


“What kind of breach, Langdon?” I ask, mildly curious. He fidgets slightly. That’s weird for him. In fact,
he looks downright uncomfortable.

“A bunch of rogues were chasing a shifter, Alpha Kai.”

That was interesting but hardly concerning. “What happened to the rogues?” | ask.

“They were killed by patrol and their bodies have been dealt with. The shifter was traveling alone and
came across the group. They were wise enough to get on pack grounds for help.”

“A lone traveler” I say frowning slightly. Most shifters were smart enough to travel in groups, because of

exact situation.

“What an i***t” Candice mutters and Langdon scowls at her.

“Yes, traveling alone. They’ve been put in the dungeon for safe keeping for now. I wonder when you
would like to

visit the prisoner?” he asks “I don’t think they pose a threat to our pack.”

I almost scoff at the idea of one shifter posing a threat to my pack. It’s completely laughable. Still,

followed my orders and placed them in the dungeon. It wasn’t that concerning for me. I’d go down and
have a look at them, when I chose. For now they could cool their heels.

“Is that all Langdon” I say impatiently and he sighs.

“That’s all Alpha Kai” he says pointedly, still looking angrily at Candice.

“You can go then” I say dismissively.

He leaves without another word and almost slams the door to my office closed. I’d have to talk to him
about not

doing that, I can’t be f****d fixing the door.

Candice stands back up and shimmy’s out of her dress, as a broad grin stretches on my face. Damn,
she’s so

******g gorgeous and she’s all mine. My hands skim along her body eagerly as I stand up, feeling her
breasts and her

buttocks, my c**k rock hard.

“Bend over” I say huskily, almost tearing her panties off in my haste. She does and I stare at her
delectable ass,

right in front of me. She looks over her shoulder and winks and I almost come undone.

Slowly I position my c**k at her entrance and push in as she moans, the sound filling the empty room
and exciting me even more. God she’s f*****g tight. I push all the way in and pant, struggling to keep
my control, my hand

gripping her hair as she rocks back against me, urging me to move.

“Stay still” I growl and she stills, before I start to furiously thrust back and forth, hard, rough, just the
way she

likes it, her gasps and moans music to my ears.

But as 1 pound away, seeking my satisfaction, my thoughts go back to the prisoner, and I’m left to
wonder just

why I’m so intrigued by them and why my wolf wants to seek them out so badly.

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